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Southern Oregon

November 9, 2012 Hunter Wallace 21

Oregon I believe Rudel once mentioned in the comments that there was a gap in Ecotopia in Southern Oregon and Northern California … look at […]

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Dixie Rising

November 8, 2012 Hunter Wallace 29

American South The partisan shift in the state legislatures, governorships, and congressional delegations is even more revealing than the 2012 presidential electoral map: “After this […]

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How ‘Bout Them Dores II

November 4, 2012 Jaye Ryan 16

Occidental Dissent’s primarily Southern/Neo Confederate readership probably contains some “older” readers who can remember a time (up to the early 1970s) when SEC Football – […]

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Catholics Abandoning Obama

November 1, 2012 Hunter Wallace 51

American Midwest I’m guessing there are significantly more White Catholics than non-White Catholics in Pennsylvania and the Midwestern battleground states. “Yesterday, the Romney campaign told […]