Todd Akin, Paul Ryan’s Black Girlfriend, and the 2012 Election


As I wrote on Twitter, I am yawning and can feel a three month nap from American politics coming on after this whole manufactured Todd Akin scandal which defines the 2012 election.

Is anyone else losing interest in this stupid election? I’ve noticed a major surge in historical threads here in August – count ’em, four book reviews – which I would attribute to pure escapism.

What else is there to say about the dysfunctional American political system? Neither of these clowns has any intention of doing anything to reverse our racial decline.

Watching Joe sputter out in the comments was comparatively more interesting.


  1. I’m also bored to tears by the whole US political charade, HW. I couldn’t care less what this stupid politician said about rape. Nor could I care less about Paul Ryan and and his Black girlfriend or his political pandering.

  2. I’ve really started tuning out. Normally, I am not this productive, but with Romney-Ryan vs. Obama-Biden dominating the news cycle, the past looks comparatively more interesting.

  3. Romney and Ryan stand no chance either. The press still love the nig. Unless they stab him in the back there’s no contest.

  4. we need another warren harding who cut taxes and govt in half which gave us the roaring 20es.democrats and rinos screwed that up and gave us the great depression.

  5. A little mental masturbation seems in order here.

    Take a read:

    I have plenty of room for disagreement with Alex Linder but I definitely agree with his theory that we’ll not become the opposition until the fake opposition is at the least held more widely in contempt. None of us want O re-elected, I don’t think, but we have better reason for wanting Romney to lose. That would signify a rejection of both departments of the party. Unfortunately, most people never learn.


    At this point, nobody can honestly “play the nut role” and fail to know that large numbers of African-American males are inclined to engage in rape and gang rape. Or that large numbers of African-American female zombies will support Black male rapists and gang rapists.

    Since these Black girls WON’T be protected by the Black adults around them, then it would be helpful for these girls to be trained how to run and vault over objects

    It appears that what happens in a number of these situations is that the first Black male monster catches and traps the girl, and then that Black male monster starts phoning his Black male monster-friends to come join him in raping the girl.


  7. Romney will lose, but it would be healthy for us if it was conventional wisdom that he lost because he lost radical whites.

    Elites, who aren’t stupid, but too “practical” for their own long term good will be questioning the practicality of letting their defenders, blue collar white males, drown in a sea of mud.

    Obama would have lost in 1980. The CNBC and Rotary club types don’t want to accept that Reagan’s America is gone. They need a gut punch.

  8. Romney is a very, very bad idea at a very bad time.

    Who would you trust more — a black marxist surrounded by whites or a white zionist surrounded by zionists?

    A bit of earnest Marxism may be the most honest thing we’ve seen out of DC for 20 years. It’s somewhat refreshing once you get used to it. Because it’s predictable.

  9. I agree with that. The only way forward for the GOP is to be a racial faction party. White people simply vote 60/40 and hand the keys of the Camaro to the teenapers, not noticing that nigs vot 100% nigger.

  10. If Obama loses it will still be BRA as usual. If Romney loses it will be hailed in the MSM as the end of the political power of the white race.

    It’s a lose-lose situation.

  11. ‘Now in the 208th year of free society, Haiti is arguably the most spectacular refutation of the Enlightenment project of abstract freedom and equality in the entire world, a place where barbarism now reigns and where civilization has been totally and utterly destroyed in the name of liberal ideology.’

    Great stuff, HW.

  12. “If Obama loses it will be BRA as usual.”

    – But at least Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton will be out of the picture.

    “If Romney loses it will be hailed in the MSM as the end of the political power of the white race.”

    – The Confederatards (and John) don’t care. Most secessionists are delusional, self-indulgent narcissists in any case, but their utter absence of concern for the immediate safety and well-being, the nation over, of the race who’s survival they claim to care so much about, is appalling. They really seem to believe, deep down, that “Dixie” will magically rise from the ashes. Shameful. (And of course if it all goes to hell, John will probably just move on to New Zealand or somewhere. You know — “playground’s closed” and all…)

    These people remind me of these old weirdos in South Africa that cling to their old “Vierkleur” flag and believe in the goofy prophecies of Niklaas Van Rensburg. They think that “God” won’t let them perish, and that their homeland in Africa is Divine Providence, so they embrace catastrophe like cups of koolaid at Jonestown — glaring parallels to the contemporary Southern Nationalist.

    On the brighter side, things are looking hopeful in Michigan, with regard to the November election. Romney is very popular here, and there is a growing, palpable feeling that he will actually steal this state from the Democrats. I only hope Wisconsin and Ohio pull manage to pull it off as well.

  13. If Michigan goes for Romney I’m sure Ohio and Wisconsin will too. The Midwestern states are not unrelated in their demographics. Even the Cook county suburbs are showing Romney ahead in recent polls.

  14. Don’t worry, Hunter, we only have 11 more weeks of pre-election boredom, then the party starts.

    Many of us have commented that we believe the niggers will riot if Obama loses, but I don’t think anyone has speculated about White riots if he wins. A judge in Texas thinks the shit will be on if our mongrel alpha dog keeps his job.

    Here’s the link:

    Early on in the story I thought that the guy wanted to beef up his county’s sheriff’s department to quell the riots, but that’s not his reason. He expects that Obama will invite the UN troops to play in our sandbox if the shit kicks off and the good judge wants more deputies to repel THEM.

    You gotta love Texans.

  15. My favourite scenario is that Romney wins by a contested ballot (say Ohio) and the blacks go chimpout. This will allow whites to go ballistic. Chris, you have misread what I’ve said. Shame on you.

  16. Whites only riot in Europe anymore. And even then it’s only over soccer games or austerity measures.

  17. Romney will put many awakened whites back to sleep. For those just waking up, Romney will be like hitting the snooze button.

    Immigration is the issue, the only issue, that concerns me at this point.

  18. Chris,

    Jonestown was a white preacher leading a black flock. You don’t understand what Drink the koolaid really means. It’s about delusional blacks and vile liberals.

  19. Re: 313Chris

    – The South could have voted for Stephen Douglas and won the 1860 election, but there would have been no Confederacy.

    – The South has no other fate within the Union but a long decline back into the Reconstruction tyranny.

    – Giving up on the United States is a necessary precondition of secession.

    – Splitting the Republican Party will do the job because it will leave the politically homogeneous South without a vehicle in national politics.

  20. “Obama looks like he is on solid ground in the Northwest Republic.”

    Seattle, Portland, Corvallis, and Eugene? Yes.

    Rural Oregon, Redwood Empire and Northern Central Valley California plus Idaho and Montana? No Way.

  21. Rudel: Go to city-data and check out how Montana counties voted in the last two elections. A lot of areas in Idaho are getting a lot bluer, too.

  22. “- The South could have voted for Stephen Douglas and won the 1860 election, but there would have been no Confederacy.”

    If the planter snobs in Richmond headed by Jefferson Davis had put Nathan Bedford Forrest in charge in Tennessee instead of that moron and repeated failure Braxton Bragg then Sherman never would have made it into Georgia and burnt Atlanta to the ground in 1864.

    Democrat George McClellan would have won the Union presidency in the ’64 election and there would have been a cessation of hostilities and a British negotiated Peace Treaty saving the Confederacy.

  23. “Rudel: Go to city-data and check out how Montana counties voted in the last two elections. A lot of areas in Idaho are getting a lot bluer, too.”

    Idaho hasn’t gone Democrat since 1964 and Obama got only 36% of the vote there last time. Montana hasn’t gone Democrat since ’64 either except for going for Clinton the first time in ’92.

  24. @Wayne

    “Romney will put many awakened whites back to sleep.”

    – I am so sick if hearing that tired bullshit. How exactly will he do that? And for the record, once you racially ‘awaken’, if in fact it is a true awakening, there is NO going back to sleep. You can’t unlearn racial truth once you learn it. So you think Romney will put whites to sleep? Obama will put whites in CHAINS, or in the GROUND. Smarten the fuck up.

    “Immigration is the issue, the only issue, that concerns me at this point.”

    – Then why in the name of God would you oppose any attempt to unseat a president who, for four years has not only failed to police our borders, but used Federal Courts to stop individual states from doing it themselves? See last sentence to above paragraph.

  25. The only people that care about the United States, continuing to exist in its present form are liberals, because they are control freaks and want to use it as a hammer to smash their enemies, and Zionists because they are control freaks and want to use it as a hammer to smash their enemies.

  26. A few days ago Hunter posted the Leonardo De Caprio Turning Blue in the Water scene, from “Titanic”.

    Well right now I feel like Rose, clinging to the railings of the up-ended ship, right before the ship goes straight down.

    Yee ha.

  27. Chris 313: Romney winning would have all the trappings of a healthy, conservative, white, traditional America without any of the sustenance. The Repubs, shortly after the victory celebration, be talking about how they are representing ALL Americans and will be reaching across the aisle to their fellow Americans.

    You may be right about those woken up do not go to sleep again, but they can sure as hell take off the pack.

    I’ve still yet to hear what Romney would do for whites. I only hear from you and other Repubs what Obama will do TO whites. It’s the same ploy Repubs have used for the past 30 years to get whites to support them as the lesser of two evils, then in victory they piss on us and do exactly what the left would have done had they won, with a war or two thrown in as a bonus.

  28. “313Chris says:
    August 23, 2012 at 12:51 am
    “If Obama loses it will be BRA as usual.”

    – But at least Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton will be out of the picture. ”

    Yup. Every-one is forgetting about Holder. I wonder why?

    “If Romney loses it will be hailed in the MSM as the end of the political power of the white race.”

    Well yes…

  29. Hey Girl,

    Your website is a good start. You should be flogging the Megan Boken story Denise. It’s gonna blow up. The nig will never be caught.

  30. Wayne,

    Romney and Ryan won’t do a blooody thing FOR Whites. We know this. Right now, a wholly un-checked ObamaHolder turns us into HaitiSouthAfricaRhodesia overnight.

    How are you positioned for this?

    How did the consolidation of Black Rule work out for Whites in those countries?

  31. The Confederates should have done more to secure St Louis. If they’d fought there for a while the union would have been held up for a season or more.

    The real issue for the Confederacy, however, was the lack of naval support from either France or Britain.

  32. All you Southrons must be delusional if you think the South will Rise with a NIGGER in the WHITE House! You’ll be slapped down faster than a Crack Ho in a Room Full of Pimps!


    White is Right, black is whack!

  33. My only worry is that the sudden collapse of the United States government would imply the disappearance of the US Navy and that would be a bad thing for everyone including not in the least the denizens of Dixie.

    I don’t think the collapse is going to come about in quite that way although it is coming as the government is effectively bankrupt.

  34. Hi John! Thanks!

    Our blog is a little unfocused, due to the general daily insanity of our day to day lives, Aryan Goddess and I….

    I thought about doing that story – but the White Girl Bleed a Lot stories get to be annoying, and depressing…. I’ve been gloating over the growing racial fault lines, that the MSM is desperately trying to paper over…

    Perhaps I ought to do a story on Boken, cause you are right – she was not a Mudshark. She was a random victim of Feral Nigra violence. She was not a rah rah I Heart Diversity Queen like Eve Carson. Boken was a normal girl, a proising athlete, and she was beloved and well known.

    A perfect emblem.

    Am I growing cynical?

    Maybe the outrage will cause an awakening. I know loads of folks in TN. The Channon Christian Christopher Newsome horror changed EVERYTHING, as I’ve been told. The race divide is set in granite, titanium, bedrock lava beneath the Earth’s crust…etc. There’s no going back. Ever.

    That story has been dutifully surpressed – but perhaps this one won’t be…

  35. “Rudel says:
    August 23, 2012 at 3:23 am
    My only worry is that the sudden collapse of the United States government would imply the disappearance of the US Navy and that would be a bad thing for everyone including not in the least the denizens of Dixie.

    I don’t think the collapse is going to come about in quite that way although it is coming as the government is effectively bankrupt.”

    The JooS Navy? You mean the floating brothel? Faugh, I say.

    I want EVERY LAST Damned Federal Thug and Thugess to be turned into a small speck of bloody pulp in the streets and gutters of Iran. The EFFING ZOG Pentagon is war gaming TEA PARTIERS!!!!


    The Founders never wanted a Standing Army. The Military has been ZOG’s thugs since the 1860’s.

  36. Denise: I’m sorry but I’ve supported the Republican Party for the last time with Bush II. Not doing it again. I think the pressure needs to be kept on whites in general and the States in particular to feel like their backs are to the wall. Meaningful change only comes through hardship and sacrifice. I wish it weren’t true, but it is. I have a teenage son and I fear for his future, I really do, but 4 year of Romney will not help.
    IMO, the more the left acts out and speaks out, the more eyes are opened.
    We are not to the point of a Rhodesia, SA or Haiti…yet.

  37. I wonder how people will think after the election.

    If Romney wins, the border will be open, mexicans will pour in and things won’t really change on immigration. Welfare reform, if any, will be weak and worthless because Romney won’t go hard when they play the race card. Romney won’t do a damn thing about the anti White man laws like affirmative action etc etc. Romney won’t do shit to reduce the cost of doing business in the usa so the jobs will stay gone. He will try to reduce taxes, but taxes aren’t the main reasons for outsourcing. We’ll get another free trade deal or three and things will get worse from that. But wall street will make more money. The national debt will continue to grow. Romney will set a new spending record just like the last couple of presidents have. There won’t be war with Iran either, unless Iran does something so stupid the Russians remove their support. Probably won’t be a chimp-out either because they’ve lowered the negros expectations to something more realistic for this election

    Will the Romney crowd change their mind about how great he is? Doubtful.

    If obama gets reelected, we won’t turn into South Africa the next day, or even in the next 4 years, but things will get worse in a myriad of ways. Will the obama equals South Africa folks admit they were wrong? Doubtful

    Mean while voting for either adds legitimacy to an illegitimate govt

    Way to much emotion and unfounded fear, to little logical thinking

    and I see the usual suspect has once again mistaken name calling for actual opinions and debate

  38. Hello, Denise. I checked out your new blog. Pretty Good, but a little too repetitive. No need to drive every point home a hundred times, two or three will do just as well.

    Only a Zombie Apocalypse on the Day the EBT Card Stops Working will wake Most Whites from their Talmudvision Stupor of American Idolatry / Dancing with C-List Celebrities! Focusing on stories buried by the Dinosaur Media is not going to be effective unless its done on high-traffic websites, I’m Sorry to Say.

    Try commenting on Yahoo News. Drop Pro-White News and Anti-establishment Stuff into popular News Stories. Change the Narrative and Get Normals to Think in a Pro-White Way!

  39. Stonelifter, et. al, must be on DRUGS. Oh 4 more years of nigger warfare doesn’t equal South Africa! How many more years of nigger on human attacks do you need?

    RINO Romney will send the Union Army to Iranistan! No Blue-bellies to shoot Johnny Rebs! Do I have to draw you a picture?

    FEDGOV is the Enemy. The Union Army is not your friend!

  40. (Hunter this is slightly O/T – please indulge) :

    What does the Peter Sellers film linked to above tell us all ?

    [This link:].

    Answer: that before the scourge of 1965, white males were pretty much naturally in charge of everything the world over, and all other human groups pretty much went along with that arrangement, grateful for the benefits in standard of living etc. that white males had benevolently brought to humanity at large.

    This I think you will all agree is no less significant, than the observations that Hunter Wallace makes about such things as Southern Separatism, the history of the Carribbean, etc. (though of course Hunter’s work is great and expansive enough to deserve its own place in American Academia) (In a perfect world).

    The problem as I see it is that white males, after having excelled at civilization-building, after having conquered the globe, then the moon and after having imposed Anglo-Saxon demo-decency upon the rest of the world, felt compelled to move into other ethereal realms of conquest. Specifically, the non-material, ideological realms that gave us modern political correction, (among others).

    White males are never satisfied with their accomplishments – like the eternal explorers that they are, they always need to move on to higher plateaux of intellectual conquest / progression. (Please see the history of Father Matthew Ricci in China).

    What dooms us today, is that this conquest has been in the so-called moral / intellectual realm, specifically.

    IOW: after white males had pretty much set the stage for global conquest, they felt the need somehow (collectively) to conquer morality. (ITALS). Because at that point, everything else had already been conquered (by white males).

    Is this a tale of Hubris or what?

    Of course, this 1968 hit “The Party” was an early example of Judeo exploitation of white munificence through Hollywood mind-weaponization. Back then the Jews in control would never have dared for example tossing negro women into the mix of Peter Sellers’ love interests. The most edgy they could do at the time was portray a non-American white woman (the foxy French girl in the film) as Sellar’s love interest, in such a way as to maximize effect. Please note BTW how that relationship ends in the film: (Spoiler Alert) : Sure, Sellars drives away with the foxy non-American French white chick in his three-wheeled vehicle. But she refuses to let him come inside when he drops her off. In fact the closing scene is Sellars driving away in his 3-wheeler alone. Possible today?

    Answer: Nya’t at all.

    “I’m terribly sorry we didn’t mean to be disrespectful” one white woman says to Sellars’ Indian character (in the elephant scene, @ 1.25, where the white woman apologizes to Sellars’ non-white character about the inappropriate, “disrespectful” portrayal of an elephant).

    Take a good hard look at this film, shot in what was arguably (1968) close to the apogee of white civilizational achievement. Don’t forget that it was shot and released just one year shy of white males landing on the moon.

    Note that the bow-tied waiters in the film are white males; note that there are 100% zero negroes in the film, apart from the single slightly white negro waitress at the start, and who appears again in the closing soapy-suds scene at the very end, in Halle-Berry-style French frilly chambermaid dress outfit.

    The unabashed pre-PC whiteness of such films as this are fascinating, and need to be studied closely.

    Films like “The Party”, when examined through the prism of sites like OD, are nothing short of catnip for the racially aware.

    Note: in the end, the Indian gets the White girl! Even in 1968, the purported non-white star winds up with the “Other” (but still white) French chick. That’s about as far as Jollyhood could go back then. Man, they’ve made inroads since, haven’t they?

    -Arturo de Gheaube

  41. Degeaube, I think you’re posting on the Wrong Site. Esoteric Filmographies as metaphors for White Displacement should be posted on Taki’s Site:

    This is a Neo-Confederate Marginally Pro-White Site that does not engage in cultural discussions beyond Slavery as a Viable Economic System, and Napoleon was Pro-White!
    Try Taki’s Site. You’ll fit in better there…

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