Ron Paul Refuses To Endorse Romney


The Ron Paul crowd isn’t jumping on the Romney-Ryan bandwagon either:

Note: Romney can’t even match McCain’s performance with White voters in the polls much less win over the 5 to 6 percent he needs to replicate Bush 2004. He is also underperforming Bush with blacks and Hispanics.

“TAMPA — Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign gave Texas Rep. Ron Paul a chance to speak at the Republican National Convention, but he declined due to the conditions of the offer, the New York Times reports:

Mr. Paul, in an interview, said convention planners had offered him an opportunity to speak under two conditions: that he deliver remarks vetted by the Romney campaign, and that he give a full-fledged endorsement of Mr. Romney. He declined.

“It wouldn’t be my speech,” Mr. Paul said. “That would undo everything I’ve done in the last 30 years. I don’t fully endorse him for president.”


  1. RP might be the last person I ever vote for in a US presidential election. At this point I just want the system gone; I have no wish to replace its leader with a slightly less evil candidate.

  2. I applaud Ron Paul for his commitment to principle.

    That being said, anyone who doesn’t vote for Romney this fall because he isn’t in every way perfect is an effing fool who will deliver this country into the hands of Marxists.

    And no, the South isn’t going rise again in response to Obama’s re-election. Going into the last Civil War, the south had the greatest military minds and the bravest and most committed citizenry, and they lost that one. How much worse would it be today?

    Voting for Ron Paul or some other fringe third party candidate in this election is an act of a petulant, adolescent narcissisit. If Obama wins, there won’t even be websites like this within a few years. Get real.

  3. I don’t fully endorse this whole Obamney versus Robama horse race for head of the Yankee BRA empire, either. The government itself is the problem, regardless of the putative head elected. Still, I wonder who the Yankees will elect this time?

    I’m thinking King Nog will enjoy riding roughshod over all the hillbillies who did not vote for his second term. In other words, our future is as dark as the Yankee preference at the ballot box. Thanks again in advance, Yankees.

    Deo Vindice

  4. The only poll that matters is the one on Election Day.

    Apuleius – You’re welcome in advance. Pick your own cotton next time.

  5. Don’t feed the Libertarians.

    If you or anyone you love has fallen down in to this terrible cult – get help, get out.

  6. When the black hordes march through Dixie killing and raping the Southrons and their women, just remember that you could have done something and didn’t!

    You ain’t seen nothing yet. The Amnesty by Fiat is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Wait until the Mass Arrivals of black Refugees begins, and the Massive Increase of Section 8 terrorist attacks get into town! Idi Amin jr. is going to FLOOD the United States with niggers! The ZULU Pink Panther Hordes will pillage your villages and rape your wives and daughters, while the US Military enforces the UN Gun Ban!

    Go ahead and throw your vote away on a no-name third party or that Old Fool Ron Paul! Ron Paul – the MLK worshiping senile old man who thinks that the Worst Thing in the World is the Racism that puts niggers in PRISON!

  7. Go along to get along is the soul of the Republican.

    To hell with them.

    No Obama won’t finish us off in 4 years, niggers wont “chimp out” if he loses, Romney would do a little better in terms of economic policy and a little worse in terms of foreign policy, but the “cold equations” won’t change and whites would be <69% of the nation after two terms of Romney (we are 72% as of the last census). More babies are anti-white then white currently, and in 18 years they will start to vote. At that point, the slow genocide will quicken, and all bets are off.

    If you had to pick a GOP candidate most similar to Obama

    BEFORE the primary

    you would chose Romney, hands down.

    Romney will lose, no matter if the entire white activist internet community votes for him en masse. That scares those that will have to either lie down or fight back come November 9th. Remember, go along to get along.

    I for one want to engage my people and make the case for partition.

  8. I’m guessing most readers are in the South.

    I am (Tennessee).

    Tennessee is a solid Red state now in presidential elections.

    Thanks to the electoral college, I can “throw my vote away” on Merlin Miller of A3P (American Third Position).

    But if you don’t live in a solid Red state, maybe the Obama vs Romney debate has more merit.

  9. They want you to think your vote doesn’t matter! If voting is an exercise in futility, then why do Democrats Cheat So Much to Win?

    The stories of Democrats rounding up bums on skid row and bussing them to the polls is TRUE! Democrats are constantly caught in Voter Fraud, and Ballot Box Stuffing!

    If these elections are meaningless, then why do people risk YEARS in Prison to influence them?

    If you REALLY BELIEVE there’s no difference between RINO Romney and Idi Amin jr., then you must be an Egalitarian that believes in Equality between Races! NO?

  10. You can’t compare Romney’s late august poll numbers to McCain’s or W’s actual election numbers – still a lot of undecideds. If nothing happens to alter Obama’s approval rating, Romney will get at least 2/3, probably more like 3/4, of the undecideds. This is enough for him to win the popular vote; and when viewed state by state, enough for well over over 300 Electoral College votes. Throw in Romney’s fundraising advantage, and voter excitement advantage affecting turnout, and he’s got this.

    We borrow 40% of our annual budget. Over $1 trillion dollar annual deficit. Trillions in debt. 100s of billions of dollars of unfunded Social Security and Medicare obligations. We’re likely headed for a depression regardless of who wins in November. I can’t fathom the horror of Obama in control when the opportunity for Martial Law presents itself. Yes, he would be much worse then Romney. Romney isn’t a white-hating, US-hating psychopath.

  11. Dr. Doom, one of the facts you presented seems better for a refutation of your position. Any vote is worth exactly the same as that of a skid row bum? How much is the opinion of a skid row bum worth? So how much is any vote really worth?

    There is a large enough population of gullible, easily misled people to keep our politicians in business with or without any individual vote. Any individual vote has only a symbolic meaning at best and only then within the context of a larger body of votes.

    The American electoral process is a travesty. Once the initial limitations to the franchise began to be removed, the integrity of the process received a mortal wound. It has been dead for quite some time now, the thirteenth, seventeenth, nineteenth, and twenty sixth amendments have seen to that quite well.

    Degenerate democracy headed for tyranny. That is where we are at present. The outcome is as predictable as it is unavoidable. The damage was done quite some time ago. Consequences don’t always immediately follow every action. Sometimes they take time to develop.

    Deo Vindice

  12. Hunter Wallace says:
    August 27, 2012 at 12:16 am
    I’m not voting for Mitt Romney either.

    Then you are, in effect, voting for Obama.

    Isn’t that precious.

  13. When there are only two possible winners, not voting for one has the effect of voting for the other. All of you who vote third party may feel antiestablishmentarian as you’re voting, but if Idi Amin, jr. wins you’ll regret it quickly.

    Imagine the Entire Population of Haiti moving to your town on Section 8 vouchers.

    It will be a lot like that!

  14. No, I am not voting for Mitt Romney:

    – Romney ran hard on immigration in the primaries in order to defeat his rivals. Then he stopped talking about immigration in the general election campaign.

    – Romney and Ryan have both endorsed Marco Rubio’s version of the DREAM Act.

    – He wants to build a “virtual fence” which is another way of saying he reversed his position from the primary debates and has no intention of securing the border.

    – In spite of multiple provocations from Obama who effectively gutted the border patrol and gave amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, Romney’s response was silence.

    – Mitt Romney has since clarified that his support for Arizona’s immigration law was not a reference to SB 1070.

    – Mitt Romney is indistinguishable from George W. Bush and John McCain on immigration. He wants to dramatically expand legal immigration.

    – Mitt Romney’s plan to revive the economy is more free trade agreements.

    – Mitt Romney will put the neocons back in charge of foreign policy and start more wars. He believes that Obama hasn’t sucked up to Israel hard enough.

    – Mitt Romney will do absolutely nothing to dismantle BRA. He has nothing to say about BRA issues like affirmative action or violent crime.

    – Mitt Romney spoke to the NAACP and promised to give away suburban schools to underperforming urban blacks.

    – There is nothing in at Romney’s website that gives me any positive reason to vote for him.

    If you want lower taxes for brown people, more legal immigration, more free trade, more wars, the neocons back in power, the status quo on the border, a foreign policy that is more subservient to Israel and more antagonistic toward Russia, and if you think we have been too hard on Wall Street, then Mitt Romney is your guy.

    Go vote for “America’s Comeback Team” if you “Believe In America.” I don’t believe in America. I am not voting for Obama or the Bill Kristol Comeback Team either.

  15. Well then, put on some lipstick and a dress and welcome your new nigger overlords.

    You better burn your Confederate Flag Now, the niggers HATE that!

  16. Back in 2000 2004 liberals debated withhold votes for Gore and Kerry. Result Ralph Nader bled off enough to screw Gore. Kerry was less affected but still … He was damaged by having to tack left. I like to think that if Kerry had won there would be no Obama now. You be debating quite different issues at the moment.

    I would take on board your critique of Romney, but in the end Obama is a stinking black bastard. Why doom yourself to have to listen to him for another 4 years?

  17. “Then you are, in effect, voting for Obama. Isn’t that precious.”

    That’s not precious, it’s the sort of bullshit you “lesser of two evil” establishment types use to try to keep your serfs on the reservation. When you vote for them they take that as an endorsement and mandate for all of their policies.

    My advice is to vote third party. They get upset at the sheer disobedience of it.

  18. “If you want lower taxes for brown people, more legal immigration, more free trade, more wars, the neocons back in power, the status quo on the border, a foreign policy that is more subservient to Israel and more antagonistic toward Russia, and if you think we have been too hard on Wall Street, then Mitt Romney is your guy.”

    If you want no taxes for brown people, subisidized immigration, a shrinking economy, more wars to install the Muslim Brotherhood, Hollywood back in power, a completely open border, a foreign policy that is counter to the interests of the American people, and if you think the democrats haven’t done enough for Wall Street, then re-elect Barack Obama by throwing your vote away in futile gesture.

  19. “My advice is to vote third party. “

    In a two party system, voting third party is choosing the greater of two evils. Get real.

  20. I will bet any OD reader that the GOP convention has lower raitings than ME TV’s re-runs of Gilligan’s Island.

    One of the worst things about our White American people is that we tend to be dull. I didn’t think I was going to make it through church this morning as two women got up and spoke for ~ an hour about absolutely nothing – there was no theme, no subject, no point – just boring White women going on and on and on and on about….


  21. John Eickhoff

    You support Ron Paul for sticking to his principles yet the average American voter should not stick to his?

    We’re doomed with a Romney win as well as an Obama win. Romney probably won’t sic the troops on us but he’ll do the same damn damage. The delusion and illusion marches on…

  22. We don’t have a two party system numbnuts. We have a one party system. All they are doing when the administration changes is switching out the midfielders. As George Wallace said “there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between them.”

  23. I vacillated between being for Ron Paul (until Iowa, and RP’s non-aggression about rigged voting in the Cornhead state)

    and then voting for Obummer, just to ‘show them’ that the sooner the world came crashing down, the better.

    Then I realized I don’t want to live in Stalin’s Russia, with a Nigger at the helm. And Eric Holder masquerading as the conscience of this land, when he has none. (a conscience, that is….)

    Romney may be a jerk, a spoiled brat, a Messican, and a Moron. But he’s White, and his hierarchy will SURELY influence his decisions- especially if we start blaming the Morons, for EVERY SINGLE antichrist action Romney et al. contemplate.
    The LDS hate negative publicity- imagine a LDS PREZ!

    I’m voting Anglo-Saxon, because I hate that damn nigger and his entire apparatus of evil. I think Dr. Doom and Mr. Eickhoff are correct. If I wanted to live in Zimbamwe, I’d have moved there long ago. But I don’t, and I’m not.


    Nothing else matters in the long run. Cambria’s latest post puts it all into perspective.

    BTW, I am GLAD that Ron Paul is giving Mittens the snub. Now, if only the Paul delegates would create a havoc to rival the 1968 Democratic Convention, we’d be talking turkey. Never let them forget, and never forgive their ignoring the platform their party puts together.

  24. At the federal level, I’ve done the voting for the lesser of two evils my whole life, well at least since Jessie Helms died. Where did it get us? More evil to chose from. I’ll not do it again

    I’d leave any church that allows women to talk during it. The Bible is clearly against such a thing and it will lead no where good. Which of course won’t happen because feminism owns more male souls then God

  25. Voting third party is the only rational game play unless two conditions are met: one, that one mainstream candidate is clearly better than the other, and two, that that better candidate is a credible possible winner.

    In 12 or 13 states, the outcome in that state is in question. All but possibly one state are winner-take-all, so it matters not if your candidate gets 30 or 49 percent: he loses all the delegates. In the other states, we already are 90-95% certain who will win the state and carry those delegates. If you are in California and vote republican, or in Kansas and vote Democrat, that might as well be a libty, green, reform, or A3P vote: it’s just symbolic.

    Most House and Senate races are not “in play”. House races are made safe by gerrymandering and Senate races, for senators with more than two or three terms, by the seniority system that means the old c*******ers like Byrd, Teddy K., ad nauseum were and Insane McCain and Lautenberg and Feinswine are capable of bringing in the pork without question. Presidential races hinge on those swing states with a lot of delegates. This is a system engineered to maintain the status quo.

    I really don’t care about (in the system) political strategy, though I do vote because it is without cost and therefore good game play. The end result is going to be the destruction of this system, and likely of the United States as a single sovereign entity, and that’s how it goes. Seeing a piece of the pie be all-White and Jew free is the important thing, and if it’s not one but two or three that’s fine, as long as they are viable pieces, with resources, coastline, and the rest. Actually, I kind of like the idea of one in the Northwest, one in the Southeast, and even maybe a third with access to the Great Lakes. Giving the steezers Aztlan more or less (less would be better, but do we really want Southern California, inclined as it is to breed white indolence, debauchery and stupidity with its idyllic climate?) and perhaps a slice for those negroes not reasonably sendable to Africa, this means five or six pieces, maybe seven, which passes the TLAR test to me-that looks about right.

    None of those pieces will ever be a world empire, which is just the point. But they will have the resources to build ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads, or the White ones will, which will provide deterrence, and field armies and navies capable of defending their own turf pretty well. Defending Kikistan or ensuring the flow of sandnog sweet crude at sub market prices will be as impossible as it is unthinkable, too. I view these as features and not bugs.

  26. There are some differences but I’ll concede they’re slight and shrink every year that this country’s stock becomes more muddied and vulgarized. Maybe Romney will chuck the African “art” and bring back the bust of Churchill to the Oval Office that Obama had mothballed in exchange for Lincoln. Maybe not.

    It boils down to disgust from watching that purple-lipped coon in the White House.
    Do people really understand the message a NIGGER president sends to us, our youth and the world? A nigger from God know’s where scampered between three colleges just to get one degree (transcripts of course unaccounted for) then he starts writing a book, “organizes a community” (wtf is that?) and slides into Harvard on account of his Niggerness. He’s a lowlife piece of shit that never had a real job in his entire life. Now he’s president. This is scary stuff.

    Romney sets a good example for White men: work hard/play hard, marry a gorgeous fecund woman. He’s someone white youth could growup respecting.
    Meanwhile Obama represents all that is wrong in the system. And although Romney’s certainly not the man to fix the problems it’d be better for me personally not having an AA Nigger shoved in my face 24/7. I try to block out BRA Niggers, their unbridled existence “wounds my heart with a monotonous languor”.

  27. There’s a Nigger in the White House.
    I try not to dwell on it.
    It’s so very depressing.

    There’s a Nigger in the White House.
    The fan’s been hit with shit.
    Everything else is window dressing.

    There’s a Nigger in the White House
    But that’s not the worst of it,
    Some white men think it a blessing

  28. Some white men think it a curse.
    A culminating malediction:
    There’s a Nigger in the White House.

    But there is something worse,
    Even if today you held the election,
    There’s a Nigger in the White House.

    You’re never going to get that stain out…

    Deo Vindice

  29. Vendikar:
    ” The end result is going to be the destruction of this system, and likely of the United States as a single sovereign entity, and that’s how it goes.”

    Pure fantasy. Obama is not out to change America around the edges, he is out to dispossess the white man from this country. And no, they won’t even offer us reservations; they will take it all.

  30. I can’t believe people can not see the difference between these two candidates.

    This must be bizarro world! Talmudvision Brainwashing is more effective than I thought!

    You have the makings of a Zimbabwe or Uganda African Dictatorship, and Whites are on the fence about voting for someone that reminds them of Bush!

    Seriously? You can’t tell the difference between Bush and Bushman? WTH?

  31. Differences?

    What’s the difference? Romney is a more full throated supporter of Israel and Wall Street than Obama. He accuses Obama of weakness on free trade. He accuses Obama of not being sufficiently antagonistic toward Russia.

  32. So did Ron Paul! He was gung ho for twice as many browns coming in!

    None of the candidates are for stopping the FLOOD of MUD!

    You would prefer more black than brown?

  33. So, if the Democrats want to import ten million non-Whites a year while the Republicans only want to import nine million non-Whites, then everyone who is pro-White must “vote Republican”?

  34. Hunter Wallace says:
    August 27, 2012 at 4:14 am
    Mitt Romney is equally committed to White dispossession. He wants to dramatically expand legal immigration from the Third World.”

    Hunter, I read this site because I think you are brilliant. You are an original thinker who has introduced me to a number of interesting ideas. But that statement is simply absurd.

    Yes Romney is blind to the white genocide agenda behind current immigration policy, but Obama is not – he embraces it. That is a huge difference.

  35. Mitt Romney will not solve the black problem, Hunter.

    However, he will not EXACERBATE or CONTRIBUTE to it either.

    The blacks are Stupid. Without a leader they are disorganized and ineffective.

    Do Not Give Them a Leader. Especially one that despises Whites!

  36. So does Romney.

    Just over the past three months, Obama has gutted the border patrol and granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Mitt Romney responded with 1.) silence, 2.) choosing Paul Ryan as VP who repeatedly voted for amnesty, 3.) talking up the need to dramatically expand legal immigration, and 4.) endorsing the Marco Rubio DREAM Act.

    His plan to “secure the border” is “boots on the ground” and the “virtual fence” – the exact same lies and tricks used by George W. Bush who allowed hundreds of thousands if not millions of illegals to cross the border.

    Mitt Romney is owned by billionaires like Bob Perry, Charles Butts, and Sheldon Adelson. I’m not voting for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce/Wall Street Journal immigration policy under any circumstances.

    I would have voted for Romney but his actions since the primaries has exposed him as a flip flopping liar and a Republican establishment tool who will say anything to get elected.

  37. “Imagine the Entire Population of Haiti moving to your town on Section 8 vouchers.”

    Already happened. Been there, done that. Next…

    Deo Vindice

  38. Will Romney raise an army of feral apes to kill and rape you and your family?

    Seriously, have you any familiarity with Rhodesia becoming Zimbabwe or the New South Africa?

    You probably think that can’t happen here, but then you’re not a narcissistic nigger with a retarded I.Q. and a messianic complex aided and abetted by a compliant media!

    Is there a limit to Leftist Lunacy? Do they not seem violent and nihilistic in their tendencies?

    Who’s going to stop the madness? Boehner the crybaby? McInsane the Loser?

    Digest this description. Black Communist Anti-White Muslim President. Lame Duck.

  39. John,

    No, he’s not. Let go of any lingering sympathy you may have for mainstream conservatism and the GOP. They won’t help us.

    Side Note:

    I’d like to see some evidence Obama will do things to harm whites Romney will not also do.

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