SNN Podcast: Knights of the Golden Circle

South Carolina

Palmetto Patriot is plowing through Robert E. May’s The Southern Dream of a Caribbean Empire and has a new podcast on the Knights of the Golden Circle.

Note: The “Golden Circle” was a Southern vision of Manifest Destiny that involved the acquisition of Cuba and the conquest of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean basin.

The Knights of the Golden Circle was an antebellum Southern Rights organization that promoted this ideal. It should be noted that Southern support for Caribbean expansion was much broader and deeper than membership in this organization.


  1. Thanks for the post, HW. I do recommend this book. I’m nearly finished with it. And it has a lot of good material and quotes. The author does a good job summarising big trends as well, which is not always easy to do well. He’s anti-Southern and that’s to be expected. But it’s still a good book.

  2. It’s really amazing the amount of history about this period that is largely unknown. I can barely keep up with this stuff. Between OD & SNN it’s like an intensive course.

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