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National Review

Mark Steyn’s latest column:

Note: My analysis of Barack Obama’s reelection can be found below in “Flashvoting the 2012 Election.”

“To an immigrant such as myself (not the undocumented kind, but documented up to the hilt, alas), one of the most striking features of election-night analysis was the lightly worn racial obsession. On Fox News, Democrat Kirsten Powers argued that Republicans needed to deal with the reality that America is becoming what she called a “brown country.” Her fellow Democrat Bob Beckel observed on several occasions that if the share of the “white vote” was held down below 73 percent Romney would lose. In the end, it was 72 percent and he did. Beckel’s assertion — that if you knew the ethnic composition of the electorate you also knew the result — turned out to be correct.”

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  1. Bill, the answer is fame. Probably one of the few who can bring in readers to NR. In five or less years they’ll boot him out too unless he starts singing a different toon.

  2. Heather MacDonald will be the next to be fired from National Review. Steyn is well known, has many allies (like Rush Limbaugh) and is probably their most popular writer.

    MacDonald is less known and a bit more blunt that Steyn. Plus, MacDonald is an atheist like Derb and the Catholics there don’t like when you question the validity of their magic spells, candles and chants.

  3. Mark Steyn is Jewish?

    I thought the guy was a Catholic-turned-Anglican with a Jewish paternal great-grandmother. If he has Talmudic loyalty above all others then that’s some heck of crypto-jewry going round there.

    I liked his book “America Stands Alone” and enjoy watching his interviews. That article is quite good, but Mr. Steyn would have risen a lot in my consideration if he had referred to the process he was describing by its true name: White Genocide in the USA.

    When a “conservative or libertarian figure of note” finally uses the term “White Genocide” there is going to be a shitstorm and WNs will gain a grander mainstream foothold. I don’t think that event is very far away. I would not be surprised if one of the next conservative authors to be ousted from his position in the Liberal/ZOG media wrote such an article as parting gift, not because he believes in it but purely out of spite.

    Either way, it will be fun to watch the festivities when it does happen.

    And imagine seeing someone like Pat Buchanan or Ann Coulter saying “Anti-Racist is just a code word for Anti-White” while in debate with some Liberal airhead pundits on live TV . Now that *that* would be fun. It would go ubber-viral immediately.

    I mean, who knows? The political atmosphere is more toxic than ever against conservatives, Christians and heterosexual white males, and the situation is not set to improve under 4-more-years under Obama the Usurper. The GOP is being more pressured than ever to kiss the cultural marxist ring, and by some of its own members too! The political dispossession of American Whites due to a combination of pre-planned demographic policy and massive vote fraud is now the US worst kept secret. Everybody knows it, some are hinting at it and so far only WNs have had the balls to come out an say it as it is.

    Well, even rich White conservative pundits might have a breaking limit. We could well see one going into “Fuck This!” mode and deciding to kick the table over. Here’s hoping that we do. Things are certainly progressing faster than I assumed they would, that’s for sure.

    And the coming Austerity hasn’t even crossed the border horizon yet. Hungry white people are angry and politically active white people, in the practical sense. Take it from an European who knows.

  4. On the drive home today I seas wondering about how to get this thing kicked off. People need to be uncomfortable. Working stiffs are but the welfare queens are not. What’s. The best way to make them so? Burn the local goodwill? Destroy the nearest HUD office? EBT system hacking would take an insiders at whatever bank handles the accounting so that’s out. Anyone have insight into how the machinery all runs so we know where to throw the monkey wrench?

  5. You may not have to do anything. It seems we are heading for a complete system crash as we speak. The signs of entropic failure at the social, cultural, spiritual, economic, and political levels as well as the physical, are all around us. Everything is breaking down, even our machines and infrastructures.

    It is upon us. Prepare to defend yourself.

  6. “Wow. How’d he get away with an article like that at NR?”

    Because they’re conflicted. They want the global genocide of white people but at the same time they want white people to kill israel’s enemies.

  7. musashi
    “You may not have to do anything. It seems we are heading for a complete system crash as we speak.”

    Kick it till it breaks.

    It’s better to go out with a bang than a whimper and if those ****** are going to *win* make sure there’s nothing left but a wasteland.

  8. “Catholics there don’t like when you question the validity of their magic spells, candles and chants.”

    Anyone named “Bernie” should talk, when you look into Talmudism, about ‘magic spells.’

    It’s not catholic (true Catholic, not pseudo) theology that has ‘bewitched’ US (U.S.) as St. Paul says. It’s the folly of the atheist, who thinks there is no god, or the Jew, who thinks that HE is god, that has given us (U.S.) this mess.

  9. YT: apply for every govt benefit or handout. Cheat the system whenever you can get away with it. Let us be locusts, like the vibrant people’s of color.
    Don’t stand for the flag anymore, stop with the pledge of allegiance, be an open America hater and unashamed, just as the Commies were back in the ’60’s. I think most of us were at one time extremely patriotic and we were denigrated for it by both right and left. It’s payback via passive aggression.

  10. On one level the writers there are nothing but betas who happen to be paid to write non-threatening conventional wisdom, but these same betas must actually leave the building and how is NYC in these days of Obama Vanqusiher of the White Devil? Think of the beta within the bully’s little circle of butt buddies and the day the bully gets bored and no one but the flunkies are near, that is this day.

  11. Lie about your race on applications, call anyone who questions you a racist. Demonstrate explicit disdain for the plight of any Blue state, like I couldn’t give a shit about the suffering from Sandy.
    On September 11th is distinctly remember Somali immigrants in Seattle dancing in the streets. If something like that happens again, I’ll be dancing in the streets I won’t give a flying fig who knows.

  12. Anyone named “Bernie” should talk….

    Idk about the poster, but Bernard is Germanic, meaning bear-hardy and brave, yet German and English names are taken by people who don’t really come from them, that’s for sure. We lived near some seriously anti-English, with no English blood, whose children were all named English names.

  13. “….People need to be uncomfortable. Working stiffs are but the welfare queens are not. What’s. The best way to make them so?….”

    The secession of the heart. The hardening of the heart.

    If EVERY southern american just decided they were totally sick of it, and just shifted their behavior one notch, (even still being superficially polite), the whole “tone” of things would change.

    The South Europeans pretty much set the tone, imo (not as much jews). It’s a more “shaming” culture.

    What the Anglo-saxons do is Shun. Exactly like the old Kipling poem that gets quoted and there’s truth in it. They are nice… until they are NOT. Then it’s simply “over for you.” And you never get to hear why. And it may be like that, with the smile never leaving their face. (To say “whites are honest” is a lie—- they are actually often master dissimulators, imo).

  14. —- suddenly, in places people felt they were welcome, they will hit a wall of ice, and with no discussion, no explanation. Especially if they are outsiders.

    Somehow… the “tide” just sort of turns.

  15. —sorry for serial posting, but what is this crap about “Documented to the HILT,” (GROSS.)

    Who cares if he’s “documented” or NOT? He’s from some other “home country,” right?

  16. “Anyone named “Bernie” should talk, when you look into Talmudism, about ‘magic spells.’”

    Raised Catholic – now agnostic.

    And, yes, all religions have their magic spells, charms and chants. Didn’t mean to pick on Catholics. Just saying that NR is full of them and they didn’t like Derb partly for that reason.

  17. “Idk about the poster, but Bernard is Germanic, meaning bear-hardy and brave, ”

    I think you mean Bernhard – with or ‘ohne’ ein “t.” That’s a good Deutscher Namen.

    But Bernie? Think Madoff. And this Bernie has clarified, so it’s no biggie.

  18. Just want to add to this:

    YT: apply for every govt benefit or handout.

    Apply to every government benefit whether you qualify or not this will help clog up the system as all of these application need to be checked by the administrators. If rejected, re-apply in six months restarting the checking process.

    Unbalanced people that may want to take the next step and monkey wrench the system, might be inclined to search on-line for the *unedited* Army of God manual.

    Disclaimer: Of course I never, ever searched for it or have a copy of it myself, since it is highly illegal to possess or distribute since the passage of the patriot act.

  19. And Madoff is Jooglish for Made-off. As in Bernie Made-off with the moolah. Even his fellow Yid, that holo-hoaxer Elie the Weasel, was howling over the loot that was probably ear-marked for an another Museum dedicated to the eternal suffering of the Tribe.

  20. Take control of local politics! Run your county. Once in: End subsidies for the invaders.

    One big one is the bus system. At least where I live “public transport” is mostly minority dominated, and they make it unsafe for whites to travel on it. Why the hell should we pay for it. Replace bus systems with private bus’s, which can be licensed preferentially to “people without felony or drug convictions”.

    End your public housing, or restrict it to people over 65 with at least 10 years of local employment. Stop participating in “Section 8”. It is a war on middle class white communities.

    Look at every social service. Any that are majority minority in their use should be downsized or eliminated.

    Takes work, but it’s 100% legal, and fun, too!

  21. “Take control of local politics! Run your county.” Then nullify. All very difficult but necessary, the first step.

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