Tales From Detroit: ACLU Sues Michigan Over “Right To Read”


H/T Outlier

I spent a good ten minutes laughing over this one … it’s the civil rights struggle of the 21st century, the right to read! Only in the D!

Note: There are probably enough of these black voters to put Michigan in Obama’s electoral column.


  1. Where’s babydaddy? Jk.

    This Sow was hoping her calves would be the first in her family to be literate.
    BRA wants to ensure the next generation’s teleprompter reading skills are at “grade level”. Enter ACLU to save the day.

    Yes, Sow. We know you want everything humans have. And we know you want it for free. Look, some softheaded New World Whites are still scratching their chins and trying to help you attain all the accoutrement of civilization – at a loss to their own people. Your kind would be bearable if you just admitted your inferiority and suffered in silence like the farm animals that you are.

  2. Idk— nobody really had to teach me reading. It was something I wanted to do. By the time I was five, it was irking me that others could do it, and knew things because of it. From what I remember, they showed us letters, sounds, and that’s it. It was half of first grade, then it was like you were sort of on your own.

    Letters, sounds, and a dictionary— there really isn’t very much to it.

  3. Really, I’m still mulling this over.

    If you want to read, and the teachers are deficient, then teach yourself… right?

  4. I’d like to defund schools with blacks and plow the money saved into the following for the top 20% of the white school age population:

    1 Classics
    2 Math
    3 engineering

    Anything else can be used to teach trades to blue collar whites.

    cut these ugly beasts loose. Maybe we can get ourselves back to our rightful place.

  5. “There are probably enough of these black voters to put Michigan in Obama’s electoral column.”

    I think you’ll be in for a surprise.

  6. As this is an education thread.

    A great fault of the twentieth century was the abandonment of the classics. Greek and Latin are the root of the West. The myths taught us how to act and how to understand our very nature.

    I’m exhausted listening to the blacks complain.

  7. The sheboon is most certainly illiterate.
    One could surmise none of these babyboons’ ancestors have been literate.
    These are bewildered creatures that I wish I could ignore entirely.

    I have real concerns, like encouraging white mothers to verse their children in the apparently lost art of “thank you” cards. Whether or not Trayvon can learn to read is significantly lower on the list of pet causes.

  8. White schools should be teaching

    Reading to young White men and White girls
    Math to young White men
    Science to young White men
    Economics to young White men
    The real history of Whites esp about yankees to both young White men and girls
    Game to young White men
    How to be good wives and mothers to White girls ( home economics)
    Shooting to young White men and girls
    MMA to young White men

  9. Anyone notice who’s bringing the suit?? The KIKE ACLU! We know why these nig kids are failing..it’s the 85 and on down average IQ. These fucking Jews bringing this suit know the truth…they just want to further bring down white America. Why doesnt the JEWCLU complain about the second class status of little children in occupied Palestine? (aka Israel)

  10. Hitler was right..read Mein Kampf..he described the Jews as a “noxious bacillus” who will infest and ruin an Aryan nation…He was right,,,I;m just sorry that my Dad and my uncles fought against Germany in WW2. They were fighting against Christian white men in favor of Jew Soviet Communists..what a waste,

  11. My concern is that money is wasted on the bottom 20% when it should be spent on the
    best 20% of our own. The extra math tutoring that could be completed with that money! Instead it’s pissed away.

  12. Enoch Powell was the youngest man in Britain to receive a classics degree at Cambridge. He predicted the nig would get the whip hand. Smart guy.

    His greatest regret was not dying during WW2 so as to miss the post war destruction of his nation. I could have done without seeing 1914. The twentieth century was not the American century is was the century of the black and the Jew.

  13. Amazing. That piece of government assisted trash can’t even properly speak the English language. It’s no surprise an imbecile’s trayvons are illiterate idiots. How many books are in its nest? I’d say none, but there is probably a television in every room.

  14. @….I’d like to defund schools with blacks and plow the money saved into the following for the top 20% of the white school age population:…”

    One of the problems I have with this is that desire is often the real mark of success. It’s why IQs are only part of the equation. An unmotivated truly exceptional IQ won’t beat a lower IQ in someone extremely motivated.

    At this point, though, most of the “smartest” people I’ve met, the best well read, even the best well read in classics and the “high arts”—- are totally outside the academic system and would be considered “blue collar.”

    It’s amazing, really, how many very bright and motivated people have avoided the formal education track.

  15. —- also part of the “intelligence” that’s needed is creative. The mind that simply looks at things and sees them a different way, who’s hardwired to transform. That’s not always quantifiable in the same way as the “test scores.” It has to do with a mind that puts things together in a slightly different way. Who sees what is, immediately, as what could be. Having “vision.”

    Free societies are great if people can handle them. Some obviously just can’t.

    Saddest, are the smart people who use talents to degrade, demoralize, downgrade— who seemingly really could have done something else, (at least ATTEMPTED something else, because there’s not all that much else to do)— but really, they could not have.

    Figures like Madonna or Lady Gaga are really are doing what they are capable of. That —in another climate— they would have produced something more beautiful is questionable, imo. Water seeks its level.

  16. This kind of nonsense is inevitable as long as the PC reigning religion proclaims that “all men are created equal” and any negative racial differences are rendered insignificant through “education” and the “right environment”.

    The “right to read” (along with a million other “rights”) is an absolute necessity. Most White folks, of course, know this is nonsense but are afraid to say so since that would brand them as “racists”. Hence, the PC religion assumes moral superiority through extortion and threat of violence.

    Romney and respectable conservatives will not challenge that moral superiority. Until it is challenged and destroyed BRA and other societal evils will not go away.

    They say they are anti-racist but what they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  17. Some whites are as bad.

    Talked to a guy the other day who was saying someday he “wanted a library.”

    I said, “Maybe you should just start reading.” He had no books, much less like so many people periodically sells or gives them away, because there’s just no space for them. But he thought a “library” would impress other people.

    What a superficial age.

    An IQ of 90 should make one able to read words, I think. It’s the more theoretical writing people have trouble with. Even average IQs, I’d think, might have trouble with some philosophy, even with training.

    Very abstract writing inquires a strong ability to symbolize and synthesize information.

    How many people, in college, know to crack up when some buffoon is discussing Louis Althusser, who really was just a gibbering psycho who did in his wife— that kind of thing.

  18. Once the shield of “moral superiority” is broken thru its a free fire zone, but our reactionaries are trained so as to not threaten it but to only debate the “facts.” So after decades of “facts” about blacks here we are. (as an aside George Lincoln Rockwell’s into into “White Power” reads as if it belongs on SBDL).

    I mean the Left is tiring of blacks and are doing more to disenfranchise them then we little band of internetters posting the latest “Nigger Atrocity” stories.

    “Moral Superiority” they ain’t got it, we do, and if you don’t make that case then Suzy Soccer Mom and her shugga daddy Mitt clone will after accounting for their priveleges will keep sliding to the anti-whites side.

  19. The top 20% doesn’t exclude highly motivated. I’m no IQ fanatic. There are probably exceptional historians who can’t solve certain types of puzzles. But they write…

  20. The blacks are most likely destroying the books. If you look at the number of books that go into this school vs other schools, I suspect you will find this school has way more books going in. However, this school’s keeds are destroying the books for fun so they end up with fewer books in the school.

    If we banished our current system of funding schools and instead put all taxes into a pool and gave each school the same funds, we would see the same result. The Black schools would be destroyed while everybody else would have decent schools.

    The ACLU doesn’t care about making Blacks better. They just care about destroying people who are ahead.

  21. Blacks should be cut off. Educating them is invarably a waste of resources.

    How mant trillions have been spent on them so far? How many chemists, engineers, inventors have they produced?

  22. on those French–Foucault is interesting with crime and punishment.
    The panopticon is certainly less humane than the rough justice of hanging drawing and quartering. There’s a lot to be learned from the quick justice of the 1700s and first 1/2 of the 1800s.

  23. RRS, how is the left tiring of blacks and doing what to disenfranchise them? Perhaps the answer is obvious but I don’t see it.

  24. Same in Chicago the extreme race hustlers have been sidelined and Jackson jr. has been getting ripped by the libs, I know that is small stuff. SPLC via the rumor mill is scaling back its black uplift scams in order to go the queer uplift route, and of course that is where the money is at these days since blacks just don’t cut it as harmless anymore.

    Our side revels in “Nigger Atrocity” porn and has so for decades, and all that has done has kept the middle respectables drifting slowly to the anti-white side.

  25. seems to me, more Whites wake up due to the reality of negro dysfunction slapping them in the face vs any other method RRS. Some times that’s actually experiencing it 1st hand and some times its second hand stories you labeled ” “Nigger Atrocity” porn”

    Not sure folks wake up any other way. Seems to me White folks were raised in a righteous home or reality gets to them via 1st hand experience or second hand stories

    Where am I wrong in this?

  26. EBT card perhaps not much longer, in Will county IL just south of Chitown a FOIA request found that the case workers for the Dept. of Child & Family Services make between 80,000 and 90,000 per year.

  27. I’m looking forward to the court case: the School District’s lawyers will have no choice but to argue that black’s average IQ is 85 that’s why they not keeping up.

  28. hell no the liars I mean lawyers will blame the usual stuff like broken homes, “social justice” poor nutrition and the like but not negro IQ

  29. The horror stories work. They worked on me anyway.

    I’m quite serious about reasserting the classics. Fr John talks about theological points but much of the rot originated in the abandonment of Xenophon, Tacitus, Plato, Cassius Dio, Plutarch, Homer, Aurelius, and on into early British Gildas, Bede.

    The niggers even adopted the names after the Anglos backed away from the cannonical works.

    Just have the kids read Xenophon’s “Anabasis” and they’ll take no shit from anyone
    ever again. It’s very similar to Walking Dead in a roundabout sort of way.

  30. And Thucydides…

    The war between Athens and Sparta is critical to understanding the tension western societies. This history is not taught anymore, so much so that kids have no clue about what is happening around them.

  31. Utterly amazing. I taught all of my children to read in first and second grade. Phonics, repetition, with a rather gracious investment of about $200 for a program (a variant on Writing Road to Reading) that worked for all the kids, all the time. Some do it with far less, but all homeschool parents do it just as easily. Even after stopping homeschool for family emergencies for a couple of years, they still read above grade level… just as I did.

    Yes, IQ does matter. But after that, it’s desire. One of the brood didn’t really want to read (boy) but now, approaching eighth grade, reads all the time. Says he wants to be an engineer. Got a 4.0 last quarter. I think the family smarts kicked in this last year. BTW, my kids speak French, and Latin, and thought Spanish was ‘too easy’- so, we’re going to try German this year, as we resume HS’ing.

    Point is, I NEVER see Darkies at the HS conventions… or, if I do, they are the mixed-race spawn of some trashy white, who knows they will have lifelong ‘learning difficulties’ (lowered IQ, bestial hormone-driven urges).

    As I said in my post about slavery, it would be best NEVER to have given a race of slaves the means to think themselves our equals. The odd, ‘one-off’ genius that would come about would get educated, nevertheless.

    But to pretend these hominids are Adamic Man, and ‘entitled’ to our IQ’s- as well as our accomplishments? Hell, that’s about as odd as saying someone wants to tear down the pyramids because they are a threat to some wacko religion…. oh, wait. http://thewhitechrist.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/on-not-countenancing-a-muslim-regime-in-the-usa/

    Never mind….

  32. Fr. John

    I enjoyed your post. It is very inspirational. My brother is going to be a high school teacher, and English teacher, and he loves the state model. Your story is proof that his model is flawed, but he would never admit it. He tends to have feelings for the noble savage.

  33. I would be ashamed as a parent to cry that my child is SEVEN grades behind in reading, or has been in high school for three years and hasn’t passed a class or learned low-level multiplication. My twins just turned two, and they can recite the alphabet, count to ten, and identify letters on a keyboard, none of which makes them advanced.

    Race differences aside, any child that isn’t retarded should be able to read and multiply after three years in high school, and my guess is that the parents just expect the schools to take all of the responsibility for raising their children. At the same time, I’d be willing to bet that the same parents accept every excuse that blames whites for black failure, or program that gives race-based preferences without considering that advancement without merit leads to the exact situation that they are complaining about.

    BRA is a complete failure, and whites need to wake up because their children are losing out every day that blacks are catered to at the expense of progress for everyone else.

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