Live Thread: 2012 Presidential Election


Obama wins.

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  • Bill Yancey

    HW, if you knew anything about American history you’d know that the Democratic Party Yancey sought to undermine is the Republican Party of today.

  • Mosin Nagant

    “Obama is still holding the deceased vote in reserve.”

    Any estimate of the number of multiple votes cast? I heard someone talking today about having voted three times in another election. Even around here, dead people remain on the rolls, Democrat-controlled board of election does not remove.

  • Lily Della Valle

    Seems like the last 2 comments I made were deleted?

  • Gottfried

    Obama still up in Florida, 84% reporting

  • Anon

    “A hispanic winning in Texas is a loss for whites.” – Ted Cruz is firmly in the open-borders globalist camp, I would have thought the tea party voters wouldn’t get behind someone like him, but they keep getting snookered.

  • Sean

    Scott Brown Of MA has been unseated.
    NH went bongo.

  • LandShark

    “Only the vanguard is stupid enough to celebrate Obama’s reelection when their target audience is overwhelmed by fear and hatred of Obama. What is that supposed to accomplish?”

    Punish the neocons. Punish, punish, punish. Expel. Punish.

  • John

    This election is racial suicide writ large.

    Astounding. Everything you pointed out, it happened.

  • Afterthought

    White House is lost, the Senate is lost, ergo the Courts are lost.

    If the House wants to help us do this, they can shut down the government as a bargaining chip for Partition.

    They look like us, do they have any loyalty to us?

  • Mosin Nagant

    Landshark’s advice is worth repeating: “It’s not an Occidental site, it’s a Dixie site. I wish Hunter would change the name to Dixie Ascent, to clear any lingering confusion. Hand Occidental Dissent off to 313″ — there being NO SUCH THING as an “Occident” or white race, or white nationalism!

  • Porter

    New Hampshire Obama. Northern whites sweep to victory.

  • Hunter Wallace


    Feel free to explain your strategy to me. The vast majority of White Southerners voted for Romney. Those are the people who have to win over to Southern nationalism. Do you agree?

    Right now those people are overwhelmed by fear and hatred of Obama. Virtually none of them are “worse is better” vanguardists. Most people in this world can’t afford to be “worse is better” internet saber rattlers. They are worried about their children’s future and their own future.

    So please tell me how it is a good idea for Southern nationalists to dance in the endzone and celebrate Obama’s reelection? Do you think it is a good idea to piss off those people and blow our opportunity by identifying with Obama when all those people are reacting emotionally and are overwhelmed by fear and hatred of Obama?

  • John

    313 is almost certainly a Dem troll IMHO.

  • Gottfried

    “They look like us, do they have any loyalty to us?”

    No they do not. Not one iota. Unless you are Shelden Adelson?

  • LandShark

    I thought the Occident was Western Civilization.

  • Afterthought

    Anon – “Ted Cruz is firmly in the open-borders globalist camp, I would have thought the tea party voters wouldn’t get behind someone like him, but they keep getting snookered.”

    OD got snookered too.

    But now it’s back.

  • John

    Wait wait wait… The 20th Ohio have to defend the Little Round Solar Cell Plant…

    Northern whites really are a bunch of negrophiles.

  • Hunter Wallace

    I started this website when I was a White Nationalist in 2006. I gave up on White Nationalism in 2010. I became openly Southern Nationalist in 2011.

  • Mosin Nagant

    However, ethnic nationalism such as “Golden Circle” nationalism is also real and valid.

  • Gottfried

    Good news Romney won Utah.

  • 313Chris

    @English John

    I’ll tell you what, you little cocksucker: I’ll comment here as often as I like. If Hunter doesn’t want me here, he need only ask and I’ll honor his wishes. You on the other hand, you smug little lapdog, will not tell me to do shit. Read me?

    I voted today, you didn’t. I fought for what used to be my country. You sat on the internet like the spineless little Limey coward that you are, and waited for the chance to kick Northerners when we’re down. I’ll remain in the land of my birth, until what I have no doubt will be it’s eminent death-throws, and I’ll humbly pick up the pieces and start over. You happily abandoned your homeland. Call me whatever names you like, you aren’t even a man.

    Now go celebrate this hollow victory, Englishman. I’m confident you’ll wear out your welcome with your adopted compatriots soon enough. I’ve got a future to plan for.

  • Mosin Nagant

    Romney has now won Utah, where he can retire in safety among his cult.

  • Matt Parrott

    Nobody here is actually for Obama.

    However, I would wager that at least a third of the people here (especially lurkers) are here because of Obama.

    It’s self-evident that strapping an Obama mask on this system makes pitching our worldview and our case much easier.

    As for your thinking that a Mitt victory would have been a victory for Whiteness and the cause, well, your optimism warms my heart.

  • Hunter Wallace

    New Hampshire and Pennsylvania have joined the rest of the Northern states in the Obama column.

  • Hunter Wallace

    We’re done with “White Nationalism” here.

  • Gottfried

    Claire McCaskill beats Akin.

  • Wayne

    Is anyone listening to Fox? The idiots are talking about everything but race and immigration.
    I’ve said all alon Obama has this. Reason: minorities and immigrants.

  • Wayne

    Republitards: Rubio and West in 2016!!

  • Wayne

    Mia Love is SecDef!

  • Apuleius

    We must find a way to separate from these insane yankees.
    Our political situation is exactly the same as it was in 1860.

    A quick analysis of the past 25 years shows that the Bush family (Connecticut Yankees) was highly successful in destroying post-CRM conservatism and Republican political hegemony. They did more to advance political correctness, multiculturalism, and white genocide than any Democrat ever could. The fruits of their efforts are plain to see tonight.

    The neoconservative anti-white BRA Republican party must die.
    Southerners must abjure the realm and reclaim their liberty.
    The North is a completely lost cause. They have made their choice and have predictably chosen niggerdom over white leadership.

    Jack Ryan, you are wasting your time and considerable talent in Illinois. Get your ass down to Dixie and join us in the fight. We need men of your calibre and leadership abilities.

    Deo Vindice

  • Stonelifter

    If Obama wins, expect an influx of wetbacks down south. Obama is a petty thin skinned dictator. Sean

    If romney wins expect an influx of wetbacks down South……

    romney = obama

    Hunter you can never over estimate the vileness of yankees in mass. Sure one or two here there are ok, but they are the end of the day the enemy of the way of life we want of our progeny

  • Hunter Wallace

    The “System” doesn’t force Yankees to vote with their nigger allies. Obviously, Yankees would rather vote for their nigger president than two Yankees!

  • Bill Yancey

    HW, Working for an O re-election doesn’t necessarily identify anyone with the filth on the left. But the left’s victory, and especially the nig’s victory, inflames our people. That is the underlying purpose of the 2012 election, from a Southern political scientist!

    No, it isn’t about who has the white face. That’s for kids. It’s strategy, as Rhett and Yancey and Ruffin well understood. And we actually have advantages they didn’t!

    It is about the realization that separation is necessary! Separation from negroes, yes, but more importantly separation from the American Wet Dream!

  • Gottfried

    The silly ‘War on Women’ BS worked for the DEMS. Akin loses, Mourdock loses, Scott Brown loses.

  • YT

    I’ll tell you what really threw me off: That story from a month or two about the HNIC and his husband getting a multi-million dollar nest purchased for them in Hawaii.

    I figured that was basically the power brokers of the nation telling him he’s done, thanks for the service, now go retire in luxury for your few years of selling out whitey.

  • Wayne

    Latino’s are Latino first, Amurricans second.
    Fox is even saying we’re becoming a brown country now!

  • Porter

    ABC news is discussing the need for republicans to jettison whites. I think they will listen.

  • Mosin Nagant

    Changing from an Occidentalist TO a “Golden Circle” nationalist doesn’t make sense’ when Occidentalism necessarily INCLUDES white ethnic nationalisms such as “Golden Circle” nationalism.

  • Hunter Wallace


    I wanted to believe they wouldn’t take the nigger side. I wanted to believe that in spite of their 150 year track record of siding with niggers and forcing niggers down our throats that this time it was different.

  • Apuleius

    “I thought the Occident was Western Civilization.”

    Dixie is the last bastion of Western Civilization.

    Deo Vindice

  • Mosin Nagant

    Now “there will be hell to pay for all those who opposed….”

  • Afterthought

    Open discussion of race on Free Republic…

    a good sign.

  • Apuleius

    You gave them more than the benefit of the doubt, Hunter.
    The problem is NWA’s are as real as unicorns, leprechauns, and fairies.

    Well, fairies can get married in most northern states these days…

    Deo Vindice

  • KevinV

    Knowing what will happen is one thing; seeing it unfold is intensely painful.

  • Mosin Nagant

    Republicans are promising to be more moderate in the future, now. They have no future. They were neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm, and I spued them out of my mouth.

  • Conchobar

    LOL englishmen call all americans yanks, even when they have a drawl, nobody outside civilwar officianados knows what a southron is , and it is the sad truth. too bad hitler can’t come back out of the hollw earth and kill all the jewdaic aliens running this mess with his aryan space legions , sigh . i wonder how fast washington’s corpse is spinning in that grave? 4000 rpm? 6000 rpm?

  • RobRoySimmons

    Grow up people, the sugar pie is about gone. We geniuses have no clue what American politics will look like once the triage of budget cuts take effect

    And if you fellow geniuses think you have some ideology better than the Mantra then go choke yourself and feel good about it.

    Yep even if Romney pulls it out I was wrong about turnout.

  • Peak Finance

    Ok, please help me choose what to drink now.

    I usually drink upscale stuff, but I think I am going to get sloppy tonight.

    I have a well stocked bar.

  • Conchobar

    now we get 4 more years to try and make a white people party, a “middle class party” wink-wink, the republitards are going full retard

  • Hunter Wallace


    Listen up.

    That’s our people taking it on the chin tonight. Even if they are misguided in voting for Romney, they are desperately trying to turn things around by voting in overwhelming numbers against Obama.

    I shouldn’t have to tell you that – even though an Obama victory has advantages from a Southern nationalist POV – that most people out there are reacting emotionally. They are angry and scared. They are not thinking rationally.

    You want this to benefit us, right? Well, any benefit that might go our way from Romney losing is squandered by celebrating Obama’s reelection when he is so passionately hated in the South.