Montgomery Advertiser: Pro-Secession Letter To The Editor


Here’s the pulse of the average conservative secessionist petitioner in Alabama.

I completely endorse Mr. Graham’s observation that this Union is a failure and the brakes have failed and that we are careening toward a Greek-style financial collapse that will crush our economy.

Ending socialism would have a “disparate impact” on the blacks.

“The secession petitions are the result of concerned citizens realizing what this socialist nation has become and where it is going and don’t like it. We are not far away from emulating Greece in political fiscal irresponsibility. We are bigger and it takes more time for the failure mode to surface. It is just a matter of time until the Bernanke/Obama $40 billion-per-month printing press tips the scales. In our case the difference will be in lieu of the Eurozone invoking mandatory austerity upon us it will be China. You think China is your enemy now, just wait.

It is an interesting read to go to Wikipedia and read the differences between the constitutions of the Confederacy and the U.S. After dealing with the U.S. Constitution for nearly 70 years, Confederates decided more specific limitations on the power of central government were compulsory. What if the Fed couldn’t print money, or Congress couldn’t install tariffs to protect certain industries over others, or presidents couldn’t grant immunity to illegal aliens or grant our tax dollars to unions and select industries in return for votes?

It is not surprising that we actually have citizens who do not wish to be a part of this policy or debt load. There are those who do not wish to police the world or make exorbitant annual donations to countries that spend these endowments to our detriment. There are those who simply don’t like despotic federal government.

Charlie Graham


Note: Michael Hill is right that there has been a “shift in consciousness.” It is also obvious that next year we need make greater use of the economic argument like the Catalans in Spain.

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31 Responses to Montgomery Advertiser: Pro-Secession Letter To The Editor

  1. Bill Yancey says:

    I don’t know how I missed this piece at CC but it’s one of their best:

    Yeah, it starts out sounding pretty pansy. What truly self-respecting white man would not already be sick of the “racial healing” crap than support one of the Republicans’ pets, right? Unfortunately, there are more than there are of us. Frankly, kind I’d credit it to their being at work most of every day instead of analyzing politics.

    But don’t let the pansy-sounding beginning distract you from reading the rest. Hood’s target is, damn it, the white men wandering in the desert of disbelief and misunderstanding. Those who are only now beginning to smell the arsenic. A huge wave of them at this particular time, I believe. So, he’s addressing a particular demographic that exists, no matter how much more educated on the subject we consider ourselves to be, than them. They are our stragglers but they are our real soldiers.

    As for WN vs. SN, I agree with HW that regional nationalism is more realistic than racial or philosophical nationalism. However, I think that SN is indeed a form of, or a reflection of, WN. Who here, after all, would not be delighted to see a ‘Western Nationalism’ in the white, male western states? Who here would not want to ally with them?

    I distinctly remember my revulsion at the about face of “conservatives” from Clinton to Bush, per the federal government. My brain vomited daily. There is always the possibility that the situation is the same this time, i.e. that “the liberals” won again, but I sense something more real and determined than partisan reactions of the past. I think there’s a whole lot more throwin’ up goin’ on out there than usual.

    While I try to be a bit restrictive on what articles I send to friends and relatives, not wanting to be relegated to the spam folder, I recommend passing this one around to everybody.

    On another subject, doesn’t it seem like a pivotal and good time to have new and more forceful leadership at organizations like the LOS? I appreciate Hill’s knowledge of history and even his somewhat careful instincts but we need something more dynamic and forceful at this point, IMO. Someone who wouldn’t step back from repeating George Wallace’s inaugural speech but someone who pulls some weight. Hill pulls some weight but doesn’t have the guts to be that “radical” in this day and age.

  2. John says:

    This can’t be allowed to dissipate back into Republican support in 2016. If we must have a nignog running the show, let it be an opportunity to radicalize the people.

  3. Bill Yancey says:

    Palmetto Patriot,

    I am still unable to post a comment on SAN without joining one of the prescribed “social networks”, which I won’t do. S obe it, but here’s me comment per your 11/27/12 post:

    Not to mention the demographic change that would take place, which would relieve Texas of much if not most of its unproductive and dependent population and see the arrival of more productive and independent people fleeing the “United States”.

  4. Jim says:

    Walter E. Williams makes some great points on secession:

    “Thomas B. Florence of Pennsylvania and Otis S. Ferry of Connecticut proposed a constitutional amendment to prohibit secession. Here’s my question: Would there have been any point to offering these amendments if secession were already unconstitutional?”


    “Mencken said: “It is difficult to imagine anything more untrue. The Union soldiers in the battle actually fought against self-determination; it was the Confederates who fought for the right of people to govern themselves.””

  5. John says:

    One more this. The South should look for Obstructionist presecessionist, GOP representatives. Just jam up the gears. If the machine seizes up all the better. If they are looking to dissolve government let them be as annoying as possible.

  6. Futura says:

    “Note: Michael Hill is right that there has been a “shift in consciousness.” It is also obvious that next year we need make greater use of the economic argument like the Catalans in Spain.”

    AMEN. Race talk bores some people and turns others off. We can make compelling arguments without mentionng race. Or, at least, not leading with it. Make it AN issue, not THE issue.

  7. Futura says:

    ” Michael Hill is right that there has been a “shift in consciousness.” It is also obvious that next year we need make greater use of the economic argument like the Catalans in Spain.”

    AMEN. Race talk bores some people and turns others off. We can make compelling arguments without mentionng race. Or, at least, not leading with it. Make it AN issue, not THE issue.

  8. jeppo says:

    Here’s an interesting article about secession and nullification, with an interview with someone from the Tenth Amendment Center, which fights against unconstitutional powergrabs by the federal government.

    There are parallels here to the strategy employed by Artur Mas and the CiU party in Catalonia. When economic times were good, they positioned themselves as soft nationalists and autonomists, content to seek ever greater powers from Madrid. But with the onset of the economic crisis, and especially after the Sept. 11 rally in Barcelona which attracted more than a million flag-waving independentistas, they have re-invented themselves as full-throated separatists. However, this new stance didn’t help them in the recent elections, when even more radical separatist parties made gains at the expense of the CiU and the pro-Spanish Socialists.

    This gradualistic approach has also been employed in Quebec, which has its own immigration policy and pension plan completely separate from that of the rest of Canada. They are also pursuing a quasi-independent foreign policy, with membership in La Francophonie and UNESCO, and maintain consulates around the world. They are slowly but surely gaining all the trappings of nationhood while still being–on paper anyway–a mere province of Canada.

    In Belgium, Flanders and Wallonia have almost completely usurped the powers of the Belgian federal government, which has been reduced to a skeletal superstructure and now has little more than a ceremonial role in domestic affairs. In the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, though not nearly as powerful as other subnational units like Quebec, Flanders and Wallonia, are gradually demanding–and receiving–more powers and responsibilities at the expense of the Westminster parliament.

    The devolution of power from national governments to the regions has the effect of preparing them, not only practically but also psychologically, for eventual independence. The more ties they have already cut with the central governments, the more willing and able their populations will be to sever all the remaining ties and assume full nationhood.

    This is where the states rights and nullification strategies come into play for the United States. Strict constitutionalists and outright secessionists share the same goals, at least initially: drastically weaken the power of the federal government and the federal courts. And on certain issues, even though they don’t agree on them, both liberals and conservatives have an interest in asserting states rights against federal authority. For example, the people of Colorado and Washington just voted to legalize marijuana in complete contravention of the federal government’s prohibition of it.

    These are the types of little rebellions, from both the left and the right, that will weaken and ultimately emasculate the power of Washington DC to impose its will upon the states. And the beauty of these tactics is that they can be a series of bipartisan attacks on federal authority, so that the chances of eventual success will be that much greater. Conservatives and liberals can agree to disagree about contentious issues like marijuana legalization, gun rights, abortion, gay marriage, Obamacare, the PATRIOT act, etc., so it’s in the interest of both sides to have them decided at the state level rather than by a one-size-fits-all federal government.

    And once the powers of the fedgov have been sufficiently enfeebled, the endgame draws near. IMO the best and most likely outcome would be a final collapse in the remaining legitimacy of Washington DC followed by a Soviet-style implosion, when full sovereignty would be transferred to the states. The US would cease to exist as a nation-state but would survive, at least initially, as a supranational entity, much like the Commonwealth of Independent States succeeded the Soviet Union.

    Eventually, the US could be dissolved altogether, replaced with regional federations, or made into a permanent EU-style transnational organization. A new Eurasian Union has superceded the authority of the CIS, and there is now also an African Union and a South American Union, all modelled after the EU. The political wave of the future seems to be smaller nations partially pooling their sovereignty into large regional blocs, so the future 50 nations of America would probably be no exception to this trend.

    Clamouring for immediate state secession is an excellent tactic to get these ideas out from the fringe and into the mainstream, but it’s probably premature and unrealistic at this point. The long, hard slog of wresting powers away from the federal government through the twin doctrines of states rights and nullification must be done first to lay the groundwork for eventual independence. Only then will the final dominos be ready to fall.

  9. Fr. John+ says:

    We also need to push the reality that BRA is what is WRONG with every country in which it is tried.

    Here’s an article that shows where NOT to live in France, of all places.

    Note that these areas are where ARABS/Negroes live. The connection to SBPDL and the Secessionist trends in both Civil War days and today, are as clear as that between (Dare I say it?) Black and White.

  10. Anon says:

    “or Congress couldn’t install tariffs to protect certain industries over others” – No document is perfect.

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  12. Bill Yancey, You don’t have to be a member of any social networking site to comment on SNN. You only have to join the site. This makes you a member of nothing else. Your first comment has to be approved. Then all future comments go straight through. We had to do this to keep from being deluged with spam.

    This letter to the editor is a good sign. I love it.

  13. Steve E says:

    OT, Does anyone have an opinion on David Donald’s Lincoln bio. Supposed to be the standard work. How biased against us is it? Worth buying? I’m ashamed to admit how little I really know about Ole Saint Abe.

  14. Brandon says:

    What jeppo said and his link.

  15. 313Chris says:


    Hopefully you’ll be next. Start packing!

  16. Reynauld de Chatillon says:

    Howard Fineman’s gloating about the demise of White America is more proof positive that the Jews are our mortal enemies. Any new white or Southern Republic would be well advised to prohibit Jews from living within our boundaries. We should not repeat the mistake made in early 20th century America of allowing this debilitating plague to immigrate here and start in on our society like termites.

  17. Robert says:

    Watching sec game, pathetic whites cheering blacks like Jesus was playing.

  18. John says:

    He’s gotta be a chump.

  19. I encourage southron nationalists to write Edgar Ray Killen, a true white knight that is currently wasting in a BRA jail cell. Let him know he is not forgotten and we will never abandon OUR dream for OUR people.

    Edgar Ray Killen
    CMCF-III Unit 720
    PO Box 88550
    Pearl, MS 39208

  20. test says:

    I think it has to be this way. If for the sake of argument the key metric is 2/3 of white people voting one way but still losing then if people wait till that point is reached in Vermont – which it will eventually – by then most of the other states will already be minority white.

    So good stuff.

  21. Mosin Nagant says:

    Jeppo, good comment and good useful link.

  22. Reynauld de Chatillon says:

    The Jews will thwart us

  23. Landsknecht says:

    What Jeppo said about the province of Quebec is true insofar as slowly but surely developing their own immigration system and even limited foreign policy goes. However, one should also pay attention to HOW the various separatist and independence parties go about implementing this, and what the result is. The Province of Quebec (and the Parti Quebecois) in this case is notorious for adopting a “colour blind” attitude to it’s immigration policy, as long as French is your primary language. This has, in the past 10-15 years resulted in a surge of blacks from Haiti and various other non-whites from Africa pouring into the province and transforming parts of Montreal and even Quebec City into the usual urban ghettos of diversity.

    A brief example:

    Note the quote from Quebec Immigration minister Diane De Courcy, and her solution for preserving the French language:

    “Without immigration from French-speaking parts of the world like the Maghreb and francophone sub-Saharan Africa, as well as francophile Latin American and Romania, the decline (in French speakers) would be even greater”, de Courcy said.

    Apparently the Scottish National Party is very much the same way. Lets hope this Catalan independence movement isn’t like this. There is really no point in having an independent nation if it’s just going to be sacrificed on the global altar of diversity.

    Not all independence parties are created equal.

  24. churchofbotany says:

    Mr. Yancey with tact but clearly wrote :”doesn’t it seem like a pivotal and good time to have new and more forceful leadership at organizations like the LOS? I appreciate Hill’s knowledge of history and even his somewhat careful instincts but we need something more dynamic and forceful at this point, IMO. Someone who wouldn’t step back from repeating George Wallace’s inaugural speech but someone who pulls some weight. Hill pulls some weight but doesn’t have the guts to be that “radical” in this day and age.”
    It seems that our opposition grew too glad seeing that LOS is not much more than soft-flannel librarians exuding warmth rather than fire.And yet-it is the very organization that should be leading us through the stages of self-determination.Frustration,frustration!

  25. weisser wolf says:

    Reynauld de Chatillon is right. Any plans/discussions must take the jew into account and be dealt with accordingly. They are the sworn enemy of the Western/Southern/True Christian/White man and will subvert any attempt at secession or movement to free this country from their clutches.

    They are so diabolical that they form groups and movements to spy on and divert resources from legitimate movements; they place spies/moles to report back on what the legitimate groups are up to; they bribe or use “honey pots” on the weaker members of our brethren; they wish to disarm us and force us and our children into “diversity” with blacks and other Third-World peoples in order to weaken our strength and resolve. They accomplish all this by using our “freedoms” in this country against us.

  26. John says:

    The IRA has the same problem. They kicked out the British, only to welcome 100,000′s of niggers to colonize them. Well done Gerry Racetraitor Adams.

  27. Fr. John+ says:

    Cam has it right.

    “We don’t need superior numbers. We need only a few white men to stand up for Europe, fully convinced that in doing so they are standing for the right against Satan and his unholy legions. If we believe in the rightness of Christian Europe and the satanic evil of diverse liberalism, we will fight and prevail against the liberal pestilence that walketh in darkness and the colored hordes that wasteth at noonday. +”

  28. Fr. John+ says:

    An unintended benefit of secession, from Br. Nathanael (Kapner).
    Who’d a thunk?

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