1. That rape case in Texas by the pack of blacks really ought to be shoved in the face of morons like that Jaimie Wazzerface over at Salon. Here’s a real gang rape. Look and see–behold! Blacks!

  2. What would highligting this case to those women really accomplish? It’s a close approximation of the collective rape fantasy of the Salon set. They’re not dumb women, they’re deviant.

  3. Speaking of Trayvon, is anyone reading that blog The Conservative Treehouse? The author has done a good job digging up the truth on Trayvon. He and his readers figured out that Trayvon’s Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea were really Skittles and a drink called Arizona Watermelon. It turns out that Skittles and Arizona Watermelon are two out of the three ingredients required to make a cheap street drug called DMX Lean. So, Trayvon was buying the ingredients for DMX Lean. Also, somebody noticed that Trayvon’s father had a tattoo on his neck. It said “Cat” — which was later determined to be gang slang for Crippin’ all the Time…He had tattooed over into prayer hands. Jewish media has done a good job burying the facts about Trayvon.


  4. This is the current frontpage of Salon:



    “But to Patty Marks, CEO of Ellora’s Cave, “the world’s first publisher of erotic romance,” none of this is new. Since long before “mommy porn” entered the popular vernacular, she’s watched women flock to dirty fiction including themes of everything from vampires (and this was pre-”Twilight”) to, yes, BDSM. The company was founded 12 years ago — by her daughter, Tina Engler, a struggling single mom at the time — before the e-book boom; at first, they had to email PDFs or mail CDs of the stories direct to customers.

    Since then, it’s grown into a multimillion-dollar business. A visit to the publishing house’s website reveals a rainbow’s array of genres reminiscent of what you would find on a porn site: “multicultural/interracial,” “older woman, younger man,” “time travel” and “paranormal,” for example. These stories all feature typical romantic novel tropes — the protagonist and her love interest always end up “happily ever after” or at least “happy for now” (“HEA” and “HFN” in industry lingo) — but they also feature hardcore sex. And I mean hardcore. ”

    She means hardcore.

  5. See my posts under “Justice for Travon” ( July 12th) here at “OD” for the best way for White Americans to deal with the Trayvon situation.

  6. They, the Jews, have an agenda.

    A sad agenda, white genocide.

    After the Third Reich, Jews concluded that their survival was not threatened by any specific ideas, like anti-Semitism, or white supremacy, or Christianity.

    No, they concluded that aryans (the people that originated from the black sea / caspian sea area) have always been and will always be their biological enemy.

    Much like Lions and Hyenas.

    What is sad in my mind, is that this is not rue, aryans have no specific antagonism against anyone, except when they are in our land.

  7. The jewish media has also done a really great job burying the facts about Zimmerman also : Like his father was a Federal Judge; Like how Zimmerman turned on the Sanford police dept the same exact day the black panthers arrived in town, stuff like that, oh yeah, all the court orders against Zimmerman, stuff like that ; How he was rejected from the police academy, stuff like that ……

  8. Joe,

    You seldom make sense. You posted four incorrect statements about GZ. Four statements; four inaccuracies. As David Duke points out above, Jewish media is laying cover for Trayvon.

  9. Never said anything about Zimmerman being innocent or guilty. I remain neutral about that. Just pointing out Zimmerman has a murky background. That’s all.

  10. Murky things about Zimmerman the media doesn’t speak of, or just mentions very briefly in quick passing , at most ( really: least). Lies of omission it’s called.

  11. Joe is rapidly profiling himself as a very whacky Mignini type conspiracy theorist. Wouldn’t you be more at home at infowars? No joke. Or David Icke?

  12. @ John
    I like “OD”. Goin to stay. Who is Mignini?
    Infowars: Somewhat boring to read, though I do learn some things there now and then.
    David Icke: Off-the-Wall. I don’t blame him though, we do live in a crazy world as it is. Still, I think it’s b/s. ( well, now that you mention it, the pope seems rather devilish and lizard-like the more ya’ look at him).
    Nothing wacky about anything I said about Zimmerman. I spoke the truth. Do some real research on him.
    I shall do a “google” on Mignini. I’ll get back to you to let you know what I think.

  13. Read my posts about the Sanford situation. Important reading.
    It’s about the good possiblity of racial violence during the upcoming election. It’s ties into the story of the Trayvon/Zimmerman incident. There’s a good chance the Sanford incident may effect what may happen as we move closer to the elections.
    I would suggest to all readers to read the article and my posts on the commentary thread.

  14. none of your posts are important reading slow-joe-the jew-troll unless someone needs a lesson in rantings of an idiotic madman

  15. Vincit Omnia Veritas
    [ Truth Conquers All]
    To All Readers:
    Read my commentaries at the above link. It’s about the black panthers, the Sanford incident, the up-coming election. There’re all connected. There’s a good possiblity of violence this up-coming election . Please prepare yourselves for possible racial violence on a big scale. Please read my posts. There’s information in my posts the media is silent about.

  16. slow joe the jew troll is extra spun up about the black panthers because they scared him so bad up there in yankee land. I think. Fair certain he said it was a riot in the Bronx. However NYC race riots occurred in 1964-1965 and the black panthers were founded in Oct 1966 in CA which is about as far away from NYC as you can get and still be within the continental usa and it looks like they didn’t show up in NYC until 1968



    also, funny enough, as I was killing time looking for the info I kept finding post by a joe, that sounded a lot like slow-joe the jew troll and the folks in those comment sections were calling him a troll as well


  17. To All Readers and @ Denise
    I never said, nor implied, racial warfare doesn’t exist every day. If you’re so concerned about racial warfare you shouldn’t have any problem with my posts warning my fellow white Americans the black panthers declared outright War against us in Sanford. And you shouldn’t really have any issue with me reminding our fellow white Americans to prepare and to learn how to protect themselves. Your “Yawn” @ Denise is disgusting and putrid -to -the -extreme considering the matter of the black panthers declaring outright War against white Americans.
    Read my posts, read about the matter and how the declaration of war by the black panthers in Sanford may [ good possiblity] lead to large-scale violence this upcoming election :

  18. The chimpout is going to take place all over the country, not only Sanford, Fla. That’s why it’s Important for All White Americans to make preparations for large scale racial violence this upcoming election : even more – Alot More – violence than we already have to deal with from all the black street criminals. The black panthers Declared Outright War : All Out War against White America in Sanford. Alot better to be prepared than to shrug it off :Especially for All readers in urban areas and integrated suburbs. Better to be safe than sorry. The black panthers is a type of army and they have units/divisions in every city in the country and in many suburbs. The chimpout Will Be all across the country, not only in Sanford.
    Prepare. Not in a scared way, just a level-headed, common-sense way so you’re not caught off-guard in case large-scale racial violence comes to pass — and there’s a very good possibility it will during the upcoming election.
    Learn more about our racial enemies. They declared War on us White Americans:
    One can google “black panthers” also and get alot of info : So you can understand your enemy better ; Makes sense to know what your enemy thinks and what your enemy is up to.

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