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This Wasn’t the Year… Not for the Chicago Cubs, Not For Ron Paul or Any Libertarian Presidential Candidates

Chicago, IL – it’s late August here in Chicago. The Chicago Cubs are 31 games under .500, 29 1/2 games out of first place. Even dire hard Chicago Cub fans have sadly, come to the realization that…. This wasn’t the … Continue reading

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Southerners Want Their Country Back

New York H/T Palmetto Patriot Honestly, I can’t help but laugh at this, and wonder why anyone would call Amurrica a “nation,” or desire to preserve the Union with people as loathsome as Harold Meyerson. We have more in common … Continue reading

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The Cost of the Union: Federal Court Blocks Texas Voter ID Law

Texas Here we have another illustration of why secession is necessary: the same federal court that blocked the Texas redistricting map on the grounds of “racism” has blocked the Texas Voter ID law for imposing “strict, unforgiving burdens on the … Continue reading

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Tennessee Equality Project Committed To Destroying White Christian Tennessee

Tennessee H/T SNN The Orwellian named “Tennessee Equality Project” is a genocidal organization that is committed to dismantlling the Southern White Christian majority in the Volunteer State: “Furthermore, TEP members and board members include Christians and White people (but we … Continue reading

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Caribbean Project: The Jewish Exodus To Barbados

Barbados The most significant event in kickstarting race-based plantation slavery and the creation of slave societies in the British and French West Indies – which later became the cultural model for slavery in the Lower South – was the arrival … Continue reading

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Caribbean Project: Colonizing The North American Mainland

South Carolina Here are some excerpts from David Brion Davis’ Inhuman Bondage: The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New World which reiterate the narrative we have argued here all summer that the Deep South is a cultural branch … Continue reading

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BRA 2100

BRA The ruins of BRA at the dawn of the 22nd century …

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GOP Platform “Tough” on Immigration

Florida The GOP platform on immigration contains some “tough” language … the language that John McCain ran on in 2008, which didn’t succeed in getting that many suckers to vote for him. Note: The deal here is that we get … Continue reading

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Caribbean Project: Exploring The Dutch Caribbean

St. Eustatius I’ve continued researching the Dutch Caribbean and have learned a few more interesting things: (1) It was the Dutch who brought the first black slaves to Jamestown in 1619. I already knew this, but it makes me wonder … Continue reading

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Live Thread: Republican National Convention

Florida Update: Live commentary at @occdissent on Twitter. I just flipped on the television to the Republican National Convention in Tampa for the first time and there was some negress on the stage talking about how Amurrica is the last … Continue reading

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