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  1. Well said. We’ll have over 100 million people, many of whom are willing to fight, unlike lazy Yankees. We’ll have the world’s 4th or 5th largest economy(depending on how many Western States join us). Big thanks Hunter for spreading the word through the “social” media.

  2. Hunter, I salute you!

    If the red states are challenged as net “takers”, I would say ” I don’t think we are, but if you do, wouldn’t that be a reason for you to support partition?”

    I think it is important, as Adam Smith said, to appeal not to their humanity but to their self interest. Don’t forget the case for partition on the other side (ideological lefties and brown nationalists)

  3. There are now all 50 states that want out of this corrupt union. The NDAA and NDRP turns this country into a tyranny. Hold onto your hats folks WE ARE HEADED TO WAR

  4. Of course the “Red States” are takers: over half the black population in America and at least a third to one half of the Hispanics in America live in the Red States. Dump the Union and those people will scram to the Blue States.

  5. “If the red states are challenged as net “takers”, I would say ” I don’t think we are, but if you do, wouldn’t that be a reason for you to support partition?”

    The red states are “net takers”. No need to deny. The fact of the matter is that outside of New York California New Mexico almost all illegal immigrants reside in red states. Additionally 60% of blacks reside in Red states compared to just over 40% of national population. With these demographics why would you be surprised at the “net takers” fact.

    And yes, if the Red states are “takers” that should be motivation for yankees supporting secession. Unfortunately they are Yankees.

  6. Using the CNN exit polls and The Bell Curve avg IQ’s for race:

    The racially derived average IQ of a voter for Romney is 97.76; for Obama it’s 93.33.

    Taking the fact Romney won with people that make 50,000 dollars a year or more into account would drive up the avg. IQ of his voters while weighing Obama supporters down further.

  7. “Of course the “Red States” are takers: over half the black population in America and at least a third to one half of the Hispanics in America live in the Red States. ”

    Thank you, every time I hear that stupid argument I just want to shout this. The Federal government pushes welfare money on the non-productive classes, then the libs scream about how we are “net takers”. I mean, it’s not like Alabama or Texas can exactly BAN ebt card payments. The feds impose their welfare state, not the other way around.

  8. Israel is kicking off the festivities today. No telling how far that will go, but you can bet your balls that the Yankee government’s Zionist-controlled senate and congress will have the Union troops ass deep in it before it’s over.

    Now would be a good time to have a long talk with that nephew who’s been thinking about putting on a uniform to do the Yankee’s bidding. Red State kids have no business slipping their feet into a goddamn pair of Union combat boots. That goes for all of our young brothers who are trapped behind enemy lines in the rural areas of the Union strongholds. Don’t do a damn thing to aid or encourage our enemies.

  9. I don’t want to sound like a queer or nothin’, but Hunter you are more “photogenic” than I thought you’d be. Keep up the work-out routine.

    Why does it matter? Any movement to get any popular support will need a public face. Put those emo glasses back on and you look a lot like Toby McGuire, not a snaggle-toothed, rough-neck hick that yankees will be expecting. Something to think about anyway.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. “If King George III was bad, what do you call Obama?”

    I love that line. To garner more general support, even from the north, I suggest “If KG3 was bad, what do you call Washington D.C. ?”

    Everone hates DC, even your average joe in the north. That phrase will get them nodding in agreement, which I’ve been told is the first step for any salesman to close a deal.

  11. Hunter, my Lord, you have teeth! Just kidding.

    If they hate us that much, I would think they’d be overwhelming these petitions with their own signatures.

    Despite all that Yankee propaganda and a constant barrage of insults, our side has maintained its dignity, its determination, and most definitely its unmitigated truthfulness.

  12. Kosher Republic….hehehe. The FReepers are an interesting bunch. I actually think JimR is starting to come around on the Big Issue, BRA.

  13. Alec Baldwin: Secessionists Should Call New Country ‘United States of Caucasia’


    ALEC BALDWIN: And then I read where now, what is it, several states want to secede from the United States…

    DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST: Leave the union.

    BALDWIN: …because of the results of the election. And it’s so strange because I had many of those states on a list of states I would like to secede from the United States. I had proposed a bill to the Congress.

    LETTERMAN: You proposed a bill?

    BALDWIN: Yeah. And the people that are leading that movement, it’s amazing, because we actually agree on something for the first time. Yeah, that secession.
    Alec Baldwin on Lettermn’s show.

    LETTERMAN: And, I mean, what happens? Why? And what will they do? I’d kind of like to see this.

    BALDWIN: What would that country be? What would they call it? The United Flakes of America? The United States of Caucasia? We can keep going, by the way.

  14. I don’t want to sound like a queer or nothin’, but Hunter you are more “photogenic” than I thought you’d be. Keep up the work-out routine.

    Yes, he does present a very nice clean cut image. He’s done well to rein in some of that southern drawl too.

  15. I refer to these Alec Baldwin types as minorities. He isn’t really white, is he? White is more than a look, it’s a state of mind, it’s a culture, it’s a belief system. He doesn’t qualify. He is one of the many low class morons that populate Follywood. I’ve thoroughly examined them, and they’re not only merely trash, they’re really most sincerely trash!

  16. Goddam this “red states are net takers” really pisses me off.

    I decided to investigate this some time ago, and found that there were several studies done on this red state / blue state bullshit. The studies didn’t even have a consistent definition of “Red State”, and in one of the studies, some of the states they called “Red” has a strong democratic tradition, democrat governor, democrat state legislator, but were defined as “Red” simply because the state as a whole went to Bush in 2004.

    Second, hundreds of thousands of old folks earn ALL of their income in the blue states, then retire to a red state and start consuming their Federal Benefits.

    Third, as mentioned above, the huge minority populations in the red states skew those statistics.

    These studies are bullshit.

  17. That would be something I would like to see. I would like to see Vermont try to invade Alabama. That’d be really funny.

    I’m sorry, Mr. W., but you Southerners are hopeless. What is the point of remarks like that? You sound like Leonidas Spratt, predicting the South’s victory in the Civil War. Avoid belligerence, which, unfortunately, seems to make up about ninety percent of the white Southern character. If an opponent asks you how you will defend yourself against the U.S. military, simply say that you are striving to secede peacefully. Don’t boast that you’ll kick the Yankees’ asses.


  18. Good job on the video.

    There is some truth to the “red states are takers” claim, but the picture is more complex than libtards make it out to be. First, they never provide granular data to show who us getting the money so you know something is up. Most of the money is probably going to Democrat voters (blacks, Hispanics, government contractors or public employees).

    Louisiana is a good example of how aggregating at the state level doesn’t tell you anything useful about who is doing the taking. After Katrina, Louisiana got a big infusion of federal money. It went down on the books as money to a “red state.” The problem is that most of it went to rebuild New Orleans (a deep blue city). So the money went to red state but mostly benefited Democrat voters. I’m sure that’s how it usually works.

  19. Keep the drawl.

    Don’t edit yourself either. Obviously don’t swear or use profanity but don’t hedge your statements.

  20. Alec Baldwin is no different than the rest of the Hollywood shabbatz goyim. He regurgitates the destructive values of his Jew masters. And does so for a reason: multi-million dollar acting roles.

  21. tom, thanks. Ron Paul does well in that youtube link, posted it around to local Tea Parties thinking of joining the petition drives now (and some of them have). Get them thinking even beyond nullification.

  22. As we have all learned from reading all of the Black on White crime stories on the sites that our hateful kind tend to frequent, there are no special laws to protect White people.

    Something I have learned from personal observation is that most of the White collaborators and enablers who assist the creatures of color to overrun and destroy White cities, towns and neighborhoods seldom have body guards. Keep in mind, also, that most of that ilk are anti-gun zealots, so it is unlikely that one of them will be packing.

    I have come to the conclusion that FREEDOM OF SPEECH is far too valuable a commodity to waste on a bunch of tofu-eating semi-fags who are suffering from cognitive dissonance. It’s time to silence the people who promote cultural changes that put the lives and liberties of White people at risk.

    Arson, intimidation, assault and murder are traditional tools that have been used with great success to root out those who would elevate descendants of cannibals and third world trash above the White historical majority who built this great nation from scratch.

    Mr. Eighty-eight placed thugs throughout the crowd when he gave speeches. Their job was simple: Pound senseless anyone who voiced a dissenting opinion.

    Idi Amin Dada was even better at crowd management than Mr. Eighty-eight. He would have his troops collect hecklers and malcontents until they had enough for a good show, then he would have them publicly murdered by various horrendous means.
    My favorite was when he had his crew beat 1500 rabble-rousers to death with sledge hammers.

    Yeah, I know all of that stuff is mean and uncivil, but let’s not take anything off the table. The things that 88 and Idi did to their enemies is mild compared to what niggers and beaners are going to be doing to your grandchildren in a few years if we don’t take drastic action soon.

    Face it, some of you who are reading these words of reason are just about old enough that you no longer have to worry about a life sentence or a death sentence.

  23. I dare you to find and kill me, Fighting Quaker. Then my black, Hispanic and Asian associates will make sure your life in jail is not so good.

    Speaking of comparing this secession movement to the first American Revolution, if I was around in 1776, I would have supported the British. The British abolished slavery before the Americans, so they are morally superior, and King George III was a hero for taxing the rich merchants.

  24. “Goddam this “red states are net takers” really pisses me off.”
    Just like yankees to prop up their negro pets with federal government tax proceeds only to turn around and blame their wasteful expenditures on white Southerners.

    The solution to ending such profligate attempts at wealth transfer to dysfunctional, maladaptive, and inferior minorities is to end the federal government. PGRT’s “morally superior” cannibal savages cannot survive without the government teat. They are the hideous offspring of the degenerate BRA empire.

    Let them eat cake, no…let them eat each other.

    Yankees have no credibility left, so why listen to their criticisms anymore. That’s all they ever have is criticism for anything good and decent in this world.

    Deo Vindice

  25. Proud Globalist Race Traitor: Blacks, Hispanics and Asians don’t play well together in prison. The only thing they have in common is that they aren’t very good at getting away with criminal activity.

    White race traitors always end up chugging nigger pole in prisons.

  26. The keyboards is mightier than the cellphone camera.

    I hate these videos. Sorry. But it’s almost condescending to make someone watch and listen where they could read.

    Just sayin’ !

  27. “There is some truth to the “red states are takers” claim, but the picture is more complex than libtards make it out to be.”

    Never defend. Always attack.

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