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50 Comments on Secession Petitions: 5 Reasons To Support Disunion

  1. Earlmundo Armand Pitts III // November 15, 2012 at 10:46 pm //

    I thought this Secession talk might have some legs until Ronzo Paul and Alex Jones started pumping it. Now we know it’s going nowhere. LOL.

  2. Very well said, HW. I’m going to pass this around.

  3. Good clip.

    Well argued.

    Nice T-shirt.

    Very good.

    Actually HW, the light on the ceiling in the background is a little dazzling. And your teeth are only above average, not as perfect as English teeth. However, this should not prove to be a major impedement on the road to secession. Keep putting the boot in anywhere and everywhere you can folks. This is a BIG story in Europe. Dixie has just taken a firm lead in the race for FREEDOM!

  4. Good video Hunter. Making the point of who votes for what, is pretty important.

  5. This is the best one yet. It really would be in the yankees’/ West coast’s best interest as
    much as ours. (the non-White population as concentrated in the red states is delicate. It’s not a good idea to get them thinking about this too much, imho.)

  6. Delete the other videos and pass this one around.

  7. Ron Paul on secession:

    Secession fever, sweeping the nation!!

  8. Reason 6: Moving all the niggers north!

    (ssshhh, don’t tell the north about that part)

  9. Earlmundo: This is what getting 80% of whites looks like.

  10. Earlmundo Armand Pitts III // November 16, 2012 at 1:29 am //

    There was a topless car wash near St.Albans West Virginia for years. I think the topless car wash closed after an old pal of mine got the dog track and casino through the West Virginia legislature. LOL. That tightened the labor market in that area.

    I’m sure that Hunter would make a better spokesperson for Secession or for topless car washes. LOL.

  11. I plan to start telling liberals the South will take all the white racists from outside the South. In return, the North can have our black prison population. Since you think they’re victims of white society, I assume you’ll be glad to welcome them?

  12. Freakin’ excellent video!

    Please put the light in front of you.

  13. Very interesting.

    Maybe yankees will not help secession due to (reasonable) fear of retribution from the new Southern nation for damages, not so much from the “total war” and all that implies, or from the military occupation of reconstruction, but from the more recent years of psychological damage suffered by southern children raised in a society where they experienced themselves as “bad,” and as “scapegoats.”

    Much is written about “white guilt due to slavery,” but —once free– as the southern nation further studies the real effects of this psych warfare, in order to help its people get back on their feet, will they seek reparations?

    In order to sweeten the pot, maybe the south could —in exchange for freedom— agree not to pursue any form of reparations payments for psychological damages for “white guilt’ over slavery, which was put on so many young southerners, centuries after the war, although they never had slaves, and often their families never had slaves, and it was done through highly effective emotional mediums such as film.

    If they are thinking of IIED tort claims, , for southern victims of psychological damage, maybe they could be assured of no financial reprisal in exchange for freedom?

    Otoh, southern nation might want to pursue that, since intentional infliction of emotional distress is a crime.

  14. Bon Jovi,

    Maybe less time with Obama and more with your family? Your daughter has a nosering. And she just OD’ed….. not the southern nationalist website kind….


  15. Earlmundo Armand Pitts III // November 16, 2012 at 2:05 am //

    @Dixiegirl—All politics is emotional distress—the more distress the better.

    Me, I’m tired of feeling sorry for the Blacks/Africans, the Mexicans/Latinos, the Indians (red & brown), the Irish Catholics, and the Jews! Boo hoo hoo. LOL.

  16. Here’s another video in the spirit of HW’s excellent one. But in this one I try to appeal specifically to Republicans that they have no future in the USA.
    ‘Red State Conservatives & Secession’

  17. Fighting Quaker // November 16, 2012 at 3:08 am //

    The secession petition movement is still very bottom-up-grassroots-unorganised, or disorganised, isn’t it? Pennsylvania for example is confused with at least three petitions going at once now instead of just one.

    Also, some people (including at least one computer expert who tried it several times) are reporting they were unable to sign because would not let them set up an account. I had no problem with it, though, along with tens of thousands of others.

  18. Fighting Quaker // November 16, 2012 at 3:16 am //

    Someone who ran a topless car wash business should not have lent his disrepute to the movement by initiating one of the petitions.

  19. Fighting Quaker // November 16, 2012 at 3:17 am //

    Not that “they” REALLY care about morality.

  20. Nice job Palmetto, you and Hunter are men to be proud of :)

  21. Hunter – exceptionally well done. Bravo!

  22. I’m pretty sure “they” find the idea of us being pro-white far more objectionable than a topless car-wash. Their anti-whiteness runs the deepest.

  23. Hunter, I think you should write an essay laying out in plane English the reasons why the South should secede. Seeing a list of grievances and what membership in the union has cost the South would really make things interesting and keep this movement alive a little while longer.

    Besides, if you don’t do it some Stormfront nut job will and turn our legitimate grievances into another Jewish conspiracy theory.

  24. Hunter,

    One question, why chose the south? It made sense back in the day because of the cotton kingdom being in the region. But those days are long gone. Now the south is a heavy black belt in the urban areas (along with other mixed populations along the coast). Why not encourage secession in predominately white/open/fertile regions like the northwest; or is it all about heritage, despite being harder to promote and incorporate uniformity?

  25. The third young Southron White man approached me today wanting to talk about the South, our heritage and secession. Best recruiting week ever

    Maxx, if you have to ask you wouldn’t understand the answer

  26. Dat’s you? Run for local office, Wallace, if only to troll the incumbent with your unbeatable case for secession.

  27. Maxx sounds like he might be one of Harold Covington’s idiot followers.

  28. Maxx, spend some time in the south. You’ll soon figure out why. It’s about the only place left in America where white people have a true culture other than the worship of money. There are exceptions, but none large enough or viable enough to go it alone. Even as relatively weak as the south is today, all other non-urbanized regional white cultures in America are far, far too weak to even think about such a thing.

    I saw a recent argument against secession that was along the lines of “stuff will cost more and we’d have less stuff”. Even if that were true, so? Is that the end all be all? Stuff? What about your soul? Your spirit? Oh, I know, we’ve become such a flippant culture today that we mock any idea with gravity, and measure our worth by tallying trivialities. But at the same time we mock concepts such as caring for the soul and morality, and forging lasting cultural bonds, we guzzle anti-depressants and mood alterants by the truckload. Hey, at least it’s stuff…. right?

  29. Proud Globalist Race Traitor // November 16, 2012 at 9:51 am //

    Jim, using that argument, I’m completely justified in saying that I’m willing to continue supporting BRA because I believe it’s right spiritually, even if it might hurt economically because of resources taken by racial minorities increasing the debt and such. It’s just a different definition of strengthening the soul. You can’t have it both ways; either materialism matters or it doesn’t.

  30. Why choose the South? That’s easy. Because it is home.

    Seems to me the yankee obsession with uniformity is an just another manifestation of the creeping totalitarianism behind yankee ideas such as standardization, consolidation, amalgamation, and miscegenation. Such ideas are a big part of the mind disease known as Yankeeism, and are most fully expressed in the extreme intolerance of PC multiculti types for white Southern culture.

    Great work, Hunter.

    Deo Vindice

  31. Maxx,

    The White people in the Northwest are not ethnically or culturally the same as us. They voted for Obama twice.

  32. This Nigger’s Presidential Library already has a fan page.

    Electing Niggers has consequences. History will remember BRA as a deracinated flash-in-the-pan empire that crumbled into a third world state.

    I look forward to the day I can burn my passport south of the Mason-Dixon.

  33. John Berg (NordicAryan) // November 16, 2012 at 1:09 pm //

    Great work!

  34. Some 30 odd new Americans are being sworn in live on the Today show. They’re from Somalia, Kosovo, Iran, Venezuela, Senegal, Mexico etc.

    A gangly pizza-faced Venezuelan mestiza was asked what the “American Dream” means to her. She said, “It means eventually I get to vote.”

    God help us.

  35. Lee Greenwood just jumped onstage.
    He’s lettin’ er rip!!

  36. “Jim, using that argument, I’m completely justified in saying that I’m willing to continue supporting BRA because I believe it’s right spiritually….”

    One point of view is based on the development of common Anglo tradition and law going back thousands of years, the other is based on the manifested dreams of 60s radicals, agitating jewry, and post-modern liberalism. It’s like comparing a ribe-eye steak to a tootsie roll.

  37. We need more than just two nations.

    Outside of the narrow strip between the Cascades and the Pacific Ocean, the rest of the Pacific Northwest is as different from those damn Yankees as you folks down South. If you’re going to think outside the box don’t stick us in with those S.O.B.s!

    Stars and Bars!

  38. John the second, I think when the time comes as to who to throw their lot in with, a lot of people will find they have far more in common with the states of the south than they do with the coastal northerners. The midwest will definitely have a choice to make, though I’m not exactly too confident they’ll make the right choice.

  39. Why do I need to watch someone talking when I could just read a transcript of what they have to say.

    I find video presentations like this totally pointless – they take away from the value of the message which again I could have read as opposed to listen to and watched.

    Where HW is very professional and rather influential in his writing, this video reeks of amateur and takes away from the importance of his message.

    No offence dawg.

  40. This is how you become a BRA’n.

    And yes, they will bear arms against you when required to do so by law.

  41. “Raise your right hand and promise to vote for Obama.” We are supposed to believe we have a cultural connection to these people now just because they hold a piece of paper? See, this illustrates the superiority of Common Law over civil. Common Law is based on deeply rooted traditions, bonds, and cultural understanding. Civil law is a piece of paper.

    Can’t you just feel the love?

  42. Degeaube says:
    ‘Why do I need to watch someone talking when I could just read a transcript of what they have to say.’

    Most people would rather watch a video than read copy. Videos go viral on the internet, transcripts do not.

    Hunter did well. He looked presentable and made good points.

  43. After Obama worse really is better. I don’t care if David Duke was the next president. There is no going back after a once white country not only elects a rhino piss-drinking Kenyan, but renigs after he runs the country further into the ground.

    They chose this over Ward Cleaver. Not my country!

  44. Where HW is very professional and rather influential in his writing, this video reeks of amateur and takes away from the importance of his message.

    I never watch videos like this but they do seem to be an accepted and quite popular mode of communication (particularly among people who don’t read), with definite potential to go viral. That’s why it’s a real pity he didn’t take just a bit more care to make it more presentable. Look at ramzpaul’s vids. They hardly reek of gold standard professionalism but there’s an obvious difference in quality between those and HW’s.

  45. Because, if I wanted to talk to people here at this website, I would just write a blog post.

  46. Because, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and people are talking about secession right now, and someone needs to be identified with Southern Nationalism who can’t be written off as just another marginal type vanguardist.

  47. I am all for Hunter upgrading his delivery style as people really are stupid and quite shallow these days. Case in point, a comment from a supposed ‘conservative leaning’ poster on a political site I play on, someone who you’d imagine might be a tad sympathetic to the content , posted this shit after I put up Hunter’s vid:

    Two reasons not to listen to a word this guy has to say

    1) He made a video with a light shining behind his left ear
    2) He though that was ok and instead of re-recording it he just went ahead and posted it on youtube.

    Yes, he is scum, but I am giving you the feedback anyways 😉

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