Tagg Romney: The Embodiment of White Privilege


Here’s the current headline article at Salon:

“Tagg Romney, grandson of George Romney, son of Mitt Romney, is the latest flesh-and-blood embodiment of White Privilege on the national presidential stage. Though that stage has historically been a catwalk for the whitest and most privileged in the world, Tagg is in a class few achieve. With his lineage and his inherited wealth he equals George W. Bush when it comes to getting advantages by virtue of nothing more than whose crotch he popped out of in the hospital delivery room.

Now, thanks to his comments yesterday, he has surpassed even Bush,becoming not just an image of White Privilege, but an example of how that privilege quietly operates in too much of America.

In a post-debate interview with a North Carolina radio station, Tagg was asked about his visceral reaction to President Obama, and he said his first thought was that he wanted to “jump out of your seat and you want to rush down to the stage and take a swing at him.” He then laughed and added, “But you know you can’t do that because, well, first because there’s a lot of Secret Service between you and him.”

One of the hallmarks of White Privilege is the unquestioned and largely unchallenged assumption that white people can say heinous things about people of color without blowback or even mild criticism —things that people of color rarely dare to say about white people, for fear of serious retribution. Tagg —aka Mr. White Privilege —proves the point perfectly. He feels totally comfortable fantasizing about committing physical violence against an African-American man….”

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  • Brutus

    Read the comments there. Sirota is just performing for his audience. Also, notice no one points out how obscure David Sirota manages to get on the “Bestseller” list with a bundle of tripe like “”Back to Our Future: How the 1980s Explain the World We Live In Now?”

    It is not “white privilege,” is is DWL privilege and telling idiot liberals what they want to hear.

  • Ulfric

    One of the hallmarks of White Privilege is the unquestioned and largely unchallenged assumption that white people can say heinous things about people of color without blowback or even mild criticism —things that people of color rarely dare to say about white people, for fear of serious retribution.

    These people are out of touch with reality. Who in the world actually believes this bullshit anymore? It’s the total fucking opposite and everyone knows it. Here is the above written in the reality we live in..

    One of the hallmarks of Minority Privilege is the unquestioned and largely unchallenged assumption that minority people can say heinous things about White people without blowback or even mild criticism —things that White people rarely dare to say about people of color, for fear of serious retribution.

  • LandShark


    Has this site been incredibly slow to load for the past few weeks for anyone but me?

  • http://www.southernnationalist.com/blog/ PalmettoPatriot

    LandShark, it has been slow for me as well.

  • http://www.occidentaldissent.com/ Hunter Wallace

    My theory is that someone is trying to DDOS this website, but I have no experience with that sort of thing and wouldn’t know, and whatever is going on the host seems to be fending them off.

  • http://mindweaponsinragnarok.wordpress.com Kievsky

    I don’t like Romney, but if he wins, I hope he is constnatly attacked for being white. He seems like the kind of guy who will get angry and fight back rather than cower and cringe.

  • John

    Yeah this site has been under various attacks. Unless of course it’s just popular.

    Good for Tagg. He sounds like a motherfuckingsumbitch. Lol.

    Romney is the subject of very serious threats. Directed by OFA. This isn’t beanbag.

  • http://www.occidentaldissent.com/ Hunter Wallace

    Matt Parrott’s friends in the Indiana Antifa were offended on Twitter by my Slavery Myths series.

  • John

    Your site is not loading for me either.

    Well, I hope Romney can do something for his People. Brits, Irish, Germans, French, Dutch, Norgwegians, Slavs, Swedes, Italians, Spaniards…AKA Americans.

    We are in our twilight as a people, so I hope he can make the long dark night of the soul we are about to enter something we survive.

  • Mary

    I checked on one of those “is this site up” websites earlier this week and OD came back as being actually down twice at varying times, so I think you might indeed be “under attack”.

  • http://www.thewhitechrist.wordpress.com Fr. John+

    Truth test:

    Call a White Man a racist honkey MF, and see if anything happens- other than a swift upper cut, if you are stupid enough to say it to someone mean looking, with a stars and bars in his truck, next to the rifle rack…. lol.

    Now, call a Black- any black- A N*gger.

    And remember that your freedom of speech ends, when you speak truth to the Idol now being bowed down to, across the globe- well, at least wherever foolish white men imbibe the guilt-mongering manufactured by the ADL, SPLC, etc.

  • 313Chris

    I’ve noticed the recent hiccups on this sight too. I guess you just have to take it as a sign that you’re doing something right, if people will go to the trouble to mess with you. I’m not too tech-savvy, so I haven’t any recommendations on combating cyber-attacks.

    Anyway, how about those Tigers! Tamer, where you at? Holla!

  • peppermint

    This is the perfect example of minority privilege.

    Minorities get away with saying that they want to kill all Whites, or any particular White, up to and including a White President.

    If a White says he wants to punch a minority, he gets an article in Slate, which is not coincidentially anti-White hatemongering.

  • Lynda

    No Peppermint. The White gets charged with a hate crime invoking federal jurisdiction and and a goy trial in the Jew press.

  • Lew

    The Romneys have wealth privilege not white privilege. They love conflating ordinary White folks with the super-rich. It’s doubly dishonest because there is no general White priviledge and almost no Whites have Romney-family wealth on hand.

    I’ve noticed the site problems too.

  • RobRoySimmons

    Salon is engaging in nothing but anti-white incitement, its foolish to wander off into abstract debates with such people. They are labling whites as sub-human or lower caste or whatever but they are stripping whites of their humanity and the same must be done to them, they must be labled, start with the phrase “anti-white.”

    But if we don’t wander around navel gazing then Salon is doing alot of our work for us, they are helping us seperate from BRA.

  • John

    What do all there doe eyed bitches do when Daddy actually runs out of money?

    Niggers and such will just slit their dumb throats.

  • John

    Ezra Klein suggests Romney’s lead is limited to or located exclusively in the white south.

    Implicit secessionist argument!

  • 313Chris

    Maybe Ezra Klein ought to visit New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado, and Indiana. It’s not solely white Southerners who can’t wait to get rid of Obama.

  • http://www.occidentaldissent.com/ Hunter Wallace

    Klein is right.

    Obama’s lead is much more stable in Iowa and Wisconsin than Florida and North Carolina.

  • http://www.occidentaldissent.com/ Hunter Wallace

    I haven’t even checked the comments, but did he get BUGsed?

  • John

    Obama’s white vote in the north and midwest/upper Midwest is pretty solid apparently.

    Germans, Swedes, Irish.

    In the south

    English, Welsh, Scots.

    Ethnic differences again.

  • 313Chris

    Not sure what you mean by that, John. The English surrendered every colony they had in Africa and Asia without a fight. England and Scotland today are both overrun with niggers and Muslims. Entire swaths of England are under Sharia law. You people are about the least racially-cohesiveand reliable of all whites.

    The Irish in the North despise niggers and attacked and burned them during the Draft Riots in NYC. When did white Southerners ever do anything like that? Never. They need to gather 100 people and dress up in silly white hoods, just to lynch one nigger in the middle of the night. And BTW, “in the South” Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina all went for Obama in 2008. Plenty of English, Scottish, and Welsh blood in those parts. Quit acting like your adopted place of residence is some kind of immovable anchor for the white race in America.

  • John

    And then turn around and vote nig. This Odonnell fugger wants to fight a white man to defend a shitskin.

    And if you really think the UK is overrun with blacks you are not in touch with reality.

  • Proud Globalist Race Traitor

    Get ‘em Chris! You may not like me either, but you do a great job going after the southerners and Anglos. Let’s keep dividing the white race!

  • 313Chris



    Plenty more where that came from.

  • uKn_Leo

    Nowhere in the UK has Sharia law officially, yet. The UK is still almost 90% indigenous. Scotland 98% so. No-one (the rest of the world seems obsessed with it weirdly) gives a f*ck about our ancient colonies or Empire nor why we gave them up. Globalisation/multiculturalism and the violent tensions it brings (because it’s a failed ideology only supported by ‘useful idiot’ lying, deluded morons like PGRT) become more of a disaster by the day but there is a long way to go yet.

    We don’t have guns so instead we look forward to the day we get to dispense of our Proud Globalist Race Traitors by hand. It won’t be as neat or efficient as you guys, but dang, it will be a lot more fun! (and PGRT, i’m not joking – and you know it – save your arrogant smart ass reply. And head for the f*cking hills while you are still able).

  • John

    It’ll be a push them into the sea moment.

    Beautiful. Like the Italian Job. However the coach will not be driven by a black.

  • http://www.ridingthetiger.org/ Tamer of Savages

    The Irish fought the Negroes for the same reasons Beaners fight Negroes.

    Ideal allies in theory but on the streets, too much alike to get along for long. They fought over handouts, jobs and for a longtime in the organized crime world.

    The stark difference between the two races (Anglo and Negro) was undeniable. Anglos detested Negroes from above in an abstract intellectual manner they didn’t compete with them like the Irish.

  • http://www.ridingthetiger.org/ Tamer of Savages

    White privilege does exist but nowadays only because whites are privileged by superior genetics. Inheritance laws, affirmative action and anti-growth taxes hurt whites and are why we lack even a young aristocracy in this country — something we once had.

  • john

    “One of the hallmarks of Minority Privilege is the unquestioned and largely unchallenged assumption that minority people can say heinous things about White people without blowback or even mild criticism —things that White people rarely dare to say about people of color, for fear of serious retribution.”

    You have a point but on that topic there are other things in play, i. e., temperamentally, white people are generally less sensitive to criticism/ridicule and it’s poor form to make fun of a Special Olympics participant and hypersensitive for Beethoven, if he were alive today to take Snoop Doggy Dogg’s criticism serious.

  • stonelifter

    313piss once again you show how little you know about history. damn you are dumb. where did the feds send troops so negros could go to school? or the rest of the civil rights stuff occur?

    nigger cum has made you dumb. Will I see you on the 28th?

  • Dixiegirl

    The Irish in the North despise niggers and attacked and burned them during the Draft Riots in NYC. When did white Southerners ever do anything like that?

    Why, never! Why…those nasty ole Irish in the North! (See how it works, lol)

    —- At any rate, in regards to the BQ (black question), the Irish surely allow themselves to be USED all the time. Like Ryan expecting tons of Brownie Points for having had a black girlfriend.

    Sorta gross, all ’round.

  • http://www.lagriffedulion.f2s.com/ Rudel

    “Now, call a Black- any black- A N*gger.”

    All most of them do is just start screaming and yelling and jumping around like chimps. Very few will hit a white man when it’s one on one.

  • 313Chris


    You’re gonna be in Detroit on the 28th? I’ll be waiting.

  • http://Www.Yahooligans.com Tamer of Savages

    Ill be at Goldbar in Chitown tonight.
    I’ll glass your dirty detroit face.

  • http://Www.Yahooligans.com Tamer of Savages
  • 313Chris

    @Runner Away from Savages

    Don’t pout, little Miss. There’s always next year — and you’ll get to see the Yankees get torn apart by the Tigers all over again! Have fun at Gaybar in Chitown.

  • http://Www.Yahooligans.com Tamer of Savages

    Ill get to watch the NL boys tear your scruffy Negroes apart, hopefully in that pitiful popsicle stick Comerica, motown’s liter-box.

    You’ll be thankful for Obamacare if you ever met a real white person in combat, you crotchsniffing ginzo.

  • http://www.lagriffedulion.f2s.com/ Rudel

    Spectator sports are for low-class morons.

  • John

    It’s only good for you if you are playing, riding or shooting.

  • http://www.thewhitechrist.wordpress.com Fr. John+

    Here’s the REAL White Privilege.

    Note the best/safest countries to live in:

    Then note the WORST cities (and their countries) to live in:

    What’s the difference? WHITES. Pure and Simple.

    Eight of the Safest countries of the world are majority WHITE. Of those eight, FIVE are Scandic/Norse countries.

    Of the worst cities to live in, 40 are HISPANIC majority cities (including Brazil in that count) leaving 10 to be….. wait for it….. majority BLACK cities (and where the US cities that are the worst in THE WORLD, are located: Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, N’Orleans. Isn’t DIE-versity WONDERFUL? NOT.

    There is no further need to point out that race matters. Always has, always will.

  • http://Www.Yahooligans.com Tamer of Savages

    Baseball and horse racing are different, but i’d agree in general with Rudel.

    George Will a lowclass moran?

    As someone that appreciates the culture and history i disagree. It’s the closest we have to cricket.

  • http://www.lagriffedulion.f2s.com/ Rudel

    Steroids ruined it.

  • thordaddy

    Whenever you hear some self-annihilating white liberal or his nigel facilitator talk about “white privilege” just ask them what part do they really hate? Do they hate the “white” part of “white privilege” or do they hate the “privilege” part of “white privilege?”

  • thordaddy

    It would be rare for your average nigel to ever come within drive-by shooting distance of the type of “white privilege” that Tagg Romney supposedly possesses. It’s fascinating to watch these two types of radical liberals duke it out and have your everyday “white supremacist” get deemed the villainous culprit. Tagg and Mitt are “white,” no doubt, but they are not at all consciously racially aggressive. They seem every bit the “preachers” of white self-annihilation.