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North Star Project: Loitering Black Teens Take Over Detroit Gas Station, Drive Business Away

Michigan H/T Kosher Republic In Detroit, a Black Undertow gang openly claims a private Marathon gas station as their territory, hang out in the gas station, smoke cigarettes in their “hood station,” and brazenly sit on the counter and spit … Continue reading

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North Star Project: Camden Guts Police Force

New Jersey Camden, NJ is the epitome of what Paul Kersey has labeled the “Manifest Destruction” of the Black Undertow. In the aftermath of the War Between the States, millions of emancipated blacks swarmed into Father Abraham’s free soil paradise … Continue reading

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US Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East?

BRA H/T Vox Very interesting … Die Juden sind unser Ungluck? Der Untergang of ZOG? “So what is all the fuss about? It’s a paper entitled “Preparing For A Post Israel Middle East”, an 82-page analysis that concludes that the … Continue reading

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Slavery: Demolishing The Yankee Stereotypes

Confederate States of America My copy of Robert Fogel and Stanley Engerman’s Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro Slavery arrived this morning. This excerpt sheds considerable light on what I mean by “Shattering the Golden Circle” or … Continue reading

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Mitt’s Plan

BRA Porter found this on Mitt Romney’s website: Israel: “Israel’s existence as a Jewish state is not up for debate.” America: “(America) is not a nation bound by ethnicity…” Note: Don’t forget to vote for Mitt Romney on November 6. … Continue reading

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Carter Strange: Part Deux

South Carolina Remind you of anyone? Note: For those of you planning to vote in November, you can learn more about “Mitt’s Plan” on Black Undertow violent crime at his website. [youtube=]

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Liberals Can’t Break 200 Year Old Racism Habit

BRA Here’s the latest lamestream conservative article from Ann Coulter who has a new book out on White guilt: Note: This is why the “Alt Right” blogosphere exists. Partisan lamestreamers like Ann Coulter are merely titillating their audience in order … Continue reading

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Amurrica Series: Obama Phone

Ohio H/T SBPDL The last thing we would want to do is secede from the Glorious Union that is providing the “Obama Phone” to the residents of Cleveland. [youtube=]

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Catalonia Rises Again

Spain Paging jeppo… “(Reuters) – The parliament of Spain’s powerful but heavily indebted region of Catalonia voted in favor of holding a referendum on independence on Thursday, in defiance of Madrid which said it would stop any such move towards … Continue reading

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OD’s Indictment

British West Indies In preparation for writing OD’s first book, Shattering The Golden Circle: The Failure of Free Society in Dixie, Haiti, and the Caribbean, I have spent months intensely researching the rise and fall of slavery in the Caribbean … Continue reading

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