SNN Podcast: The Mainstream Appeal of Secession

South Carolina

In this SNN podcast, I join Palmetto Patriot to discuss the meaning of the recent PPP poll in the context of our “mainstreaming strategy” for Southern Nationalism.

A year ago, the same PPP poll (this was before the election) found that 25% of Republicans supported secession. Rasmussen has conducted polls that show support for secession has been rising in Texas and the South for two years now.

Obama’s reelection hasn’t set off a fleeting secessionist temper tantrum. Rather, it exposed the growth of secessionist sentiment in the South, which PPP and Rasmussen have been tracking for two years, and agitated conservatives who were already inclined to support secession to go public with their beliefs.

Note: If 25% of Republicans support secession, then the secession petitions are registering only a fraction of the real level of disunionist sentiment out there.


  1. How would a community-based secession work? I would like Los Angeles to secede (and I don’t think many would fight it). Actually, an ethnic secession would be interesting. Seems broad-based national secessions would need to begin locally.

  2. The Governor of Texas should rename the position

    Texas President
    President of Texas

    Start changing names like that. Slowly create the offices you might expect to see in an independent state.

  3. What would be interesting to know is the growth dynamic of secession in Scotland, Catalonia and other countries where it is a political issue. This could give us an idea of where we are and provide some insight as to effective action.

    While at this point there may not be much growth in support for secession there is strong anecdotal evidence for growth in intensity of support. This is necessary and will lead in time to increased support.

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