Ann Coulter’s Tipping Point


It was Romney losing the election.

Note: David Duke was saying it back in the 1980s. Pat Buchanan, Jared Taylor, and Peter Brimelow were saying it in the 1990s. Now Ann Coulter has taken a sudden interest in immigration in response to the Mitt postmortems.


  1. According to most WN’s like Alex Linder and the poster above, we should all start furiously denouncing Coulter; attack her publicly in loud and strident voices. To all of her fans and supporters, we should, furthermore, do likewise and do everything possible to anger and alienate ourselves from them. Only thus can we help the white race and bring about a white ethnostate. Only thus can our eventual victory be assured. Anything less would be an affront to our avowed “principle” of championing the white race.

  2. “Early adopters never get the credit they deserve.”

    This is true, but it is simply a reality of this world we live on, however deplorable. Myself, I frankly no longer care quite as much who gets the proper credit. I care more today that the thing in question gets invented, produced, carried out–in short, done.

    I’m convinced that the concepts and way-of-doing-things of engineers are the correct ways of viewing and doing the job before us. And an axiom of engineering is “Good Enough is the Enemy of the Best.” What they mean by that is if it works and can actually be produced by real people and used by real people, then it is better than any and all IDEAL plans and visions that for whatever reasons just never seem to come together or are at least just too impractical or too damn expensive or just flat won’t work.

  3. She should be scorned. These “conservatism, inc.” types should be driven from the pedestal they rent to the higest bidder to make room for people that, you know, said all this was going to happen 20 years ago.

    Does Ann currently reach a wider audience? Yes. I would be fine with her sudden turn if I didn’t think she’ll be back to preaching about Obama’s Kenyan dog or some other distraction next week.

  4. Conservatism, inc.

    And YOU are talking about what Coulter might be saying or doing next week due to following the next latest cue given out by someone else?

    But again, you guys are forever, and I mean forever, going to dog everything and everyone who does not fit your ideal conception of the Ideal White Advocate and Savior.

    Like I wrote above, the correct mentality is Good Enough is the Enemy of the Best.

  5. If our intellectuals would outgrow their college educations we would leapfrog more like a Saturn 5 rocket, but our intellectuals still defer to Mommy Prof and quibble the details.

    Hell all our intellectuals up till a few years ago used the phrase “anti-racist” and I would imagine some still use it (Jared Taylor) because well its what the establishment uses.

    So when Chris Matthews decides its time to drub the secession movement he will bring some of our intellectuals onto his show and he will get them off onto their tangents as if they were MS undergrads defending their thesis. All the while he assumes moral superiority and our guys quibble the details.

  6. Newcomers are fine by me. The more the merrier. And let’s make sure we pay the vineyard workers starting in the afternoon the same wage as those who were here at 6am, huh? (Matthew 20:1–16)

  7. Ann Coulter can’t be trusted. But if she happens to – at some point – be a vehicle for a pro-White message, then that’s fine with me.

    Once the anti-White mafia is brought to justice for pushing and/or advocating White Genocide through massive non-White immigration & forced assimilation into every single White country, and a normal order of things is re-established, those who were mere opportunists or paid little more than lip service to the cause for White people’s survival should be escorted out the door.

    Until them, we can use them as tools. Somebody said “politicians are whores, but we could make them our whores.

  8. If pol’s are shores what does that make coulter? A fluffer?

    How has good enough worked out so far? Nobody need be perfect to ne embraced by us, but we’re stupid to think managed opposition like Ann are more than they are: camp followers rather than leaders.

    CAC makes a good point; its time for the ” old guard” conservatives to retire (or die) and let some newer blood lead. Its like shes still living in the late 90s……. jump on the latest talking point, pay it some lip service ( fluffer) and collect a few bucks becquerel hey, its not like it really matters anyway

  9. How has ideal worked out so far?

    But your line of argument is just that, argument. WHY would any great number of white people 20 years ago and even less and right up to recently have really cared, much less been strident about these racial issues? In some regions, sure, but in many, it just was not all that big a problem until it became so visible recently. But you and most WN’s demand that everyone should have been devoted to a George Lincoln Rockwell when they had barely seen a nigger, and to this day, most people, only vaguely know what a Jew is.

  10. I know what I want for a free Southron republic but I also know I will have to settle for whatever the majority of us will agree on. the important thing is a free South

  11. Never dis’ someone who comes over to your side however late in the game you think that might be. It means your point of view is winning.

  12. Matthews.

    Just attack him for forcing nig diversity on everyone else while he figured out a way to absolutely avoid it himself in his Nantucket mansion.

  13. Miss Coulter does not need to be “trusted”. But I am happy for her–this is the first time, or very nearly so, that I have seen her admit she was wrong, about anything–and she does it on race.

    Don’t hate someone because their column appears in the Washington Times and Human Events. Doesn’t it strike you as a little radical that the conservative Coulter’s confessing we can’t pander our way into Black, Asian, and mestizo hearts?

  14. My gut says: Too Little, Too Late.

    I’m with “Cracker Ass Cracker”: I think there’s a good chance she will shortly be talking about Obama’s Kenyan Dog, Hillary Clinton’s hair, Sandra Fluke’s vagina, or some other distraction du jour.

  15. “My gut says: Too Little, Too Late.”

    Don’t be ridiculous, and enough with the elitist vanguardism. “The South Shall Rise Again” meme has been around forever. You are only starting to approach the level of interest in it that was prevalent during the pre-WWII Southern Agrarian literary movement or the revival of interest in the War Between the States during the centennial celebrations 50 years ago.

    People coming on board right now are still early adopters vis-a-vis this particular phase.

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