Live Thread: 2012 Vice Presidential Debate


I think Paul Ryan was the clear winner: he was calm, collected, courteous, well prepared, and came across as far more presidential than Joe Biden who was doing his best imitation of Chris Matthews.

Note: The CNN post-debate poll has Ryan winning the debate, 48 percent to 44 percent. Obama and Biden are reminding independent voters in the debates of why we are tired of listening to them.

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  1. “There is no branch of Christianity nor people among white European stock that is not afflicted by the root heresy of Liberalism which is leading to the destruction of western civilization as we know it. So it’s really rather pointless to engage in the religious wars.” – Auleius

    Apu, think of what you are saying. If there is no True Church left, then Satan HAS won- the continued existence of the Church is a given, no matter WHO you talk to, unless it’s a cultist, like the LDS. I will concur that much of Christendom is under the enemy’s sway, but there will ALWAYS be a remnant- until the Parousia. I fully believe that remnant to be the Orthodox of all lands. What you believe, I am not sure.

  2. Parrot has this argument about religion and statecraft much more in focus, IMHO, when he writes:

    “Foreigners, especially Russians, almost exclusively see our bad side. In many ways, Russians think more about America’s military and foreign policy than we do. Their exposure to “our” culture is almost exclusively from a handful of Jewish and cosmopolitan hubs which are nearly as alien and hostile to ordinary Americans as they are to Russians. When they visit, they’re more likely to visit those hubs. Just as 20th-century Americans perceived Russia as a villainous caricature of Jewish Bolshevism and belligerent Marxism, contemporary Russians perceive America as a villainous caricature of Jewish liberalism and cannibal capitalism.

    In one especially irritating example among many, he explains how American liberal Ayn Rand’s capitalist ideology of Objectivism is the Protestant work ethic taken to its logical extreme. For the record, Ayn Rand was born and raised in Russia, only traveling to America after completing her studies in the very post-secondary university system Dugin works for. The conflation of Rand’s Hegelian inversion of Marxist ideology with Protestant perspectives on predestination could only occur in the fevered imagination of a Russian anti-American polemicist.

    Of course, we on the North American New Right are so gauche as to note that she’s actually neither Russian nor American, but a Jewess (actual surname: Rosenbaum), with a secular Jewish identity, attitude, and spirit. If we were to define a clear distinction between a host nation and Jewish culture, we would find that our actual differences are but a filioque relative to the chasm between either of our nations and the Jewish nation.” –’s-america

    Three times, One People alone are mentioned- Jews.

    While WASPS may have adopted pure greed, it was the Jews’ ideology first. Therefore, they bear the greater blame. As has always been the case.

  3. @stonecoward

    “if catholics are so great why did they have to flee catholic nations to find success?”

    – Why did your Protestant ancestors do the exact same thing? Hypocrite.

    “313Chris is anti true america in every way.”

    – This from the traitor who considers “Dixie” his nation, and walks around with the rebel flag tattooed into his flesh. Hypocrite again.

    “Will I see you on the 28th?”

    – Plan on being here on the 28th? Then you can count on it. I gave you my address like you asked, “Mike White”. So you know where to find me. Any time you get brave enough, I’m here and waiting.

  4. My policy is No Enemies on the White. I’ll work with anyone who sincerely has the best interests of the White race in mind: unhinged Jew-haters, dour Calvinists, Orthodox beardos, harmony-singing Mormons, teetotaling Rosicrucians, homosexual Trekkies, fans of My Little Pony, hell, even the Irish– if you want to see the White race survive and prosper, you’re on my team a far as I’m concerned.

    This inclusive attitude on my part doesn’t mean that I’ll like you, agree with you, or sign off on whatever perversions you may enjoy, of course — but it does mean that I will work with you as far as circumstances permit.

    There will be plenty of time to march regrettable allies into re-education camps after we destroy BRA, that’s the way I see it. Qui enim non est adversum vos pro vobis est.

  5. Don’t misunderstand, Fr. John. The Church being afflicted by heresy does not mean that the Church has ceased to exist. We live in an age of fragmentation. Must we tear ourselves into even more pieces because of it?

    The Church Militant, which must suffer as Christ himself did, should not be required to bear the additional suffering created by wasteful and counterproductive disunity among Christians, whatever their theological differences. A vain hope most certainly, but there it is.

    I believe that it is possible for a true Christian to bear the additional trial of being born into a heretical version of Christianity. I place love of and devotion to the Sacred Heart above your or my intellection. A bit Augustinian, perhaps, but then I tire of the machinations of those who are just a bit too clever…

    I’ll take the simple, humble, and virtuous over the clever, sophisticated, and “correct” any day. I’ll take the sacraments over doctrine any day, as well.

    Woe unto the scribes…

    Deo Vindice

  6. By the way, the dialogue I posted is reputedly the vision of Leo XIII that prompted his institution of the Leonine prayers at the end of mass. These prayers were removed from the mass at the time of Vatican II. Coincidence? I think not.

    Deo Vindice

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