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We were governed just fine between 1789 and 1962 (when JFK was killed), with a few exceptions here and there (most notably Wilson and FDR).

In the South, we have been governed terribly since 1865, and the Golden Age before that was due only to the fact that Southerners dominated the Union until Lincoln.

This is a total myth with zero basis in reality. There are no market dominated oligarchies, for starters.

Except the Jews in the news media, the entertainment media, investment banking, the elite law schools, and humanities departments in the universities, not to mention the smaller examples like the Asians that are taking over gas stations and hotels.

And guess what: Most Fortune 500 companies aren’t owned by ethnic aliens. They are owned by white Europeans. I’m sure you look at Wal Mart with disgust, don’t you? I mean, you threw every magnificent American business under the bus with that “Yankee civilization” pic.

Lots of great American businesses led by 100 percent American patriots like Wal-Mart which is in the business of creating manufacturing jobs in China and textile jobs in Latin America or Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who create as many jobs in China and India as possible.

That says everything I need to know right there. You love totalitarianism and hate real freedom. You have allowed the Marxists to convince you to give up on freedom just because they try to package their Utopia under the guise of freedom.

“Totalitarian” is a great description of the Yankee-Jewish Mainstream Media – not a whiff of dissent is allowed in virtually every newspaper, magazine, and television station in the good ol’ USA promoting negro equality 24/7 and enforcing BRA’s racial etiquette 24/7.

You are incapable of exposing the Marxist utopia for the North Korean-style nightmare that it is and instead throw freedom itself under the bus.Your real agenda is painfully transparent, and all these fools who follow you will be led to the grave.

If this is what you call “freedom,” then North Korea and Iran are looking better every day, as there is more honesty about race in communist China and Jews in Iran than there is here under Uncle Sam.

Organized Jewry is an invasive force that is becoming ever more controlling, but it isn’t in full control. If it was, whites would be extinct by now. Or at the very least our societies would resemble The Soviet Union.

Funny. Why is Organized Jewry enjoying so much success under Americanism? Could it have anything to do with Americanism itself? Is that why the neocons are trying so hard to impose Americanism on Russia and Iran?

NOPE. Dixie is part of the United States, and whether liberalism is defeated or not, Dixie will always be part of the United States. The only question is whether people like me will be in control or not. If so, great. If not, then odds are liberalism will crush Dixie. In any case, the far majority of us whites will NEVER stand behind the Confederacy!

The only reason your liberalism is crushing us is because of the existence of the Union. I think we have a bright future awaiting us OUTSIDE of the United States and a very dim one WITHIN the Union.

As for the rest of you, if you want to live under “natural lords” like Sheldon Adelson and George Soros and the other Jew billionaires who are bidding on Obama and Mitt Romney, that is your choice.

You would sink the ship given all the horrible things you support.

Yeah, I know: we had Wade Hampton III and Robert E. Lee, and you have natural lords like George Soros and Sheldon Adelson, and that means we would have sunk relative to you people.

Bla bla bla! A British-loyalist screed falls on deaf ears to all real Americans. But you’re not a real American now are you? Nope!

Real Amurricans like Selena Gomez and Dora the Explorer and Anderson Cooper 360 and Sean Hannity and Fareed Zakaria GPS.

Actually, I don’t care whether the American Revolution was supported among Southerners or not! My attitude towards anti-American scum like you is the same as the Pilgrims had for the Amerindian savages (in other words, you’re the shit on our boots!)

That means you should love us, right? The Pilgrims tried to convert the Indians and turn them into brown little Yankees in their godly multiracial utopia.

‘Murika, fuck yeah!

You don’t fear consolidation of power! You just want “the right tyrants” calling the shots! There’s nothing about you that supports limited government! The Framers stood for limited government. You stand for totalitarianism, hence your support of the Ayatollah’s in Iran!

The consolidated despotism you have in Washington is a tyranny. We’re the only people who have ever tried to limit the size of the government. The states have the sovereign right to outlaw incendiary Jewish and Yankee anti-racist propaganda and we have ample historical precedent for doing so.

Call that “tyranny” if you like, Yankee! True Southrons shall not hesitate to preserve the Southern way of life. 🙂

I’ll take the Northern economy and the Northern way of life between 1789 and 1945 (when the South finally embraced capitalism) over the Southern economy and the Southern way of life any day of the week.

The Yankee way of life has always been chasing after the dollar and living as a hen pecked husband in an unhappy marriage while the wife wears blue jeans and chess bubble gum while haranguing the public about equality and women’s rights.

It’s bad enough up there to make you wish you were born a Mexican.

1. It’s natural rights, not human rights. Look up the difference.

Natural rights, “the rights of man,” human rights, women’s rights, civil rights, gay rights, animal rights … it is the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Equality was only ever meant by Jefferson in terms of natural rights, not in terms of ability or even opportunity. And even then he didn’t mean to include all the races of the earth. Jefferson is saying to himself in the grave right now, “why oh way did I not clarify what I meant by ‘all men are created equal?’”

Both the Declaration of Independence and the even more grandiose French Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen and have unleashed all kinds of racial and cultural evils.

The liberal ideal of equality doesn’t exist, and it isn’t an Enlightenment principle. It’s a Marxist principle born out of a philosophy that’s been around since the beginning of man. That philosophy was articulated by Plato’s Republic, long before Enlightenment was even a word.

Equality was an Enlightenment principle. It was in the name of equality that the Jacobins abolished slavery, made free negroes into French citizens, beheaded King Louis XVI and embroiled Europe in war for a generation.

3. Liberty in and of itself isn’t bad just because non-whites cloak tyranny under the guise of liberty.

The classical concept of libertas is not bad because it was never derived from a universal principle.

Edmund Burke condemned the French Revolution but supported the American Revolution. Nothing more needs to be said.

Except that Burke was a Whig and liberal in his day.

No, not really. Not until nearly the 20th century. And even then everyone in white nations knew the dangers of organized Jewry. Organized Jewry didn’t get its agenda going full throttle until the 1960s. Now-a-days no one can criticize Jews without being smeared as a naziwhowantstokill6million

Jews have never been in the ghetto in America and Western Jewry was out of the ghetto long before the twentieth century.

BTW, the idea that Organized Jewry wasn’t going full throttle before the 1960s is false. As far back as the Russo-Japanese War, wealthy Jews like Jacob Schiff were major world players. See also the Balfour Declaration.

Didn’t happen until the 60s. Fixable problem. Next!

Jews have always been American citizens.

Other then liberal democracy, you’re wrong on all counts. Jews hate capitalism. Case in point: Karl Marx and everything he’s wrought. They also hate meritocracy, hence why they systematically discriminate against whites even though whites are the most qualified. They also hate America, hence the non-stop anti-American propaganda fed in Hollywood, the media, and the education system.

Some Jews hate capitalism. Marx didn’t hate capitalism. He saw it as progressive and supported the Union in the War Between the States. Other Jews like Ayn Rand were for capitalism.

Most Jews today are for capitalism. They are the wealthiest and most powerful ethnic group in America thanks to free market capitalism and meritocracy.

And had terrible results to show for it. Principles without results are meaningless.

If memory serves, the Confederacy was destroyed by the Union which armed 180,000 blacks to kill White Southerners, so I would say our record contrasts favorably with yours.

Then you’re in direct of violation of the Christian God you claim to worship, and nobody should take you seriously when you talk about the Confederacy being a Christian society when in fact it degrades itself with third world peoples. This isn’t a matter of slavery. This is a matter of you choosing to associate yourselves with mass quantities of people that the Bible says you MUSTN’T associate with. Not surprisingly,. your precious Dixie payed the consequences!

(1) Jesus never condemned slavery.

(2) The Bible is a pro-slavery document.

(3) Notorious heretics like the Quakers and Unitarians started the anti-slavery movement.

(4) There is nothing in the Bible about creating homogeneous White societies.

You don’t even know what communism is. Because if you did, you wouldn’t be sitting here and smearing the greatest economic system in the history of mankind: The Free Market!

So, if we took free market capitalism and tried it without, say, cheap and abundant hydrocarbon energy, what would we find? What would triumph? Your silly ideology or the physical reality that powers labor saving machines?

” No. I’m saying that France keeping itself homogeneously white was in accordance with Biblical law. Robespierre was the opposite of Biblical. He was a monster.”

I don’t know of any such biblical law. Why was Robespierre a monster? He believed in liberty and equality just like you. He took out those evil aristocrats, right?

Irrelevant to the point I was making, which went completely over your head: Somebody pointed out that the North was 100% white (or at the very least had a dominant white majority). Your retort was that it doesn’t matter whether a nation is 100% white, because France is white and they had the French Revolution.

Yes, the whitest state in America is Vermont, and look at how much fucking trouble they have caused us.

My retort to that was the French Revolution has nothing to do with France being a homogeneous white country. You think that because France had a horrible revolution, it doesn’t matter whether a nation is homogeneously white or not. That’s one of the most non-sensical things I’ve ever heard. But then again, a guy who supports the Ayatollah’s lives and breaths non-sense.

(1) Like Russia, France was a nearly 100 percent White country that burst into flames as a result of its own egalitarian madness.

(2) In a country that is 100 percent White, racial consciousness ebbs and Whites become polarized along class lines and ideological lines.

(3) In Revoltionary France, the result was the destruction of slavery and the colonies in the French Caribbean, and every negro in the colonies becoming a French citizen.

(4) Here in America, we have the same problem with Yankees who support the Democrat Party and who are allied with blacks and Hispanics and who inflict incredible damage upon the South as a consequence.

So, I don’t give a damn if Vermont is 100 percent White if 60 or 70 percent of the Whites there want to be represented by an Obama or a Pat Leahy, Howard Dean, or Bernie Sanders.

Because if you don’t have us on your side, odds are liberalism will destroy you. And you won’t like it when that happens! You think 1865-1965 is bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Contrast America between 1865 and 1965 with North Korea today. That’s the difference between white/American nationalism and liberalism. But I’m sure your retort would be, “does it really matter what I pick?” Such is the discredited mindset of people like you!

Aren’t you the ones behind the liberalism though? Wouldn’t the liberalism we have now naturally unwind if we could only get out of your Union?

Translated: The dissolution of the best nation ever known to man.

The best nation ever known to man … BRA under Obama. Oh man, you are barking up the wrong tree!

”The freedom to by a murderous tyrant isn’t freedom, it’s despotism.”

We’re living under your despotism right now … your “representatives,” men like Harry Reid, Obama Africanus I, and Eric “My People” Holder.

As if the United States between 1789 and 1965 supported ANY of those things – even abolitionism! (Lincoln was no abolitionist if you know anything about the man. Lincoln was willing to say anything and do anything to keep the Union together).

I was referring to the tout ensemble of Great Yankee Ideas – starting with abolition and civil rights and quickly progressing from there to strongminded womanism, feminism, and free loveism – that have been imposed upon Dixie since 1965.

As Rose said to Cal in Titanic: I’d rather be America’s whore then Dixie’s wife!

Good analogy. Like the Titanic, Amurrica has hit an iceberg due to its own arrogant faith in American exceptionalism, and Dixie is the escape boat.

We’re bailing out and you and Uncle Sam are going down like Leonardo Diacaprio!


  1. Grits should only be eaten with butter and sugar.

    That’s downright gross. It’s butter and salt.

  2. Yes, Lee expected the North to be decent, chivalrous men as well. He was wrong.

    Jackson would have run up the black flag and destroyed their will to fight.

  3. Robert E Lee was a great man, but he was to decent to win. It breaks my heart to say such a thing. However, Jackson’s plan to raze the north before they got organized and tooled up; when we had the advantage was our best chance.

    There’s a hindsight problem here. REL, a great man, wasn’t too decent to win at all. He did the best he could with what he had. That said, he wasn’t the head-of-operations he was made out to be by postwar “history” writers employed to promote reconciliation. Notice that writers of the period, particularly those who admitted a glorifying portrait of Lee, completely erased, or tried to erase, the political men of the era. There was a good reason for their flying a flag while belittling what it stood for. But the reason was not honorable.

  4. Anti Federalist says:
    August 17, 2012 at 2:34 pm

    I haven’t consulted the Rationalist Encyclopedia, but the truth probably weighs more on the side of brutality and baseness than the other – look at what the Ami’s and Brits did to defenseless German civilians at the very end of WWII, firebombing, strafing survivors, raping, murdering – with gusto in the last few months. Of all the ‘isms coming out of the 20th Century, only National Socialism and Fascism proved to be exemplary social/political systems – American gangsterism, Russian Bolshevism among the worst and most unworkable – the US got lucky and managed to steal a treasure trove of inventions,patents and scientist from Germany to fuel its dominance. However, it’s just about burned its candle – it’s a 3rd world culture with a 1st world military, for the time being. The Great Secession will probably come about similar to the Soviet demise – the Hispanics just taking over the Southwest and California by default and other blocs of States just walking away when the economic conditions and tyranny becomes so untenable that people just lay down like beat mules and refuse to be part of the farce any longer.

    An excellent summary of where we stand today.

  5. “A beautiful, balanced view of the perfect warrior.”

    He wasn’t so perfect at Gettysburg, neither in his choice of the field nor in his handling of his corps commanders.

  6. Rudel, just out of curiosity, what’s your opinion of the principle behind the tenth amendment to the US Constitution?

  7. “Rudel, just out of curiosity, what’s your opinion of the principle behind the tenth amendment to the US Constitution?”

    I’m all for it. Unfortunately it’s been pretty much null and void along with the rest of the Old Republic since Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground in 1864.

  8. First he says:

    You love totalitarianism and hate real freedom. You have allowed the Marxists to convince you to give up on freedom just because they try to package their Utopia under the guise of freedom.

    Then he says:

    Dixie is part of the United States…Dixie will always be part of the United States.

    The man is either a liar, a fool, a fanatic, or some combination of the three. He couldn’t claim to oppose totalitarianism and secession both, otherwise.

  9. Grits are good with butter and sugar. But they still need a bit of salt eaten that way. It’s basically hot breakfast cereal like this.

    But they’re also good with cheese, or with butter and salt. They’re a breakfast side this way.

    Some people have no imagination.

    Thing is virtually all the battles were stalemates (approx equal casualties) with the worst supplied army always retreating after the clash. Something like Gettysburg was going to happen at some point.

    I don’t see how that’s possible given the casualty rates, where total Union casualties far outpaced Confederate.

    I find it amusing when people assert the existence of “natural rights” and then proceed to outline (as examples of said “natural rights”) a series of sociopolitical privileges. Name me any “natural right” that can’t be denied or negated by superior physical force. Just one. You can’t, because there aren’t any. The only “right” granted and acknowledged by nature is the right of a superior will, strength and intelligence to dominate lesser wills, strengths and intellects.

    Clearly the concept of rights eludes you.

    As to your diatribes against the religion of most of our people, clearly the concept of history eludes you.

    Your pre-Christian folk religion is just another imaginary projection like the Enlightenment, Marxism, and National Socialism. They all contain the seeds of their own destruction and leave nothing but chaos, death, destruction, and misery in their wake. They are all untenable utopian schemes of one sort or another.

    Christian hegemonists are just as bad as the anti-Christians. Neither puts his people first.

    Many, indeed, describe it as, particularly in regard to sex, the worst period in the history of civilization.

    Wow, they must’ve really hurt their big brains coming up with the revolutionary idea that the beginning of the history of civilization (in the areas in question) was the least civilized. What’ll they work out next? 2+2=4? What a gaggle of geniuses.

    These are shallow, cardboard cutout views of European pre-Christian religion. You are steeped in Judeo-Christianity, so that is to be expected. I find it interesting that you so easily and completely dismiss the ancient beliefs of your ancestors prior to the last 1000 or 1500 years. The conquerers did a good job.

    Indeed. And you easily and completely dismiss the beliefs of your ancestors for the last 1000 or 1500 years. So take the beam out of your own eye.

  10. “If you see men and women as animals, then yes, I suppose you can deprecate an entire era, its literature…”

    Yeah, why don’t YOU read the literature of that era? Moreover, a hell of a lot of people ARE animals, in that era or any other.

    Fr. John would be like one of those religious people like Boccaccio and Chaucer wrote about. His wife would banging somebody their bed at night while she had him outside posing in the shape of a cross waiting an a message to come from an angel or something.

  11. “Wow, they must’ve really hurt their big brains coming up with the revolutionary idea that the beginning of the history of civilization…”

    The Middle Ages were “the beginning of the history of civilization?”

    Wow is right. I think you have lost a few thousand years somewhere.

  12. Speaking as an atheist, I see pagans as more akin to jungle boolies who practice voodoo than followers of a serious religion.

  13. Roman civilization isn’t exactly what we are. The Muslim incursions destroyed the Italian Lake model. It’s fair to say America and the West is descended from tbe Angles, Franks, Saxons, Vikings, Frisians…

  14. The Mechanic says:
    August 17, 2012 at 4:34 am

    When the South secedes to form your own specifically Southern ethno-state, what do you imagine will happen to the military infrastructure of the former republic: nuclear, biological, chemical…? Do you think there will be some kind of amicable partition of these resources amongst the dismembered parts of the union? Will Dixie seize all of it? What are the consequences of a disintegrated union with these kinds of assets in the hands of what would inevitably be highly antagonistic competitors for resources along the long borders of this shared continent?
    My guess is neither your new ethno-state nor its neighbors would survive very long.
    Though there are certainly obstacles to be overcome in uniting the disparate elements of White America into the White Nationalist model, in the long run it is the only viable option. Like the break-up of the Soviet Union, which maintained control of its WMD’s among its ethnic core of Russians, there would have to be a core element here capable of controlling the military and directing the break-up of America under some type of ordered partition or everything would explode into chaos. Your observations on Southern ethnic solidarity and viability are valid but incomplete without these considerations. The South cannot go it alone in the 21st century and neither can any other geographic segment. Only an ethnic core capable of unilateral military domination could pull it off.

    I was having such a good time I overlooked this serious inquiry.

    By the time the states break up the karma will be spewing out like a volcano in favor of it. Everyone except a few nearly retired hacks will be preparing a plan for it. Not for some impossible white conglomeration of propositions, but for real regional territories.

    Like the Soviet Union, the American Union is based on both force and faith. No matter how much force is used, overwhelming distrust can overcome it. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. See John Calhoun’s papers on this.

    The next question, inevitably, is about the reason for secession once the previous system has been unilaterally rejected. The answer is that evolution occurs in stages and, believe it or not, responsible men respond responsibly. No joke.

  15. are you saying a nation cannot survive without WMD’s? or that a White nation is incapable of producing said WMD’s?

    Dixie would have Savannah River Site, where they have enriched uranium before plus the nerd power of Huntsville AL, Huston Texas and the “space coast” of Fla

    Or if things were done more or less peacefully we could divvy them up based on population of the new nations as in if you have 50% of the people you get 50% of the WMD’s. Same could be applied across the board on military hardware as well.

    Most are out West. Seems to me those folks want to go their own way as well and would be no threat to Dixie

    All in all, there is no reason for it to be a big issue, unless unionist want to make an issue out of it. Things went pretty smooth for the USSR with Gorbachev at the helm and he was supposed to be the evil commie….

    How big of a nuclear deterrent would Dixie need since we are unlikely to go stirring other folks kool-aide? My guess is, are biggest threat would be yankees of the north east variety, and we’re a little too close for them to use WMD’s against use

  16. Please do not put Dora the Explorer next to Anderson Cooper, Fareed Zakaria, or Sean Hannity. She is a sweet girl who at least uses English as her primary language, and shouldn’t be associated with these inhumane ideologues.

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