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Doyle Finds Out …

BRA Doyle finds out that Obama has won every Northeastern state and America has reniged because Yankees have voted for him again … “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political … Continue reading

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My Worldview

Dixie Editor’s Note: I will continue working throughout the weekend. Keep checking in for updates. The next RFM debate with Alex Linder is about goals, tactics, and strategy. Our Vision I’m an ethnonationalist. I believe that ethnicity is more powerful … Continue reading

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The Scarlet “W”

New York Here’s another example of a mainstream conservative sputtering in The Wall Street Journal about MLK’s “Dream” in the wake of the election. See also this delusional essay by Victor Davis Hanson. Note: I guess the 93% of black … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews on “Lincoln”

District of Corruption As I said on VNN Forum, if you want to see why the White Republic was a failure, you should go out and watch “Lincoln” this weekend. Note: Gregory Hood’s review is unbeatable on the internet. [youtube=]

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Ian Jobling Condemns Jared Taylor

District of Corruption H/T White Reference If you remember this guy, he used to run “Inverted World” and “White America.” I sparred with him quite often. He used to defend the Iraq War and post absurd articles that invoked John … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews on Secession

Dixie The secession movement hasn’t gone anywhere … the debate continues here and here. [youtube=]

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Texans Talk Secession

Texas H/T SNN NPR has a new segment on the Texas Nationalist Movement. Note: The Texas secession petition has 117,000 signatures. The Obama administration’s response should be coming in early December.

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The Neo-Confederate Attack on Susan Rice

District of Corruption The Washington Post is furious that White Southern males from the ex-Confederacy, who are obviously guilty of the media’s sin of “racism” by virtue of their race and national origin in Dixie, have the audacity to oppose … Continue reading

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Catalonia’s Domino Effect

Spain You know that the Basques have to be watching what is going on in Catalonia in light of the ETA’s vanguardist tradition of armed struggle: “The results of Sunday’s local elections in Catalonia will likely have most immediate impact … Continue reading

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Live Thread: Alex Linder Debate on Radio Free Mississippi (Round Two)

Mississippi It is too late for the live thread, but I decided at the last minute to participate in the debate, and we spent about two hours discussing Greg Johnson and homosexuality, Catalonia, and Christianity. Note: Here’s the link to … Continue reading

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