The Cost of the Union: Michigan Affirmative Action Ban Overturned


Here’s the latest reason why even our Northern friends in Michigan should be able to agree that it is time to dissolve the Union:

“The federal appeals court decision striking down a statewide referendum banning affirmative action in Michigan universities likely represents the last gasp of a dying legal theory: That minority groups are entitled not just to equal protection under the laws, but special measures designed to correct past discrimination.

To conclude a law banning the state from considering race, sex or national origin in hiring public employees or granting admission to state schools was unconstitutional, the majority on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati resorted to an extreme interpretation of two U.S. Supreme Court cases that themselves are showing signs of wear. The decision by the full 15-member panel drew strong dissents from judges who said the reasoning stood the Equal Protection Clause “on its head” and enshrined a new doctrine of judicially-imposed racial preferences.”

Note: I predict the Roberts Supreme Court will uphold affirmative action in Fischer vs. University of Texas. The GOP already practices affirmative action by promoting the likes of Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Allen West, Susana Martinez, etc.

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  1. @ Dixiegirl:
    Thank you for writing. Your opinion has been noted.

    A lack of sincerity, I’m sure. But without understanding why. I don’t believe in violence and forced conversion, and things of this nature. So, HOW the more organizational RC has gotten so much of what it is has gotten…MATTERS. It matters in world history, because one can’t overstep the laws of God. Am no seminarian, lol— but feel sure of that.

    HOW it comes about matters.

  2. Simply labeling AA as anti-white racism would begin the rollback, and plus Michael Hill and other sessesionist tough talkers would be relieved a small bit of their fear of the almighty taboo.

    If you care about someone who is under the influence of a taboo, begin by asking them to describe in detail that taboo.

  3. “….why even bother with the concept of separating people into races?….”

    Global RT—

    Suppose you are right, and this practice of racial observance SHOULD BE ENDED, (from top to bottom, from how u.s. government uses ethnic conflict models to control populations around the world, indoctrinates school kids straight through grad and post-grad university, then involves them in “diversity” trainings, throughout career and so on…)

    How would you UN-DO the mindset of somebody like the current U.S. president, to make him NOT SEE race as the “transcendental signifier,” that one “God term” by which all other things can be understood and explained?

    Currently, the “left” (in particular) radically indoctrinates the masses into Race Consciousness—- you cannot go five minutes on t.v. without hearing about “blacks, or whites,” or “the asian vote,” or new “hispanic tv.” Etc, etc.

    How would you UNDO this indoctrination into Racial Reality—– that the left-right paradigm instituted in the 1960s, in order to produce a constant awareness of racial difference in the public?

    And HOW ARE YOU PERSONALLY “cleansed,” as you claim— in a country where race is the most prevalent, constant and discussed issue in all your media, in all your entertainment, and so on?

    Pray— do tell us how you manage to “unplug.” How you are so great you are unaffected by everything around you? How you are sure this lack of effect in you, personally, doesn’t just as easily point to a self-centered disorder (like clinical narcissism)— which is usually how a person is “unaffected” by the world around them, lol

  4. Tamer says:

    Maybe search “holocaust” in Yahooligans!
    Or ask the mailman or milkman what the Holocaust is.

    Basically it was when the highest IQ caucasian ethnic group, and others were subjected to horrendous human rights abuses and wholesale slaughter.

    Oh you mean the ‘Holohoax’, riiiight, I get ya now.
    So are you Jewish, half Jewish, or just a fan of them?

    And may I recommend a wonderful new radio station called “The White Network” for your listening pleasure 😉

  5. “HOW it comes about matters.”

    Typical femalienese.

    How it comes about makes no difference whatsoever. What matters is that it is sound, stable, and True. And no, what is sound, stable and True does not bubble to light out of the primordial ooze naturally. It is hammered from steel and stone and watered with the blood of martyrs. It costs, it costs, it costs. Those with the courage and conviction to purchase it, get it. Don’t confuse your lack of conviction with someone else’s willingness to pay. God favors results.

  6. The racial mindset of the oppressed and formerly colonized racial minorities will be undone once all whites derascinate themselves. Racial belonging is not needed; religion is enough to create another sense of belonging outside the family, as well as local community, universities, industries and friendship networks.

  7. Tamer,

    Basically it was when the highest IQ caucasian ethnic group, and others were subjected to horrendous human rights abuses and wholesale slaughter.

    Are you referring to the Jewish-led slaughter of Germans, Russians and Ukrainians?

  8. Jews are basically the same as Arabs. The cultural and linguistic overlap is astonishing. Jews are not white. By inclination and blood they are middle easterners.

  9. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. The Church playing politics and undermining national systems has not made the population more righteous. The more cosmopolitan and deracinated and kin-less, the more debauched and sinful a population becomes. Unless that IS the Vatican’s goal. One would almost think, looking at the results.

  10. Dixie Girl, you know as much about the history of France as you do about history generally.

    I put this down to a American public school education.

    Clovis (465-511 A.D.) was the pagan king of the Salic Franks. He unified the French nation on the lands of the Salic Franks and the Gauls by fighting a war against the Roman occupation in Gaul and then the surrounding Germanic tribes which attempted to come into the power vacuum.

    He converted to the holy faith of the Roman Catholic Church and was baptised at Reims by St Remigius. As a Christian monarch he set about edifying his nation with the founding of churches, monasteries (which were the schools, hospitals, libraries) and Christian public works. He encouraged the mission of the Church among the Franks and by the time his son succeeded him, the nation of France largely was baptised as a nation. The Jews living in the Midhi of Southern France, of course, eschewed the Christian nation of France and we permitted under Salic Law to observe their own traditions, as were the pagans who observed their own customs under the Common Law.

    This is what I mean when I say that France was baptised as a nation. No one forced families, clans and the aristocracy to follow their king into baptism – but it is a historical fact that they did.

  11. Michigan is not as liberal as it would seem on the surface its primarily the big cities like Ann Arbor the majority of liberals are not idealogical liberals just union workers who vote democrat for benefits not because they care about idealogy outside of the cities people (and many within) are very racially consciousness and have religious or moral hostility to liberals

  12. “Oh you mean the ‘Holohoax’, riiiight, I get ya now.
    So are you Jewish, half Jewish, or just a fan of them?”

    I’m not anti-jewish, but I realize they are a competing ethnic group that is a net drain on western civilization. They can have their own plot of soil, some where, I don’t care as long as it’s not in my nation. That being said, the “holocaust” has been greatly exaggerated. Basically what happened was we committed to total war against Germany, we got there an saw what we did, and politically had to come up with a way to excuse all of the allied atrocities. Especially since the rank-and-file US military immediately became quite fond of the German people.

  13. So the US PR machine spun into action and spun nazi abuses at typical war-related containment centers into “death-camps”.

  14. @ “HOW it comes about matters.” being “typical female-ese.”

    No… sometimes when you get things the wrong way, you do create blowback, and blowback is not a good thing.

    Ultimate “slavery” turned out to be a vulnerability MILKED for years, to hurt the american south (financially, morally, spiritually, etc.) There are better ways to get things than other ways— somebody brought up Sun Tsu. He would agree. Some wars are won more cleanly than others, is what I meant. And yes, still say it matters.

  15. But Lynda,

    What you meant is not really that interesting to me, was my point. Also, the way you snipe is ugly. Always name calling, or —as here– making assumptions about what you assume to be my education. Type of person who always tries, in the backdoor way, to make people feel small. Just not noble.

    Chalk that perception up to my dime store education (or whatever you called it).

    Bottom line: I’m not French, not interested in Latin countries, largely because the people I meet from them have never been as interesting as the East Euros, Baltic countries, Nordics and I miss having a right to my tastes and preferences (as we used to have in the u.s.).

    And we simply don’t have ANY family history in Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal or France.

  16. — oh, and if you do have an entirely private education, not bound up with any government-connected, tax-exempt church schools and also paid for by private sector contributions, not welfare-warfare public paychecks of your parents— I do think that’s great.

    But a good character would dictate that that never entitles you to more of an opinion than others in matters of conscience—

  17. Lynda: Dixiegirl and Earlmundo Armand Pitts III are what we call agents provocateurs.. They come here to destroy white unity by always attacking the Catholic Church..It’s obvious that they are trolls who come here to keep whites from uniting.

  18. They don’t do a very good job of’s evident from so called ” dixiegirl’s” posts that she is some yankee troll.

  19. Earlmundo: This is just for you… you called my mother a Catholic whore?? email me at [email protected] so we can arrange a meeting so I can knock all of your teeth down your throat. I will fly anywhere you are you cheap son of a bitch! Mom was right.,you are just cheap white trash

  20. are just cheap white trash too,,,you know nothing about the old south,,bet ya chew tobacca as in a trailer..with fellow white trash

  21. Jim,

    Agreed on it being a post war invention. It justified all the area bombing we did. Personally, I don’t feel the need to justify winning a war by foul means. It’s not much to celebrate though.

  22. “I don’t feel the need to justify winning a war by foul means. It’s not much to celebrate though.”

    And that’s why it’s so preposterous, the Nazis didn’t do anything the rest of us didn’t do, and they were WAAAAY more charitable than the Russians or the Japs, yet they get stuck with the blame and mass-murdering caricature. It’s not that it’s unfair, but rather that it’s profoundly dishonest.

  23. yep the difference between sherman being a hero and the Germans being war criminals is victory and propaganda

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