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  1. Radical demographic shifts of this nature, when policy oriented, and directed at a particular population, such as you describe, are usually defined as Genocide. It’s very amazing that if this were occurring for any other population, as in Tibet, it would be genocide.

    So very sad that the “transplant americans” are never taught about what was done in the south. Although, from just watching today’s movies, you’d think people would notice it—- but it is their socialization into what “public enemies” they should have, lol.

    And without the (genuinely) American System of education, critical thinking is not taught any longer. Plus, so many people are just on drugs, lol.

  2. This is indeed a great video. It should be followed up with one on the demographic and political changes that would result from Southern secession and a refutation of the counter-secessionist’s silly federal benefits arguments.

    Hell, if I thought I could do as good as this I’d learn how to make videos myself. Looking forward to more.

  3. Just excellent- as always from SNN. I didn’t know Palmetto Patriot was you. DH and I *really* enjoy your podcasts. Y’All are fantastic spokesmen for the South!

  4. Wow really well done!

    Purely partisan, the black will not suddenly vote for conservative whites. The Mexicans are united against you.

  5. The brilliance is framing a revolutionary proposition with conventional argument. We have to be mamabird until conservatives learn there is nothing left to conserve. Hannity just got a nice spread in Cigar Aficionado. Life is good, “let not your heart be troubled.”

  6. PalmettoPatriot,

    What made it so good was that it was down to earth and concise.

    Might there be any way to comment at SNN without joining Facebook?

  7. Palmy,

    Maybe I’m stupid but it says I do.

    Yep, I’m probably stupid but I’ll figure it out.

    I joined the LOS when it first began as the SL. I was almost immediately disillusioned with their rainbow conservatism and finally quit amid the assassination of Dennis Wheeler fiasco. Hence my previous hostility to Hill & Co. here.

    I’ve just been going through your archives at SNN and am greatly impressed. While I still have reservations about the leadership at the LOS I’m glad to see they finally grew some, if only a little. I’m much more impressed by you and HW. It’s probably your age, and not growing up in love-it-or-leave-it Conservatism Inc. as have Hill & Co.

    Lots more reading to do on SNN but I have to tell you how appreciated is the talk you gave in Statesboro last month (Southern Nationalism vs. American Conservatism, I just watched it). I wish that topic had been on the table at the LOS fifteen years ago. Nevertheless, I checked their sites during the recent election and note that after expressing distress at his nomination 99% of their people jumped enthusiastically on the Romney train to nowhere.

    Anyway, I think you’re doing a great job and as I’ve said here before, men like you and HW should be running the LOS. You both come across as more sincere, less wind-sniffing than the present leadership.

    BTW, both sides of my family are from SC, one from the coast and the other from upstate. My father was born in Abbeville and his mother died in Aiken about twenty years ago, age 97.

    God bless ya,

  8. Michael, dude, I never thought you were a sideburn guy! I used to do mine as long as yours with a nice bell-bottom point. Kudos brother.

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