This Wasn’t the Year… Not for the Chicago Cubs, Not For Ron Paul or Any Libertarian Presidential Candidates

Wait Until Next Year... the Cubs and Libertarians Will Not Give Up

Chicago, IL – it’s late August here in Chicago. The Chicago Cubs are 31 games under .500, 29 1/2 games out of first place. Even dire hard Chicago Cub fans have sadly, come to the realization that….

This wasn’t the year.

The last time the Chicago Cubs won any baseball championship was 1945 – the year we dropped the A bomb on Japan; all of the able bodied, young American men were in military uniforms, not in Chicago Cubs uniforms. It was a 4F, old men season, maybe there will be another one… next year. There’s always next year for Cubs fans.

In a similar vein, this was not the year that Ron Paul or any other Liberatrian, economic conservative broke through and was elected President of the United States – Ron Paul will not be ending the welfare state, reversing the Great Society, the New Deal, ending Medicaid and Social Security, privatizing the entire US public school system, enacting right to work laws in all 50 states, breaking the Teamsters Union, the UAW, the United Mine Workers Union and allowing “American” businesses to hire and fire whoever they want, with wages determined by “free markets”, and the American labor force opened up to 2 billion 3rd world workers, under Libertarian free market principles of open borders immigration.

Ron Paul and his never say die Libertarian supporters made a valiant effort to reach out to Blacks, Hispanics, even Muslim immigrants associated with Al Qaeda 9-11-01 terrorists. Ron Paul was the only GOP presidential candidate to back the Ground Zero Mosque and explain that the 9-11-01 mass murder of our people was an understandable Islamic response to the USA’s mistreatment of the Palestinians and the US having military bases in Saudi Arabia.

All of Ron Paul’s outreach/pandering to Muslim immigrants didn’t result in winning Ron Paul the nomination. Neither did Ron Paul’s pledge to set free all Black African Americans in prison for trafficking in hard drugs like crack cocaine and heroin. Ron Paul and other Libertarian economic Conservatives were polling less than 1 percent amongst Black voters… maybe these Black voters haven’t read enough Austrian free market economics books… or maybe they don’t read any books.

Yeah, this wasn’t the year for Libertarian, economic conservative Presidential candidates or the Chicago Cubs.

American nationalist leader George Rockwell stated in 1966 that Libertarian/economic conservative Presidential candidates were doomed to fail. After the ’64 Goldwater debacle, Rockwell stated with 100 percent assurance that no Libertarian economic conservative Presidential candidate would ever win the support of poor and working class White voters.

But, 45 years later we’ve had to suffer the failures of Jack Kemp, Phil Graham, Steve Forbes, Ron Paul and other Libertarian Party Presidential candidates that no one can remember.

Who ran as the Libertarian Presidential candidate in 1992? Who was the second string catcher for the 1977 Chicago Cubs? Who cares?

No this wasn’t the year for the Chicago Cubs or Libertarian, economic conservative Preidential candidates.

Oh well, there’s always next year. This is for sure….. they’ll be back.


  1. “I’m not a libertarian, but I see value in certain libertarian ideas and strains of libertarianism. I’m willing to defend some libertarian ideas on a limited basis.”

    Well, yeah, I imagine about everyone sees SOME libertarian ideas as having value. Hell, a few ideas of liberalism could have value if used right. But those few things are not what the problem is.

    Debating people and arguing with or trying to reach people is a wearying task. You are not a libertarian? You just like a few certain parts of it. Okay. You just didn’t mention that, you instead sounded like a relative of Ron Paul or Lew Rockwell. But you really only like a few parts of libertarianism. Got it.

  2. ” Don’t confuse being uninformed, locally-minded, and poorly educated with unintelligent.”

    And don’t confuse being homely with ugly.

  3. Lew says:
    I meant by White standards. Romney voters are generally the dumbest and least educated by White standards. I will pull down the data later.’

    I’m fairly certain the most virulent anti-Whites are created in our higher institutions of learning. Professors are highly educated and often clueless of anything outside their classroom or chosen field of study. Dysfunctional is a good description for many educados or to use a more apt term – indoctrinated airheads.

    My kid brother is a truck driver, but in recent years has managed to make a considerable amount of cashola playing the stock market. Totally self taught. He trades on-line and started with a very small investment. I’m shocked at his performance. Only in his early fifties, but he could retire and is considering doing so. He would come to me for advice thinking he could tap into my brain because of having a measure of success.

    Now, I ask him!

    Trading is more than facts, figures, charts and projections. It requires knowledge of course, but he’s often guided by an intuition and gut FEELINGS that cannot be taught.

    He sent two daughters to the University of Wisconsin. Both are smart, degreed and can spout off endlessly about economic theory, but can barely balance checkbooks and exhibit a lack of monetary common sense.

    They’ve absorbed a lot of lefty drivel and would rather not ask dad for advice. He’s too old fashioned, right wing, racist and out of the loop. A dinosaur.

    His eldest bought a condo a few years back ignoring his advice, choosing the counsel of her little group of intellectual know it alls. They were convinced prices would continue to skyrocket, he thought the bubble was ready to burst despite appearances and she would be wiser to wait for the imminent downward slide.

    She bought at the top and is now totally upside down in what her condo is worth to what she owes. Live and learn.

  4. “…maybe these Black voters haven’t read enough Austrian free market eacomics books… or maybe they don’t read any books.”

    Ouch! That sums up the Republican effort to get non-White voters to reject the welfare state.

    To be fair, what Rockwell said doesn’t seem particularly prescient. No libertarians have won, but then again neither have any paleoconservatives, racialists, Green Party zealots, etc. All have come from within the acceptable mainstream Left or Right. And likewise, I am not a baseball fan, but there is no reason not to be a fan of a team, especially if it’s the local team, just because it lost, so don’t diss the Cubs. (When you think about it, the South has failed to rise again with equally depressing consistency).

  5. “Since I have never supported Republicans in any way, shape or form on this website I fail to understand why you would think I was a Republican and I certainly have no idea, no idea whatsoever, why you wrote that.”

    Your comments above do make it seem you think (quoting my own comment:) that the better choice of, and for, the vast majority of average, subsidy-demanding blue collar whites was in fact Romney, over Paul.

    You wrote on this thread: “Bill Yancey posted 1,394 words to advocate Ron Paul when it is simply a fact and just as Rockwell stated decades ago, the white working class is NEVER going to vote for libertarian candidates, no matter how strong the racial message. They are not going to vote to take away their pensions and SS and better than minimum wage paychecks and to make it so they have to work until they are 85. They are not going to do it. Period.”

    However being evidently more for, or less against Romney than Paul does not necessarily make you seem a Republican, certainly NOT in the context of all your comments on this blog.

    Read all my comments on this site, and see that nowhere have I written that I think you are Republican. This charge of labelling you “Republican” is similar to the charge (see above) that I am Libertarian, despite all MY comments clearly contra-Libertarianism on record here.

    Obviously, I contend that Paul was the better choice in the primary season, and that Romney is the better choice over Obama, now. That does not make me a Libertarian, not even half-way Libertarian, certainly not in the context of all my anti-Libertarian comments on this blog.

    “But seriously, you have drastically misunderstood my posts evidently.” The feeling is mutual. It is not white to argue pointlessly or for recreation. My apologies, and I concede.

    Here is one of your comments on this thread with which I agree wholeheartedly:
    “I don’t think I’m delusional about anything. I think a man who actually stood up and said many of the things we talk about here, and did not apologize or use weasel words and actually advocated a pro white message, would be elected in a landslide. I do not think there has been anytime in world history that the white, everyday, normal people out here in ‘flyover’ country are more ready to listen to and embrace a pro white leader with the guts and the will to tell the ‘establishment’ and ideological hacks of our time to go and shove it. I believe they are more than ready for it and are looking high and low for such a man to rise up. It is to such a point now that they are backing a Mitt Romney even – a man who lent as much vitality to the people at that Convention as a cast of octogenarian actors would lend to a porno. A real man with the guts could more than fire up our people. And there are still enough of us left to outnumber the opposition.”

  6. It is not inappropriate to “jump in and contradict posts” without following a thread in its entirety and detail when one discovers jokes involving the son of God as the physical offspring of a Jewish carpenter, or the ANTI-“ideology” meme, or expressions of doubt of the power and truth of Christianity, or the labelling of “true believers” or “old believers” who believe in “truth” and often are “too old” in years to comprehend present reality.

  7. Wayne: Do some research. All of the leading psychometric researchers report that the average IQ of the White people who inhabit many regions of Appalachia range from 1-1.5 standard deviations below the national average for White people.

    It’s not JUST Appalachia. The dumbfucks are clustered together in larger groups there, so they are easier to identify. Dumbfucks inhabit every state.

    If you click on the link in my last comment you will see that West Virginia, which is 93% White, has an estimated average IQ that is lower than the estimate for Texas, which is 45% White. Texas Whites have to offset the abysmally low IQ test results for all of those Mestizos and Niggers to give their state and average IQ of 100. West Virginia Whites only have to pick up the slack for a handful of dumb non-Whites, but the estimated average IQ for the state is only 98.9. Obviously the intelligent Whites are having to offset the low scores of a percentage of the population that greater than 45%. That is a lot of stupid hillbillies, Appalachia Boy.

    The story is similar for Kentucky.

    Some Bozo commented a long way back that the White Bell Curve is straight and tight, whatever that means. (How can it be a curve if it’s straight?) It’s not. Only 68% of the White population have IQ’s that are within one standard deviation of 100, which is the norm. The rest are either below 85 or over 115.

  8. This post wasn’t intended as a “bash Ron Paul” post. Instead, it was intended to educate OD readers with the severe problem we have with White American economic conservatives, libertarians falling down in to insane, treasonous immigration policies. Ron Paul has been terrible, insane, treasonous on immigration for many years, but he’s hardly the only one.

    Please understand that whenever you are around libertarian, economic conservatives there will be this open borders immigration cult. And it’s no use trying to use reason with these open borders immigration cultists, it’s a fundamentalist religious conviction with them. If you even try to to suggest that we should keep out Islamic Jihadists, Central American M13 gangsters, homosexual child rapists, cannibals, or the whole anarchic nation of Somalia they will scream “you’re RACIST”, ” you’re another Hitler”.

    Many of these open borders immigration “conservatives” are Jewish like NYC mayor Bloomberg, Tamar Jacoby, the Ayn Rand Institute, but many others are not. The cursed Wall Street Journal Midwestern Anglo editor Robert Bartley used to publish “There Shall Be Open Borders” editorials on the 4th of July :

    So just be aware of the situation and act accordingly. Do not tolerate insane, traitorous “immigration” Conservatives/Libertarians. It’s like tolerating homosexual pedophiles working at Disneyland. Don’t be an enabler.

  9. @ Jack: “but he’s hardly the only one”: This admission could include the OTHER candidates who were wrong about MORE things? But they aren’t quite so OLD, and don’t use words like “truth.”

    @ Lew: Yes, he is a kind of Libertarian, but voting for Ron Paul does not make the elector a Libertarian, nor would a vote for Romney in the general election prove that the elector is a Republican. We can oppose the libertarian false ideology, and the “open borders” programme, “equal rights,” etc., without rejecting Ron Paul as the better choice despite that very serious weakness, fault or failure.

    Even the Austrian painter mentioned earlier in this thread made serious mistakes that helped to bring down a great nation. Neither he nor Paul are faultless like the son of God.

  10. “Do not tolerate insane, traitorous ‘immigration’ Conservatives/Libertarians. It’s like tolerating homosexual pedophiles working at Disneyland.”

    Well said. But how do we “not tolerate” Romney, and yet support and vote for him?

    As I wrote earlier: We must support the slightly lesser evil actively, and even enthusiastically, while telling everyone the whole truth (there’s that nasty word again, makes one appear Libertarian and/or CT) about how the platform of the Neocon (again a word appears that conjures up images of Libertards) is very harmful to us, though not quite so harmful (we think) as the other candidate’s.

  11. Thanks Snowhitey

    High IQ people are programmed to seek out novel ideas, new things and solve problems that don’t exists. It can be their downfall and ours as a people if we give them to much credit for merely being smart

  12. “High IQ people are programmed to seek out novel ideas, new things and solve problems that don’t exists. It can be their downfall and ours as a people….”:

    Even a few average points makes a difference. White countries with slightly lower average IQ seem to be more conservative and “backward.” If true, why should this be? Intelligence and wisdom should agree.

  13. The Almighty use the simple to confound the wise?

    I have no idea why it is, Mosin, but there are a few studies that point out the high IQ novelty seeking, change for change sakes type of stuff. In some regards its a good thing, like with technology and such, but when they apply it to social issues…. not so much. But high IQ people have influence beyond their numbers in certain ways

  14. True. I struggle with that. The intellectual curiosity, versus the influence of the constant struggle of cultivating the earth, and of the Book, which teaches us true conservatism.

  15. Playing Roots Backwards: Yeah, I looked at you link. Looks like KY is on par with the rest of the South. Also looks like all the smartest states are Blue, and voting for Obama. How wise is that?
    BTW, smooth play there calling the heart of the Cracker nation dumb fucks. That’s sure to motivate them to do the right thing. That’s just what the movement needs, people pretending to be intellectual and oh so much smarter than their fellow whites. That’s sure to build the unity!

  16. The large black populations in the South must distort this sort of geographic distribution. Are the dumbest people in the smartest states following any particular pattern?

  17. Wayne: Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia are a long way from being the heart of the Cracker Nation. Most of those inbred bitches fought for the Union in the War of Northern Aggression. Nowadays they just collect a lot of welfare and act like niggers.

    When somebody finally comes up with something that they can put in food and drinks to sterilize niggers, they need to spread it around that part of Appalachia, too.

    As for your comment that Kentucky is right on par with the rest of the South, yeah, that’s true. But did you take into account that Kentucky is far Whiter than any of the other Southern states. White people in states like Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia have their states’ average IQ’s diminished by the presence of large nigger populations. Kentucky has its average IQ pulled down by their large population of borderline retarded Whites.

    That is a reality that can be neither ignored nor altered.

  18. Mosin Nagant: Poland has the highest average IQ of all of the European nations and it is probably the most conservative nation in Europe.

  19. PRB: Go right ahead and right off fellow whites. That’s just what we need. More division. Move to those high IQ blue states why don’t you?

    Worthless piece of shit.

  20. @PRB: Source of current average IQ figures for European countries? Poland’s would be skewed less by the African immigration effect than many others, and if that is accounted for….

  21. “Anyway, they’re Pioneer Smart. Jacks of all trades….” I grasp that concept, like “planters time,” Dixiegirl.

  22. “Unfortunately, in this case we’re talking about the unshakeable, true belief in the race denying cult of Libertarianism. This horrible, race denying Libertarian cult seems to ensnare very many high IQ young White people.”

    Yes, and there might be a reason higher IQ people trend there.

    Why do people act like we are REALLY voting for the “ideal” version of that kind of world? Back in REALITY, even if Paul were elected, it would not produce the full Libertarian Agenda.

    Smarter people, especially creative-innovative types, just see it as “two steps forward, one back.” RP gets them closer to the goal. RP + a reversal of the south border trend… and that would be a step in the right direction.

    The border is really the only area where he truly sucks. Why don’t other groups help get him in—THEN deny him the open border?

    Many people act as if they are voting for The Program (the “doctrine” or “dogma” the candidate puts forward). As if they don’t think strategically, about WHICH PARTS of a given “platform” they can use.

    All the others are just as bad or worse on the border anyway. So there was nothing to LOSE.

  23. @Dixiegirl: “Back in REALITY, even if Paul were elected, it would not produce the full Libertarian Agenda.” I agree. We were aware of that, fully and constantly. We were supporting him “strategically” as you said, and there was as you said nothing to lose, no better choice among the candidates on states’ rights, etc.

    He shouldn’t continue to be bashed here over and over, but some of us should be bashing ourselves for not getting involved more and supporting him last winter and spring. Does that make us Libertarians? Not at all.

  24. Does that make us “true believers”? I’ll wear that label, since I believe in Truth. Does that make us “old believers”? Most are middle age or younger, not older. Have we embraced or do we represent “Ideology, which is genocide”? Not so, but there is a TRUE ideology that is the foundation of white civilisation. The ideology meme must not be misused without qualification. Whites should not live by “racial instinct” alone but by every word of God. I’m done preaching now.

  25. @Dixiegirl: Just read your last comment after posting mine. Dogmatism versus a relationship process? I think both are possible and necessary.

  26. Fr John, would you expound for us a bit on the matter of the filioque clause, despite the risk of getting off topic?

  27. Please adhere to the OD guidelines and make your comments address the topic of the post. In this case, the subject of the post is the failure (yet again) of Libertarian/economic conservative Presidential candidates to connect with White voters – the Libertarian, economic conservative message simple doesn’t sell to poor and working class White voters, never has, never will.

    Too many commenters are riding hobby horses of IQ studies and theological hair splitting. We have a big problem in the alternative Right “movement” of folks not being able to stay focused on the subject at hand, of not being able to live and think in the present. The past is history.

  28. “Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia are a long way from being the heart of the Cracker Nation. Most of those inbred bitches fought for the Union in the War of Northern Aggression.”

    Nonsense. The counties of West Virginia sent more regiments to the Confederates than they did the Union. Likewise Kentucky.

    The past is never dead. It’s not even past.
    – William Faulkner

  29. Mr. Ryan- I wrote my post in answer to the very question going on here, and now I see it not even listed from this morning, yet Mosin asks me a question that I raised in my reply.

    I don’t consider it sporting to delete a post that is neither ‘hair splitting’ or ‘indulging in arcane theological issues’ as ALL ISSUES are at base, theological. One’s worldview- even an atheistic one- is a RELIGIOUS worldview. The Atheist merely denies God- but that does not make his anti-god worldview any less religious- just more idiotic.

    The past is history, but it is still alive. If you doubt that fact, Ryan (as you seem to be defacto moderator of your own post, if I read things aright?) then what in the world is the point of the Southern sentiments on this board, if not trying to ‘keep history alive’ over the issue of State’s rights, the reality of inferior beings (i.e., slavery) and the improper actions of the North? If all of history is ‘dead’, then why this board?

    I think and live in the present, precisely BECAUSE I am grounded in the past. Those who do not learn from the past (including one’s theological insights) are doomed to repeat it, as Santayana once said. Looking at the Romney/Paul issues, it’s clear that you (and many who do not consider religious/theological topics germane to the discussion) are those ‘doomed’ to relive the last four years, over and over, and over again…..

    I’d appreciate my post restored to this forum, TYVM.

  30. Mosin, send me an email on my blog- I’ll give you my private email, or better yet, a phone number.. I’d much rather talk to a thinking man, than an ignorant savage, anyday.

  31. @ Ryan: That the “economic conservative message simply doesn’t sell to poor and working class White voters, never has, never will” may very well be true of the urban crowd you hang out with, but it is NOT true of poor rural whites. We still want our freedom and our way of life, as much as we cling to our religion, much more than money!

  32. The reason why the majority of white Americans does not jump on the libertarian bandwagon is because the television tells them not to. It’s just that plain and simple!

  33. Rudel: Now go look up which counties sent troops to the Union and you will know where the trash lives.

    By the way, how do you think the Cubs will do next time around? How about those Libertarians, eh?

  34. I supported Paul but I do not agree with him in many areas. He would often say he was against an issue because he felt it was up to the individual states to decide. He looked at issues from a federal level. I understood this. I also understood that the crux of our problem is the federal government and anyone willing to dismantle it, bit-by-bit, was better than all those that would eventually grow it.

    I also understood that the people who control both parties would never let Paul – or anyone like him – get anywhere. And, Jack, I am not talking about some twisted CT but the people with the money and influence who BUY both parties. He was ridiculed from the start but his followers understood what was going on. This is what made them so passionate. They understood the game and what was really at stake. Look at how the GOP changed the rules. Look at the game playing when it came to Paul at the recent convention. Whether you supported him or not, it should make you furious!

    Has anyone else noticed that the bigger the federal government gets, the more whites are disenfranchised?

  35. Snowhitey, many love television entertainment most of all! It’s the brightest spot in their gulag lives. But rural folks often don’t have time to watch. They have better, REAL things to do.

    Yes, Fr John, I’m emailing now, and thank you for being “apt to teach”! But I’m sorry the rest of the readers of this blog are missing out on your brief explanation of the filioque mentioned in many of your comments.

  36. Jack Ryan: Sorry about all of the major deviations away from the topic. Don’t take it as a personal slight. It is due primarily to the fact that we all quickly exhausted your topic and Hunter was busy teaching us about subjects that, while very interesting, do not leave much room for discussion. It’s hard to bang heads about a history lesson, and, as I’m sure you have noticed, the folks who visit OD on a regular basis live to bang heads.

  37. Well said, Snowhitey: “He looked at issues from a federal level. I understood this. I also understood that the crux of our problem is the federal government and anyone willing to dismantle it, bit-by-bit, was better than all those that would eventually grow it.” That’s exactly what we want: states’ rights, local rights, dismantling or weakening the federal government as well as the “Fed”! Dumping him for his over-pandering to Hispanics when all the BIGGER-government candidates were doing the same pandering did not make sense, not from ours or any point of view.

  38. “(F)olks who visit OD on a regular basis live to bang heads.” It depends in what sense you mean “bang heads.” We nearly all enjoy a truly free, untrammeled, uncensored forum for intelligent discussion, but just to argue for the sake of argument is a shame, not white, and I think most of us hate it.

  39. I am viewing this post in light of what Cambria has written this week, especially Mr. Ryan.

    “The liberal never has any other kind of hero than the Lincoln-type, because the liberal is the man without a country, a man “concentred all in self.” This is the key to the liberal. If you abstract from men only the qualities that fit your abstractions, and then revere and worship the abstraction, to whom are you paying homage? Whom do you really worship? Yourself, of course. Lee was only clubbable as an abstract supporter of abolition and higher education, not as the man who was the defender of his people. And the abstraction process did not start with Northern liberals nor did it stop with them. The Son of God was abstracted from the heart of Europe. In a bygone era, He was the sum product of a theologian’s abstract notion of nature. In subsequent eras, He became Christ the Watchmaker, Christ the Marxist, Christ the Democrat, Christ the End Product of Evolution, and Christ the Negro-Worshipping Social Worker. But in every liberal manifestation of Christ there is no living God, no Christ the Lord who carried our sorrows and was wounded for our transgressions. We must and will have that God, the true God, who comes to us through “our mysterious human relationships,” that the liberals have maniacally abstracted out of existence.” –

  40. Mosin Nagant: J. Philippe Rushton. Read his books or get it the lazy way by putting his name in the youtube search field.

  41. Playing Roots Backwards says:
    September 2, 2012 at 8:06 pm (Edit)
    “Jack Ryan: Sorry about all of the major deviations away from the topic. Don’t take it as a personal slight. It is due primarily to the fact that we all quickly exhausted your topic and Hunter was busy teaching us about subjects that, while very interesting, do not leave much room for discussion. It’s hard to bang heads about a history lesson, and, as I’m sure you have noticed, the folks who visit OD on a regular basis live to bang heads.”

    Jack Ryan:

    I accept your apology. At the same time I think commenters can do better and stay more focused on the topic of the post. The topic of this post is more than just showing the terrible losing history of Libertarian/ economic conservative Presidential candidates, we’re trying to get our candidates and leaders to get better at communicating with regular White people, learning to reach the hearts and minds of our people, not lying to them, but trying much harder to tell them what they want to hear, showing our people that we’re on their side that we care about them and that we’re not a separate group of [email protected] [email protected]@@@, not a bunch or worthless intellectual cowards, obsessed with obscure theological, intellectual divisions from foreign lands in past times. Our people have real concerns here and now, some of their concerns like rampant Black crime, Muslim terrorism, mass 3rd world immigration really aren’t that hard to understand, it doesn’t take a PHD in Austrian free market economics and when our Presidential candidates put out the idea that they are generally clueless about the concerns of regular people, well we lose.

    I’m interested in competing to win.

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