Victor Davis Hanson: The Road Warrior


Victor Davis Hanson is The Road Warrior in Mexifornia … funny stuff.

“George Miller’s 1981 post-apocalyptic film The Road Warrior envisioned an impoverished world of the future. Tribal groups fought over what remained of a destroyed Western world of law, technology, and mass production. Survival went to the fittest — or at least those who could best scrounge together the artifacts of a long gone society somewhat resembling the present West. …

Sometimes, and in some places, in California I think we have nearly descended into Miller’s dark vision — especially the juxtaposition of occasional high technology with premodern notions of law and security. The state deficit is at $16 billion. Stockton went bankrupt; Fresno is rumored to be next. Unemployment stays over 10% and in the Central Valley is more like 15%. Seven out of the last eleven new Californians went on Medicaid, which is about broke. A third of the nation’s welfare recipients are in California. In many areas, 40% of Central Valley high school students do not graduate — and do not work, if the latest crisis in finding $10 an hour agricultural workers is any indication. And so on.”

Note: The only thing missing is the lack of gasoline. The collapse was still going on in Mad Max 1 before you get to Road Warrior or Beyond Thunderdome. The Southwest is probably about twenty years out from Road Warrior.

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  1. A wise man once said, “The present is where one watches the past become the future.”

    Like Mr. Hanson, we are all watching the past become the future.

  2. Hanson lives in a Yankee dystopia. The logic of that system – such as, for example, the triumph of “anti-racism” and “civil rights,” and the centralized power of the Almighty Union – continues to work itself out and produce these spectacular results.

  3. Someone ought to ask ol” March to the Sea Vic if he still believes in the Blank Slate Theory. I bet he does, the fool.

  4. Southerners predicted that free society would end this way: George Fitzhugh reads like Nostradamus in the 21st century.

    This passage comes from Cannibals All!, or Slaves Without Masters:

    “Further study, too, of Western European Society, which has been engaged in continual revolution for twenty years, has satisfied us that Free Society every where begets -isms, and that isms soon beget bloody revolutions. Until our trip to the North, we did not justly appreciate the passage which we are about to quote from Mr. Carlyle’s “Latter-Day Pamphlets.” Now it seems to us as if Boston, New Haven, or Western New York, had set for the picture …

    We say that, as far as it goes, ’tis a faithful picture of the -isms of the North. But the restraints of Law and Public Opinion are less at the North than in Europe. The isms on each side the Atlantic are equally busy with “assiduous wedges,” in “loosening in every joint the whole fabric of social existence;” but whilst they dare invoke Anarchy in Europe, they dare not inaugurate New York Free Love, and Oneida Incest, and Mormon Polygamy. The moral, religious, and social heresies of the North, are more monstrous than those of Europe. The pupil has surpassed the master, unaided by the stimulants of poverty, hunger and nakedness, which urge the master forward.”

  5. Some more wild and spectacular views of California:
    Google: Lake Tahoe Photos *
    “The most beautiful alpine lake in the world”. [ an added suggestion I wanted to throw in for the benefit of the readers].
    California ain’t so bad. Overall, the east coast, the mid-west, and the south, ain’t in such great shape either. In the meantime, California still has alot going for it.

  6. VDH is a bit of a Cnut really.

    He writes a glowing book about the Theban Yeomanry sacking Sparta freeing the helots, urges on the same crap in his own society and expects something different.

    He’s a good military historian but has helped destroy his own ethne.

  7. “He writes a glowing book about the Theban Yeomanry sacking Sparta freeing the helots, urges on the same crap in his own society and expects something different.”

    The Thebans didn’t actually ever sack the city of Sparta proper although they did ravage the countryside. Even Philip of Macedon and his son Alexander the Great never subjugated the Spartans. They remained independent until the Roman conquest of Greece in 146 B.C.

  8. Jennifer @above…

    Just lent you a little back-up firepower over on that Russia thread. I’m not really all that used to those kinds of polemics; although I understand the arguments, I rarely engage in pamphleteering, so to speak. So let me know if I made any mistakes in tone or logic, or if that was a halfway decent job.

    I’d ask good rhetoricians (ones better than me) to go over there and lend a hand.

  9. I saw that clip of the Song of the Rebel Irish. Cut from “Gods and Generals” – a bit too radical maybe as it ties the Southern War of Independence with the War of the Kilkenny Confederacy 1640s against Cromwell and later the War of the Succession 1688-90 when Dutch Stadtholder King Willie settled the debts of the Parliamentarians to the Jews for Cromwell’s war.

    Some great shots in that clip of the actor who played Stonewall Jackson. One of the best performances in Gods and Generals, a very good portrayal.

    In the West, the State of Missouri which voted to join the Confederacy was invaded early by the Federals and St Louis was garrisoned. The Irish Catholic population of St Louis (even under garrison) still managed to send priests back to Ireland to warn the Irish not to join the Yankee cause – notably Fr Brennan who later founded the church of St John the Apostle.

    And the famous Kelly’s Brigade fought the civil war within the Civil War in Mo on the Confederate side is an inconvenient truth.

  10. You are reaching with story about St Louis. The Catholic population here was lock stock and two smoking barrels Unionist. A handful of catholic Irish sided with the Confederates. The vast overwhelming majority 150,000 joined the union cause as Shocktroops.


    the Thebans wrested control of the Pelopenese from Sparta. Once their helot estates were gone they were a joke. The helots founded Megalopolis and never looked back.

  11. Once the Spartans put their women in charge of the homefront they might as well grabbed for the butt grease.

    Anyway driving thru the James’ country of Missouri last week I spotted a Confederate battle flag along Highway 36, but the only problem is that it was flying under the American one.

    Confederates, the battle flag that comes in the same proportions as the American flag is all wrong. That flag flew as the White Man’s decades long days of being really angry at their leaders flag, it is time to go back to the individual units’ battle flags.

  12. Maybe Hunter Wallace could arrange to rent out Shiloh battlefield for a weekend. Then all the War-Between-The-States afficionados here at “OD” could meet down at Shiloh and stage a Re-Enactment. Jack Ryan can be the referee.That would be fun. I’ll be on the sidelines rooting for the Southerners. I would have no choice really. Wouldn’t want Apuleius beating me up. I’ll bring the Kentucky Fried Chicken and Iced Tea. Everybody gotta’ bring something to the picnic.

  13. Jennifer and Oscar, well done in that debate–if we were to call it that. Two aspects of their comments struck me: One, the almost childlike innocence with which they cling to their rubber ducky. “But, I don’t have to offer logical positions, y-y-you’re a nazi!” Two, they view the wholesale extinction of the white race with a serenity bordering on enthusiasm. If the day comes, there will be no quarter.

  14. Hunter, enough of the Judeo-spamming please. Can you encourage the obvious YKW subverter to move on please?

  15. @Oscar,

    Thank you for your excellent post over there. I think its really important to let these people know we exist and our numbers and conviction are growing.

  16. @Porter

    I sensed that “BC” was persuadable, at least in the long term. She was resisting, but I think her sense of moral certainty and superiority was shaken. All we have to do is plant the seed of cognitive dissonance and let it grow. Hopefully some other people will stumble on the article and read our comments, too.

    The hard part is hooking them in to a debate. Once we draw them in to a debate, they cannot win. That is why our side is shut out of the media.

  17. Here is the line I used to draw them in:

    It is “racist” and “nazi” to want white people to continue to exist.

    As soon as they object to this, they are hooked in and will lose.

  18. @John
    If you’re so interested in seeing the White Race grow in numbers and prosper, why are you always bringing up all kinds of divisive issues from the past ? Issues which only divide and separate the readers. Divisive issues that only serve to cause dis-harmony and in-fighting, confusion and bickering. You always bring up dead and buried issues from long ago in the past, then blow the issues out of all proportion, all designed to divide us readers and cause trouble. You’re alawys bringing up every possible division you can find in history, and then you throw it into everyone’s faces.
    It’s bullshit dude. I question how much you really care about what’s best for the White Race. Your posts are all about division and conflict. That’s all you have to give to “OD”. Conflict and division. Your posts suck shit.

  19. Because John is a Son of the Widow, Joe. He knows nothing of the history of Missouri which voted to go with the Confederacy and due to its strategic importance as the gateway to the West was immediately invaded and secured for the Union. He knows nothing of St Louis (part of the French Louisianna purchase) with its Akkadian French and Catholic heritage. He knows nothing of the Irish of St Louis who supported the Mo legislature.

    He is an arrogant Freemason blowing smoke out of both sides of his mouth and every other orifice. He has yet to cite one source (apart from WikiJew) for all his crap.

  20. Is there any help for the Widow’s Son – Ulsterman, John and the Jew bought and paid for politutes of the British Empire post the War of Succession? Hardly.

    It would seem that Red Masonry, that would be the Grand Orient which is the Rothschild school of revolutions, has plans for the USofA.

    June 27, 2008 the Grand Orient USA (GOUSA) received patents from the Grand Orient of France for Masonic Authority over N. America.

    The Grand Orient was the school and agency of the Rothschild bloodbath in France inaugurated 1789 and the Terror.

    Under that patent, the Sons of the Widow are building lodges in JooYawk City NY; Savannah, Ga; Grand Rapids, MI; Cleveland, OH; Mobile, Alabama; LA, Ca; Phoenix, Arizona.

    Seven lodges – or more correctly Seven Sisters lodges. Gosh, it sounds like they are planning something. Now what might that be, I wonder?

    Here, read it for yourself, Son of the Widow John. Unlike you I give sources for what I say.

  21. On June 27, Bro. John Slifko, the new Grand Master of GOUSA, Grand Orator Bro. Chris Michalek, and Bro. Joel Michalek, past master of Halycon Lodge in Ohio, traveled to Paris, France, to meet with GOdF officials.

    Slifko and Michalek are jewish names.

  22. @ Hunter Wallace.

    Great song. One thing that can be noted as a connexion between the South and Ireland are our rich, Celtic musical heritages.

    Also, Irish rebel songs in Ireland have kept up the desire and motivated the martial spirit of the Irish to oppose British rule by recalling the fallen of various rebellions. See “Rising of the Moon” and “The Foggy Dew” and sung here by an IRA prisoner (not that I have much sympathy with the red IRA):

    Fortunately, the South also has such a rich musical heritage of songs of rebellion. If we could compare the 1798 rebellion and Wolfe Tone of Ireland to the War between the States, one would then ask, when will a Southern Foggy Dew come, that celebrates an Easter Rising-style takeover that will make the South ungovernable by the Fed and bring the issue of Southern freedom to a head, making it an unignorable, giant elephant shitting continually in the middle of the room on the remnants of the Constitution, shredded as it has been by Yankee perfidy and the Reconstruction Amendments that have led to destruction.

    I think an Easter Rising is far more glorious and noble (and led to a real, independent Irish Republic) than a Lord Mountbatten boat cruise (which led to troubles and more repression) and isn’t celebrated in songs. Timothy McVeigh I mean you.

  23. Jennifer and Porter — thanks, glad you liked it. I’d urge other OD’ers to go over there (i.e., the Russia thread Jennifer linked to in the first comment at top) and give them both barrels. I see that the BUGSers are over there now fighting the good fight, and they do good work; but since they always repeat the same talking points they tend to sound a little robotic and pre-programmed, which is not persuasive to fence-sitters. Go over there and do it in your own words, from your own personal perspective. It’s fun!

  24. Dude,

    I’m interested in idea of a breakaway republic. I don’t think that electing a black president is a good sign. It’s a very bad sign.

    If you look at the press most of the gabbing tools are Big heided Irish
    Russert, Odonnell, Dowd, Hannity, Oreilly…much of Obama’s success is tied up in the support he gets from such maniacs. The Jews in the press don’t carry the same likeability factor… So they bring out these pets.

    If you actually think London is running your lives, you are so far gone it’s just absurd. Lynda keeps going on about the Bank of England, you keep on banging on about the Fed. This place appears to be dedicated to secessionist themes that would ipso facto destroy the dollar anyway.

  25. I’m just pointing out the continual use of the Irish to break the back of the Anglo in America. The 150,000 unionists for example. Then a faux WASP like Kennedy who emboldened blacks.

  26. @John
    What kind of “faux” are you? I know you’re a “faux” historian. I know you’re a “faux” American. I know your patriotism is “faux”. In how many other dozens of ways are you “faux” ? What exactly is real about you English dude who lives in England but spends 24/7 of your time here at “OD” writing one divisive post after another. All your posts are about making divisions and causing trouble : So far, that’s about the only thing that’s real about you. Otherwise, you’re “faux” thru-and-thru.

  27. John,

    Thanks for the terrifc links on Kennedy. He’s not perfect – but were he around nowadays, he’s be considered Extreme Right Wing. Sad to see how far we’ve moved to the Commie side.

  28. Joe,

    I like John a lot.

    I also like Lynda. I think her stuff is terrific.

    You hit this blog with wonderful posts – went squirrelly – and now you are writing decent stuff again (sans the silly beeyich fighting between you and John, fer now).

    Keep writing GOOD stuff, Joe, and I won’t join the “Boot Joe” chorus.


  29. John says:
    July 31, 2012 at 2:51 am

    I’m interested in idea of a breakaway republic. I don’t think that electing a black president is a good sign. It’s a very bad sign. ”

    Yup yup yup.

    “If you look at the press most of the gabbing tools are Big heided Irish
    Russert, Odonnell, Dowd, Hannity, Oreilly…much of Obama’s success is tied up in the support he gets from such maniacs. The Jews in the press don’t carry the same likeability factor… So they bring out these pets. ”

    Hahahaha!!! Big heided Irish. OMG. Perfect. EVERYTIME I see one of ’em now – your description will resonate in my brain pan.

    “If you actually think London is running your lives, you are so far gone it’s just absurd. Lynda keeps going on about the Bank of England, you keep on banging on about the Fed. This place appears to be dedicated to secessionist themes that would ipso facto destroy the dollar anyway.”

    Err..they are right about the Bank of Jewgland, and the Federal Reservesky. Come on. Every-one’s gettng hip to that, these days. Even my little back water TP group are rubbing their eyes sockets…

    It’s late. I want to get in some Wodehouse before the Sandman summons me to Dreamland. Bertie and Jeeves are a tonic…..

  30. You don’t know where I live Joe. Please stop. It hurts.

    I’ve obviously touched a nerve with the Kennedy thing. It’s my view that he was front and center in the national liberation movements of Africans. Front and center in ending Jim Crow. Had he lived he’d have passed the civil rights bill and the immigration bill the LBJ and Ted respectively passed.

    Blaming Mossad for the assassination, while excellent assassinology is not really credible. You need evidence, not a coincidental timeline. The US civil service would have retaliated in major ways not cower in fear.

    It’s much more likely that a leftie with an axe to grind over some sleight did it. Either concerning Congo or Cuba. Kennedy was quite clearly outplayed by Kruschev and I do not see how the Israelis would have found his Missile Crisis performance as anything but evidence of manipulatability. Kennedy was quite a weak figure in foreign policy.
    The Russians got quite aotout of him at very little cost.

    Denise, Kennedy’s brothers give an indication of what he would have turned into.

  31. Maybe the Fed and Greenspan’s silly low interest rates that suckered in the housebuyers. but the central Bank of England is a very insignificant institution these days. The Renminbi, Dollar and the Euro dwarve the Pound.

  32. Why would the Mossad assassinate Kennedy?

    It was Kennedy who sent troops to Mississippi and Alabama to integrate Ole Miss and the University of Alabama. It was Kennedy who proposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It was Kennedy who wrote that essay “Nation of Immigrants” for the ADL.

    JFK was the first president to condemn “racism” too.

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