Can White Northerners Say “No” To Black Run America?

Romney/Ryan 2012: the North's last chance to say "no" to BRA


After several months of watching the Romney/Ryan 2012 presidential campaign, I am left with a final thought heading into this election.

This is the last chance for White Northerners to prove themselves and say “no” to BRA at the ballot box.

If White Northerners choose to renig with Obama in this terrible economy, after all the shit he has done in office (read through four years of Eric “My People” Holder’s press releases), over two Yankees who will win the Confederacy in a landslide, then White Southerners will lose all confidence in the North.

It is November 5th and this ball is teed up and ready to be knocked out of the park. The only thing standing in the way of Mitt Romney becoming the next president is the possibility that White Northerners might close ranks and hold the line for Obama like the 20th Maine at Gettysburg.

A political hurricane is coming out of the South tomorrow. If it washes over Ohio or Pennsylvania, Barack Hussein Obama will be swept out of office. It would be the first (national) public repudiation of black people in five decades. If the tide is checked at the Mason-Dixon line, it will be another gallant, but futile attempt by the South to defend itself from the overwhelming numbers of the Union.

Can White Northerners say no to BRA? In 48 hours, we will know.

Note: The South doesn’t have a problem saying “no” to blacks. We firmly said “no” to Obama the first time around. We said “no” to Harold Ford Jr. in Tennessee in 2006 and most recently to Johnny DuPree in the 2011 Mississippi governor’s race.

The only thread that sustains BRA is the political support of White Northerners. If White Northerners started saying “no” to blacks again on a regular basis, BRA would collapse like Reconstruction did the first time around.

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  1. Well in fairness gay marrige has lost everywhere. They’ll be imposing it on an entire country that doesn’t want it, not just the South.

  2. For some reason, Jewish mind control doesn’t work here. 90% of Whites in Alabama will vote against Obama and take pleasure thumbing their nose at the Jew media. In stark contrast, New England is buried in Obama 2012 signs.

    The “System” doesn’t force us to vote for Obama. It doesn’t force Yankees to vote for Obama. If they want to, they could vote against Obama like we do here, or pass immigration laws like we do here.

    Do you know what they do? They elect Jews like Chuck Schumer and Barbara Boxer and Al Franken to the Senate. They go out and vote for Obama. They vote for Democrats who vote as a solid phalanx to pass the DREAM Act.

    The “System” doesn’t force them to do it. They do it on their own initiative because they want a nigger president and because they agree with the Democrats that making the South less White and forcing niggers on us is a wonderful thing to do.

  3. This is their last chance too.

    If they vote for Obama after all the shit he has done over two over their own kind, they can go to hell because they will have demonstrated that they are squarely the problem and will always side with Jews and niggers to make our lives worse here.

  4. Let the hate flow Hunter.

    It’s all remarkably true. They want Chocolat dancing his jig at the Folies, they want Jesse Owens beating whites, they want ON going free, they want Eric Holder, they want Al Sharpton on MSNBC…they want to believe MLK was a good person acting with noble

    Damn them all to hell for their stupidity and negrophilia!

  5. The South preferred a neocon warmongering Massachusetts liberal to a real American, and a real Southerner and a real Texan – Ron Paul. The only man in the race who supports the legal basis of white communal protection – free association.

  6. @….we were watching the last American election with two White candidates….

    A ticket with absolutely no Protestants. A truly astonishing thing. You could hardly count the current president, (obviously)

    Articles of Confederation, Constitution, founding debates and documents… 99.9% Protestant, (and the Euro-trash experience which underwrote their founding issues).

    We’re just back in Europe—but with a twist.

  7. So do you, English John. Britain is the most nigger-loving liberal country on the planet. Don’t act like your suddenly some down-home good ole’ boy. You’ve been in this country for 10 minutes, and spent the first 5 living as a California liberal. You don’t get to cast judgement on any American, you fucking houseguest.

  8. “…The vanguard is a group of people who passionately hate Jews, but who mysteriously boomerang around to the Jewish position because their contempt for White America is even greater than their hatred of Jews….”

    The other day, a poster at TOO actually said, “The English are the REAL Jews…” lol. There you have it.

  9. Since 1993. My entire adult life. Given the size of the place I’ve lived in many states longer than you.

    Additionally, Good Old Boy is a very old English phrase. It did not originate in the US. I’ll invite you to the Cotswold’s one day.

    Now, good luck in Michigan either way. I’m expecting a Romney win and a Chimpout. Happy hunting.

  10. Hunter, you’re overstating the “Yankee phalanx” that allegedly voted en masse for Obama in 2008. And I can prove it by using your favourite map:

    If we define the North as the 21 states of the Northeast and Midwest, and define Yankees as the resident whites therein, then the states that voted for Obama only outnumbered the states that didn’t by 12 to 9, and overall only a slim majority of Yankees voted for Obama (a mere 51% in his home state of Illinois). Meanwhile, your fellow white Southrons in Maryland, Delaware and DC voted for Obama at Massachusetts-type levels. Physician, heal thyself.

    We’ll see how the white vote plays out this time around soon enough, and I’m willing to bet that a majority of Yankees in every northern state (except Vermont and maybe one or two other small New England states) will vote for Romney. So, what if Obama wins the election through non-white votes despite a “solid phalanx” of Yankees voting for Romney, what then? Are you still going to throw your Northern countrymen under the bus?

    Again, if we traded Vermont and Massachusetts for Israel, we would come out of the deal better off, racially speaking.

    Yeah, because nothing says “better off, racially speaking” than adding 6 million more Jews to the US population, lol.

  11. If the whole South votes against Obama, but he wins because Yankees vote as a solid phalanx again to reelect him (even over two Yankees), the hate is going to flow like never before. It will be the most powerful illustration that the Union is the problem in our lifetime.

  12. Union leaders in Ohio mobilizing over 120,000 white workers to canvas mixed race neighborhoods to vote for Obama and BRA. Browbeating a white female lunchroom worker for not voting nigger. White men vowing to keep the nigger in office.

  13. Small point, but: “teed up and ready to be knocked out of the park”

    I don’t follow sports, Mr. W., but I’m pretty sure that metaphor’s a mix of golf and baseball. (Should anyone here bristle that I’m being a pedant, I know you’ll be gentleman enough to defend me as follows: Better corrected by a friend than mocked by an enemy.)

  14. Ron Paul was rejected by white men all over the country because his position on labor issues is viewed as even more radical than neoconservative Republicans. A Ron Paul candidate has not a snowball’s chance in hell in America. Period. Paul combines anti-labor with pro-nigger, pro-queer advocacy. In other words, Paulista Libertarianism combines the very worst parts of liberalism and neoconservatism.

    What is needed is a combining of the BEST parts of the left and conservatism.

  15. And what I mean by “left” is the OLD time left positions on labor and the white working class that have been all but completely extinguished and buried by all of the “modern” issues of Progressive liberalism.

  16. What is needed is a combining of the BEST parts of the left and conservatism.

    There is nothing good about the left.

  17. Well, I see it as a win-win situation:

    (1) Romney wins. Northerners summon the courage to say “no” to blacks. The first “no” is the most difficult step and subsequent “no’s” become much easier as the White guilt subsides.

    (2) Obama wins. Southerners are alienated from the Union. Obama’s victory at the hands of Yankees is a gift horse for secessionists that works to our advantage here.

  18. American Republic 1776-1865
    American Tyranny 1865-1945
    American Empire 1945-2012

    What’s next?

    The American Fall 2012-????

  19. No, John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia, nobody gives a shit about your correction. Use pedantry somewhere else where it matters. As for gentlemen, go over to Thomas Fleming’s site for that and be with the kind of “gentlemen” who were so damned gentlemanly that they could not put up a decent fight for their civilization, children and country. Go over their where they council you to go along with BRA because Fleming says the Bible tells you to go along with your government. Go over there where they council remaining silent with your thumb up your ass while some queer or nigger lover browbeats his way on the floor of congress or in a courtroom because taking the kind of action that ought to be taken and using the right kind of language for that situation is said to be “not being a gentlemen.”

  20. Secession today, secession forever. Freedom, inequality and kinship forever, hurrah! Regarding the system, it’s all bad, Dixie was on to something (the confederacy) who wants to inherit the United Evil Empire? Don’t wrap your self in the flag. What is the true America this filth or Mayberry?

  21. I’m sure the League is excited by the possibility of Romney winning the whole South only to lose to an incompetent nigger because his fellow Yankees are too sorry to vote for him.

    That would become the cornerstone of our argument that the South doesn’t control its own destiny and the Union is the source of all our problems and its dissolution should be welcomed as the only way to reverse our decline.

  22. “There is nothing good about the left.”

    Yes, there is, and a HUGE segment of white people agree with me. That is the real reason we are even having this discussion and having to analyze polls instead of a white candidate simply being elected in a blowout landslide.

    I also stated in my following post what I meant.

    Jack London represented the kind of Left-Wing politics and race realism that if any political party represented and stood for today would be elected in landslide victories.

  23. With the neocon Coup d’Etat the left looks more sensible than it used to. Just take out the anti-white bias.

    Let’s face it, paleoconservativism is dead. It died a pathetic, cowardly death.

  24. It says a lot that I would rather see Northerners demonstrate their ability to say “no” to niggers (and have given them the benefit of the doubt) because that would be the best outcome for the North and South.

  25. Brutus —

    Your comment about my correction is insane. If you think the mixed metaphor I pointed out is not precisely the sort of thing to which anti-racists point when they say racists are stupid, you have no understanding of the war you’re in.

    Yes, there is [something good about the left], and a HUGE segment of white people agree with me.

    I don’t care how many of them there are; they’re wrong.

  26. Not to worry Hunter, 1865 might as well have been yesterday. No matter how long it takes, no matter how many lies they tell. God Will Vindicate.

  27. In one sense either possibility is an oportunity.

    Everything is an opportunity, John. The Jews know that.

  28. Yes, Hunter, no doubt. Mitt “I cried when blacks were allowed into my church” clearly represents a huge saying “no” to blacks. Yup. The South is sure saying “no” to blacks with Mitt.

  29. I think a lot of people are feeling it in their gut: don’t renig. They are terrified of four more years of Obama. It says a lot about the vanguard that they are so fucking blind that they are cheering on Obama (ironically, with Tim Wise and the Jews) when their audience is riding an emotional wave of disgust against Obama.

  30. @John

    There’s quite a bit I have in common with niggers, and spending my whole life around them has made me plenty vicious and nasty, I’ll grant you that. But I hate the fuckers mire than you could ever conceive.

    And I was born here. Third generation native-born. And you? 1993? Please. I was already a junior in high school by then.

    Swim the fuck home if you don’t like how Americans vote, because you ain’t ever getting your “partition” fantasy. You know, I’ll bet there’s plenty of blue-collar white folks in Missouri who drive around with the stars and stripes on their F-150’s, who would just LOVE to hear some Englishmen tell them that their country isn’t worth a shit and needs to “partitioned” and some goofy aristocracy established to rule them. Try it out next time you get the chance, and don’t worry — I’ll take care of your hospital bill.

  31. “My prediction is two niggers running in 2016 and thereafter a non-white Republican vs a nigger Democrat.”

    Obama will likely be the last black Prez. If you hadn’t noticed they’re in the process of being thrown under the bus in favor of asians and hispanics.

    “Will this be the last presidential election featuring a white man? Demographics and ALL the razor thin margins in polling today say yes.”

    Demographics say the opposite. As the balkanization continues white people will shift towards tribal voting and eventually it will become impossible to elect anyone who is seen as legitimate by 2/3 of the population. At that point the country will start to break up.

    “The “right” should dump the vulture capitalists and become more populist.”

    The GOP could win easily this year with Buchanan-style economic nationalism aka populism. The GOP elite promoting the opposite makes the ethnic re-alignment much slower than it would otherwise be.

    “For some reason, Jewish mind control doesn’t work here. 90% of Whites in Alabama will vote against Obama and take pleasure thumbing their nose at the Jew media.”

    People in Alabama have direct experience of reality. People in 95% white states only have the TV version of reality to judge by. Section 8 will cure them.

  32. Oh, yes, I am “insane” for KNOWING that no one on earth but you gives a shit about “teed up and ready to be knocked out of the park.”

    Gee, isn’t it really astonishing that with high voltage masterminds like John Bonaccorsi helping us that a pro white government is not installed?

    But no, the teed off statement is NOT “precisely” the kind of thing that is used against us. Walls of misspelled words and thread titles and “kill-em-all” type statements are generally what are used.

    And I know YOU and many others don’t care about how many MILLIONS of white people actually think and what they actually care about. Things like pensions and Social Security checks that keep a roof over the heads of elderly white people and food in their mouths.

  33. Well Hunter that is an easy one, Romney is not one of us, his victories are not our victories, his defeats are not our defeats. And we hate Likudniks.

  34. It’s the same rhetoric that got us Bush, and the same wave. Only this time we KNOW what it is. It’s Zionism.

    At this point show me someone that isn’t a filthy Zionist and I’ll show you someone who is an American.

  35. Hey, if Romney turns out to be a good Prez, I’ll back him 100%. But if he isn’t, be prepared to eat fully the shit he puts on your plate.

  36. If we could Get rid of leeches with low IQs–Blacks–we could build a Sweden on steroids. Before integration the South was well on its way to this level of infrastructure.

  37. “paleoconservativism is dead”

    In the end it’s the only viable route simply because in class terms the race-replacement has been bottom up – except it needs to be a tad more Serbian.

    Buchanan with fangs.

  38. Sure, he may deliver America to a new level of prosperity. And I will enjoy seeing the liberals wail and gnash their teeth. But my prediction is that payment for said achievement will be brutal and permanent, and not good in any way for America, Whites or Western Civilization.

    That is my prediction.

  39. No, Buchanan’s economic policies are no good, just ask John Bonaccorsi. No good and it doesn’t matter how many white people think otherwise. Far better to campaign on a platform of ending overtime pay and vacation days.

  40. I’m not voting for Romney. I’m not going to go out and vote for Obama though. I am not going to cheer for Obama because the people who are supporting Romney who are driven by fear and hatred are the people we need to be reaching.

    What about Obama’s supporters? The Occupy rabble? San Francisco liberals? We don’t have any interest in winning them over.

  41. “Buchanan with fangs.”

    It would have been the only way out. But that fork in the road has passed. We’re into Brave New World territory at this point.

  42. I didn’t say the country (the vast majority of people or whites) are worth shit.

    I just think the continued coddling of the Blacks will turn it to shit. The nation is actually bankrupted btw. Debt now equals GDP. Crazy.

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