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  1. Of course everyone who reads OD understands the central role of the Yankee in the War Between the States and Reconstruction in overthrowing the White Republic.

  2. And everyone who reads OD understand that, given the long history of the conflicting cultures, the Civil War was inevitable. INEVITABLE.

  3. Looking at how the Jews twist recent history, fictionalizing it, reversing it, you do have to rethink the Old Testament as Relentless slander against everyone they bumped into.

  4. This “yankee” wouldn’t mind being conjoined with Tahiti right now and some pretty hula-girls dancing on the beach.

  5. The New Testament is distorted and twisted also , just in a little bit different way than the old testament, but twisted and distorted nonetheless. Also, the New Testament is chock full of Mixed Messages : One Mixed Message after another Mixed Message after another Mixed Message —–> and on and on to —–> Revelations : War, Arson, Death, Destruction and Right Back to —–> The Old Testament.

  6. Here’s a note from key Union General. Franz Sigel.

    New York, May 31st, 1892.
    Hon, Simon Wolf, Wnshington, D. C,
    Dear Sib:

    Not knowing whether you have seen or will see the inclosed item, I send it to you. It shows at least that there are no less than 300 Jewish officers serving in the French army, probably the highest number in any of the great European armies, which speaks well for France and her republican government.
    Hoping that you are well, I am,
    Truly yours,
    Franz Sigel.

    He was key in the early fighting in St Louis and Missouri. He commanded Brigade later on. He was a revolutionary in 1848 in Germany. I don’t know if he was Jewish but he sure liked them.

  7. @ John. The Israelites of the O.T. and the [Y]Idumeans (Jews) of the O.T. are not one and the same. Both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Israel were destroyed and the populations deported into Assyria, Mespotamia, Babylon and the Alexandrian empires. The Jews in occupation of Judea under the Roman empire where deported when their Herodean Temple was destroyed in 77 A.D.

  8. I was reading Snowcrash recently by Neal Stephenson. In it he talked a bit about how Jews back in those days were not in agreement on the definition of a Jew. He said that there were these competing groups. The Pharasees were just one group. There were some others he named, but I can’t remember. Anyway he said the Pharasees lost out to the others, and that the Deuteronomists were the big winners who ended up defining both Jews and Christians. I am glad I didn’t live back in those days.

  9. Looking at how the Jews twist recent history, fictionalizing it, reversing it, you do have to rethink the Old Testament as Relentless slander against everyone they bumped into.

    The reason Jacob had to change his name to “Israel” is because he promised his daughter in marriage to a man who he insisted be circumsized first. Then, while the man and his tribe were recovering, Jacob and his sons murdered them all in their sleep while they were recovering.

    Jacob confessed his name, which means “supplanter” or “deceiver.”

    Have any of these Christians ever actually READ the Bible? How shameful for a White man to subscribe to the Jew-Christian religion. Never trust them. Just read their own book. The New Testament is just the loser, liberal version of the Old Testament.

  10. and secularism/ atheism has made our people strong? We ruled the world as Christians not pagans or what have you

  11. So Christianity is the magic bullet? As I understand a good many people, all we need is a good enough dose of Christianity and all of our problems will be solved.

    And it has to be the “Real” Christianity.

    And everyone has to be faithful to it and practice it.

    I don’t know. I see a lot of “if…then” statements involved. I also never see much in the way of addressing many of the criticisms leveled against the religion by some people, e.g. Revilo Oliver, who make some good points. I only see some assertions, many of which even I can immediately offer at least some question to.

    By the way, what is the Real Christianity? And why does it seem that at any given time, it seems that many people did not, according to people who say “the Real Christianity,” practice the Real Christianity?

  12. There is no magic bullet and the old ways are gone, not to return in the same form or fashion. However, we also know what worked for us in the past and we know the new ways have not lead our people to greater levels of strength and accomplishments as nations of people. We’ve improve a lot of technology, but nothing like going to the moon, and we’ve generated a lot of money that doesn’t add up to real, tangible wealth, and most of that money has been “created” at the expense of our people.

  13. The best history is a ‘warts and all’ account which the Biblical account certainly is. The sins of the Patriarchs are a matter of plain record. How refreshingly unlike modern histories and accounts.

  14. “We’ve improve a lot of technology, but nothing like going to the moon, ”

    I think a great unsung hero of the white race was a man named John W Campbell Jr. He was the editor for over thirty years of the Astounding and later named Analog science fiction/science fact magazine.

    Almost all of the 20th century’s giants of science, especially the men who dreamed of and then went on to develop and engineer the rockets that eventually took white men to the moon and propelled probes to the planets and out of the Solar system were first introduced to and gained their enthusiasm for science by Campbell and his magazine. Even the German Wernher Von Braun and many other European scientists and engineers. As I wrote, practically every notable man of science and technology. They all cited the great influence Campbell and his magazine had on them and their dreams of technology and the future.

    Campbell somewhat paralleled Walt Disney in one respect. He managed by his popularity with true men of science and vision to hold at bay the fanatical Left Wing social fanatics who were already trying to take over science fiction and the priorities and concepts of science and its application in the future. His magazine and its editorial policy was the last non liberal. When he died in 1971, it was all Left Wing liberal. Ben Bova was the editor of Analog for several years and he gradually took it little by little leftward and into left wing social bullshit instead of the kind of thinking and concepts that took man to the moon and were well on there way of taking us to the planets.

    The baby boomer liberals denigrated stories and ideas about space travel and the kind of technology and devices associated with that as “Space Opera” and claimed everyone was “tired of it and it had gone as far as it could go.” They claimed everyone wanted to concentrate science and technology on social issues of the future, things like environmentalism and how the governments of the world would manage a “global community.” They wanted to hear less about ideas of “hard science” and more about “character development” and “the societal interaction of the population of the future.” They wanted to work towards “heading off” a “possible world holocaust” of things like the earth being enveloped in a dust cloud from a nuclear explosion and things like that. In short, they wanted science to take a direction away from what people like me and others who liked thinking about things like Von Braun and William Shockley liked, and towards left wing liberal conceptions and projects.

    It is no accident, I think, that we no longer have a space program to speak of and haven’t for a long time. The people who have been running the government’s and even most of private industry’s concerned with scientific and technological aspects for the past generation or so did not, for the most part, grow up being exposed to the kind of scientific speculation of those before about 1974.

  15. Interesting, Campbell’s monthly editorials were hated by Liberals and the magazine was always flooded with letters from liberals. Campbell discussed things like racial differences and the stupidity and falsity of “social scientists” and modern psychology. He even wrote pro slavery editorials. He talked about liberals a lot. He was no patriotard “conservative,” either. He was not pro “Establishment” or status quo.

    Campbell was obviously a white supremacist. He often discussed the differences and inferiority of non whites and even the lack of innovation of Asians. His editorials and writing were a lot like pro white writings today. It is something to read his editorials and replies to liberal letters. He may have been the last one to write such in a mainstream publication with a circulation of over 100,000 each month.

    After he died in a few years the number of subscribers dropped considerably. The monthly circulation went from something like 120,000 to today only about 12,000. The stories and science fact articles were damn good when he had it.

  16. Maybe just maybe one day enough people will realize that the Holocaust stories are used for a far larger genocide, that against whites. But till then our geniuses are debating train schedules, what a waste.

  17. Seems to me when a smart person is smart he is smart in a certain way. Them nerds banging away to come up with the next computer isn’t likely to have a mind for things outside of computer smarts, so I’m not sure they are wasting anything

    Of course I don’t know that for sure, its just a guess

  18. ‘After he died in a few years the number of subscribers dropped considerably. The monthly circulation went from something like 120,000 to today only about 12,000.’

    Sounds like what happened to Chronicles magazine.

    After Sam Francis died, they switched over to the fire and brime-stone writings of Thomas Flemming.

    Most folks prefer Race over Grace.

  19. I am not holding my breath waiting for the Jewish Media to publish the following titles:

    More than Freedom 2:A Palestinian Fighting for Citizenship in the Jewish Republic of Israel

    More Than Freedom 3:A African Immigrant Fights to become an African-Israeli in the Holy Land

    Just not going to happen anytime soon….

  20. The idea of a “White Republic” was more truly realized in the Continental Congress and its Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union which were rudely elbowed aside by the present Constitution in 1789. It has been little appreciated how the new Constitution pushed away the legitimate government of the USA. In a way, the 1789 Constitution was the second revolution, the first having been in 1776 when freedom from one-man rule was the cause.

    Oddly, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union have never been revoked and the Congress never adjourned…it was just kicked aside.

    Those articles would make a wonderful organizational frame for the rising of an organization of white liberationists in each state as well as each province of Canada. So far, this idea for some state-based structure has not caught on, but if it did, it could provide some history of the last days of freedom in 1789, and keep ever-present in our minds about the ease with which fundamental changes can quickly occur without our understanding them, and their consequences.


  21. Thank you, Brutus.

    I was a (weird, I know) girl who grew up devouring anthologies in book form of the old so-called space opera.
    I loved Campbell for the ideas he gave his writers, but I didn’t know he was a good White guy, too. That’s lovely to know. Thanks.

    Makes sense, though. Isaac Asimov, a Jew, wrote for him, but Isaac, even though a Jew, never wrote anything blatantly anti-White, that I saw, in all his, what, 200 books?

    Also, I think you’re on to something that we no longer have a space program because we no longer have a John Campbell. Leftard cockroaches, grrrr. They get into *everything*.

  22. Foundation might be interpreted several ways. It’s either a prepper fantasy or a nomad

    Interesting thing is that idea that whites are the real nomads. We left warmer climes, reached Thule, traversed oceans to populate America Hacking out a frontier and went to space. Then the zombie vampire squid horde followed in our wake.

  23. Isaac Asimov wrote Nightfall, voted Best Science Fiction Short Story of All Time by the Science Fiction Writers of America. Asimov himself admits that John Campbell gave him the idea.

  24. Hunter, I’ve been reading a lot of background history on white racialism, and I’m discovering that many of the founding fathers of the movement where Philo-Semites. I’m talking about men like Theodore Bilbo and Pitchfork Ben Tillman, not some obscure figure out in the boonies. Can you explain how this can be?

  25. A few things need to be separated out. Right around 1960 Jews knocked the WASP off the pedestal. The “downfall” Charles Van Doren depicted on Quizshow is popculture emblematic of this shift. Kennedy winning as a Catholic with black and Jewish support is an example in politics. Abstract Expressionsm championed by Jewish dealers, critics,collectors and some of the artists themselves. Going back bit further Lindberg was destroyed for uttering what he thought.

    Before ww2 problems with Judaism could be openly discussed. Positives about Judaism could be discussed. I admire the toughness of the Israelis for example. Somehow I have a few close Jewish friends. But I can also see that they are ruthless competitors with my own people. Bilbo, Washington et al were just expressing their
    minds honestly about what they liked and what they didn’t like.

    Jews were also an oddity at that point in American history. The influx from eastern Europe had not truly begun. So the Jew was a more abstract concept rather than flesh and blood.

  26. A couple of points, Jews tend to be smarter than most other ethnicities and have , even where secular ,the impacts of a faith/teaching that they are the chosen of God. This leads to a lot of arrogance both from the culture and the same arrogance that many highly educated people have. Its natural you’ll see works that reflect that world view. Heck read older histories, ours reflect our limits as well.

    As far as Pagan vs. Christian, conquests its moot . Many powers have been successful at conquest. Rome, Persia, and the other nations as well. Its about tactics and tech and the enemy at any given time.

    Ironically though current technology and social set up actually makes direct conquest harder. There are a lot of internal contradictions (well beyond race) in modern society and its simply not practical to say take a piece of land and hand it out to subjects. The cost benefit analysis is screwed.

    The exception here is ethnic cleansing where two or more hostile powers share a border as in Africa and the Balkans. Those conflicts and the ones Whites might face are driven by different cost benefit analysis schema.

  27. Racial solidarity trumps EVERYTHING, in the game of survival. There are reasons why I go on about Jews. I don’t CARE about them – and I don’t have to be “fair” to the “good ones”. I am soley interested in the survival of MY people.

  28. Two types of Jews exist: secular-materialist Jews, which I call Red Jews, and religious-familiar Jews, or “Blue Jews”. Red Jews are obsessed with world-changing, whether out of a misguided noblesse oblige or because they are in open revolt against the God of their fathers. Their goal is tikkun olam, to heal or repair or remake the world — in other words, they seek a perfected world populated by perfected man. This goal is of course congruent with the Luciferian great work of creating a heaven on Earth populated by self-deified “gods” – that is, the Revolutionary desire to “immanentize the eschaton”. Red Jews are evil not because they are Jews, but because they are Red.

    Blue Jews have no such misguided altruism nor desire to “fix” the world. They are religious and family-oriented strivers who for the most part wish only to be left alone. Sure, they’re largely hostile to Christianity, but they seldom go so far as to run for office or go on TV to push their agenda. They are by and large happy to live in their own communities, keeping kosher and wearing those hats.

    As for Israel: hatred of this country is misguided. They are a model ethno-state whom we should admire and emulate rather than despise and seek to destroy. I want to see a world of “israels” — a black Israel, a White Israel, an Amish Israel. Saudi-financed global Islam is our true enemy in the Middle East.

    Blue Jews I can live with. Red Jews are, in my opinion, just another faction of our common Enemy, the global Luciferian Revolution.

  29. Denise, you are so right Sister! The NAACP doesn’t worry about whites; the ADL doesn’t worry about whites; la Raza doesn’t worry about whites. Yet even racially aware whites think we have to worry about them! This is so typical of us and shows that even racially aware whites have not yet shaken off the disease of liberal universalism. Shrugging off that sense of responsibility for others, along with loyalty to the Jewnited States of America, as the final stage of white awakening.

  30. Robert, that was a great post and I pretty much agree with you on most points.

    What you call Luciferian I call Universalist, its the same assholes who think everyone is just a microscopic cog in their catastrophic plan.

    Some of these are your Red Jews, some are Christian, Muslim, Atheist whatever, its all the same group of people who have no respect for folkways, kinship or the human experience. They are without a doubt evil and opposed to well everyone who simply wants the freedom to live among their own kind in their own ways.

    I don’t begrudge anyone even the lowest among us that freedom and those who do are everyones enemy.

    Issue of who can or should live together are separate things but it as Kipling said

    Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.”

  31. I will buy with you, sell with you, talk with you, walk with you; but I will not eat with you, drink with you, nor pray with you. – Shylock, Jew, The Merchant of Venice (I, iii, 35-39)

    Re: Jews

    If you’re new and juts trying to get a handle on this Jew stuff, here are some suggestions.

    Tead the Jews themselves. See what they say about the goyim. Read the Talmud. Read the Old Testament. Read Martin Luther. Study Luther’s comments on Jews. Review the history of Communism, Bolshevism and the Ukrainian Holocaust. Familiarize yourself with a man named Franz Boas. Read up on why he’s important. Look into the Frankfurt school. Look up Stephen J. Gould’s and study up on his lies and why he told them. Turn the on TV. Check out the wall-to-wall anti-White programming. Look up who owns Hollywood. Read David Duke’s Jewish Supremacism. Read Kevin MacDonald. Read TOO daily (The Occidental Observer). You’ll figure it out. Those things are the tiniest part of the tip of the iceberg.

    www theoccidentalobserver net

    www kevinmacdonald net/books.htm

  32. Mr. Strictland:

    Thanks for writing, and I’m happy to hear your opinions are similar to my own. My view is, of course, always the correct view on any topic. (~__^)

    Your name is unfamiliar to me. If you are new to this forum, I welcome you.

  33. remember that nailed to stick jew worship got us niggers in europe, got us universalist ideas like “uplifting the savages”, if we had not purged out the germanic warrior ethos from early nailed-to-stick-jew worship the west would not be ripe for parasitism by the “priest” (i.e. the moralizing kikes and “yankees” {and neo-con evangelical “blindside niggerloving” southrons}). imagine the industrial revolution and ensuing colonization efforts of europe sans catholicism and universalist protestantism, you’d have a white boerstat, most likely a white state in the phillipines, and of course a white state in japan post ww2 (as in give all the gooks blood eagles,etc.) it was the priest who said to love the weak (miscegenate with the helot niggers and the filthy dark tahitian whores)

  34. @conchobar
    I shall cancel my trip to tahiti if that’s the way you feel about it. Geezz. I shall spend my vacation at the “Weinersniztel” restaurant nearby where I live and dance with the frauleins instead. Geezz.

  35. “Seems to me when a smart person is smart he is smart in a certain way. Them nerds banging away to come up with the next computer isn’t likely to have a mind for things outside of computer smarts, so I’m not sure they are wasting anything

    Of course I don’t know that for sure, its just a guess.”

    This idea about technological people has far more to do with the image 1980s Jewish “Revenge of the Nerds” type movies and jokes of that period projected than it does with reality.

    Moreover, a great many scientific and technologically orientated people have multiple interests and hobbies outside of science and technology. A perfect example is a Scheme programing textbook I was looking through the other day. In the introduction, the author used his home machine shop and tool collection and the things he builds to illustrate the power and range of the different computer programs. Many of these type people have their pilot’s license and have airplanes. They work in wood and carpentry and build things. Many engineers and scientists design and build practical things for around the house in their free time. It is also well known in scientific circles and can be identified in many outlets the fact that science, engineering and math orientated people very often know more and are better versed in literature, history and “the arts” in general than most people who get degrees or even teach and profess “the arts.” The list goes on and on. And few if any of these type people I have met or known fit the “nerd who only knows one thing” description.

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