Jim Goad: The Myth of Northern Innocence


Jim Goad sounds like he wants to puke this morning after listening to sanctimonious Yankees denouncing Trace Adkins for wearing a Confederate earpiece:

 “Burly-and-bearded country singer Trace Adkins ruffled all the usual feathers and bruised all the usual feelings when he dared to wear a Confederate battle flag earpiece in full view of gasping national TV viewers while singing “The Christmas Song” in the Yankee stronghold of Rockefeller Center on November 28. . . “

Note: I haven’t seen the new “Lincoln” hagiography.

I’m reading Chuck Thompson’s “Better Off Without ‘Em” right now. Thompson felt an instant bond with Mark Potok and Heidi Beirich when he visited Montgomery for the purpose of collecting evidence to prove that the United States would be better off without intractable Southern racism.


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  1. “Intractable Southern racism”. Why, of course. How dare those uneducated Southerners oppose White Genocide-through-assimilation?

    Indeed, objecting to have your own people blended out of existence via “assimilation” is soooo racist!

    Yet again we see clearly that “anti-racist” is just a code word for anti-White.

  2. Non-Whites should not be allowed to deride White culture. If White people did anything like that to them, they would scream “Hate Speech!!!”

    Anti-White is all they are.

  3. Looking forward to the next discussion with Linder, specifically and exclusively looking ford to the discussion of tactics. I believe in an ad hoc coalition among white radicals is the best approach, using as mainstream of rhetoric as possible.

    Think of it as “secede now, solve problems later.”

  4. I noticed the singer also apologised for the earpiece: “To those who view the flag as a symbol of racism, that was not my message and I did not intend offense.”

  5. Be that as it may. Jim Goad is from Vermont and Philly. (If it’s the Redneck Manifesto guy).

    Shouldn’t he keep on about that—- not other people’s flags? Why is such an Uber- Northerner so hellbent on making himself the Great Spokesperson of the nascar crowd? Haven’t we had enough of Vermonters naming us?

    Why is a Vermont Catholic person allowing himself to be mistaken as a “southern white trash redneck?” Does he want to simply usurp the redneck role (so he can be the “real” rebel, quickly sweeping aside the north-south differences, having gotten a whiff of what it really means to be from Vermont?)

    On radio, he even speaks with something resembling a southern accent (though he hails from Vermont and was “indoctrinated” at “Holly Cross Elementary” and so on, p. 27.

    Jim Goad is one of a long-line of (obviously) foreign Yankee writers, who repositions themselves as Southern Experts. Cormac McCarthy is another. (He sounds very southern, presents himself that way, but the Anti-South subtext is VERY pronounced, if sometimes more subtle than non-discerning readers will notice.)

    Southerners MUST dispense with these people, and MUST create their own literature again, must name THEMSELVES again. Must INSIST that people s/a Goad, Cormac McCarthy clarify that they speak for Rhode Island and Vermont.

    They often don’t— simply b/c they are so glad to hear ANYTHING about themselves that is not openly hostile, so accustomed are they to the endless litany of Django Unchained.

    Goad is not Southern, he doesn’t think like a southerner, yet FROM VERMONT, he goes on about the kkk, slavery, the black-white issues, etc, etc.

    Real Southerners: beware.

    This is a real question.

  6. Well, (even) Lynyrd Skynyrd has decided not to show the stars and bars anymore, since it is ‘so controversial’. In high school I used to wear a military style jacket with a battle-flag patch – but was eventually forced to remove it by a large group of African Americans. Not sure whether that symbol has become too loaded for future state use. Though I still display it proudly in private, for more public nationalistic purposes I tend to prefer the Texas state flag. After all, the South is (or was) a sort of Confederatio Dixiæ of sovereign states, and no one can call a state flag a racist symbol.

    Also, great choice for the new background picture. The old one was epic and I loved it, but the new one certainly looks more bright, friendly and welcoming – in line with the positive outreach strategy.

  7. Add in the fake “Appalachian” voice of Gillian Welch. Emmy Lou Harris is from DC, but after many years she sort of grew into it, imo. I think it was in her soul. But she’s the exception.

    Point being, southerners and appalachians SHOULD offer critique of every single fake southerner, shouldn’t they? Aren’t they the real experts about how –on scales of 1-10– “the other” is faking THEIR reality, lol?

    Exactly Jamie—- Vermonters should not blather on about their OUTSIDER opinion of the kkk, the “south race issue” as Goad puts it, etc.

  8. Another argument for secession, outlined below.


    As WVWN noted of this article: “This story makes perfectly clear the role that white people… be they from the greatest generation; retirees; baby-boomers; generation x; generation y; millennial’s; currently enrolled in K-12 private or public schools; newborn; in the womb; or still in the reproductive organs of a white mother or father and just a fun night or two away from being conceived… play in 2012 America and all that they’re good for: providing the tax revenue so that it can be racially redistributed to allow for the proliferation of non-whites.”

  9. Can we also talk about ‘black guilt’, ad Southern honesty in race relations over the last 400 years, then, as well?

    “Since Afros first landed on North American soil some four hundred years ago, they have never known a period of such freedom and civil liberty as the one shown above. The post-1960s U.S. judiciary has not only overturned every piece of state, federal, and municipal legislation segregating Blacks, but has begun to discriminate in their favor in jobs, education, and the civil service.

    Yet Afro criminality has exploded. The editor of the Bureau of Justice Statistics 1926-1982 report remarks simply, ‘A major trend in the admission series is long-term growth in the size of the black prison population….This growth is not explained by general population trends.'”

  10. Jim Goad wrote a book called “Shit Magnet” in which he describes getting sucked off by a teenage negro. Knowing that, why would anyone value anything he has to say. Even Greg Johnson thinks he’s a POS.

  11. Dixiegirl, Cormac McCarthy might well be anti-southern but if anything he’s a traitor because he grew up in East Tennessee.

  12. And, I sure as hell don’t mind if Goad has adopted the rightness of our cause as much as McCarthy has abandoned it.

  13. McCarthy wasn’t from there and really plays it up.

    Anyway, thanks August @…. “Jim Goad wrote a book called “Shit Magnet” in which he describes….” Delicate Dixie Girl would rather not repeat the rest!!!!

    Only read a few opening pages of him— and he just didn’t smell right, like McCarthy. Go read his “white trash diatribe” Child of God. (Not to mention “No Country…” aka the “cerebral Machete” or “Machete for people with M.A. degrees.”

  14. Oh, sorry— Child of God is Rhode Islander McCarthy not Goad, if that was unclear.

    And where you grew up is of little interest, (obviously). Are the yankees flooding the South, “southern,” um… of course not. Nor will any amount of generations make them so.

    It’s about your history, trajectory to the country, what you decided to fight for, what happened to you and your family, language, arts, etc—- none of which a NET (Northeast Transplant) will ever share.

    This is not to be offensive. If I moved to Ireland tomorrow (which I could), and converted to catholicism (which I could easily), would I really be “Irish Catholic.”

    McCarthy betrayed nothing. He’s Rhode Island all the way. He can’t betray the south. He’s not southern. His children will not be southern. He’s…idk, whatever he is.

    The interesting question is why these people don’t wish to speak…as themselves?

  15. Personally, it seems a sign of weak character not to live as who you are, who you are historically, to deny your own ancestry. Also, it can be a sign of enslavement, as being stripped of history (“the victor writes history”) is something that occurs in subjugated people. Well— lol, maybe people emulating southerners is good then. A sign of subjugation. Deo Vindice

  16. Also—- this co-opting of the southern name does bother me b/c people DO THINK these people are southern, when they are not. And they are awful people, and express anti-south sentiments (often in more subtle ways that deceive). Now, there are people who are allies, and say they are not from that experience, and say how they have come to see it through their real experience. Like DiLorenzo (The Real Lincoln and others).

    People think this Spokespersons are anti-southern southern and they aren’t.

  17. Dixiegirl, what’s your opinion of authentically southern Catholic writers like Flannery O’Connor and Walker Percy? O’Connor did express concerns about southern racism and southern culture.

    I often wonder what people mean when they say “white culture.” Clearly Bach, Mozart, Chopin, and Hank Williams, and the Beatles, and yes even Trace Adkins, are superior to Li’l Wayne and all the current African-American rappers, and I say this even in liberal circles. Black music has deteriorated sadly. Anti-racists can preserve white culture too.

  18. Well then perhaps I misunderstood your point, Dixiegirl, about one problem with Goad being that he can’t really sympathize with Southrons because he’s from Vermont and Philly (?). Oh well, McCarthy did indeed spend much of his young years in East Tennessee. His father was a big wig with TVA, which is headquartered in Knoxville. His brother still lives in Knoxville. I nonetheless concede your point about roots, family history and the like. You appear to know much more of the McCarthy history than I. I assume that the McCarthy family were transplants to Tennessee, which would make sense and validate your point about McCarthy not being a true southerner and coincide with his anti-southern sentiments.

  19. Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking
    and ceramics are almost exclusively
    the product of European or American whites. If not the practitioners live in London or New York and Berlin. There is virtually no meaningful visual culture outside the occident. Blacks imitate it as a cargo cult, Jews sell it or buy it as dealers and collectors and that’s about all they do in relation to that grand tradition. The Japanese are the only exception, Hokusai, Murakami, Tominara, some great filmmakers too.

  20. Proud Globalist Race Traitor on December 4, 2012 at 2:35 am said:
    “Anti-whites can preserve white culture too.”

    Anti-White, people create and preserve their OWN cultures.

    If a culture exists only as displays in a museum, it is because the people that created it are DEAD.

    If you see Whites, Blacks or Asians, dressed up as Native Indians and claiming it is “their culture”, people will call them ridiculous, because ridiculous is what they would be.

    Stop justifying GENOCIDE against White people.

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