Amurrica Series: Mayberry, R.I.P.

New York

Here’s the latest diarrhea from Frank Rich who is second in command to Tim Wise as BRA’s single most anti-White Jewish columnist:

Note: I would rather be ruled by Nero or Caligula’s horse than Frank Rich and Tim Wise.

“Andy Griffith was a genial and gifted character actor, but when he died on Independence Day eve, you’d have thought we’d lost a Founding Father, not a television star whose last long-running series, the vanilla legal drama Matlock, expired in 1995. The public tributes to Griffith were over-the-top in a way his acting never was, spreading treacle from the evening newscasts to the front page of the New York Times. …

In reality, The Andy Griffith Show didn’t transcend the deep divides of its time. It merely ignored them. “Local control” of Mayberry saw to it that this southern town would remain lily-white for all eight years of its fictive existence rather than submit to any civil-rights laws that would require the federal government’s “top-down management” to enforce. . . .

The wave of nostalgia for Andy Griffith’s Mayberry and for the vanished halcyon America it supposedly enshrined says more about the frazzled state of America in 2012 and our congenital historical amnesia than it does about the reality of America in 1960. The eulogists’ sentimental juxtapositions of then and now were foreordained. If there’s one battle cry that unites our divided populace, it’s that the country has gone to hell and that almost any modern era, with the possible exception of the Great Depression, is superior in civic grace, selfless patriotism, and can-do capitalistic spunk to our present nadir. For nearly four years now—since the crash of ’08 and the accompanying ascent of Barack Obama—America has been in full decline panic. Books by public intellectuals, pundits, and politicians heralding our imminent collapse have been one of the few reliable growth industries in hard times.”

Note: You can’t have Mayberry because you don’t have Jim Crow in North Carolina anymore. Thankfully, we have BRA now instead, along with Al Sharpton, Obama Africanus I, and Eric “My People” Holder.

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  1. I hope the Mayberry “city-fathers” don’t allow any descendants of Judah Philip Benjamin* and Edward Carrington Elmore* on the city council. Heck. Don’t even let them into the town period. Not even to water their horses. They can take the horses down to the Pee Dee River for a-waterin’.
    * BenjieJudy and ever-so-loyal goy-boy.
    I know Andy passed away recently. Whatever happened to Aunt Bee?

  2. What is Frank Rich’s point here? He’s pissing and moaning about voters being disgruntled. As if they ought to be fired for lacking an appreciation of the Mocha Messiah.

    Elect a new people!

  3. I visited Mt. Airy, NC on my way through that lovely state, and while it was a bit ‘treacle’ you WISHED it really was the town, now finding itself white and in 2012. Because (as CS. Lewis noted- Heaven is your favorite neighborhood without sin and death, situated in the most perfect geographical spot conducive to it- or something quite similar.

    “Heaven is Oxford lifted and placed in the middle of the County Down” – found in

    Because Yids like Rich and Wise know in their deepest heart of hearts (albeit being one ‘three sizes too small’) that they never can either attain- or earn- heaven, they wish to DENY IT TO THOSE WHO CAN POSESS IT- White Christians/ Europeans/Christendom Man!! This is the logic of Rich’s Christophobia, and Caucophobia. It is the sin of Envy, and the sin of Pride- racial characteristics of their father in Hell, I might add! [John 8:44]

    We Westerners- especially we Anglos here in the USA- know that our heart’s desire is tied to our home, our hearth, our land, and our family- for we all know that Eden was stolen from us by the Christ hating race, long ago [Gen. 3:15] But we also have in us that aching yearning for the Mayberry we all want, because we know that someday, if we trust not in ourselves, nor lean on our own understanding, but lean on Him, we shall have our true heart’s desire- and much more, besides.–-the-heart’s-desire/

  4. David Brooks had a column the other day about how Americans hate their elites and how mainstream institutions have lost their legitimacy. This is a defensive tirade from Frank Rich.

  5. Rich does inadvertently throw light on Jewish/liberal/DWL/black anxieties about how messed up we have become since the Kennedy v Nixon election. He chose 1960 very specifically. As it happens we were in better shape before that moment. Rich as good as admits it with the Halcyon Days comment.

    Remember that Rich is just a a theater critic who got a sinecure at the NYT to write about politics, when you read his column remember that he’s just a catty queer.

  6. Geesh! Look at that crowd! The “we” he refers to are NOT the ones in that crowd. And no, “we” can’t be great again because of it.

  7. Heaven is Oxford, a pretty girl and a punt on a warm summer’s day. Lewis was correct. I’ve seen it, at least three times.

  8. Well said, Fr. John.

    “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
    Antoine de Saint Exupéry

    The deracinated can never understand this.
    They fight what they hate. This is prideful and spirtually evil. They presume to correct God’s handiwork in their utopian delusions.
    We fight for what we love. There is a very real difference.

    Deo Vindice

  9. @ Hunter Wallace
    Benjamin set things up so to start the War of 1861 [ on behalf of the Southern wealthy who were Major Instigators of the War in the first place] and thusly set everything in motion resulting in “Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman” invading the South. My focus is not bizarre at all. My viewpoint is very realistic.
    @ Fr John
    What about “The Beverly Hillbillies”? Forget an “aching yearning” for Mayberry : I still got an “aching yearning” for “black gold, Texas tea”. Especially as I now know oil is abiotic—-> I’ll never run outta’ of it.
    Milburn Drysdale and Ann Hathaway were a hoot : The Beverly Hillbillies was the Best Teevee Show Ever dude.[ if you don’t count Bonanza and Dennis the Menace].

  10. My girlfriend in college had a roommate from mount airy. That was the most genuinely nice girl I’ve ever met. Her father used to stock us all up with beer and pot when he visited and oh did I mention he was a chain smoking cardiologist. Never been to the actual city myself but I’ve driven past it on the interstate and it looks like beautiful country just as you would imagine the outskirts of fictional mayberry. Anyhow it was never Andy Griffith’s high quality acting that made people fond of the show. It was the fact that his character epitomised what a real American man should be and white people from Seattle to Miami could connect with that. Just believing there was an all white beautiful charming city somewhere out there made life for the first victims of the black undertow better. Now after 4-5 decades worth of cultural anarchy later what sane white person wouldn’t look at the show with fondness? The fact that this blindingly white show was airing as BRA was coming online only increases its lasting relevance to proud normal white Americans.

  11. The tenure of Benjamin in the Confederate cabinet appears to consist of being ignored.
    He recommended manumission to get France and Britain onside. The grandees of the
    platations were having none of it. He also appears to have been ignored in fortifying New Orleans. Seems like he was thwarted in every plan by less savvy bigwigs.

  12. I’ve always wondered whether Mayberry was about the past or the future. Certainly the technology seems to be 1960s, but the fact of an all-White town with an all-White government is certainly not 1960s. There seem to even be some Evil Jews living there, or at least proto-Jews, but they always get their comeuppance and order prevails.
    The pre-1960s America was not as serene and orderly as Mayberry, with the Depression caused by the Rothchildes and the early Jew movements of Feminism and Communism leading to riots and unrest. Mayberry is not immune from these things, rather these things do not exist!
    Could Mayberry, NC actually be set in the Future? When such things as Jews, blacks and criminals no longer exist, or have been eradicated/controlled to the point that White Supremacy is Normal?

  13. I detect a rising wave of fear in Rich’s article he certainly doesn’t want the exploited cattle thinking that the Kwa is in decline or even that it’s on the verge of collapse for when White people do start thinking along those lines the will discover the equation of 1 +1 = jew.

  14. In BRA Endgame, shows like Andy Griffith will be illegal. Can’t have people knowing such a thing existed. Images of all-white anything will be verboten, just like moving to the suburbs will be.

  15. Hunter,

    I strongly recommend blocking Joe. There’s really not that much about Benjamin that strikes me as unusual. Benjamin doesn’t seem to have been very effective at getting anything he wanted politically. He’s a rare case of a Jewish guy coming out on the losing side.

    Joe’s just creating a funhouse mirror of antisemitica. It would be like latching on to the rise of Disraeli in Britain as a seed of destruction. Except Disraeli was
    tremendously effective at expanding Empire.

  16. “Could Mayberry, NC actually be set in the Future? When such things as Jews, blacks and criminals no longer exist, or have been eradicated/controlled to the point that White Supremacy is Normal?”

    I’ll have a coke.

  17. I want to take a moment and say, folks are making, what I think, some of the best post ever lately. Dixiegirl banged out a couple of home runs, Apuleius as usual, Fr John, and Tom on this one, some others I can’t recall at the moment on other threads.

    It’s been a real pleasure to read

  18. @brocktownsend
    Judah Benjamin surely “wasn’t taken alive” ; Benjamin “wasn’t taken dead” either, Judah-boy ran out on the Confederacy just on the cusp of Southern defeat, as the Yankees were sacking Richmond. He high-tailed it to England and was subsequently appointed a member of the Queen’s Council. He also burned all his private papers before he died , as well as burning Alot of official public Confederate records before he ran out on his “fellow” Confederates. A very murky character. Google it.
    Just yesterday I was a “jew-troll”, today I’m “funhouse of antisemitica”. Laughing online big-time.

  19. Other Southron men fled as well because they couldn’t stand to live in an occupied nation. It proves nothing

  20. Mayberry was a solid community. Our enemies always use this term ‘community’ but they do all they can to destroy real communities that once looked a lot like Mayberry. Compare the small towns like Mayberry that used to be everywhere in Dixie to the awful retirement centres, ghettos, reracinated suburban sprawls that now are litter our land. I would rather live in Mayberry any day of the week.

  21. Jim, I’ll have a cherry coke.
    Make that a Cheerwine.

    Stonelifter, when’s the last time you had a Cheerwine?
    Drink one for me.

    Deo Vindice

  22. brocktownsend says:
    10. “I will never be taken alive.”
    Judah P. Benjamin, Secretary of State, CSA
    to Dr. Moses Hoge

    Joe says:
    “Judah Benjamin surely “wasn’t taken alive” ; Benjamin “wasn’t taken dead” either, Judah-boy ran out on the Confederacy just on the cusp of Southern defeat, as the Yankees were sacking Richmond. He high-tailed it to England”

    This is what I like about this site. Differing viewpoints, but highly informative.

    “I will never be taken alive.” Ha ha ha. What Chutzpah!

  23. @Apuleius and Stonelifter
    Have a piece of Aunt Bee’s heavenly apple pie-in-the-sky while you’re hitting the CheerWine. Have an extra piece for Jefferson Davis, and another one for Robert E Lee. Then have a mint julep and raise a toast to +Fr John+, Andy, Opie , and Dixie. +Fr John + is prayin’ for ya’ all, so I know you’ll be in Dixie Heaven listening to Dixie -Unto -Eternity any day now. Just another two or three of +Fr John’s + prayers, and everybody’s goin’- to- be a-whistlin’ -Dixie.

  24. Any guesses on how “lily-white” Frank Rich’s neighborhood is?

    I would reckon it would match up as a yankee mirror-image of Mayberry.

    Fuck the hypocrite.

  25. Joe
    In the immortal words of Hank, Jr.
    “If Heaven ain’t a lot like Dixie, I don’t want to go.”

    I feel sorry that you don’t have a homeland as precious as Dixie to love, poor rootless Yankee man. I reckon I’d be as jealous as you are if I were in your place, sourpuss.
    Btw, it’s Cheerwine, not CheerWine, you chucklehead.

    Deo Vindice

  26. Will do brother Apuleius. It will be in Oct when I get home, but I assure you Cheerwine is stocked back at my farm.

    Try it as a marinade for a pork roast one day. Not my favorite but it’s a nice change.

  27. Jeff Daniels lives in Michigan. He should know why America leads in incarcerations.

    I know, he’s just playing a character.

  28. @Chrissy 313
    Golden Medina sounds a Billion Times better than @ Chrissy 313’s Detroit. I, “Joseph”, [ Joe ] ; “Joey” , some spell it “Joew”, will stay in my– “Joe’s”– Golden Medina in Northern California. Thank you very much.

  29. Listen to that horrid woman in the clip giving the libtard answer about America: “Diversity and opportunity”? This is what makes a nation great? Diversity is an artificial concept that was only invented/foisted upon us within the last 20 years: all of a sudden it’s the raison d’etre of a nation? “Opportunity” has a slightly longer pedigree as a selling point, but it too is a bullshit abstraction. Right now there’s more opportunity in Singapore, I guess we should all just pack up and go there, eh? Oh, but wait, somehow it isn’t as diverse as all that — and yet, that doesn’t make it evil, this lack of diversity!

    My head spins at the contortions of these vile, wicked people.

  30. Frank Rich’s column is just more jewish race hatred against the Celtic/Germanic population of the USA. Pure jewish race hatred get put on the for everyone to see. This is jews using other ethnic groups to genocide the Celtic/Germanic population.

  31. Joe- are you truly as vulgar and rude as you appear?

    Do you not believe in the efficacy of prayer, or are you merely (as many are thinking) an Italo-Hebe with a warped (but mildly intelligent) intellect? Because everything you do, is a variant on ‘pilpul’ what Michael Hoffman calls the ‘intellectual signature of the Jew’- that is, critiquing but never giving solutions to problems being discussed.

    It is the mark of the Jew as well, that they get everyone around them incensed and arguing, but they act as the true psychopaths that they are, and walk away while everyone is bickering, to create havoc in yet another location- just because they can. This is simply evil. And that is exactly what you have been doing, since you came on to this board!

    Coincidentally, behaviour is that which is the modus operandi of Satan- the ‘accuser of the brethren.’ If ever the CI construct were valid, it is here- calling the Jew/Yid/Hebe WOP the [literal] ‘sons of their father in HELL.’ [John 8:44] This character trait would be enough to damn the sons of bitches (all Jewish women are whores simply because they are Jews) anyway. And, amazingly, you now find fault with me praying for MY OWN?

    Hmmm. I thought you were ‘one of us.’ But clearly, the sober warning of I John 2:19 applies here, as well. You truly are ‘not one of us.’ Hunter, Joe needs to go.

  32. Again:

    @ 3:16 he really gives that stupid, blonde airhead bitch what she deserves. (And the requisite “Black Man at College” looking over her shoulder while she takes it.)

  33. Oh—- was referring to the clip where the Dumb Blonde Girl gets taken to task again.

    We must be rid of her!!!!! —that’s the real point.

  34. Caucophobia.

    Good one, lol. About the Dumb Blonde who Exists to be Degraded, like in the Jeff Daniels movie here—-

    I’ll now confess my youthful moment in wiggerism: when I dyed my hair (something other than blonde) in order to distance myself from such Dumb Blonde figures, thinking that being brown-headed or red-headed or black-headed might make people treat me with more decency.

    Which is how I knew when Britney Spears ran into a cheap Hispanic Salon to whack her goldilocks that she’d had it with the Dumb Blonde image—- but no one on t.v., of course, ever remarked on her clear motivations.

  35. And thank you Stonelifter!

    I just assume people hate whatever I say, but I forge on, anyway—determined. At least one wasp will have died with their real ideas and voice intact.

    About Rich, the writer—– Harvard graduates are embarrassing nowadays. Enough said.

    People should just thank their lucky stars they don’t have degrees from there (obviously).

  36. in the video the guys anti liberal rant, calls the war on poverty a good thing, by default making him part of the liberals causing so many problems. Most of what her rants about simply wouldn’t be the case without negros and beaners dragging things down

  37. Forget the blacks. Let’s throw the preacher men into slavery. Then they could spend their days doing useful things like digging ditches, milking the cows, fixing fences, cleaning out the pig pen, cleaning out the turkey house, painting the barn, bailing hay, and pickin’ the cotton-pickin’ cotton. Pass a law that the preacher-slaves are not allowed to talk unless spoken to. This would be good for the preacher-slaves ’cause there would peace and quiet ; And in the peace and quiet, the preacher-slaves could contemplate God’s nature, and meditate on God’s Glory. We would be doing the preachers a Big Favor by throwing them into slavery. The preacher-slaves would have alot of time to contemplate the Wonders of God in the blessed peace and quiet of humble, contemplative prayer as they get their hands dirty doing useful work and actually accomplishing something worthwhile.

  38. @Joe

    Utinam barbari spatium proprium tuum invadant. Podex perfectus es.

    Translate it yourself, Jew Wop.

  39. From “Jew-Wop” to “fun-house of anti-semitica” to “Jew-Wop”.
    Laughing online big-time.
    Of course, it’s not barbaric to throw other races into slavery ; But to even suggest, even in jest [ albeit a bit sardonically] , about throwing “precious” preacher men into slavery is sooooo barbaric.

  40. @To All Readers and @Lynda
    I shall translate your @ Lynda Latin expression myself via Google, as you are so rude and inconsiderate to All the readers to translate it for everyone.
    “Utinam………. invadent” = May barbarians invade your personal space” How deeply devout and religious of dear Catholic @Lynda :
    “Podex perfectus es”= You’re a complete ass

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