The French Riots


Walter Russell Mead pokes fun at the MSM for its failure to report on exactly who the “youths” are who are rioting in France:

“This was not how France’s new president, François Hollande, hoped to celebrate his first hundred days in office. The town of Amiens was rocked overnight as hundreds of rioters, mostly youths, engaged in what some have called “urban guerilla warfare”, evoking bitter memories of 2005, when France was convulsed by three weeks of nationwide unrest….

But what you will not find in any of these articles is a clear description of exactly who the young people involved in the riots were.

Of course, in the past, France has been swept by waves of rioting among young immigrants from North Africa or others born in France whose families are of North African origin. Clearly, it’s an important part of the news story whether these rioters are from the same demographic group or from some other group of angry people in France.

Yet all these media outlets refuse to say anything about the subject.”


  1. Yet Mead is an enthusiastic supporter of immigration. “We’ll all become rich” were his precise words.

  2. Amiens is the traditional base camp of British armies that fought side by side with Frenchmen. The French cops should strike hard and visciously suppress the black elements.

  3. With all their problems, the french decided to double down on more left wing bullshit. the french don’t have the balls John. Their strength is spent. They best they could do is out source the job, but they don’t have the will power for that either. Or the money probably.

    They’ll be a hajji nation before long and that will cause the White world a real problem.

  4. Mead’s right for America, wrong for Europe. Western Europe is our heartland and the internalization of colonies is an unsound suicidal policy rooted in foreign aid. After artificially inflating third world populations they have a choice to die or emigrate. OTOH the New World White is well-suited to minority status. We are at our strongest as a vigorous elite in the New World. Our issues as New World Whites are cultural rather than demographic, the opposite of Europe’s situation. New World Whites are a natural aristocracy in Brown, Black and Red lands; the sooner we embrace that truth and quit with the populist white bullshit, the better.

  5. “….the New World White is well-suited to minority status. We are at our strongest as a vigorous elite in the New World. Our issues as New World Whites are cultural rather than demographic, the opposite of Europe’s situation….”

    The New World White’s problem has been the recent europeans (anyone who came for or after the War Between the States—including vp pick Ryan). Daily, these folks seem hellbent on reversing every single gain that was made, from the pioneers on.

    Sadly, maybe, the only person I ever heard say this on msm, t.v. was Charles Krauthammer.

    These Europeans and their descendants have never known anything but Feudalism in some form, which is why the French troubles are different. The u.s. euro bows to a queen, to a pope, or to their master-overbosses of “big business.” All these three function very similarly. So, such euros have only known centralized, top down structures the top of which cares nothing for them.

    At least kings and queens REFERENCE blood, if only they acted that way. The pope is openly committed to brown universalism on record, for his “own” people, and the BB overbosses are robber baron money-grubber bottom liners.

    The post-war (of Northern Aggression) feudalized the u.s., and Northeasterners (from what they called “the gateway cities” before they began “seeding” immigrants into the most Generational American communities) really DO NOT UNDERSTAND what’s going on.

    It’s always been this way (in Europe, so it seems normal here). And they are WELL-SCHOOLED in the supposed “natural depravity of man.”

    This “natural depravity” teaching then becomes how they see the u.s. violence. Violence is just what people do (according to this type of person).

    No matter how many times you try to tell them (as Pat Buchanan did in his latest book that got him fired) that MOST AMERICANS over 45-50 never even had to have locks for their doors, much less the saga of daily violence, ripoffs, and “home invasions,” they will actually say that is a LIE, rather than give up their stupid childhood teaching that violence is normal (depravity of man”)

    When people are at a level (like I met some recent immigrants from Spain who were this way) where they don’t even GET ‘total violence and third wording is not normal due to man’s natural depravity’ how could you get them on page to even reject terminology such as “home invasion” just to force-de-escalate what the introduction of that terminology is meant to DO.

    Americans have undergone the Greatest Population Transfer in world history, and it just seems normal because so many of them are, essentially, European subjects nowadays. They
    ve never (ever) known any freedom in the American sense.

    When they go on about “their freedoms,” it’s hard to imagine what they mean.

  6. That’s a little bit garbled.

    With France I reckon they will shuck off the foreign. There’s a fascist party there that can mobilize. The cops themselves must be quite radicalized already. They might yawn at trouble in Paris (trouble with a P) but ethnic warfare in a provincial town should do the trick.

  7. John, money, brains… equals nothing with out the brass to use them for your own self interests. Whites must have the will to use our power for our interests as individuals and as a people. What ever that form of power happens to be

  8. As someone pointed out: Pakistan was the worlds first Islamic nuclear power, Iran might be second but the third will probably be France.

  9. these fools are doing the rights job for them, the more they rattle the boat the more frenchy will realize whats going on. also at least the hajis smell judenraus in the system.

  10. If only the French had voted in Marine Le Pen instead!

    I doubt this would be happening then! If it did she would probably order the French military to take care of business.

    This is a direct consequence of the French people not electing the correct candidate.

  11. Don’t worry about France. The average Frenchman is like the average American in that he recognizes but does not care about this sort of thing until he has no choice. Like Joe Sixpack, Jean Vindepays is as happy as un cochon dans la merde as long as les macacas don’t cramp his personal style.

    Joe Sixpack won’t do anything until the Black Undertow begins to negatively affect his mouth-breathing, lite-beer-drinking everyday life. Likewise, Jean Vindepays doesn’t give a hoot what les Nègres do as long as they don’t do it to him (or in his neighborhood).

    Once these vermin start having a serious impact on la mode de vie à la Français for the typical Frenchman, they’ll take out the trash. Ask the Jews.

  12. sorry Robert O and others. I have to disagree. I’ve been through france, the men there are women; and I’ve seen their military in… “action”. They are a spent people and continue to double down on the ideals that crushed them.

  13. Stony:

    While I respect your opinion, I disagree. I have spent a fair amount of time in France over the years, and am buying some property there in the mid-term future, social and economic conditions permitting. Yes, it’s full of socialists and lapsed Catholics, but white people living on the capital of previous Christian society can afford to be socialist excommunicants. What the French can’t afford is to be socialist and excommunicated in a France full of Muslims.

    The differences between metropolitan France (e.g., Paris, Lyon) and la France profonde are not apparent to the outsider. France outside the big cities is much different than one might think. — just like America outside the big cities. We have BRA, they have La France dirigee pour le bénéfice de les Noirs (FDBN?). Their elites sneer at les péquenauds du le pays survolé just as ours do.

    And like America, the hicks, shopkeepers, and religious types are beginning to wake up. They’re a bit ahead of us, too: we have the Tea Party, which is committed to working within the system — but they have the FN , a much scarier outfit from the point of view of their DWL power elite. Once the economy in France tanks, or there’s a major Muzi terror strike against the country, etc., or both, the average Frenchman will, like his American counterpart, get off the couch and do something.

  14. I am friends with a black Algerian, met him in stats class while in college. Really cool guy, had a sort of servants heart. We were sitting around drinking coffee in the school “cantina” and there was a section where all the football players – well really all the black students – sat and congregated. They were loud as usual and he just looked at me and shook his head saying, “Why is it always the black guys here that are acting up?” Funny stuff. I told him that it was a complicated subject and left it at that. He’s no fool, though. Another friend of mine from the same class was from Nigeria. These two guys, smart guys. But that makes sense, take the brightest of your continent and educate them in a Western university, then go back and try your best to spread the knowledge. The Africans-in-America students, on the other hand, were woefully inadequate and very raucous.

    I say this because in my limited experience (I’ve also traveled to Morocco) the N. African can be a fiery person, as is my friend. It does not surprise me that they are rioting in France. What exactly are they rioting for?

    Stonelifter, as much as I would like to disagree with you I cannot, the French just seem to be spent, as you say.

  15. Oculus,

    I haven’t been all over France but have been on five separate occasions. As a soldier I took part in the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings in a ceremony right in the cemetery at Omaha. Those people around there, in the very small villages, were very pro-American (at a time of heightened anger at Bush and the Iraqi war) and I could see that what you say is true. I would also say the same about the very small towns in Germany. Just another two cents from SomeGuy.

  16. I,m not blaming french people. Hollande was there like Obama in US. Culmination of white quilt and belief in the cultural marxism. Downfall will be very soon and very fast.

    Like in USSR Gorbatchev demoralized all Soviet people. Until him, most truebelievers claimed that communism actually works but people in charge were bad and ruined all good efforts. Well, now the good modern communist were in charge and things went downhill even more. So the big reformer and liberator actually destroyed all hopes and even the most stupidiest folk understood that all system and ideology is wrong, not some persons alone.

    I think Hollande and Obama with their socialism in steroids do the same what Gorbatchev did in the USSR. Critical mass of people start understanding that all system is rotten to the core and fundamental changes are needed. And those changes make end to the jewish power and cultural marxism. Goering was not very wrong, when he predicted in Nurenberg, that after 100 years every village will have their memorial stone…:D

  17. “Of course, in the past, France has been swept by waves of rioting among young immigrants from North Africa or others born in France whose families are of North African origin.”

    During the 2005 riots, TV footage showed that 90% of the rioters were black – NOT Arabs for the most part.

  18. Dixiegirl you are a troll and enemy of white unity. Something comes up like this and your one track brain always blames the Pope, the Irish, recent WHITE immigrants. Your knowledge of real history is abysmal. Sure the present day catholic church sucks as far as wanting to import 3rd world immigrants but your WASP protestants are just as bad. At least the Catholic church doesn’t have ordained queer bishops. Good old boy Baptist protestants like LBJ foisted the 1965 civil rights act on us. Since you are so ignorant, Ill send you this link. Pope Pius IX was an admirer of Jefferson Davis and in effect recognized the CSA. Most of you holy rollers wouldn’t have known that.

  19. Youths, huh? They forgot to throw in “underserved” and “disenfranchised”.

    That being said, didn’t France form one of the first proposition “nations”? Doesn’t their constitution state that anyone living in France is French? This being the case, what do you call a person of Frankish descent living in France (the few that are left)? According to their enlightened constitution, those descended from Gauls and Franks over 2,000 years have no more right to France than the immigrant from Senegal.

    Jean Raspail explained the situation in France better than anyone when he said that the Republic had sold out the Fatherland.

  20. The white kids will be grunts and officers in Paramilitary death squads one day. Just like their white Brazilian cousins.

  21. Highly recomment Emmet Scott’s “Charlemagne and Mohammed Revisited.”
    this time the law of the Republic has rusted up the wargear of the Germanic tribe.
    I hope the French have the good sense to polish off the armour and swords before it is too late.

  22. “At least the Catholic church doesn’t have ordained queer bishops.”

    Sure they do. They are just still in the closet. Who do you thing did all the covering up of altar boy abuse?

  23. Jimbob, you are right to call out the ignorant and misinformed. Unfortunately, Rudel is correct. The Catholic church has been infiltrated and does indeed have “ordained queer bishops,” just not openly. Catholic doctrine cannot change to being pro-homosexual like most other Protestant denominations, so these bishops can never operate in the open.

    All Christian institutions are either under siege or have fully capitulated in the face of being labelled “intolerant” or losing the liberal members of their congregations, whom they clearly value more than fidelity to the faith of their fathers.

    Dixiegirl has no interest in the truth. She has been given the facts before, but only wants to display her ignorance as if it were something to be proud of. It isn’t. Her insistence on spouting lies destroys her credibility with any reasonable person.

    Jefferson Davis was educated by Dominicans in Louisville, Kentucky and would have converted to Catholicism were it not for his father’s objections. Generals Longstreet, Hardee, and Beauregard, along with Admiral Semmes were all Catholics, to name but a few.

    Deo Vindice

  24. The French are in the same boat as all other whites. Divided, confused, misled, and betrayed by their leaders–sounds just like BRA to me. I guess we could call it BRF.

    Wayne has it right. Jean Raspail was the first to sound the alarm about the immigrant invasion. His excellent novel “The Camp of the Saints” was first published in 1973, long before this issue was even on the radar for most whites.

    The French are not now and never have been the enemy of America. Most Americans harbor far more anti-French sentiment than any Frenchman I have ever met. France attempted to maintain her sovereignty against post-WW2 “Pax Americana.” The French have been slandered by patriotards ever since.

    Deo Vindice

  25. ‘The French are not now and never have been the enemy of America.’

    Remember they helped America during the Revolutionary War!

    Also a nation that can produce hottie Zoey Deschannel can not be all that bad!!

  26. “Jean Raspail was the first to sound the alarm about the immigrant invasion. His excellent novel “The Camp of the Saints” was first published in 1973, long before this issue was even on the radar for most whites.”

    It was on the cover of The Atlantic with a full length article/review when it came out. I remember buying the book after reading the review and then sending copies to all my friends and relatives. A fat lot of good that did. The unlocked floodgates of the 1965 immigration Act were not fully open yet as we were in the midst of the first Oil Shock recession.

    It would never even be reviewed by that magazine today. Indeed he would have a hard time finding a publisher.

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