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Faux Polls: PPP Poll (Ohio): Obama 50, Romney 45 (D+9)

Ohio PPP has a fresh poll out of Ohio likely voters which also shows Obama with a 5 point lead in Ohio!!! Note: You can check the internals of the poll here. Skip down to the Party ID at Question … Continue reading

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Faux Polls: National Journal D+8 Poll (Obama 50, Romney 45)

National Journal Here’s another whopper: ” The poll’s finding of a 50-45 Obama advantage in the presidential race highlights the central uncertainty surrounding the blizzard of late campaign polling: What will the partisan and racial composition of the actual electorate … Continue reading

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Faux Polls: The Latest Quinnipiac/New York Times/CBS Poll

BRA Just in time for the polling bias debate … The latest Quinnipiac/New York Times CBS poll has Obama by 2 in Virginia, Obama by 1 in Florida, and Obama by 5 in Ohio. The same poll shows a 16 … Continue reading

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Gallup: Turnout Likely Down From 2004 and 2008

BRA Gallup doesn’t expect the 2012 turnout to be as high as 2004 or 2008 or as low as it was in 1996 or 2000. Someone in the comments predicted that the Democrats would have trouble this year turning out … Continue reading

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Duke Lacrosse Stripper Resurfaces

North Carolina After stabbing her boyfriend to death, Crystal Magnum claims she was set up by the NWO … and now plans to marry the Colorado Batman shooter, James Holmes: “The motion’s “statement of facts” claimed that Mangum had been … Continue reading

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Ohio: The Greater Appalachia Factor

Ohio In 2008, Obama only won Ohio with 51.2% of the vote, even with a D+8 electorate and an 8 point advantage with Independents. How come? It is very significant that McCain won 92 percent of Republicans, but Obama only … Continue reading

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More Polls, Polls, Polls

BRA (1) Romney over Obama in the NPR/Democracy Corps poll, 49-48. Kosher Republic says this is a D+4 poll. (2) Richard Cohen of the Wash Post contemplates jumping off the Obama ship. (3) Gallup finds a 22 point swing in … Continue reading

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2008 Swing States Party ID

BRA, 2008 Here’s a little walk through Obama history: Iowa, Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire, and Minnesota went for Obama because of Independent voters. McCain outperformed Obama with the Republican base in Ohio. Democrats won Virginia for Obama. In most of … Continue reading

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Gallup: Romney Leads Early Voting

BRA H/T Kosher Republic Here’s the latest nail in O’s electoral coffin: an early voting deficit. Note: Combine that with a more elderly electorate, a 20 point gap with White voters, a 13 to 20 point gap with Independents, barely … Continue reading

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Rush on White Guilt

Florida Not bad. “Folks, this is last ditch desperation bottom of the barrel unseemly. It’s the Obama administration which wrote off the white working class vote last year, almost one year ago. That now famous column by Thomas Edsall in … Continue reading

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