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August 2012

Southerners Want Their Country Back

August 31, 2012 // 58 Comments

New York H/T Palmetto Patriot Honestly, I can’t help but laugh at this, and wonder why anyone would call Amurrica a “nation,” or desire to preserve the [...]

BRA 2100

August 30, 2012 // 8 Comments

BRA The ruins of BRA at the dawn of the 22nd century [...]

GOP Platform “Tough” on Immigration

August 30, 2012 // 76 Comments

Florida The GOP platform on immigration contains some “tough” language … the language that John McCain ran on in 2008, which didn’t succeed in getting [...]

Live Thread: Republican National Convention

August 28, 2012 // 129 Comments

Florida Update: Live commentary at @occdissent on Twitter. I just flipped on the television to the Republican National Convention in Tampa for the first time and there was [...]

Why Secession?

August 28, 2012 // 65 Comments

Texas As I was telling a friend on Facebook this afternoon, I don’t care anymore. I don’t believe in America. I don’t believe in liberal democracy or human [...]

Why I Love The South

August 28, 2012 // 31 Comments

Alabama Over the weekend, I was furious because I was convinced my wallet had been stolen by the Black Undertow while I was working out in the gym. It turns out that I had [...]

Delaware Race Riot

August 27, 2012 // 16 Comments

Delaware Colin Flaherty is doing such a great job following the slow burning Black Undertow race war that he has given OD and SBPDL the chance to put the microscope on the [...]

Ron Paul Refuses To Endorse Romney

August 26, 2012 // 82 Comments

Florida The Ron Paul crowd isn’t jumping on the Romney-Ryan bandwagon either: Note: Romney can’t even match McCain’s performance with White voters in the [...]

Jews, Slavery, and Dixie

August 25, 2012 // 150 Comments

Once upon a time, Jews were active participants in slavery, white supremacy, and segregation Dixie Over at Counter-Currents, Andrew Hamilton has stumbled across something [...]

Friday Night Drinking Thread

August 24, 2012 // 50 Comments

Alabama I’m at the gym and can’t stop laughing over this mental image: Touré, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and Roland Martin are escorted to the Virginia coast, forced to [...]

Empire State Building Shooting

August 24, 2012 // 50 Comments

New York I said somewhere in the archives that mass shootings would increase as BRA’s financial collapse and cultural decomposition [...]

Caribbean Project: The Proto South

August 24, 2012 // 31 Comments

The birth of plantation slavery in the Canary Islands Canary Islands I’ve just read a fascinating essay in The Caribbean: A History of the Region and Its Peoples that [...]

Ta-Nehisi’s Epic Nigga Whine

August 24, 2012 // 51 Comments

The Atlantic Even though blacks are evangelical Protestants who speak the English language and have lived among us for almost four centuries, the racial gulf between the [...]

Germany Bans Neo-Nazi Groups

August 23, 2012 // 64 Comments

Germany The crackdown is on “enemies of the state” … racists, xenophobes, anti-Semites, and other enemies of liberal democracy in the Federal Republic of [...]

Paul Ryan Is Marco Rubio

August 23, 2012 // 61 Comments

Florida When it comes to immigration policy, there is no difference between Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio: “Says He Would Have Backed Rubio’s Immigration Plan Ryan, who [...]

The Last Compromise

August 23, 2012 // 40 Comments

The American Interest H/T Thrasymachus Walter Russell Mead has a huge article on the fall of BRA: Translation: We’ve hit Peak Negro and we’re going to have a [...]
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