Tales From Detroit: Zombie Apocalypse Theme Park


The idea is to add zombies as props to the real world ruins of Detroita post-apocalyptic city which was destroyed by an experiment in racial equality after black people elected Coleman Young, Jr. as mayor in 1973:

“You may soon be able to pay for an afternoon of fear. Entrepreneur Mark Siwak is hoping to build a “zombie apocalypse” horror theme park in Detroit.

Years of population decline has left parts of the city of Detroit rundown and abandoned, but Siwak is hoping to breathe new life into the urban landscape — by bringing in the dead.

According to the Huffington Post, the entrepreneur’s idea is to build Z World, a live-action zombie theme park right in an abandoned Detroit neighborhood. Theme park visitors would be chased by professional zombies through abandoned homes and businesses.

“The city can only have so many urban farms or similar uses for vacant plots,” Siwak explained to CBS Detroit of his idea. Besides utilizing abandoned areas, the zombie fan also believes that it would be a great way to create jobs for the citizens. In fact, the Huffington Post reports that people are already submitting their resumes to Siwak to become one of the many zombies to infest Detroit.

While the idea for Z World will ultimately be popular with the zombie apocalypse crowd, the theme park has a while to go before it can become a reality.”

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  1. Isn’t every day in Detroit a day in fear? Is the populace not the equivalent of zombies? I have a decent book to recommend. It is entitled “The 10,000 Year Explosion” and talks about civilization’s impact on gene flow (evolution) within the human race through the past ten thousand years. It does not take an angle that could be construed as racial, but it does make mention of the different environments that the human race has adapted too over the years. In short, Africans are hunter-gatherers, and White Europeans and Asians are adapted to long-term planning. It’s a pretty fascinating read that I think gives a most basic explanation for our differences and ultimately our incompatibility in regards to cohabitation.

  2. Well, the dead already vote in many of the major cities. Why not have them attract tourists as well?

  3. “Make Detroit a Negro hunting preserve.”

    Sounds good to me. Only one thing. I’ll shoot ’em, but you have to clean ’em.
    Scratch that. Just feed ’em to the hogs.

    Deo Vindice

  4. I am sort of shocked! I thought the living dead took over Detroit long ago. Now that I look closer I realize those reanimated rotting corpses are simply negroes who have no homes and don’t bath.

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