California Passes New Law To Coddle Illegal Aliens


The dystopia in California is the gift that keeps on giving:

” California state legislators passed a bill Friday that seeks to protectundocumentedimmigrants charged with relatively minor crimes from being deported.

The bill, by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano,D-San Francisco, would prohibitlocalpolicefrom detaining anyone on an immigration hold if the person is notchargedwith orhas notbeen convicted ofa serious or violent crime.

The bill, which only needs the signature of Gov. Jerry Brown to become law, passed theAssemblyon Friday after being amended in thestate Senateto remove language thatwould haverequired police departments to develop plans to guard against racial profiling….”


  1. At least there will be more of them around to ethically cleanse blacks.

    Who knows, may be black community leaders may start complaining about Latino-on-black crime.

  2. Y’all get ready to assimilate white families from California. When we break free from the federal leviathan and create a pro-white nation…

    Get ready for the traffic jam of reborn confederates trying to get here.

    Pop the popcorn and grab a cold beer, boys and girls. It just keeps getting better!

  3. The comments thread on that article are golden. One guy sums it up: “that’s it. I’m out of here.”

    Instant WN: just add beaners.

  4. Whites have been fleeing California at a clip exceeding 100,000 per year for quite some time now. As taxes rise and cities go bankrupt this rate will only increase. And to think I used to exercise my California right to open carry 40 years ago right down at the Berkeley City Dump while shooting rats with my .44 Super Blackhawk. That sort of behavior would land you in the hoosegow muy pronto nowadays. LOL!

  5. Palmetto: there is our strength. We grow in numbers as the libtard states die. Assimilate their kids into Confederate culture. Radicalize the youth!

    Me ne frego.

  6. Comments on that article are a sharp contrast with the author’s respectable political correctness.

    The consensus of liberals and respectable conservatives won’t last long.

  7. I LOVE them. Out here they go almost “flamenco” on trying to be Texans. Overcompensation beats separation.

  8. Peppermint: amen. Even decent liberals are beginning to realize that America hated them for their race.

    Tic, toc.

  9. 313, I don’t hate them when they stop acting like Yankees. Plenty of them moved to metro Atlanta and while some are arrogant jackasses who can’t help but remind us how the did it up north, there are just as many who are glad to get the hell out of the rust belt. That midwestern accent sounds a buzzsaw on a tin can but once they stop acting like cultural yankees, they don’t make for bad neighbors. Midwesterners are probably easier converts to the South than new england jerkoffs.

  10. The new breed of yankee transplants are a lot different than the past 20 years. Less “well we did it this way up north” and more “sure am glad to be here”.

    LOVE EM. welcome!

  11. We are on the verge of a complete cultural shift towards ethnoreligious values. Watch it happen as the money runs out. Please, please God let Obama win another term. I’ve never seen people get pro-white this fast. Thank God the grandparents are still here ranting and raving about a nig in the white house.

    Awesomeness abounds.

  12. Eric – one of my cohorts, Haughty Blonde, moved from Yankee Land to Dixie. You won’t be able to dynamite her out. She has a HUGE Confederate flag hanging from her deck; she lives on the side of a mountain, and you can see it for miles. The locals are enchanted; the novelty of a a Yankee Sophisticate, dropping the Nigger Bomb freely, forcefully, and whole-heartedly – they are not over the novelty yet.

    When she’s out and about, she and some of her cohorts, make their feelings about Nigras and other assorted Orcs known. LOUDLY.

    She also YELLS out reams out the various DWL Yuppies types, at her gym, of they express a whisper of support for “diversity” or ONegro.

    She definitely overcompensates! In a good way!

  13. Rudel: Yeah, California gun laws have changed a bit. I remember sitting at a freeway cloverleaf near Lancaster in 1972 with about 20 other varmint guys, using a guardrail as a rest as I shot prairie dogs with home-made exploding ammo with my .22 Savage. CHIPS would roll by and nod or wave.

  14. Rudel – nope. She “corrects” the pussified Careerist DWL’s, in the gym. She initially got into a fight with a local guy – he’s either an accountant or a doctor, when they were on the treadmills, and watching news, and there was some blurby thing about “poor Israel”. He mealwed about “supporting Israel” – and she stated “I don’t! I hope Iran blows them up”. She and I are just alike. She is a tall cool Greace Kelly type blonde (until her mouth starts revving up). I’m an “artsy-looking” redhead (when dressed up, I look very NYC BoHo art gallery type). We used to tag team, at events. We’d say the most outrageous things, in a calm, collected, “I mean isn’t it obvious” type manner, when discussing racial issues. Peope were always stunned by our racial views. They NEVER expected Nice White Ladies, who look like we do, to say such things. Too much fun.

    Eric…..errr…not unless the boots are from Prada. The mentality, though – Gimmee a Rebel Yell!

  15. The problem is, these White refugees fleeing California get to their promise land and immediately set about turning the new place into California

    They are a pox to our people and should be forced to stay put and pay the price for their actions

    Y’all won the transplant lottery I guess, and should count yourself blessed. They are nothing like that here in NC or VA. The ones in our neck of the woods…. worse then niggers

  16. SL,

    For people who still retain a “Southern Culture” that means more than talking about other races or flying a battle flag, or “good manners” (that translates to others into being “nice” so you can take their stuff) this can be difficult. They are wiping out culture and identity more than the war and reconstruction did.

    Their “elite” masters drive them into various regions (by implementing policies that will make their lives unbearable where they are— the way feudalist have always moved their unsuspecting populations, en masse).

    They actually think they are “free agents” moving of their own accord, but they aren’t.

    Policies are created that move them where they are intended to go. Once they are indoctrinated into PC, neo-conism, etc— they are ready to be “seeded” into the other America. Younger Southerners (equally indoctrinated through school, movies) are actually very much like them, so they more easily accept it.

    “Midwesterns” seem a “better fit” to older people simply because they are ALSO Generational Americans, with real historical reference to before 1865, and the way those Americans socialized themselves. Post 1865, the people obviously have no reference to that through the oral traditions of their families.

    People coming from the old “gateway cities” of the NE are another breed from the native californians, a later population without the early american references.

    Their working class, though, has been “De-Industrialized,” which is worthy of sympathy, where the earlier population (you) was “De-Colonized.” They are two different experiences and populations, but since Genocide underlies both, one can parse it out that way, imo, in order to deal with it.

    Both populations are victims of a similar attack with a similar aim, for what it’s worth.

    It may be time (after all these years) to set sights outside the country. If you think “the South” is more than the n word and flying a battle flag (a yankee neighbor doing do asked why we didn’t– without recognizing a first national), then teach your kids the southern oral traditions, heroes, religion, plants and landscaping conventions, writers, novelists, artists, conventions of pictorial art, histories of the countless military and paramilitary groups, and so on.

    That’s all you can do. And it’s nothing personal— just a will to self-preservation.

  17. I do hate to encourage Southerners to leave, in a way, but there are other places that might be more hospitable.

    Where we differ, probably— is that we’re setting the sights more toward Northern Europe, not “the golden circle,” which is sort of interesting and I wonder if the Anglo-saxon end of the upper south (Virginia/NC/border regions) will do the same.

    In other words, I’ve known real ex-Puritans and mayflower types who —FINALLY ADMIT— how badly they really f-ed us up. And once they do that, well… we’re sort of Anglo-saxon, lol, and do connect more often than not.

    I’d be easily happy in Iceland or Sweden— but would not survive a day in South Europe. I could KIND OF tolerate France, but even that is a stretch, lol

  18. Tactically speaking Denise is more effective than our intellectuals and their obsession with safe abstract concepts that our “elite” could give a fig about.

    But where I take issue is that she is using the old niggers and kikes routine, when I believe these days one should approach the issue of our very survival from naming the “anti-white.”

  19. Dixie,
    You do realize that not everyone loves Southern Culture and there is nothing defective about that, correct? That’s it’s OK not to love Southern Culture? That other people may think that not everything you do and everything you are is not necessarily the APEX of human behavior?

    I understand how one ill-behaved Yankee can destroy an entire Southern neighborhood, and I feel for you in that respect. But it doesn’t mean that Southerners are wanted all over the rest of the world. Just because your own neighborhood has been polluted doesn’t mean you should go pollute Swedish neighborhoods. People are different.

    I also understand how you’d rather live among negroes than Hispanics. Negroes are about the only thing it appears you folks can live among who won’t shatter your fragile, chinese vase culture.

    You can take a battering ram to my Yankee Catholic culture and it ain’t going anywhere. IS THERE ANYONE IN THE SOUTH WHO ISN’T A VICTIM AND WILL THEY PLEASE STAND UP?

  20. That makes me wonder if Southern culture evolved with blacks in mind. Like the elephant trainer, everything is done not to spook the animal. Great when dealing with the beast in your midst. Not so great outside the cage in the real world.

  21. your Catholic yankee culture replace the original yankee culture a long time ago. We are trying to keep that from happening to us. Again

  22. Well, cultures that don’t do a good job of defining themselves tend to lose the battle against those that do. You can blame people for knowing what they are about or you can blame those who don’t know enough to protect what they have.

    Where do you think the blame lies?

    I believe the South was right. But it’s over, and the South would do better now to define what it is instead of what it isn’t. As well should Protestants in general.

  23. I guarantee you I won’t be blaming the Southern folks that have invaded my neck of these Northern woods if they take the culture. Because I’ll tell you right now that just ain’t going to happen. Period.

    Southerners should take the same attitude towards ungrateful Yankees.

  24. The problem is, yankees down here can use their money to change things with impunity while what we can do to counter them gets us thrown in jail. The money thing also drove Southrons out of the counties yankees infested. That has helped draw local battle lines.

    We were conquered which also puts things in a different light

    As far as the Catholic thing goes… well I think that whole thing of allowing ethnic Whites in was a big mistake. yankees wanted them and yankees seemly have been replaced by them. and yankees are the ones allowing the mexicans to do it all over again. That’s one of the big reasons we need to be free of yankees.

    clearly Landshark you are falling for the yankee superiority thing tonight, and Catholic as well while I’ll point out small govt and individual liberty died with the help of yankees, yankee Catholics and ethnic Whites up north. Good job…..

  25. you also help prove my point of why there will never be and should never be a pan White nationalism. It wont work as long as one group of Whites think they are better then other groups of Whites

  26. the second Klan was an attempt to stand up for the original stock and culture but the federal govt shut them down. yea federal govt. another reason to feel no patriotism toward the usa. leastwise for those of us who’s family have been here from the start

  27. “small govt and individual liberty died with the help of yankees, yankee Catholics and ethnic Whites up north.”

    I don’t know about that. The vast majority of the rural landmass West of the Mississippi (plus Alaska) is full of a “don’t tread on me” Western mentality. The whole “Sagebrush Revolution” during the Reagan era was based on it. Get out of the big coastal cities and that spirit is still alive.

  28. you’re right in spirit and to a degree Rudel, no doubt. Yet big govt gets bigger and individual liberty gets smaller… and some one here showed how Montana is pretty liberal voting bloc these days because of the California migration. To few people in the righteousness parts to stack up against the federal govt, negro vote, woman’s vote, damnyankee vote etc etc. Which was the point of giving the vote to negros, women and the White ethnic bloc votes

  29. “It wont work as long as one group of Whites think they are better then other groups of Whites”

    I’m all for political devolution to the smallest units possible. The town meeting model seems to ensure maximum liberty.

    I’m skeptical about it’s efficacy in a nuclear armed world though what with Russian submarines stalking the Gulf of Mexico unobserved. The Chinese would be perfectly willing to physically colonize us if they thought they could get away with it. I still think we need a minimal Air Force and Navy. The Army can be replaced by small cadre of professionals and well trained local militias with training starting in high school as part of the curriculum. We shouldn’t be looking for foreign interventions except perhaps for some pre-emptive raids into Mexico as the situation requires.

  30. If I think Yankee Catholic culture is superior, how is that different than your Southern superiority mindset? I do agree that pan-White Nationalism will never work. It’s pure fantasy. That’s why I could never get through Covington’s novels. I enjoy Southerners in the South, where they belong. Not up here. Same as your position on Yankees down there, and I don’t blame you one bit.

    I don’t think the amount of Individual Liberty is relevant to this argument. Clearly we have more individual liberty than we could possibly want, and that’s everyone’s fault. As I said before, as for secession, the South was right. And I believe the South will rise again.

    But when you start lining dissenters up, be sure and count how many Southerners you have in the bunch.


    Yes, there are many Californians here. But it’s the SCHOOLS and the MEDIA and what is considered “COOL” that educates Montanans. Montana is totally tied into the FedGov teat — farming and ranching subsidies, Forest Service, BLM and National Park Workers. Etc. It never ends. We’re not talking about old school Montanans here. We’re talking about the MTV single teenage Moms and toothless alcoholics on SSI.

    It’s no different than anywhere else, it takes incredible strength of mind and a rare curious nature to break free of the matrix. Most Montanans, native or otherwise, are either producers who don’t care about the social issues, green wankers who are the worst kind of elitists, and your typical hook line and sinker SWPLs.

    The Freedom Movement is the same as anywhere else — all Zionists. Who I can get along well with as long as Zionism doesn’t come up. There’s a no-go speech zone. Which is why if Romney gets elected it’s going to split the Constitutionalists in thirds, with two thirds going to the Zionist side. Which means the Constitution don’t mean jack shit if the State of Israel is involved. Then we can wipe our asses with it. In other words, the kind of thinking the CATHOLIC CHURCH kept the lid on for 1500 years.

    It’s O-V-E-R for this Country. O-V-E-R. And every one of us is GUILTY AS SIN for it.

  32. “Clearly we have more individual liberty than we could possibly want”

    ??? Speak for yourself kemo sabe. Land use regulations, OSHA, gun laws, restrictions on manufacturing, the list is endless.

  33. Ok, regulations are out of control, this is true. But when we are talking about Catholics ruining individual liberty I think of spiritual issues. Pornography, divorce, abortion, sleeping around, etc.

    But yes, otherwise you are correct. The Freedom to Produce is greatly curtailed.

  34. As for guns, I’ve had no problem getting whatever I want. I could build an arsenal of .223, .308 and .50 cal to arm a small country if I felt like it. Not to mention all kinds of other guns.

  35. “But when we are talking about Catholics ruining individual liberty I think of spiritual issues. Pornography, divorce, abortion, sleeping around, etc.”

    I always thought that all the churches were against that sort of thing (or used to be when I was younger …well maybe not the Unitarians.) I’m certainly against abortion for healthy white women. Our race is diminishing.

  36. Sure, all churches are against that sort of thing on an individual level. But Catholic thinking takes the extra step, and outlaws it. I don’t believe Protestants used to mind doing the same until JFK, when it became clear the USA was becoming a majority Catholic nation. Then the Protestant position shifted to self annihilation before Catholic Control. They used the Sampson Option, and decided “legislating morality” was too Catholic and should be avoided.

  37. Avoiding sin should be the chief purpose of building Christian culture. Only in that respect can full individual liberty be realized. Individual liberty is not an end in itself, but a positive offshoot of being good. As DeTocqueville so clearly recognized.

  38. “They used the Sampson Option, and decided “legislating morality” was too Catholic and should be avoided.”

    Actually almost none of those prohibitions were repealed by state legislatures. They were unconstitutionally overturned by judicial fiat in the Supreme Court by rulings like Roe V. Wade.

  39. Everybody now should know the financial consequences of illegal immigration? Just remember that any amnesty this Presidents executive orders enacts is just another giant magnet to draw my foreigners here, looking for a better quality of life or here to scam the American taxpayer and public welfare programs. Whether it’s Obama’s Dream Act, Sanctuary cities, voter fraud, Chain Migration or just plain old illegal immigrants dodging agents at the border, just arriving in America, as an intentional overstay supposed visitor by plane or ferry. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano states it would be too costly to deport the underestimated 11 million illegal immigrant invaders? Nevertheless her agency stays tight-lipped about the rising hundred billion dollar figure, which is a forcibly extracted tax annually. There are very few issues that are not unrelated with these people who should never be here. However, it all goes back to the inattention of Democrats and Republicans who abused their oath of office, after the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform law. The policies composing of the passage of this bill was dismissed, which was to do with stricter control of business hiring and building a much sturdier fence.

    The Democrats refused to appropriate the money, so nothing was done? Now we have over 20 million aliens settled here illegally. But why even bother with any tough laws, when there is no real punishment? I am absolutely sure there was no intention from either party to stop cheap labor for Republicans, or illegal vote collections for the Democrats. If Obama wins a second term there is sure to be a comprehensive amnesty, with American taxpayers having even a larger chunk taken from the payroll check. And to be honest I am not even sure of the Republicans agenda, as that tends to flip-flop? But what I am sure about is the plan of the TEA PARTY if they can eject many Democrats and Republican incumbents and replace them. It’s already happening and by infiltrating the Republican Party can politically persist that the “LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT (E-VERIFY) and the BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP LAW” finds passage enacted.


    Both bills if passed can insure the removal of illegal aliens from the workplace and stop the smuggling of children into America, to gain citizenship, which has an astronomic financial payout by states. Every American voter has a chance to alter the direction of Americans future. Under Obama resurgence as President in November heads us towards Socialist Republic, that all of our nation will depend on government empowerment. The US counterpart of “freeloaders” who have no integrity would rather live of the rest of us. Judge for yourself by contacting the thousands of local TEA PARTY chapters, or read the conservative manifesto of fighting for our liberties as consigned to us by the founding fathers. The TEA PARTY DOT ORG has all the information you need to decide your vote in less than three months. You might also be concerned with Obama’s citizenship, for other than the irregularities in the birth record there are many questions that remain unanswered. As an individual, I have read some of these bewildering pieces of evidence that have stayed concealed until now. You too can study the facts at the above mentioned website and judge this odd situation.

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