Obama Calls For Renewal of Assault Weapons Ban


Yes, Obama wants to take away your guns …

Note: If you want to preserve the Union with the Northeast, you can have gun control, drug legalization, amnesty for illegal aliens, gay marriage, affirmative action, the welfare state for blacks, DADT repeal in the military, etc.

Alternatively, we can secede. We would lose Vermont and Massachusetts. A real tragic loss there!

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  1. Overreach works in our favor.

    A perfect storm is brewing; we can count on mini-rebellions over amnesty and health care from rank and file whites. It is crucial to push demographic winter aka white genocide as well as a partition now much lime the 1916 Irish uprising gave birth to the 1922 homerule and ultimately partition of Ireland.

    We need to getting the point where every dumb Jock and Warcraft player takes it as Gospel that in 100 years there will be no white skin remaining unless we have a refuge.

  2. You know I just don’t give a damn if a State elects to have gun control, legalize drugs, queer marriage, queers in their militia or the rest. None of my business. What makes the union and yankees horrible is they want to force those things on the people of every State. Meddling bastards never have been able to mind their own.

  3. An exercise in futility. There are as many amateur gunsmiths in this country as there are gun owners. He’d also have to ban every machine shop, steel mill, and sulfur mine to succeed in disarming white Americans.

  4. It will never pass in the current House of Representatives. Do join the NRA and the Gun Owners of America and participate in their letter writing campaigns. As pressure groups those organizations do make a difference.

    I live in a very blue state but we still have shall issue concealed carry everywhere, open carry except in a few cities like Portland, and we are one of the five states where the average citizen can legally possess Class III firearms and silencers.

    Gun control is still an issue that unites white men of across the political spectrum in huge percentages that matter at the ballot box.

  5. Obama’s target will be the gun stores. not individual owners…at least until the Martial Law declaration. He knows that a direct grab would trigger massive violence and CW II w/in days. So weapon up, ammunition up NOW. As for the election, it was great. Even with Obama down 10 million votes from ’08, the Grand Old Pedophiles couldn’t win. Why? Millions of Whites have finally seen through the Neo-Con, corporate-socialist Republicrats. The entire political Center is collapsing (which is why the MSM Jews are offering to divvy up the spics with the GOP in order to keep it alive) and that means perfect Polarization & hot Civil War immediately after PonziCollapse. Certainly before 2016, probably before the midterms. Race vs. Race. Right vs. Left. Rural vs. Urban. I just don’t get all the weeping and handwringing on this site…you don’t get Sunrise without the Night.

  6. As a Massachusetts sympathizer, I say, Leave, for my sake too! I would be sure to flee south before the borders closed, and at last have a refuge from Liberal rule. Otherwise, I would be a helpful contrarian partisan up here in New England. Deo Vindice!

  7. I don’t object to the abolition of the drug laws given that we spend a heck of a lot of money locking people up for a sorry behavior that can’t be changed. On the flip side, employers and others in society should have the right to discriminate for those that do.

    Anyway, I’ll be looking for more petitions to secede.

  8. Drug laws should be a way to keep blacks off our streets.
    If they can’t be linked to muggings and rapes and burglaries and car theft by ordinary means the blacks can be booked for sparking up or lighting a pipe.

  9. “Drug laws should be a way to keep blacks off our streets.
    If they can’t be linked to muggings and rapes and burglaries and car theft by ordinary means the blacks can be booked for sparking up or lighting a pipe.”

    I disagree. The War on Drugs had been ruinously expensive and has fostered a federally sponsored police state mentality and absurd budgets for rural towns and counties. Better to provide the niggers and spics with cheap drugs thereby taking the profit out of the drug trade, reducing violent street crime to support their artificially expensive habits, eliminating smuggling and the terror of the Mexican cartels, and just letting them nod out in the alleys and tenements of their own neighborhoods.

    At the turn of the 20th Century when opiates and cocaine were still legal and widely available in patent medicines approximately 2-3% of the American population had a habit. So what? They were still able to function at a certain productive level and studies have shown that people tend to kick the habit all by themselves after 6 to 8 years if they don’t die first.

  10. John – what do you mean Brietbart is upping the Kike ante? Say “Kike”. Not YNW. It’s the EFFING JEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWS/Kikes/Kikenvermin?Spawnof Satan/JudenTuefel/JEWWWWWW.

    Say JEW.

    And then Just Say NO.

  11. LOADS of PA will start flying the Conferate Flad, were the secession to happen for real. Loads of us already DO.

  12. I’m with a legalization of drugs. I don ‘t TAKE drugs. The strongest thing I take is allergy meds. The “Drug War’ has enabled the creation of a Police State, and the MIND-boggling, Nation Wrecking (Hhhmmmm…the scent of lox and sulphur rises) MONEY that the Drug War makes..errrr..takes.

    Take the “illegality” out – and the money collapses. Drugs and addiciton get bvey cheap. The USA is in such dire financial straits a plethora of druggies wil absolutely collapse the “health care system” as they demand “treatment” aka functioning adults pay and care for their hobbies.

    I’ve known people, since I was a teenager, that used and abused drugs Some crash and burn. Other runs successful lives. Drugs are not harmless; a lot of the health problems we are seeing in the Middle Ages and elderly are due to recreational drug abuse. Too bad. Let THEM pay ther cost.

    Not ME. Feck ’em. Let the druggies die in the streets. Future generations will despise druggies.

  13. Don’t forget also that the states legalising cannabis (with true democracy) are telling the federal government to go pack sand.

    Those who favouring drug prohibition are literally pouring money into thugs’ and gangsters’ hand. And the goverment (and the people who control it) make money on both sides of the law (viz. Afghanistan opium production pre- and post-invasion).

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