Update: Secession Movement SOARING In The South


Here’s a link to the SNN podcast that I did this afternoon with Palmetto Patriot on the 2012 presidential election and the secessionist petitions which are gaining momentum in the Lower South:

Morning Update (5:48 AM CST)

Texas: 60,702

Louisiana: 26,405

Florida: 18,088

Georgia: 16,911

Alabama: 17,136

Tennessee: 16,641

North Carolina: 15,764

South Carolina: 13,292

South Carolina (2nd Petition): 10,075

Mississippi: 11,226

Arkansas: 12,735

Kentucky: 11,138

Oklahoma: 9,729

Arizona: 9,932

Latest Update: Texas, 32,865 signatures; Louisiana, 18,066 signatures; Alabama, 9,241 signatures; Georgia, 7,526 signatures; Florida, 9,371 signatures; South Carolina, 6,151 signatures; Mississippi, 6,651 signatures (5:08 PM CST)

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  1. Try for something a lot less than outright secession and full attempts to bring back the Southern Confederacy of 1961.

    Go for something like the Swiss canton system. The South needs to control the South’s media – local ownership of the media, all news commentators have to be from the South.

    The South, individual states monitor labor rules, who works and work is for a living wage, no importation of 3rd world neo slaves. Yeah, the new South cantons will be against slavery – California and the NorthEast will be using neo slavery.

  2. You going to need *HUNDREDS* of thousands of signatures per state before anyone will even begin to take notice. Not saying it’s out of the realm of possiblity, just that, realistically, you have a long, long way to go.

  3. You know that tingly feeling in the back of your spine when you sense a revolution coming? Neither do I, but that’s what’s happening right now.

  4. http://www.calculatedriskblog.com/2012/11/the-recession-probability-chart.html

    AT LEAST three things loom over the horizon which will bring the inevitable partition of this multinational union into reality:

    The push for Amnesty.

    The influx of tens of millions of muds into the US Health Care system while simultaneously fining whites for not purchasing health insurance.

    The next recession cum depression.

    What we have done this week is perfect; no, there will not be a linear march to partition, but more whites woke up this week than ever. We will build the infrastructure for a more robust campaign, and strike when conditions dictate.

  5. Why the nay-sayers? How does this hurt White interests? It does not. This is a positive thing. I would wage that over 95% of the petition signers are White people. And they are fed up with Obama and the USA. That’s a very positive thing. I would think that WN would support this.

  6. It’s a start. Does no harm. It’s also an expression of the future.
    The worst that can happen is that Politicians have to recalculate policy based on a populist rightwing attack on their gravytrain.

  7. Also Obama was never the peace candidate.
    He’s gearing up for up operations in Mali and
    East Africa.

    Good luck white boys who bleed alot.

  8. Rudel: “All the petition signing is just going to be put down to sour grapes over the recent election and then completely ignored.”

    Based on the fact that the mainstream media is actually reporting on this, I tend to agree. They’ll just say it’s a handful of sore loser racists but the people understand the truth. The best part of all of this is the yankee hatred of the south pushing them to support our secession.

  9. Palmetto Patriot:

    Unfortunately, many urban WN still hate the South (ex: The “New right”). I would just ignore them.

  10. After Obama’s first selection, the TEA party took off in response and out of a desire to “take the country back”. This should have been the correct response. The tea party bunch got fooled and misdirected into supporting the GOP status quo as a Democrat party foil.

    Won’t get fooled again. DOWN WITH THE UNION!!!

  11. Ulfric, I don’t understand why. I know what you mean though. I can hear it in the voice of Greg Johnson. I know he’s pro-White but he sounds like he comes from a different world sometimes.

  12. “They’ll just say it’s a handful of sore loser racists but the people understand the truth. The best part of all of this is the yankee hatred of the south pushing them to support our secession.”

    That’s what they said about the TEA party, then after it couldn’t be ignored, the GOP set to work defanging and misdirecting the movement down a dead-end alley.

  13. We are two seperate nations, have been forever. The coastal elites and their pets, both black and white, and the rest of us who do the living and dieing and earning and tax-paying. We are their base. They need us, we don’t need them, and we never have. That’s the Big Lie. That we need them. Yeah, just like we NEEDED King George.

  14. Two words in there that might not be familiar – Wyrd and Norns. Wiki has both.

    The essence – those that conspire to steal our destiny will pay a terrible, terrible price.

  15. Yeah we are too backwater, too Christian, too this and too that. We need to be ruled by the faggots out west. They know best.

  16. Rudel, tom: you may be wrong about this outpouring of secessionist feeling, you may be wrong, it’s too soon to tell;

    but what you’re missing is that this will never go away: the genie is out of the bottle.

    Think Amnesty, Obamacare, recession and start getting busy!

    Make a sign or something.

  17. Sour grapes, well yeah, er you just had your country defiled by an egotistical mulatto backed by a swarm of Jewish media owners and the pet Irish curs.

  18. “Sour grapes, well yeah, er you just had your country defiled by an egotistical mulatto backed by a swarm of Jewish media owners and the pet Irish curs.”

    Yes, and they are already using that very term.

    BTW, have y’all let Jacqueline Woodhouse out of jail yet?

  19. We actually should land men in Somalia. It’s a winnable war and could be a toehold on the continent. John surprises me by breaking from his strident support of white militarism in black Africa.

    Hunter, might feel strongly about this seeing as a rising star of ash-Shabaab is a southern boy named Abu Mansoor al’Amreeki from the town of Daphne, Alabama. In his autobiography, THE STORY OF AN AMERICAN JIHAADI he reflects on time spent working for the local Boys and Girls Club:

    “I was trying to teach the young children to read with the computers but they would use the internet to go to Black Planet and some other off-limit websites and it was impossible to keep tabs on them without simply shutting off the internet. I finally decided that this job is bad for my religion and I put in my resignation.”

    Perhaps this young man would have pursued his dream of becoming a teacher if not for banging his head against the wall that is Nigger IQ. Becoming an international terrorist seemed preferable to trying to teach American Niggers how to read.

  20. I’m a Counter Currents reader. The last time I saw Greg Johnson mention Southern secessionists he said he wished them well.

  21. It’s what they are doing there.

    South Africa and Congo are the resource motherlode.

    I can’t think of any obvious resource to pilfer in Mali or Somalia.

    An Armoured division could roll up the gold and diamonds in SA and
    The Marines could steal all the metals in Congo.

  22. Lew, I like C-C as a whole. I listen to the podcasts and read many of the articles. I’m not against C-C. But they do seem to come from a very different world sometimes. Which is fine with me. I think we should appeal to folks on a wide variety of fronts.

  23. Nothing makes more sense for our people than a free and independent South.
    We must free ourselves from these insane yankees before they drag us to perdition.

    The collapse of the yankee fiat money system will be the makeweight to tip the balance in our favor. The phony proposition nation is only held together by its scrip.

    Deo Vindice

  24. “Chris, Why do you persist in posting here at all?” – John Bull

    John, I’ve told y’all before. 666WOP is Joew’s younger brother.
    Same disturbed mind, same ethnicity.

  25. There are 50,000 Nazis who want Texas out of the union. According to Foreign Policy Magazine. Like, like in Boys From Brazil.

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