The Cost of the Union: Federal Court Blocks Texas Voter ID Law


Here we have another illustration of why secession is necessary: the same federal court that blocked the Texas redistricting map on the grounds of “racism” has blocked the Texas Voter ID law for imposing “strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor” that disproportionately affect minority voters.

Note: Reforming the system is impossible.

I will say though that pushing for things like state immigration laws and Voter ID laws is useful and worthwhile … purely for the sake of exposing and delegitimizing the consolidated despotism in Washington in order to advance secession.

“WASHINGTON (AP) –A federal court on Thursday rejected a Texas law that would require voters to present photo IDs to election officials before being allowed to cast ballots in November…

The ruling comes two days after a separate federal three-judge panel ruled that Texas’ Republican dominated state Legislature did not draw new congressional and state Senate district maps “without discriminatory purposes.”

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  1. Let’s not forget all the Germanic people who raped their way across Rome, and Roman slaves as I recall were Med’s or Alpine Europeans not negros and the like.

    Antoine wall, which is north of Hadrians’s wall pretty much helped create the border region which produces the Reivers, and follows the Tweed river. North of the Tweed river is Lowlands Scotland where my folks hail from, the wall is South of /parallels the river

    “North of Hadrian’s Wall the Romans built forts like Newstead on the River Tweed, made treaties with local tribes to protect their frontier, and kept a careful eye on the locals through a system of scouts. Relationships with the Caledonian tribes north of the wall were, however, tenuous.”

  2. The courts are criminal. Those political hacks in black robes intend to have Barry Soetero reelected and to hell with the country and the people (White people). These putrid assholes in the courts think that the replacement of Whites by the browns and blacks won’t affect them in their little insular worlds. They will be in for a big surprise.
    We the people can have no faith in such places as the courts.

  3. @ Rudel says:

    ……Tiny cabal!?! LARGE majorities of both parties of Congress have voted for the present laws and confirmed the appointment of the present federal judiciary for decades!”

    Exactly. If it’s not a handful of jews, it’s that puritan menace. People should look in a mirror and take some responsibility. (Generally, it’s the groups who are pretending THEY NEVER do anything, and who we’re never even supposed to mention or expect, who are really doing the dirty… isn’t that usually the case in life?)

    And the thing about the “LEFT” being hippies and indoctrinating all the kids by using arts and all that crap, go read Dave McGowan (better than his interviews) pieces on Laurel Canyon, and overlap of Military intelligence, Lookout Mountain studios, etc. Jim Morrison’s dad as player in Gulf of Tonkin, etc. Many of the “art-teest” have rather interesting backgrounds, and are from old established families than most people guess, Marlon Brando or whoever, and when the movements first started, a startling amount of lack of any arts experience (LOL). People bitch about “the lack of talent” in arts, but don’t mention the obvious (um…they ARENT’ artists, lol) Beatniks, my ass.

  4. Jared says:

    @ “….It’s amusing to watch 313Chris making excuses for what his people have done to destroy Dixie and White civilization in America. Without Yankees, there would be no threat of genocide in the face of massive NW immigration and no BRA….”

    That’s my problem with the whole Yankee paradigm and it was helpful when I pulled my thinking out of it. Is Chris really a yankee (like old new england puritan type; yankee-type-yankee?) OR is he a Northeastern.

    Yankee and Northeastern. Imo, those are different animals. After the war, the yankees got displaced by the Northeasterner, and the 1900s immigrants transplanted their fascist-versus-commie scene from europe—- as if America (north OR south) had never even happened.

    Southerners are lucky, in that they have already had to keep up all their culture (arts, history, catalouging of literary and intellectual movements, etc.) ever since the war. Soon, old yankees will start bitching about ‘whatever happened to Emily Dickinson and Anne Bradstreet, or whatever’ and they will try to preserve some memory of themselves (as something other than the reason for everything bad).

    Who knows who will displace the Northeasterns. Probably the Chinese if you look at Irish them… (Kennedys, Ryans, Bidens, Tarantinos, etc…) with their friends like Pelosi, Reno, Napolitano, etc…)

    The more I stare at it, the more I think they just hate Northern europeans (anglos especially, but also anything northern euro).

    Portugal had all the slaves, but it’s allowed to be 100% ethnic Portuguese. Where’s the movie on that?

  5. @JimmyGears

    “If they make whites a minority and force everyone to “mix in”, as they are trying to do to whites in the USA and everywhere else, it will no longer [be] a white nation. Massive immigration and forced integration is intended to destroy white nations and it will.”

    – Revalation! Thanks for letting me know about this! :/

    “If you stay behind as a minority, your ancestors will be as dark as the Aryan’s ancestors in India, or King Tut’s ancestors in Egypt.”

    – First, I’ve been a minority in my homeland my entire life. It’s not the end of the end of the world. And to be clear, just because people might happen to be white, doesn’t mean that I should, or even would, automatically desire their company. Second, your ancestors come BEFORE you, and your DESCENDANTS come after you. Third, what do you mean by “stay behind”? Where else am I going to go? I only have one country. Don’t tell me you’re suggesting Covington’s silliness as a serious alternative. Even Rudel has finally figured that for the scam that it is.

    “So there will be nothing left to save or reform.”

    – There will be nothing left to save or reform, if we abandonand surrender everything we have, for some stupid idea like “white republic”.

  6. “- Revalation! Thanks for letting me know about this! :/”

    No need to be rude, when no one has been rude to you. Is this why Southerners do not like Northerners, because you people are rude for no reason?

    “- There will be nothing left to save or reform, if we abandonand surrender everything we have, for some stupid idea like “white republic”.”

    You sneer at a “white republic” as if it is a bad thing. Why do you post here, if you hate the idea of whites having their own explicitly white country?

    I can see why you get into arguments with people here. You are very trollish.

  7. Truly, they make a joke out of “voting.” But only for whites.

    Like that dumb Repeater so many Whites only are fed from birth: “…it’s polite never to discuss politics or religion….”

    Someone must come up with a Repeater Comeback for that one. Polite…FOR WHOM? Who, exactly, isn’t going to like it, lol?

    That saying (popularized repeatedly like by Linus in the Pumpkin Patch) has done more than any to convince people it’s just not CLASSY to discuss ideas.

    —- The trick is making it CLASSY to discuss politics and religion in the u.s. Uninformed people should be ostracized. People who can’t argue. Who expose they haven’t bothered to think about things (and with more depth than the party line).

  8. Really,

    If you have tried to discuss politics or religion, you have heard that REPEATER hundreds of times.

    It’s the main Shut-up sentence repeated by those who refuse to think.

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