1. They’re not in such great shape over there either. Sharia law is recognized under some circumstances, the niggers rioted last year, I just read an article today about how they have a brain drain because of their tawdry National Health Service, and they don’t have a functioning aircraft carrier at the present time.

  2. How the mighty have fallen, he?

    These truly be the Last Days of the Empire. Nothing new to see here, my nation went trough that on the last quarter of the past century.

  3. Where is that actually photographed?

    The moaning in the declaration looks quite silly now doesn’t it?

    A government of the hooknose, by subhuman niggers, for perverted queers shall inherit this earth.

  4. That picture is a fake. The original was a billboard with George W. Bush on it. Hunter must be once again fantasizing that George III would have let him keep his degenerate slave empire. I’m sure it’ll pass in a couple days.

    John, piss off back home if life here is so intolerable you and your sense of entitlement. I’ll take my “moaning-filled” declaration over your inbred trash monarchy any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

    Yankee Pride!

  5. In the US, movie stars are the pseudo royalty and most of those are Jews.

    Hollywood is Jewish and that’s the royal family.

  6. AFAIK the BUGS site is down because of a problem with the domain name, not a DOS on the server or anything.

    anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

  7. While I’m no fan of the House of Hanover, the point being made here is well taken. Any Christian monarchy is better than a propositional republic.

    As for England: all it would take would be a monarch with a willingness to assert power and the gonads to do so. Every member of the British Army, Royal Navy, and other military forces swears

    by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to [the reigning monarch, His/Her] Heirs and Successors, and that I will, as in duty bound, honestly and faithfully defend [His/Her] Majesty, [His/Her] Heirs and Successors, in Person, Crown and Dignity against all enemies, and will observe and obey all orders of [His/Her] Majesty, [His/Her] Heirs and Successors, and of the generals and officers set over me. So help me God.

    Read it again, folks. Every soldier, sailor, airman, and marine (and boy scout, girl guide, cop, and astronaut) in the UK is bound by oath to obey HBME2R, not Parliament. A king or queen with the proper attitude could simply dissolve Parliament, dclare personal rule, and have the SAS round up and detain any MP who refused to go along. There’d be a civil war, of course, but which side would the general population of the UK more likely support: the godless, soulless Eurocrats in Parliament, or the beloved Monarch?

    It’s what I’d do.

  8. I’m starting to think that a government headed by President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho might not be so bad compared to what we have to choose from in November.

  9. Chillout 313 “Gatekeeper of the Republic” Chris.
    It’s not like I’m running for office. Like Todd Akin.

  10. What is Wrong with All of You? Have you seen the UK lately? Londonistan?

    White women thrown into Jail for complaining openly about Foreign Invaders is not better than the situation in the United States! At least not yet!

    Do you really want to be ruled by Prissy Prince Charles? Or, how about the Labour Party – which would put the Communist Party to Shame in its Anti-White Policies!

    Even RINO Romney is better than Cameron! Did you see him mooning over that Wildabeast Mrs. Idi Amin jr.?

    Sickening! Its not Great Britain anymore! No Empire left either!

  11. Like Rudel said, England is in bad shape; in worse shape then us if you ask me since they have such horrible anti free speech laws, the war on men is much worse, gun rights are…. basically non existent….. and they have no large pool of good ol boys, north or South to blunt the explosion of liberalism or possibly bail their urbanized ass out of the fire

    how long has your family been in the usa Chris? Seem to me I recall your kin being new kids so perhaps folks in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

  12. I forsee a few pogroms. If anything breaks loose with
    Iran I think that the general population is going to put 2 and 2 together. The opposition to invading Iraq (Zionist war) was quite genuaine. Divestment of Israeli assets is also quite energetic.

    One thing about the Irish who do migrate to the UK (as opposed to the US) is that they are fantastically racist.
    Their women are ferociously bigotted. It’s good.

  13. ‘What is Wrong with All of You? Have you seen the UK lately? Londonistan?’

    Dr. Doom, did the picture up there have the current UK PM’s face on it? No. It had King George III’s picture on it.

  14. Stone. The US is quite far gone. Your cities are black. Florida and the Southwest are Hispanic.

    London has always been foreign.

    The real worry is places like Birmingham, Leicester or Luton. But it is fixable.

  15. Great Britain was fixable. The UK is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the EU!

    It may as well be called the EUSSR!

  16. If the Colonies had not broken away pernicious ideas like equality would never have gained currency. Therefore the motherland might have never caught the fatal disease of looking at niggers as citizens.

  17. Are you kidding? Britain freed its slaves BEFORE the United States!

    Where do you think Abolitionism came from?

    After the French Revolutionaries freed Haiti and the blacks slaughtered the Whites, the Jews started freeing every negro slave in the World!

    Anti-White Bastards!

  18. @Stonelifter

    “how long has your family been in the usa Chris?”

    – Over a hundred years on both sides.

    “Seems to me I recall your kin being new kids”

    – My family built highways and railroads, fought in every war since WW2, and policed the city of Detroit. We earned our fucking keep a thousand times over and we’re not “new kids”. And I’m a hell of a lot more loyal to my country, than your cry-baby ass is.

    “so perhaps folks in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

    – Oh yeah? Then follow your own advice next time you blame Northerners for America’s nigger problem.

  19. Kid Chris- We’re not blaming Northernors, we’re blaming YANKEES.

    I’m a Northernor by birth, but I am NOT a Yankee- let alone a Yankee Supremacist.
    Though I do tend to be driven by a sense of predestinating Calvinist superiority…. lol.

    But I am a monarchist at heart. Robert Oculus, I agree with you. A Christian Monarch that was racially aware, White and a ‘Little Father’ of his people, would be as Christ himself, in comparison to Obummer.

    From your mouth to God’s ears, as the Hebes say……

  20. @cult-leader John+

    In case you haven’t noticed, these Confederate fetishizers (like Apuleius and Stonelifter) don’t distinguish between the two. Every Northerner is a Yankee and every Yankee is their enemy. It’s more than bizarre, much like your own religious gibberish, but it’s interesting to observe.

  21. You a new coming then Chris, hardly american at all and the type of people the 2nd Klan disapproved of, in part for being liberal in your politics and morality. My great-grandfather’s pipe has been in this country longer than your people. Mine fought in all the wars before WW2, all the wars since WW2, settled the frontiers when they were still on the east coast, fought Indians, the British twice, dealt with the dust bowl… you wouldn’t understand because these things are not in your blood like they are original stock

    They are your niggers Chris. Your people ended jim crow and set them free. My people stood against it until the federal troops were called in. You are beyond ignorant. The perfect indoctrinated tool

    We know there are, in theory, yankees and damnyankees, the problem is we see so many damnyankees it’s no longer worth marking the difference. Which is sad

  22. @Stonelifter

    “You[‘re] a new coming then Chris, hardly American at all..”

    – I’m more American than your perverted, traitorous, cheap mercenary ass is.

    “..and the type if people the second Klan disapproved of..”

    – You’re right about that. My great-grandfather once had a little run-in with a pack of redneck cocksuckers like yourself. Didn’t turn out well for them, either. Tell you what — when you take your trip next spring, stop off up in Luther, MI and go digging in the woods and maybe you might find some skeletal remains of “y’alls kin”.

    “..in part for being liberal in your politics and morality.”

    – If you think my support for abortion rights and intolerance for slavery makes me “liberal”, then think whatever you like. Given your character, I take it as a compliment

    “My great-grandfather’s pipe has been in this country longer than your people.”

    – Good, you can put it up your ass and fuck yourself with it. You wouldn’t have a country if it wasn’t for my people.

    “Mine fought in all the wars before WW2..”

    – Considering the way the “new kids” in the Union army whipped your rebel asses, I have to imagine your people weren’t much to be bragging about.

    “..settled the frontiers etc, etc… you wouldn’t understand because these things are not in your blood like they are original stock”

    – Well there’s one thing that’s in my people’s blood, that your stock has akways lacked — the strength and discipline to do our own work. You lazy, slave-owning, coward.

    “They are your niggers Chris. Your people ended Jim Crow and set them free.”

    – Your people brought them here and gave them your family surnames. They’re your niggers. Always were.

    “You are beyond ignorant.”

    – No, I’m pretty sure I got your number.

    “The perfect indoctrinated tool”

    – Says the cheap mercenary who makes a living by doing his Jew-master’s bidding. You’re a fucking joke.

  23. 313Chris, like Fr. John and Oculus, I would also prefer monarchy as a superior form of government, being based on blood. Blood is the basis of kinship and honor among one’s people. I know, thass racisst and sheit.

    As much as I would love to believe that there is an army of 313Chris clones up north, I just can’t get past the obvious overwhelming support for BRA that exists above the Mason-Dixon line.

    BRA is their creature and a source of pride for many of them. Most Yankees are reflexively anti-racist anti-whites. A much smaller number are race-realists, to be sure. Either way, the numbers do not lie.

    Pretending otherwise just makes you look ridiculous.

    Deo Vindice

  24. Some of the critics missed the point. King George III does not equal the United Kingdom today. George III was a very conservative ruler, opposed by the Liberals of his day, the Whigs. He kept them in check fairly well in his time, and surely would have done better still had his forces crushed our ideologized rebellion.

    Since the Yankee issue was brought up, note that I am a Yankee by birth, but as a Catholic very much opposed to Northern utopianism. Henry Adams, who grew up around Boston in the antebellum period, observed in The Education of Henry Adams that Catholic immigrants had (at least then, before the Kennedys) a markedly different character than the indigenous post-Puritans.

  25. Apuleius,

    There is no point in arguing the issue. The Yankees will vote for Obama and Democrats in November like they always do. I’m giving it a rest until election day when the exit polls will give us a breakdown of the White vote.

    Then it will be fairly easy to show that Romney-Ryan lost because Yankees once again turned out as a solid phalanx to vote for Obama while 90 percent of White people in Alabama voted for them.

  26. We have two months to go before there is a broad consensus on OD that Yankees can’t stop themselves from voting for the nigger candidate after all he has done over the past four years.

  27. “If the Colonies had not broken away pernicious ideas like equality would never have gained currency. Therefore the motherland might have never caught the fatal disease of looking at niggers as citizens.”

    I’m not so sure about that. Samuel Johnson was a well known Tory and member of parliament back during the Revolution.

    He is perhaps best remembered for his dig at the American rebels “how is it we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of Negros?” It turns out that Johnson wasn’t just slinging propaganda at the American colonists he apparently really was an opponent of slavery before the abolition movement was popular.

    Johnson was a foe of the memory of the Puritans and the ideology of republicanism yet this did not stop Johnson from drinking a toast to the “next rebellion of the negroes in the West Indies.”

    In fact Johnson liked blacks so much that he made a black man an heir to his estate leaving him his personal effects and setting the guy up financially for the rest of his life.

    The black man’s name was Francis Barber.


    It’s also interesting that another man from a family with Jacobite ties is the judge who declared slavery to be illegal in England in Somerset’s case. Lord Mansfield was a Scot of noble blood, who declared,

    “The state of slavery is of such a nature that it is incapable of being introduced on any reasons, moral or political, but only by positive law, which preserves its force long after the reasons, occasions, and time itself from whence it was created, is erased from memory. It is so odious, that nothing can be suffered to support it, but positive law. Whatever inconveniences, therefore, may follow from the decision, I cannot say this case is allowed or approved by the law of England; and therefore the black must be discharged”

    Another interesting fact about Mansfield is that he had a mulatto niece, the daughter of Admiral Sir John Lindsay. Lindsay sent his black to daughter from the West Indies to be raised by Mansfield in Britain.



    I think these examples suggest that sentiment against slavery was progressing to an extent independent of ones views of monarchy and republicanism.

    Another flaw I see in the idea that if we had stayed with Britain slavery would have been preserved is the circumstances of the actual abolition of Slavery in the British Empire in 1833.

    We have been constantly told here that the colony of Jamaica by itself, not to mention the remainder of the British West Indies, was more valuable to the British Empire than all 13 of the American colonies combined.

    So what we are required to believe is that Britain abolished slavery in her exceedingly more valuable sugar colonies in the West Indies on humanitarian grounds but if the economically insignificant American colonies had remained then this would have prevented abolition.

    That doesn’t seem to make sense.

  28. @Stonelifter:

    “Seem to me I recall your kin being new kids so perhaps folks in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

    MY kin are the new kids, Stone. Neither branch were of the founding families. My father’s side was the second wave of immigration shortly a few decades before the War Between The States and my mother’s side was the third wave of immigration at the turn of the twentieth century.

    The sad part is the House of Hanover (and any other monarchy left) lost its nerve when they saw how the Jewish Bolsheviks do to the House of Romanov. Moreover, the HOH did not take into account its own dysfunctional dynamics with Great Britain warring with Germany up to the bitter end instead of telling the Jews to take their Balfour Agreement and shoving it where it would do them the most good and establishing peace.

    They could have kept America out of it altogether and saved many, many, many lives.


  29. Keeping the Kaiser on as figurehead after ww1 would have been a good idea. I don’t understand the motive for ending such an old monarchy except American and French hostility to hereditary title.

  30. “I’m starting to think that a government headed by President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho might not be so bad compared to what we have to choose from in November.”

    Everyone needs to see that documentary.

  31. The constant sparing between chris313 and others is the perfect example of why white proposition nationalism is not enough and ethnic nationalism is the solution.

    I still don’t see why certain people in the South can’t understand that it is completely possible for people like Chris and others in the North to despise blacks and white Southerners at the same time. There is absolutely no logical contradiction in that whatsoever.

    Yet some people in the South continue to hold this vision that if we gather all the white people possible from the whole planet shove them in here but make sure they sign a piece paper saying that they promise to “hate niggers” then everything would be just dandy. Somebody can hate blacks and at the same time think your entire history is a joke and be ready elbow you out of power when they have the numbers.

    As important as having an accurate understanding of racial reality is there is much more to being a Southerner and (the older concept of being American for that matter) than just that. It would in fact be sad if this was not the case.

  32. I tend to think that chris is exhibit A of the idea that whites can’t get along. I’m not sure what to make of his motivations for posting here. He hates Dixie, but he loves Detroitistan. Well okay Chis, have your Upper Midwest republic then. Or have your brown America.

    I doubt many southerers are keen on whites from elsewhere moving in and elbowing out.

  33. 313Chris is just firing back at Stonelifter and Apuleius. Yankees take a lot of shit on here from Southerners for being the BFF of the negro. We get the same thing from Europeans who blame us for defeating Hitler.

  34. 313Chris is inspired by the same local patriotism and sense of honor that inspires the Southrons here. I don’t see it as a bad thing when Southern culture rubs off on Yankees.

    Yankees are always taking the nigger side because of White guilt, abstract proposition nation thinking, and low racial consciousness. Thus, I have no objection to the Yankee Pride comments, and see it as a good thing rather than a terrible source of divisiveness.

  35. “Thus, I have no objection to the Yankee Pride comments”

    I have no objection to people making comments on a website either, that’s not what I’m talking about.

    I’m talking about migration by large numbers of people from outside into the South. The comments here are just the evidence of the attitudes they bring with them and those problems as can be seen from above go far beyond some admiration for some long gone Union Army.

    What may be considered “healthy patriotism” where they live becomes poison when they move here.

    If you imported large numbers of people like Chris into the South it would completely flip the script on all sorts of things.

    One thing I note in many of the later immigrant stock people also is there is a complete lack of identification with and respect shown toward the actual old New England Yankees. Many people think that is a great thing because of our own past trouble with them. I don’t see it that way at all though. I see the wages of mass immigration playing out. I see the identity of the old North was so fractured that everybody in the North, including the Yankees, had to assimilate to a new proposition ideal because it was absolutely impossible given the numbers of immigrants to assimilate them in a traditional ethnic fashion into the original Anglo-American identity.

    The identity of the old “Yankee” and North have been altered forever.

    I see in the Yankees of the 19th century a mighty example of how not to run an immigration policy.

    Any talk that the South is “exceptional” in assimilating white immigrants I regard with great alarm because that is the same sort of talk that eventually led to the destruction of the self-conception of the old North.

    I reiterate, the sentiment “I hate niggers,” how every admirable a trait it may be is not enough material by itself to build a nation.

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