Outsourcing Is America At Its Best


I knew this guy sounded familiar … scanning my bookshelf, I spotted his name on a copy of The Ayn Rand Lexicon.

“Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are currently fighting over who is the more patriotic. Obama slams Romney for having outsourced jobs to China during his Bain Capital days. Romney punches back by labeling Obama “Outsourcer in Chief.” The latest is that both John Boehner and Harry Reid are voicing outrage over America’s made-in-China Olympic uniforms. “Burn them!” thunders Reid. . .

Let’s name things straight for a change: giving preference to American sellers over foreign sellers is the same mindless injustice as giving preference to sellers who are white over those who are black.

Economic nationalism is as morally outrageous as racism. Buying on the basis of nationality or race is the same collectivist evil: judging men and their products by the group from which they come, not by merit.”

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  1. From yer Wiki-link:

    Binswanger is a supporter of completely open immigration, seeing it as an issue of individual rights and citing **jewess** Rand (who immigrated to the U.S. from Soviet Russia) as the premier example of the benefits derivable from open immigration[6]. In response to worries about terrorists immigrating to the U.S., he has argued that rather than impose immigration restrictions (and other limits on Americans), the U.S. should engage in total, offensive war to end the regimes that sponsor terrorism. He has long urged immediate regime change in Iran, which he regards as the mainspring of the Islamic terrorist movement. Binswanger expressed support for Israel on the Glenn Beck program on Fox News


  2. I’ve always wondered why we as the worlds largest consumer market for the past 6 or maybe more decades haven’t been more protectionist when it comes to international trade relations.

  3. Written by the chief “intellectual heir” of “Miss Rand” (Alisa Rosenbaum) the Tea Party’s favourite philosopher.

  4. @ Mosin:

    Your first video is funny because you have Mike Wallace (jew) interviewing Rand (jewess)….and in it he indignantly berates her about how she wants to “tear down our great JUDEO-CHRISTIAN civiliation” lol…..
    (I just finished reading the “judeo-christian” thread, so you will have to excuse the giggles)

  5. Binswanger believes in the “invite the world, invade the world” philosophy of the Jewish neo-conservatives.

    He wants “regime change in Iran”. That is the goal of Jewish zionists. He wants war against all the “regimes that sponsor terrorism”. Another goal of Jewish zionists.

    So he wants all countries not under jewish control(countries that sponsor “terrorism”, or course his definition of terrorism) invaded and occupied, with a new pro-jewish goverment installed. And he also wants diverse and multi-racial countries in the west, which is another jewish goal.

    So he is most likely a jew.

  6. Countenance Axiom #17: Free trade, open borders for immigration and global governance are all interrelated. If you embrace one, there will inevitably be pressure on your body politic to enact the other two.

    I could and should have added that domestic racial egalitarianism fits into that. We have someone who properly notes that economic nationalism and racial nationalism are the same thing.

  7. I think rand is a crap writer, using thousands of words when a hundred words would do. Reminds me of our resident jew troll

  8. Protectionist trade and NOT outsourcing jobs overseas, is the VERY FIRST THING we should do, to restore American jobs!

    This man is a Jew, ideologically, if not a member of the ‘circumcision.’

  9. Not one single country has ever industrialized to first world status without high tariffs and/or trade restrictions to protect its own industries. Not one. Ever.

    It’s why the South got buried by the Northern industrialists. More steel, more railroads, more guns and artillery.

  10. Controlling access to the US consumer market is like getting dealt pocket aces in the global economy yet we bend over and take uneven trade deals with the rest of the world in the hope that one day 51% of Africans will buy their mosquito nets from a local Walmart super center.

  11. Binswanger = God DAMNED JEW. (It’s genuine Juden, Fr John)

    The ONLY beef I have with Hitler, and the Boys in Brown, is that they did NOT smoke 6 million Kikes.

  12. “The ONLY beef I have with Hitler, and the Boys in Brown, is that they did NOT smoke 6 million Kikes.”

    No, it was probably more in the range of 2.5 to 4 million. As the Germans moved east a significant portion of the the Jewish population of the towns in Belorussia, the Ukraine, and Russia moved further east behind the Russian lines. It’s the main reason the holocaust industry’s pre and post war Jewish census comparisons are so far off. A lot of Jews had been moved by the Soviets. They weren’t in their original location anymore and many no longer self-identified as Jews after 1945.

    It will take a few more generations before revisionist historians will be allowed to do legitimate research into the facts of the matter as to the true numbers involved in the ethnic cleansing of the Polish, Jewish, and German populations (and other smaller ethnic groups.)

  13. no problem with the Germans despite all the White people they killed…… what a shame that thinking is

  14. Arg, my favorite author is under attack here. Of course I will keep an open mind because reality is more of a bitch than fantasy ultimately is. This sparks a question I’d like y’all to answer. How is it that every single “important” and “influential” Jew seems to find themselves here on the “watch list”, so to speak? How is such a coordination possible? If it is possible, please inform me of the mechanism. Is it genetic, spiritual, cultural, etc? For me it seems a bit fantastical, and I do admit I’m on the defensive here because Atlas Shrugged changed my life.

    Do not interpret this as an attempt at rebuke. My eyes see the world around me, my ears hear the reports, my mind is not dumb to the message. As far as I’m concerned, I’m convinced of the ethnic question as far as genetics are concerned, but sometimes the fantastical Jewish conspiracy throws me for a loop. For instance, it is perfectly acceptable for me to comprehend genetic inheritance and the subsequent difference between black and white (sub-Saharan Africans and Europeans), but I cannot for the life of me logically place the connection between Jews and a vast world conspiracy. Please, inform me.

  15. Lew, thank you for the response. What will you have me take from the link you have provided? I’ve come across nothing that is hard proof of Jewish influence in a world-wide scale. I’m after facts. I’m on the scent, as a blood hound, but I need more than a link to a blog and one professors take on things (sorry I cannot read the 580+ book in such a short time though I’d like too, but I’m sure you understand the impermanent nature of internet blogs). If it isn’t a conspiracy and it isn’t a genetic “ethnic interest”, as a post in the link says, what is the mechanism if not an ethnic, genetic link? If the genetic, ethnic preservation interest is not the determining factor in the Jewish “actions” then I ask what is the determining factor, i.e. what physical/mental traits would make a Jew adopted by gentiles turn on gentiles as opposed to a black adopted by whites turning on whites? What is the binding mechanism? Surely the use of one word (conspiracy) does not discount my interest.

  16. > Economic nationalism is as morally outrageous as racism.

    Correct. There is nothing wrong with either.

  17. Lew was very kind in pointing you to Dr. MacDonald’s work. The least you could do is read some of it before returning with further demands? Plus the VNN website itself has loads of info of the type you claim to be searching for………

    If you are serious I would also recommend checking out Tan’s excellent work @

    And if you cannot bring yourself to read, tune into the White Network.

  18. @SomeGuy:

    I didn’t expect you to read 500 pages in 10 minutes. If you’re really open minded, download the PDF, and work through it over time, days, weeks, months, years, whatever it takes. If you’re really open-minded, I guarantee you you will come away from that book with a very different view Jews. It is 500 pages of “just the facts,” including citations, footnotes and references.

    David Duke’s Jewish Supremacism is a good too.


  19. Someday,

    Here is a link to an article by Kevin Macdonald where he discusses a column by a Jew admitting that the Jews control the media.


    Now this is very important, because as I’m sure you know the mainstream media systematically excludes and demonizes our point of view. Pat Buchanan was the last paleoconservative to get an MSM coverage. He was fired, basically, for noticing that whites will soon be a minority and failing to rejoice about that fact. The Jewish media promotes open borders and ruthlessly suppresses any dissenting views. Of course, the end result of this will be white extinction and they must know this on some level. Yet they do not care. They only care about whats good for the Jews.

  20. Someguy,

    A member of the Israeli Knesset recently stated that the Christian Bible is responsible for the death of millions of Jews and that Christians belong in the “dustbin of history”. This is an openly genocidal statement.


  21. Someguy,

    Israel is right now rounding up African illegal immigrants and putting them in concentration camps where they will be held for deportation. The Jewish controlled mainstream media is silent. They know the Jews need a secure homeland. They know we need one too, but they don’t give a damn. They simply call us xenophobic if we suggest that whites should have our own countries safe from others who might be hostile or resentful of us.

  22. Someguy,

    Whites have a legitimate conflict of interest with Organized Jewry.

    Organized Jewry is very politically active in all the things we don’t like. We want to be able to resist and get our agenda enacted instead. That’s all.

  23. What is wrong with the conspiracy theory types is that they descend into mysticism all too easily. Ya gotta ask questions folks, even Dr. MacDonald falls into the traps of mystic wisdom and he neglects his intellectual curiousity.

    I just want to know why jews are anti-white, we will start there.

  24. SomeGuy: When it comes to the Hebrews, not all of us are members of the Jude Süß school. You may be interested in my alternative view of the Jewish Question.

    I also don’t hate Negroes qua Negroes. It’s a Catholic thing.

    Of course, I could be wrong. Consider all points of view, then make a rational choice between them.

  25. Rudel – I don’t give a flying EFF aobut how many Kikes died in WWII, or any other time period. They are a total SCOURGE, WHY haven’t thry been hunted down and exterminated centuries ago? They pull the SAME malicious stunts century after century after century. What is WRONG with the White Race?

    A whole HELL of a lot more Whites died during the 20th Century, thanks to the Jews Wars, than did the Spawn of Satan.

    THEY are the ones that matter. The WHITE poeple that died.

    FYI – Hitler and the Germans did not get ANY Whites killed. They were trying to defend themselves from the Fate that befell Russia, due to the American born JEW bankers, like Jacob Schiff, that PAID for the Bolshevik – the political manifestation of Talmudic Jewry – invasion of Russia – that got upwards of 60 MILLION Russians killed, by the Jew devils, who trained in Jew York City, and their Golem. THEY matter. The Rus. Not the God Damned Jews.

    IF some moron wants to lay blame at the feet of Whites – lay it at the feet of that fat degenerate gambling DRUNKARD Churchill – who sold his own people to Perdition, in full collusion with the JEW FD Rosenfeldt. Hey – have ya seen the official logo of the English (Oops! No one on the UK is allowed to call the English “English”. So sorry). Where that huge giagantic Nigger is leaping over the Towers, on the Lodon Bridge?

    Thanks ya sick bastard Winnie!

    Had Hitler won – would you see logos like that?

    Some people have their head’s so far up their anal tracts they need to use toilet paper to brush their teeth. And oon THAT note – oh – there will be no war with Iran….


  26. Churchill was a white supremacist. No doubt about it. He wanted to keep Britain white but he was sidelined.

    The problem was that the British were forced to divest of Empire under US pressure. The Suez Crisis was a particularly obvious example of this. Eisenhower told Tony Eden
    get out of Suez or we destroy your currency. There are other examples. A lot of this comes down to petty squabbles among elite white groups.

  27. Someguy – are you the fellow, oon the SBPDL thread, that said that you have to apply for microbiology gigs, in Hong Kong, because “American” companies won’t even look at you, because you are a White man? If so – Annie Oakley and I had a long conversation last night, and we were lamenting your predicament. Why should a talented young White man have to flee the Nation that was founded by his racial forebears, in order to ENGAGE IN SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH THAT COULD BENEFIT THE SCOPE OF HUMAN KNOWLEDGE? We were also lamenting ours, as OUR Nation – the White Nation – is losng talented young Whites, BECAUSE of the nefarious situation we are in.

    You can thank Die Jude for this, and all the degenerate, dysgenetic genetic DEFECTIVES “Whites” that sold their shrivelled souls, and their own people, for Sheeney Gelte.

    Die Juden have been bedevilling Humanity since they since Satan shat them out.
    Study their history. Some White racialists are too pussified and lazy to call them out for what they are. They mask their cowardice with a serious of excuses. What it comes down to is that Die Juden are a vicious, remorseless packs of devils – evil never sleeps – and dealing with them is simply too much work.

    Ye shall know them by their friuts, ya will.

    Study their history. When I first discovered Racialism/White Nationalism/the Genocide of the White Race – I thought all the “Jew haters” were CRAZY.

    They weren’t – and aren’t. Kikes have been kicked of every place they have ever gone. It’s because of what THEY DO to their Host Peoples.NO OTHER ethny has that track record. None. Humans fight each other for turf – this isthe story of existence – but no OTHER ethny has the grotesque history of the Tribe, when in comes to inspiring all around loathing and hatred. Jews, as a whole, if given a choice or an opportunity to exist as a decent group, and live as straight shooters, or subvert the other populations, and screw over and destroy every-one, will invarioably choose, and PREFER, the latter. Kikes have NEVER been persecuted. They’ve been CAUGHT.

    Do you know the origins of the term “Kike”? Look it up. I’m a Christian – and I call Kikes “Kikes” for a REASON.

    Go to the University of Stormfront, and dive in. There’s a link to the right of this text. Study. Cross verify. Absorb. I did. Start reading the Talmud. The Satanic Bible. I didn’t “buy” the “It’s the Jews!” philosophy, until I started wding through that abomination.

    Seek and ye shall find. And the report back.

  28. @ “…..Lew, thank you for the response. What will you have me take from the link you have provided? I’ve come across nothing that is hard proof of Jewish influence in a world-wide scale…..”

    Maybe it’s not necessary to think of “conspiracy on a worldwide scale,” in a sense.

    Jews are a distinct group, and say so themselves. Factions of them are, indeed, politicized, (obviously). Personally, I’d say exactly the same of the catholic group that came to the u.s. in various immigrations: in the sense that they now have an embassy, were very key in changing immigration policy to bring their own people in (very obviously), have made coalitions with Jews in order to displace Wasps (the children of the founders), and so on.

    Does this mean every single catholic is involved in neo-heretic-killing? NO!! There are politicized factions that really want to see the u.s. become a “catholic country,” and they have journals with articles, counting down how close they are and celebrating things such as “no wasps on the supreme court,” and so on.

    Same with the jews. Some of them live for taking over the u.s., or using it as a satellite for israel. Some of them blame, or pretend to blame, the northern european protestants (the original Americans and children of the founders, fighters of the revolution, etc.) for hitler (Absurdly, as they are a similar ethnic group…anglo-saxon)

  29. So Germans got no whites killed when they invaded

    The Netherlands/ Holland
    Yugoslavia; Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia
    Russia; Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia etc

  30. @ ……Dr. MacDonald falls into the traps of mystic wisdom and he neglects his intellectual curiousity.

    I just want to know why jews are anti-white, we will start there…..

    That’s smart. MacDonald has his own axe to grind, as well-researched and useful as much of his material is. He’s positioned in a certain way, due to his own background, and really cannot be read (just like any writer) without taking into account who he is, where he’s coming from. Much writing really says more about the background of the speaker, and it’s no different for him…. unless you’re unsophisticated enough to divorce content from the speaker.

    Anti-white is anti-white, period.

  31. 2 Kikes – the excrable mole-like midget Paul Krugman, and some weirdo named Rogoff – are on the Farred Zakaria Whatever (sand nigger raghead) right now burbling about he Federal Reserve (Judenfetzen counterfieting opp) is “creatively” managing the economy…it’s ok to have much higher rates of inflation, in order to get the conomy goign again”. Krugman the JEW is whining about people not spending money, and paying down debt – he’s UPSET by this – so “The Fed has to go on the opposite direction”.

    That’s JEW in it’s purest form, SomeGuy.

    Then the Weirdo Jew Rogoff made cute little jokes about appointing Krugman as the new head of the Jew Reserve – “Ben Shalom Bernake is Juden, but….he’s causing trouble for us….the Goyim are complaining aobut him….there are still too many Goyim…we haven’t disarmed them all yet…….so let’ss put another one of the boychicks in (I’m translating Jewspeak, SomeGuy, into Human)! The Goy will never notice that it’s all InHousesky. Tee hee heee”.

    And apparently most Goyim don’t.

    God BLESS Russia, Indonesia, and India.

  32. @ “….SomeGuy: When it comes to the Hebrews, not all of us are members of the Jude Süß school. You may be interested in my alternative view of the Jewish Question….”

    The only problem with that —if you’ve been around tons of jews, which I have— is that your “blues and reds” hang out together, in many instances. (This is precisely why they can coexist in a jewish ethnostate.) In Orthodox religious classes, you will find atheist communist jews coming to study the Bible; this is not at all uncommon.

    While it’s fine to uphold that —it’s how Protestantism worked for a long time, basically. A world of mostly Northern Europeans with slight differences in practice, which even now, makes it easier for them to shift churches among themselves. According to Pew, about 50% of them have changed churches in their lifetime, but only going to OTHER protestant groups. (When I go protestant, they are almost exclusively northern european congregations, which I assume is why they have been so attacked since 1965, Vatican II, murder of JFK era, etc.) White catholics are the largest religious loss in America since 1965, but overall, the religion has grown (because it’s the church of most brown immigrants, according to Pew).

    Imo—- the pact of the 1960s was Jews get Israel and Catholics get the u.s., via the coalition to put Wasps on the chopping block, especially since, as the most generational population, with blood connections to the founders— they were becoming inconvenient for PTB, having had a bit too much freedom a bit too long

  33. It’s funny that all do not see ALL GROUPS as being capable of having organized agendas.

    The political hardware is so open, so obvious. (Get a t.v.) The very same people who will deny that groups organize will go on and on about some player at their own job, who angles and finagles and brownoses and is a get-ahead go-getter, screwing over whoever. We have all met them, lol.

    And yet, they would deny that people ambitious enough to play for trillions would angle, maneuver or manipulate. (The Vatican is a nice house with about 20,000 rooms and Israel sits on oil fields or something, lol)

    Of course they’re are those among them who are power-mongering players, lol

  34. Jews horned in in WWI – Balfor Declaration got ’em Palestine, and a whole new poulation of GENUINE Semites to abuse and murder – Treaty of Veraillesky caused MASSIVE starvation in Germany. Women and kiddies starving in the streets – Jews scoooping up property and land for shekels onthe D-Mark – Agrarian Russia not doing enough to advance the goals of the Spawn of Satan – insudtrialized, civilized, intelligent hard-workin Germany right next door – uh oh. Organized Jewry organizes global boycott against Germany – more suffering – Hitler kicks Kikes OUT of finance, and banking – German economy takes off like a rocket.

    Kikes instigate America – ruled by Commie JEW FDR – and pays off fat drunkard Winnie’s gambling debts – and it’s all Hitler’s fault.


    Thank GOD I know intelligent Scotsmen.

    SomeGuy – ask about the hatching White Eggs in Darky Indian wombs, in order to dispense with White Woman Altogether bit sometime.

  35. His argument is nonsense. No matter how you slice it, whether by product merit or by group preference, someone’s not making money and someone else is. This “morally evil” fallacy is the mental illness of liberalism at its finest.

  36. @ Robert Oculus III
    I grew up in a Catholic family. I grew up in the Bronx in an Italian- Catholic neighborhood [ segregated, as most NYC neighborhoods were at the time, which is fine with me] . I went to Catholic schools from kindergarten through college. From my personal experience, I only met a handful of Catholics throughout my life who hated Negros qua Negros . Overwhelmingly, the Catholics in NYC [ Italian and otherwise] were leery of blacks because of the high crime rate. That’s not hatred, just self-protection. The few that hated blacks qua blacks would say some negative things about blacks, that’s about it. I never heard them say, even the handful who hated blacks qua blacks, anything to indicate any kind of offensive violence be done to them. Never. They talked about defensive violence in self-protection, but not offensive , go-on-the-attack type violence. The handful who did hate blacks qua blacks, by the way, were also victims of horrific black crime against them and/or their families. So in a way, even that doesn’t truly indicate intrinsic hatred, not really
    My father owned auto salvage businesses in the Bronx and in Mt Vernon, NY. He had many black customers — mostly blacks who owned small gas stations and auto body shops. There was never any problems. There was only mutual respect. The black men who had business dealings with my father had alot more negative things to say about black criminals than anyone else. They lived in the same neighborhoods as their black criminals, they had more experience with the criminals. Many of the black small-business owners were put out of business by their own black criminals, many lost their businesses because of black arsonists.
    It’s not a “Catholic thing” to hate “Negros qua Negros”. I never experienced that, not in NYC, and not anywhere else I’ve traveled in the USA [ or Europe]. The type of hatred you mention — negro “Qua” negro — just doesn’t exist. It certainly doesn’t exist in any kind of numbers to make such a blanket statement. I agree with your article you linked to at “Robert Oculus Report” about Christians vis-a-vis Jews. I wrote a commentary saying as such. I disagree with your statements about Catholics vis-a-vis Negros, however . The hatred is just not there. Only a desire to be safe from street criminals. That’s not hatred, that’s self-protection.
    By the way, everyone else in NYC, the Jews, the Protestants, everyone felt the same way towards blacks. There was no intrinsic hatred of Negros, just a desire to be safe from black criminals. Again, that’s not true hatred [ Qua], that’s just self protection. The blacks in NYC who work hard and are law-abiding are treated with the same respect as everyone else. And yes, the Catholics, Italian and otherwise, pay those law-abiding blacks the same respect as everyone else.

  37. Economic nationalism is as morally outrageous as racism.

    The man has a point. Racism is morally unimpeachable, and so is economic nationalism.

  38. Rand, Branden, Greenspan. Great economic philosophers. Her fiction is unbearable but “Unknown Ideal” blows the lid off socialism. Another classic is Friedman’s “Free To Choose” but it lacks the philosophical backbone Rand gave capitalism.

  39. <i.Binswanger is a supporter of completely open immigration, seeing it as an issue of individual rights and citing **jewess** Rand (who immigrated to the U.S. from Soviet Russia) as the premier example of the benefits derivable from open immigration[6].

    Let’s leave aside the fact that “Rand” left behind more red ink than black; what’s the point? That Jewesses can’t change their names and write stupid books outside the U.S? I love how leftoids are always jerking off over the new globally-interconnected digital age where ideas circumnavigate the universe at the speed of thought, then they drop all that and act like having the meatsack inside our borders is the only way to go when it comes to pushing their open-borders agenda. From Concord to horse and buggy in the time it takes to change agendas.

    Leftoids are masters of compartmentalization, like all the best liars. Most of their thoughts have matter/anti-matter relationships with one another.

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