1. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    I’m calling the Romney HQ tomorrow, and gloating. I’ve got a Tea Party Meeting tomorrow night – I’m gonna have a field day with this!


  2. Now if only we can get the NIGGER’S White Vote to equal 0%, then maybe it would be worth mentioning!

    However, lots of relatively smart Whites seem to think Going Darkie is Temporary.

    “Once you go black, you never go back!”

  3. Zero, eh? I guess this means that Herman “pizzaman” Cain, Condi “the golf queen” Rice, and Colin “weapons of mass destruction” Powell will be voting blue? Not good news for the Republicans as they search for their Great Black Hope.

  4. The article says, “…Attorney Rod Hobson jokingly put up U.N. flags outside his Lubbock office, KJTV reported. “When I saw the story I thought, once again, Lubbock is going to be the laughingstock of the entire nation,” said Hobson. “What makes it so sad is he is our elected county judge, who is in charge of a multi-million dollar budget. That is scary. It’s like the light’s on, but no one is home… I’d just like to think he’s off his meds….”

    Wonder if just calling attention to the marxist way these people are socialized (and how unconscious of it they are) would help?

    Always, they are “ashamed,” afraid of being “laughingstocks.” Afraid of being RUBES. Then comes the threat of the Psychiatric Paradigm (you are “off your meds” if you think independently).

    This implies —like old soviet union— the solution is to round you up and drug you.

    It’s AN ATTORNEY who says this, not a redneck— because Gramsci’s plans for re-education targeted the middle class.

  5. –This Hobsen person is truly the new bourgeoise, with all his ravings about fearing being a laughingstock and feeding dissenters “meds.” lol

  6. Deconstructing the language is fascinating.

    Fear of mockery, then mockery then medication and then threat of a straitjacket.

    It’s smooth stuff. Do the journalists even know they are repeating the same mantras that Stalin encouraged? They’ve already twisted Lysenko into the the myth of
    Homo-Americansis-Equalus– a post racial mutt. At the same time still attacking people who question evolution. If you accept evolution, racism is very difficult to avoid.
    Eugenics equally so.
    Going into cuckoo land speculation: infertile couples could be different species already. Many of the barren couplings in history a result of incompatable mutation.
    Why not? All the Congenital crippled offspring in effect non viable humans. Why not?
    If evolution exists we are all potential evolutionary dead ends or new beginnings. No liberal can face that and they plump for a variety of Lysenkoism that calls race a social construct.

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