The Cost of the Union: Michigan Affirmative Action Ban Overturned


Here’s the latest reason why even our Northern friends in Michigan should be able to agree that it is time to dissolve the Union:

“The federal appeals court decision striking down a statewide referendum banning affirmative action in Michigan universities likely represents the last gasp of a dying legal theory: That minority groups are entitled not just to equal protection under the laws, but special measures designed to correct past discrimination.

To conclude a law banning the state from considering race, sex or national origin in hiring public employees or granting admission to state schools was unconstitutional, the majority on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati resorted to an extreme interpretation of two U.S. Supreme Court cases that themselves are showing signs of wear. The decision by the full 15-member panel drew strong dissents from judges who said the reasoning stood the Equal Protection Clause “on its head” and enshrined a new doctrine of judicially-imposed racial preferences.”

Note: I predict the Roberts Supreme Court will uphold affirmative action in Fischer vs. University of Texas. The GOP already practices affirmative action by promoting the likes of Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Allen West, Susana Martinez, etc.

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  1. WASP are boring and staid and lame and so not colorful and fun and vibrant like the ethnics. In fact, we are so boring and awful that everyone can’t wait to live in our countries. Turns out functioning infrastructure is way more fun in the long run than earthy celebrations and colorful hats. Go figure, eh?

  2. Wayne says:
    What this all boils down to is that the State was supposed to be a bulwark against this judicial tyranny….


  3. Oculus, you admit that many of the new traditionalist Catholics are non-white, but then still continue to see value in the white race? Do you not see something contradictory in that?

  4. A Nation is a people; race (in the 19th century sense), language, history, culture, etc. Continental-level race is a paltry substitute.

    It’s also possible to go too narrow though, with the result being that’s all too easy to go off to war against what are in effect your own people. The trick has always been to find that sweet spot. It’s not easy going though. Nationalists are some of the most disagreeable sons of bitches on the planet. There’s just no end to the excuses they will manufacture to hate the living shit out of you. That right there is one reason so many people bought into the multiracial/multicultural paradigm, particularly intellectuals and particularly after the two great ‘kinslayer’ wars. Sure, their thinking went, you might see an uptick in domestic turbulence, but it beats marching off to war.

    That’s my primary objection to the “pan whitists” and European multicultis; they never say “sure, live and let live.” My response to people who refuse to reciprocate my “live and let live” position is, “well, fuck you and die, then.” I don’t care what your religion or skin color or culture or whatever is; if you can’t accept “live and let live,” then fuck you and die.

    A thought experiment. Imagine I were rigged up to an enormously powerful supercomputer that was guaranteed to be able to accurately determine my thoughts and feelings. If someone were to offer you a million dollars if you correctly answered: “Is Silver a reciprocator?” With respect to racial politics, does he qualify as a ‘friend’?” What answer would you give, Svigor? I’m genuinely curious.

  5. Some perhaps, but WASPs are the only people on earth boring enough to keep track of such lame traditions as common law and such nerdy subjects as math. The rest of europe was way too hip to bother.

  6. @Jim

    I hear ya. And I do agree. England was certainly Europe’s pragmatism, but France was it’s passion. The white race was lucky to have both.

  7. True Chris, what’s happening to France is very discouraging, and often gets overlooked in the Anglo-sphere. France staying French is a vital part of preserving western civilization.

  8. @Sulla: I take it you are a dago Catholic, and your mother was a Catholic whore? LOL.

    All I did was mention that you Catholic bastards own the term “melting pot”.

    Btw, genetic studies have shown that Italians have many of the same genes as Jews. That’s a fact.

    Latino = Roman Catholic = Hispanic

  9. “Nothing melted; they “aspired” (to power)”

    No, not at all, you are completely wrong; with the exception of the Jews, they exactly DIDN’T aspire “to power”, they aspired to NORMALCY, within the Protestant White WASP context. Having a modicum or reasonable share of power (e.g. Al Smith) is not an overweening grasp for power within a participatory system, it is in fact mere PARTICIPATION. Sometimes people overplay their hands in order to neutralize resistance and achieve a lesser goal; this is the nature of politics in general. You are completely myopic.

    Even the always-grasping Jews did not really hold an “all-aspiring” point of view w/r/t power prior to 1945 — look for instance at the Hollywood system. Those pre-war Jews knew they had a solid piece of the pie and yet they also knew very well what their “place” or position was, within the greater system, and didn’t find it unjust. They had their turf, just like the Catholic white-ethnics did, and they were cool with that. It worked for quite a long time. It was only after 1945, when the WASPs for some inexplicable reason weakened and let the Jews off their leash (which hadn’t been necessary, but for some reason was done), and then the Jewish intelligentsia basically convicted all of white European Christendom, in absentia, for all future generations, even the gentiles who fought to defend the Jews, of being guilty FOREVER of the Holocaust, that the concentrated Jewish attack on all WASP institutions began in earnest. (To be sure, it had begun with the numerous Jewish Communist traitors of earlier generations, but these were a splinter phenomenon; after 1945 though, all organized Jewry became, and remains to this day, the dedicated enemy of the white Christian West.)

    While you see and have seen various minor resentments of the Catholic white ethnics, nothing you see from them rivals this issue in its magnitude and historical import.

    Just to put things in a proper perspective.

  10. The Holocaust was the zenith of white on white violence.
    By remembering The Holocaust, whites learn not to massacre other whites.
    Whites have laid waste to many coloreds since The Holocaust.
    But there has been nearly no intrawhite war.
    It’s only genocide if it’s white.
    Never Again.

  11. No Earlmundo..Great great grandparents came from Ireland in the 1830s..settled in Alabama. Great grandfather was born there in 1841. Fought with Rodes’ Alabama brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia..wounded in Jackson’s famous attack on the Union left flank at Chancellorsville. So what did your ancestors do for the cause of Southern independence Bigmouth??

  12. And my mother was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution..on her side I have ancestors who fought in the American Revolution. You’re just a vulgar loudmouth. The kind we in the South term “white trash”.

  13. The BRD today is a liberal environmentalist love-in.
    But thanks to remembering The Holocaust,
    they give millions of Euros in military aid to Israel.
    That money is used to fight savages.

    Never Again.

  14. @Sulla I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. For that reason you should NOT have started the name calling—because I call names back. LOL.

    If you had been reading Hunter’s blog for any length of time, you would know my story.

    If you are who you say you are your ancestors would have been Protestants, someone must have converted to Catholicism. That has happened too much in the past, and was the result of the Catholic church only permitting Catholics to marry Catholics!

    I get a kick out of Hunter playing the video clips of things like the soon to be “Stonewall” Jackson rallying his brigade before Manassas. A number of my ancestors were there and would have heard Jackson. (Who probably had a high pitched mountain twang.) I really don’t know that much about all of them, and you can’t call them up and ask them. LOL.

  15. Exactly Silver; WWI alone is reason enough to laugh at any idea of the whites being a superior race. Kinslayer wars indeed.

  16. Proud Globalist Race Traitor, November 17, 2012 at 10:27 pm: Oculus, you admit that many of the new traditionalist Catholics are non-white, but then still continue to see value in the white race? Do you not see something contradictory in that?

    Nope. The white race has value simply by virtue of its existence. Its worthiness to survive is not contingent upon the number of sinners in its ranks. I myself am the king of sinners, and I assure you that I am thoroughly white.

    I’m not sure what you want me to say here. That Jesus came only for Whitey? Sorry, no sale. That Negroes and Chinamen can’t be saved because of their DNA? Sorry, no sale again. That we whites don’t deserve to live because we betrayed the Faith? True — we don’t. Fortunately, God sent His Son for the very purpose of saving undeserving apostates, heretics, and sinners like me. He will save Europe. He will save us here in America. He will save anyone who will be saved.

    I love white people. I want white people to survive and thrive. But I refuse to hate anyone, and I can’t believe God is any less loving that I am. The very idea is ridiculous. Jesus Christ made us all, and he came to save everyone, from Johann Sebastian Motherfucking Bach to the most savage baby-fucking nigger in Africa. If he didn’t, the he’s a joke and a fraud, and to Hell with Him.

    I repeat: we have got to stop this sectarian bickering. Anyone who breaks ranks with other white Christians because over theology or any other reason is like Francis I joining up with the fucking Caliph of Islam to kill other European Christians. Sure, your team might “win” — but at what cost?

    Je refuse que ce soit ainsi. No enemies on the white.

  17. The medieval was quite unlike Rome. The enlightenment even moreso. For example the “experimental method”. Sure they read about Rome and wrote about it but mainly as a projection of their own wants and needs. Then you have the industrial revolution, the leap in intellectual and technical application of knowledge the Romans failed to make themselves.

  18. WWI alone is reason enough to laugh at any idea of the whites being a superior race.

    Not really. Being superior doesn’t mean never making mistakes.

    Personally, I think if any race can claim superiority bragging rights it’s whites (especially northern european whites, or “real” whites), but the whole notion of superiority deserves to be dragged over hot coals because it’s so dreadfully overstated. (I regard it as true, but from an average person’s day-to-day life point of view, essentially meaningless.) The average WN fuckstick catches a whiff of it and it just totally goes to his head and warps his brain. Look at VNN. Among the ranks of VNNers you will find the most spectacular fucksticks today walking this earth, their minds warped beyond the ability of 21st century social science to describe it, each one of them thoroughly convinced of their “supremacy.” It’s endlessly entertaining, yet also so thoroughly dispiriting because it’s fucksticks like them who are used to represent the public face of white racialism.

    A healthy sense of racial belonging is one of the most pleasurable feelings of all. There should be millions upon millions upon millions of whites ready and willing to declare that they are white and they like it and want to keep being it. But there isn’t. And the spectacular mind-bending fuckstickery of hate-based WN is unquestionably among the foremost reasons. And in addition there should also be millions upon millions upon millions of non-white anti-racists (those who really are anti-racists, not those who merely use it as a cover for anti-whitism — despite what WN fucksticks claim, such people do exist) who are ready and willing to acknowledge that it’s perfectly fine for said millions upon millions of whites to be white, to like it and to secure the ability to keep being it. And again a major reason there are not such millions is the WN fuckstickery that keeps shaking its fist at them, unable to move beyond 19th century model of intergroup relations.

    Are there fucksticks on this blog? You betcha. Let me name some names:

    Apuleius – total fuckstick.
    stonelifter – total fuckstick
    John – shows surprising flashes of brilliance, but ultimately a fuckstick
    tamer – somewhat entertaining, but ultimately a fuckstick
    earlmundo – complete waste of space; a fuckstick
    rudel – knows his stuff, but a diehard supremacist; and a fuckstick
    denise – entertaining gal, but come on, when you screach and scream like that you’re a fuckstick
    father john – religious nutjob and assuredly a fuckstick
    pastor lindstedt – gee, guess!


    Jim – very cold and calculating, but actually seems normal
    svigor – it’s slowly dawning on him that his approach was flawed from the get-go, so while a borderline fuckstick in the past today gets a pass
    Chris – hmm, I like the guy, and am usually on his side, but the shocking belligerence makes him a borderline case. I’m withholding judgment.
    Lew – sincere and passionate but too easily misled; that doesn’t make him a fuckstick however

  19. “WWI alone is reason enough to laugh at any idea of the whites being a superior race. Kinslayer wars indeed.”

    Now that’s just ridiculous. Tigers fight to the death with each other from time to time, it certainly doesn’t remove them from their standing as an apex predator.

  20. “A healthy sense of racial belonging is one of the most pleasurable feelings of all. ”

    The original chicken soup for the soul. Deracinated people have no idea what they are missing. And mean true cultural and racial heritage, not VNN style hollywood fantasy racism.

  21. “very cold and calculating”

    LOL. Sounds about right. What can I say, I’m english and german. My people’s idea of a warm embrace is a swift handshake and a nod.

  22. The Holocaust was the zenith of white on white violence.
    By remembering The Holocaust, whites learn not to massacre other whites.
    Whites have laid waste to many coloreds since The Holocaust.
    But there has been nearly no intrawhite war.
    It’s only genocide if it’s white.
    Never Again.

    ‘Never Again’? Are you a member of the ‘Antifas’ there Savage? That ‘Never Again’ is their fav slogan, just as it seems it is yours.
    Am I to understand that you classify Jews as ‘White’?
    I also just love the reverence you seem to give ‘The Holocaust'(TM)!
    Ooooh, aaaaaaah n all dat….

    Ps: I clicked on your name expecting to find your blog or something that might shed some light on your musings here, but it brings me to the ‘Yahoo Kids’ section.
    Haw haw haw, funny.

  23. Silver; nice breakdown of the people on this site. I largely agree.
    You say I don’t know what I’m missing by not having racial belonging. I say that you all don’t know what you are missing through the complete cleansing of racial belonging. Jim almost got me with his steak metaphor, because I’m not a masechist vegetarian like you people probably expect. No, cleansing of your race is like the ordering of the most tender steak in the world.
    Oculus, I know that God saves the whites just like anybody else. So I ask then, if God gives everyone the equal opportunity of salvation, why even bother with the concept of separating people into races?

  24. Oculus, will you stay in the church if Cardinal Arinze becomes Pope?

    This is all way off-topic from affirmative action in Michigan; but that’s one thing I like about this site.

  25. I know I make a lot of spelling mistakes when I post here. I am capable of better; but I do this so people will spend more time thinking about me, which means they will spend less time on real secession activism.

  26. Silver and Sulla- Who died and made YOU god? (As if)

    Clearly, the reality of religion in this country’s founding, its continued existence, and the factually verifiable adherence of same to the reality of racial migration, geographic center and extant of Christendom prior to Rome’s apostasy, (the latter fact, clearly in evidence by all the Reformation Churches, as well as their adherents’ continued existence, and their own historic confessional statements still on the books, even as they are denied) is simply not desired or wanted by either of you.

    You’re both Christophobes, and act against me as God’s man in this forum (for I don’t see any other true clergyman of a trinitarian, historically contiguous faith posting here), but you two are too cowardly to note that fact, and therefore use the last resort of liars, cowards, and rabble-rousers. Ad Hominem.

    Simply because someone who is your better dares to speak the truth, you find this sort of ad hominem attack to be the only recourse of your feeble minds. Lynda has made many of the same statements on matters religious, historical, and even racial (she made some initial insights that helped me draw connections, even as she presumes it is the voice of Modern Rome, for which I castigated her, until I learned that she is NOT a modern Romanist) albeit she and I still have disagreements, from the simple stance on the perceived ‘legitimacy’ of the world’s largest cult; yet, even she does not garner one iota of the animosity I seem to find hurled from your vulgar mouths. (How many ‘f’ words does it take to drive a point home, Silver? I think, one…

    Yet you impugn most of the regular posters on this forum, as if you had a right to do so, when many of us communicated with the blog’s owner, Hunter Wallace, whether or not we had something to add to the discussion, back when we first appeared.

    Where’s YOUR legitimation? You have none. Neither of you.

    Being altruistic and naive is one thing. It kept me from seeing the lies of the psychopaths and especially the Jews, for the longest time. But utter rudeness, and ‘white trash peckerwood’ attitudes such as you two exhibit (along with the ‘guido-isms’ of 666WOP, and the ever-damned PigRot’s inexcusable continuance on this earth, let alone OD) are realtively new to me. I only thought filthy kikes could be this mean, or act this utterly soulless- until I found that my university colleagues also acted like Semitic beta passive-aggressives, and I began to see the reality of the unregenerate world. It ain’t pretty- and it confirmed the reality of Total Depravity rather quickly, tyvm.

    Then I remembered. The Devil’s minions are nothing but cheap, tawdry copies of their master, who is himself a fallen being. They (minions) can’t even be gentlemen, as old Nick is often portrayed. They are the trailer trash of Hell. Guess what? You two fit the bill, in spades.

    And, while Denise and a few others of those you impugn can (and have) spoken for themselves, no woman really needs a man to speak for her, unless she gives him permission. As Denise already has a spouse, (as do I, for over 20+ years) and as she is at least 1500 miles away from where we live, I doubt that I or my wife, will ever meet her or her spouse… But! She usually can shut up a jackass, far faster than the male of the species. I’d not insult her, if you value your ears/eyes.

    And, even were I merely defending a woman’s honor (such as Clytemnestra, Dixie G, Denise, etc.) from men such as you two when they act like schmucks, do you really think you’d want to meet a 6’4″, 275 pound former fullback in high school in the flesh? While Stone and I have had some disagreements, I’d like to have him stand by me, to handle vermin like you, if it ever came to that. Or Mosin, or even Earlmundo.

    But I’m too much a gentleman (gentle man) to engage in brawls with Southie scum, or moonshine maniacs, toothless wonder inbreeds all. It’s been said, that the Internet is the last resource of nebbish cowards like you two. This has been proven, time and again, over the last two years, and on this very website. Disagree with the theological points by starting your own blog, and see if you get positive comments from other professors, clergy, PhD bloggers, and Christian laymen, as I have, these last five years.

    If you have a problem with historic Christianity, don’t hide behind ad hominem attacks at me, and fallacious measurements of one’s reproductive organs by continual use of the ‘f’ word, as if talking about it will make it so. Because you’re just weenies with keyboards, living in your parent’s basements, ideologically speaking. Men such as you are in severe need of psychological counseling. Sulla, you are a disgrace to the DAR. Silver, you disparage half of the people who comment here, who have said far more interesting things than you will ever have the ability to say, other than your ‘f’ rant.

    What sort of egotist does that? (Well, mostly, the ones I know have been Jews… but….) Frankly, it’s you two, and a few choice others, who are the crackpots. You bemoan ‘coming together’ yet you are divisive in extremis. The mark of a government operative, frankly. Cowards and traitors. Yup. Fit the stereotype.

    The fallacy of egalitarianism, is that those most unfit for rule, think themselves gods, while the truly superior are ridiculed by those whose intellect (IQ’S) are usually somewhere close to their shoe size… if they are lucky. Look in a mirror, guys. One standard deviation, all the way.

    “Inferior people hate the very idea of superiority.” ~ Otto Scott

  27. “No, cleansing of your race is like the ordering of the most tender steak in the world.”

    You can’t cleanse yourself of your race any more than you can breath in outer space. Your race is you, you are your DNA. Your statement is ridiculous. It’s like saying Christmas with the family is best enjoyed alone. Christmas can be better alone, but only if your family is truly that dysfunctional. If you truly feel you are happier in a deracinated state than I can only pity you, since you obviously have never experienced the real thing.

  28. @Proud Globalist Race Traitor, November 18, 2012 at 5:32 am:
    Oculus, I know that God saves the whites just like anybody else. So I ask then, if God gives everyone the equal opportunity of salvation, why even bother with the concept of separating people into races?

    I’m not sure what you mean by “separating people into races”. People do not arbitrarily separate themselves into races. Races exist, just as subspecies of bovine cattle exist. A bison is not a beef; both are bovines. A Negro is not a Caucasian; both are human. Bison and beef both produce edible meat. Negroes and Caucasians are both immortal souls. The substance differs; the form is the same.

    Race is just another word for family – extended family. What makes a Negro a Negro, a Caucasian a Caucasian, an Asiatic an Asiatic? Nothing but DNA, handed down from parents to children over the ages. Every genuine white person is more closely related to any given white person than to a Negro or Asiatic. My grandparents were white; my mother and father are white; I am white. I married a white lady and our children are white. A thousand years from now, their descendants (assuming no intermarriage, God forbid) will be white. That’s all there is to race. It’s pure biology, nothing more.

    (Nation and race are not, however, the same thing. That’s a discussion for another time.)

    Oculus, will you stay in the church if Cardinal Arinze becomes Pope?

    Of course. What choice would I have? If the Holy Spirit leads the cardinals in conclave to elect his Eminence to the Chair of Peter, who am I to disagree? Yes, he’s a Negro. So what? Peter, the first pope, was a Jew. The Roman Christians didn’t reject him for it. Am I now to turn my back on God’s designated head of the Church because he’s Nigerian?

    Sorry, not this Catholic. I’ll accept whomever the Holy Spirit sends to be our shepherd. As for the cardinal himself, he’s staunchly orthodox and would probably make a fine pope. Most African Catholics are hardcore when it comes to doctrine. I happen to know an Ibo Nigerian priest and he is one of the most orthodox theologians I’ve ever met. He’s also a good and holy man.

    Negroes are Negroes. Caucasians are Caucasians. Asiatics are Asiatics. Each race has its intrinsic strengths and weaknesses. Each race (and each national and ethnic racial subgroup within them) is better off living separately from the others. I am against cosmopolitanism, race-mixing, and multiculturalism, but I am for the union of all men in Christ. In fact, Christianity is the only hope the human race has. No other force can unite all mankind while permitting men the ethnic, national, and racial self-determination they require. A world united by Christianity could be a global Switzerland — or, better still, a new Holy Roman Empire: a federation of sovereign states, each separate in terms of race and culture and ethnicity, each equal under the temporal rule of a new Charlemagne and the spiritual rule of the Bishop of Rome.

    Unlike most of the people in the WN world, I am not a hater. I love whites and want whites to survive and succeed, but I want the same for all the other races, too. The only way that can happen is if we separate ourselves along national lines and unite under Cross and Crown.

    Thank you for your questions and for considering my replies.

  29. ProudGlobalistRaceTraitor, Silver, Sulla et al. You all have no idea about power or its uses. Basically, you are clueless. So look at an example.

    This is the acceptance of electoral victory by Vladimir Putin (2012). I have posted a link to a vid without subtitles so you can clearly ‘get’ the message which is universally understandable. This is a speech to a nation / ethne. Obviously 110,000 of them are gathered in Red Square for the acceptance speech. They are Russian Orthodox Christian and they are sending a message to the Judiac Imperium – the Crown in London, their Golem in the JewSA and their Rothschild State.

    Listen to it. Then get back to the OD Board on the subject about political power.

    Russia certainly has its problems – look at the share that the Mammon cartel of the Judaic Imperium has in the BRICs……0.0…1ac.xOcj6Hgg4Ks

    The Channuka Menorah still features in the capitol every Channuka

    But Russia is gathering strength as a Christian nation, as is Hungary. This is what is going to take to turn around the subversion and usurpation of government in the White nations by the ZOGs.

  30. Race is one of the ways we experience belonging. Just as we owe our souls to God, we belong to our race whether we want to or not. It’s innate. We are human beings, limited in scope and comprehension. Learning how to be an element in something bigger than us, yet still within us, first our family, than our race/nation, than all of humanity is the reason why they are part of creation. They are there to help us learn and grow, and they must exist in that order. Without them we become stunted and shallow and dare I say a bit foolish.

  31. And as the family goes, so does the race. That’s why bleeding heart do-gooders will never fix Africa. Africa will not be fixed until the African learns to fix himself. This is natural selection, and it is part of the grand design of creation an you can’t short-circuit natural section without the Law of Unintended Consequences coming in to play.

  32. I think that what really happened is subtler, and weirder, to wit: I believe that up until the 1930s, there was a belief that various white-ethnics could successfully assimilate into the larger American culture

    ” . . . Read the history of the United States, read what is written in every magazine in that country by thoughtful men, and you will find that the principle of the melting pot has failed; and they are quite apprehensive. Every thoughtful man in the United States, every keen observer, every man who travels, every author, everyone who shapes and moulds public opinion in the universities and in the great foundations-all these are bewailing the fact that uncontrolled immigration has been permitted into that country, to such an extent that there is now in the United States a polyglot population, without any distinctive civilization, and one about which many of them are in great despair . . . it is because we desire to profit by the very lessons we learned there that we are endeavouring to maintain our civilization at that high standard which has made the British civilization the test by which all other civilized nations in modern times are measured . . .

    R.B. Bennett
    Leader of the Conservative Party 1927-38, Prime Minister of Canada 1930-1935
    House of Commons Debates, June 7, 1928, pp. 3925-7.”

  33. Fr. John, you are always spouting off about the RCC being heretical. You claim to be an Orthodox priest, but I know enough about Orthodoxy to understand they would never accept the Christian Identity stuff you believe in as orthodox doctrine. For that reason, I don’t even believe you are a real Orthodox priest. If you are a validly ordained priest, you’re certainly not teaching the CI stuff to your parish. I suspect you are a self-ordained lone wolf cleric who probably has a small group of true believers gathered around yourself every week. If you’re a validly ordained priest, you should drop the CI stuff now, because you’re misrepresenting Orthodoxy by teaching it. If you’re a lone wolf cleric, you should announce that you’re not affiliated with any recognized OC. It would be the honest thing to do.

  34. —- Do apologize for my pet peeve.

    But Lynda, @ Eg the baptism of France as a nation….”

    That “baptism” was very seriously in blood. In America, what you call those horrid “judeo-mason” families still exist, and they are all around you— like all the descendants of Alexander Hamilton. (Not my favorite politician, but nevertheless, one our our early folks, and I respect it as such— Paul Revere also, John Jay, many more).

    For many, even today, and in the context of modern catholicism, do surely see why Hussites like Franz Kafka’s family did, in fact, go “judeo-mason” rather than be force converted to catholicism.

    It’s nothing personal. There are people who will always wish to be free of what you believe. There are people who will always wish to be free of environments where people with your particular teachings exist— if only due to how they are positioned within your cosmology and world view, and how that effects them.

    The baptism of France, which was a baptism, not of any choice, but only of blood— is one many Americans would prefer not to endure (again).

    And who are the people who are most easily “baptized” in blood, force, coercion— aren’t they usually the weakest (not the strongest) of God’s creatures?

  35. Sorry, Hunter.

    But truly—- The Generational Americans, the Colonial Era identified— we won’t be nobody in our own country. They will hear our voice.

  36. “…..It was only after 1945, when the WASPs for some inexplicable reason weakened….”

    Gosh, how they do that “for some inexplicable reason.” This and where I pulled out the word “aspiring” above is the pointer to myopia that is yours, not mine.

    Millions of wasps will be happy to discuss real reasons for this. (Of course they might get locked up.)

  37. “Ps: I clicked on your name expecting to find your blog or something that might shed some light on your musings here, but it brings me to the ‘Yahoo Kids’ section.”
    Lead a horse to water…..

    Maybe search “holocaust” in Yahooligans!
    Or ask the mailman or milkman what the Holocaust is.

    Basically it was when the highest IQ caucasian ethnic group, and others were subjected to horrendous human rights abuses and wholesale slaughter.

  38. Silver says:
    A Nation is a people; race (in the 19th century sense), language, history, culture, etc. Continental-level race is a paltry substitute. It’s also possible to go too narrow though, with the result being that’s all too easy to go off to war against what are in effect your own people…..”

    Hopefully the clearly “freaky, ig-nenet, racist, “judeo-masonic” (omg!) wasps whose families were cut off from europe, by the grace of God, for a near half millennium and who experienced genuine freedom of thought, conscience, association, etc— can draw the line in America at being “baptized” as a “nation” (like France was in blood by folks like Lynda, apparently) LOL.

  39. Quite simple folks, if you are white ask if something is good for whites. Is a company’s policy anti-white? Is a governing body anti-white with its numerous regulations.

    These type of questions break thru the taboos and censorship then the power of the word “racist” becomes ours and sessecion becomes a reality not a curiousity.

    I mean come on folks would you not like to see an anti-white put on the spot for once?

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