Megan Boken: Another Forgotten Victim of the Black Undertow


H/T John

Walter Russell Mead’s “Compromise of 1977” destroyed the Jim Crow South and turned every Southern metropolitan area into a minature Mogadishu.

Megan Boken in St. Louis puts another pretty White female face on the barbarism of the black intifada. This is the result of MLK’s Dream, free negroes murdering and rioting against their masters without end, and we all know how it is deliberately covered up by the media to keep Whitey in the dark.

We’ve taken a much needed break lately from the black crime stories because dwelling on it for too long wears you down and because our gutless leaders like Mitt Romney won’t even address the issue out of fear of being labeled a “racist” by the media.

Putting an end to this is one of the many reasons to support Southern independence. Washington only cares about the Trayvon Martins of America and building the next monument to Rodney King.

Note: Mitt Romney is polling at 0 percent of the black vote.


  1. It would also be important to see if black criminality peaked at all. or if whites were scared straight or both groups have decreased at similar rates.

    Conceal carry has probably kept a lid on opportunity crime.

  2. Hundreds of assault cases misreported by Milwaukee Police Department
    City’s violent crime rate lowered based on faulty data

    When Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn touted the city’s fourth-straight year of falling crime in February, hundreds of beatings, stabbings and child abuse cases were missing from the count, a Journal Sentinel investigation has found.

    More than 500 incidents since 2009 were misreported to the FBI as minor assaults and not included in the city’s violent crime rate, the investigation found. That tally is based on a review of cases that resulted in charges – only about one-fifth of all reported crimes.

    Yet the misreported cases found in 2011 alone are enough that Flynn would have been announcing a 1.1% increase in violent crime in February, instead of a 2.3% decline from the reported 2010 numbers, which also include errors.

    Missing, for example, was the case of Crystal L. Mitchell, 21, who last May grabbed a 9-inch serrated steak knife during an argument with her uncle, stabbed him in his thigh and slashed his arm.

    And the case of John F. Sanford, 57, who in December bound his 6-year-old stepson’s arms and legs, covered his mouth with duct tape and struck him some 90 times with a belt, later telling him: “I was trying to make you (expletive) on yourself.” A doctor at Children’s Hospital found cuts and bruises all over the boy’s body.

    Based on FBI reporting guidelines, both should have been classified as aggravated assaults, the city’s most common violent crime. Instead, they were reported as simple assaults, a category reserved for shoving matches and slaps to the face.

    At the request of the Journal Sentinel, FBI crime experts reviewed these and dozens of other incidents and confirmed that they should have been labeled as aggravated assaults. In addition to the more than 500 misreported incidents, the investigation found at least 800 more that fit the same pattern but could not be confirmed through available public records. The Journal Sentinel has submitted an open records request for those cases.

    The misclassified crimes included cases where perpetrators threatened to kill victims; stabbed or cut them with knives; and beat them with canes, crowbars and hammers.

    Nearly one-third of the assault cases identified by the Journal Sentinel involved the abuse of children – most were struck in the head with belts and electrical cords, causing cuts, bloody eardrums and black eyes.

    Instead of accurately reporting the weapons used as firearms, knives or blunt objects, the department reported them to the state and FBI in a way that avoided triggering scrutiny by those who review the numbers.

    Criminologists reviewed the Journal Sentinel’s findings and said they showed a pattern of misreporting that has helped drive down the city’s crime rate.

  3. Sam; fine work. Thanks for this information. John, good comments, too.

    I’ve also seen liberal pundits use this data (the alleged decrease in violent crime) to claim the danger of immigrant criminals is exaggerated. It also gives liberals a useful argument in the social media age. Every time a person uploads a crime video, liberals can claim it’s an anomaly or an exception because the data shows “violent crime is actually going down.”

    Here is an example of how they do it. This one is from the neocon pundit and JEW David Frum:

    Excerpt (my emphasis):

    In the mid-2000s, when crime rates were declining fast, almost 70% of Americans wrongly said that crime rates had risen over the past year.

    What force on earth could convince Americans that down is up? The most powerful force of all: television.

    TV news — and especially local TV news — is dominated by news of violent crime, the more spectacular and murderous the better. TV news creates a false picture of a country under attack by rampaging criminals, and especially nonwhite criminals. The people who watch the most TV news, Americans older than 50, also happen to be the group most likely to own a gun.

    From here, Jew Frum goes on to argue for more gun control on the implied basis that White fear of crime is irrational. Jew Frum knows most gun owners are conservative White men.

  4. Violent crime reached a temporary peak in 80-81, briefly slightly declined, then peaked again in the early 90s. It’s been steadily declining since then. I should have said the late 60s rather early 60s, although homicide levels in some states is even lower than the early 60s. (And that’s not just an artifact of hispanic immigration, since homicide is also at or below 60s levels in the South.) Anyway, you needn’t take my word for it. You can see for yourself: (Select territorial unit and rate of crime and years 1960-2010.)

  5. I wonder how much, if any, does White flight play into the reduction of violent crime?

    It makes sense for crime to be lower right now, we are locking up record number of negros and beaners. However… who can trust the numbers put out by BRA on any topic?

    Local agencies do have incentives to under report. They can make their numbers look better by passing off as a murder as a manslaughter and a felony battery as misdemeanor assault. They don’t need to coordinate. Local agencies are all evaluated the same way. The better the crime stats look, the better they look. Better stats, in turn, mean promotions, funding, and people keeping their jobs.

    Yep another blessing of consolidation of power in DC given to us by lincoln; States are all pretty much the same on these things because fedzilla is in charge not local govt. One of fedzilla’s big weapon is funding and economic incentives’ for doing it’s biding, playing it’s game

    And Sam… damn fine work

  6. Lew says:
    ‘Covington said at some point Whites will pick up weapons and kill the enemy, or they will kill us.’

    Thamas Jefferson expressed the same sentiments 228 years ago.

    ‘It will probably be asked, Why not retain and incorporate the blacks into the state, and thus save the expence of supplying, by importation of white settlers, the vacancies they will leave? Deep rooted prejudices entertained by the whites; ten thousand recollections, by the blacks, of the injuries they have sustained; new provocations; the real distinctions which nature has made; and many other circumstances, will divide us into parties, and produce convulsions which will probably never end but in the extermination of the one or the other race.’

  7. More than 500 incidents since 2009 were misreported to the FBI as minor assaults and not included in the city’s violent crime rate, the investigation found. That tally is based on a review of cases that resulted in charges – only about one-fifth of all reported crimes.

    About 55% of aggravated assaults are cleared (a charge is made), not 20%. The reporter may be referring to the clearance rate of simple assault. Using 55% would represent a misreporting of some 900 incidents.

    That means that rather than there having been 3100 aggravated assaults in Milwaukee in 2010 there would have been 4000. The rate of aggravated assault would have been 666 rather than 516 that was reported.

    That’s not an insignificant difference it itself, but the decrease in violent crime has typically been much greater than that and goes back much further in time.

    Two other mitigating factors are that it’s not always clear whether an assault should be reported as “aggravated” or “simple,” and that there has tended to be an increase in reporting crimes to the police.

    With regards to the first, we can be sure the Journal Sentinel chose the most egregious examples of misreporting to highlight. My bet is the other cases would not have been so clear cut.

    With regards to the second, only some 25% of assaults are reported to the police (though this can vary substantially). If previously only 20% of assaults were reported and presently 30% of assaults are reported that’s an “increase” in assaults of 50%. While there is mixed evidence regarding report rates, if they have increased as I suspect they have then the decline in the assault rate is even more marked. One reason I suspect that reporting of crime (particularly assault) has increased is that as society has racially integrated there has been greater opportunity for black perps to choose white victims. Whereas whites might be inclined to “keep the police out of it” if assaulted by another white (oftentimes an acquaintance), my guess is there is a tendency to want to “call the cops on that nigger” (niggers are vastly less likely to be acquaintances).

  8. Silver,

    Sam debunked you on the Police Statistical Easing score. Hard evidence of systematic conspiracy to pretend crime is Naturally withering away.

    It’s not withering away. It’s being beaten by draconian incarceration rates. Blacks are just being locked up for any trivia they can be caught out on, like drugs.
    The criminality of blacks is self evident.

  9. You guys are confusing assault with battery. Assault might be nothing more than clenching your fist at someone. I don’t even consider “assault” to be a crime if it occurs between two adult males unless someone pulls a weapon. I’ve been in plenty of fistfights and have never, ever called the police. It’s a totally pussy move if you do.

  10. John,

    Sam debunked you on the Police Statistical Easing score. Hard evidence of systematic conspiracy to pretend crime is Naturally withering away.

    I didn’t claim it was “naturally withering away.” Obviously locking people up, three strikes legislation, whites fleeing nigs, better technology, etc has an effect.

    The criminality of blacks is self evident.

    Do you seriously suppose I’m arguing against blacks being naturally (vastly) more criminally inclined? Who knows, you seem to unfailingly misconstrue everything else I say, so maybe you do.

    Look, the point is they’re not as equally criminal at all times and all places. That is also (or should be) self-evident.


    Sorry to disappoint you, but I have rebuttals to the points you made. I have to dash now, though. In brief: the danger of crime is exaggerated (which is not a claim that it’s non-existent) and I’ll show this; and police agencies do not all face the same incentives, which is very important when it comes to cooking the books and I’ll demonstrate this.

  11. I’m not disappointed. John and Sam have made some points. There are good reasons to be skeptical of this crime data, but let’s see your evidence.

    Meanwhile, I’ll raise another issue. Even IF violent crime is trending down, what do you think follows from that?

    Mainstream pundits are using this alleged trend to argue against the rationality of gun ownership. The problem is that even if this downward trend exists, trends change all the time. Violent crime might and almost certainly will start trending up when BRA begins imploding. However, if gun control measures are passed in the meantime based on the argument “violent crime is going down,” it will make it harder for whites to defend themselves with guns. There are a lot of consequences around this issue.

  12. You people are evil, retarded, backwards and the worst kind of ignorant redneck hillbilly white trash! Not a cogent thought between the 24 of you. Try getting an education (and study your Constitution) party on, morons!!

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