A Historic Election

American North

We’ve been so obsessed with Obama’s reelection by White Yankees that we haven’t taken a look at the other big news out of the Northern states from this election cycle:

(1) Wisconsin elected the first open lesbian to the U.S. Senate.

(2) Maryland, a Southern state overwhelmed by Yankee transplants, government workers, and immigrants, passed a state version of the DREAM Act.

(3) Maryland, Maine, and Washington all approved gay marriage. In Minnesota, a ban on gay marriage in the state constitution was also defeated.

Note: I’m sure there are other stories that will percolate up on my radar screen. If you know of anything I have missed, post the links below.

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  1. Most evangelical growth and war lust and the various social issues of the right are not to be believed in themselves but are a sublimation of the racial instinct.

    Time to simplify the platform and focus on racial imperetives.

  2. Anybody for lower spending will be crushed. Romney was right about the 47%. Except it’s higher. Romney never brought up abortion, or birth-control, or legalizing fag domiciling. He lost because he was gonna take Obamaphone.

  3. Things like fag “marriage” and abortion on demand are corollaries, like the stench emanating from a rotting corpse. When you’ve reached the point culturally where a majority want the right to kill their own blood offspring if they see fit, it’s best to just start over with those who don’t. Prune that branch. They aren’t my people, fuck ’em. When your enemy starts killing his own people, the last thing you want to do is stop him.

  4. Precisely my argument for allowing eugenically determined amounts and types of faggotness and abortion and controlling it so it doesn’t sicken us. Let the mutts and the leftist twats control themselves in this way just as we allow, even encourage, bacterial growth in septic systems.

    There have always been these things and we must face facts, there always will be. But decent white people didn’t have to deal with them. Homosexuals self-segregated themselves and kids didn’t even know such people existed until they were sexually mature. Chickenhawks were lynched. Abortion was available for actual prostitutes and hardcore sluts and show business people, but the threat of shotgun marriage or relinquishing a baby to adoption kept decent white girls and their respectable suitors from total sexual depravity, and many shotgun marriages became successful happy unions. And the sex drive encouraged marriage and childbearing at young ages for respectable working class and middle class Whites. It was, in short, eugenic. Unlimited abortion on demand has been very dysgenic.

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