Secession Petitions: 5 Reasons To Support Disunion


In the third video of our YouTube campaign, I list five reasons why it is in the best interests of all Americans to dissolve the Union:


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  • Mary

    I am all for Hunter upgrading his delivery style as people really are stupid and quite shallow these days. Case in point, a comment from a supposed ‘conservative leaning’ poster on a political site I play on, someone who you’d imagine might be a tad sympathetic to the content , posted this shit after I put up Hunter’s vid:

    Two reasons not to listen to a word this guy has to say

    1) He made a video with a light shining behind his left ear
    2) He though that was ok and instead of re-recording it he just went ahead and posted it on youtube.

    Yes, he is scum, but I am giving you the feedback anyways ;)