1. the funnier part is where the anti-White-White woman (dwl) starts arguing with the other White woman, showing the genuine level at which she doesn’t take the black guy seriously enough to let him speak for himself. She his mama?

  2. Niggerize Obama indeed. Obama doesn’t need Romney’s help being niggerized. That ship has sailed. He was niggerized when his white-trash baby mama bedded that Kenyan nigger some 50 years ago.

  3. This is somewhat off topic but there is a bumper sticker I’ve seen a few times out here. It says “Don’t ReNigg 2012” with a picture of Obama like Buckwheat on it.

    Too funny.

  4. The girl with the glasses (don’t know her) handled herself quite well. I could easily see her progressing from defense to offense by making the accusation “anti-white.” That one little line would do more to advance pro-white politics than a billion anonymous postings by angry vantards.

  5. I tell you what, it was refreshing to see Romney use the word “hate” for the left. Taking back control of a loaded word. Very good.

  6. Who says they’ll cower from accusations of anti-white? Perhaps they may even relish it to be out in the open.

  7. Is the Lonmin massacre (38 dead, hundreds wounded, hundreds arrested) yesterday in Black Run South Africa the future for Black Run America?

    Many think that the jewish-communist-socialist ANC has stolen everything else worth stealing, and will now steal from their own. That’s the history of jewish-communism-socialism ain’t it.

  8. They’ll do about anything to further the appearance of difference between their ‘candidates’. Gimme a break. Obama, Romney, both dick suckers.

  9. Sorry, Touridiot. We already have eyes.

    That’s why the accusations of Romney “dog whistling” to “white racists” are nonsense. Again, we already have eyes.

  10. Obviously the narrative derailed. That’s why the apparatus-chick tried to jump in. This was supposed to be another chance for the vibrant minority to wag their fingers at conservatives for being white.

  11. Who says they’ll cower from accusations of anti-white? Perhaps they may even relish it to be out in the open.

    I’m sure many of them will relish it. That’s partly the intention: to get the admit it, out in the open. The other part, or so I would argue, is that many will also begin to recoil from the accusation, much the way “racist” has worked.

  12. “to get them to admit it” I meant to say. (Don’t normally correct typos but this was an important point that needs to be understood correctly.)

  13. What you need are three strategems for making tbe nig admit they are antiwhite. You know they are so it’s just a matter of being a bit clever.

    Sorta like “a few good men”. Make them wear their envy and contempt on their sleave and wear it proud.

  14. That chick with the glasses was hot. I was surprised by the vigor with which she confronted the nig for his anti-white race baiting. She definitely put that nog on the defensive. What a babe. The white “man” on the other hand sat there like a tame skulking neutered dog letting the white woman lead the attack. Pathetic.

  15. Went to look up Lonmin. In one of the articles, this was the comment: “I have no doubt that the police wouldn’t have dared shoot at a group of rich white workers,” the unemployed 27-year-old said….

    It really is something, lol.

  16. OF should respond to Lonmin.

    I don’t think it’s far off from happening to white protestors. The EDL did a bit of protesting during the London riots and were roughly treated by the coppers.

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