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July 2012

Law and Disorder in Johannesburg

July 31, 2012 // 129 Comments

South Africa H/T Amren This is the future of BRA if we keep voting for Republicans like Mitt Romney … Note: See also South Africa in the 1960s and 1970s and the boy who [...]

South Africa In the 60s and 70s

July 30, 2012 // 43 Comments

South Africa H/T Facebook Confederacy If you are an enemy of white supremacy like Connie Chastain, you are an enemy of progress and civilization. Note: Compare to Beautiful [...]

Victor Davis Hanson: The Road Warrior

July 30, 2012 // 105 Comments

California Victor Davis Hanson is The Road Warrior in Mexifornia … funny stuff. “George Miller’s 1981 post-apocalyptic film The Road Warrior envisioned an [...]

Romney’s Jerusalem Speech

July 29, 2012 // 188 Comments

Israel I can’t put this any better than Palmetto Patriot: “Did Mitt Romney stand by Arizona on immigration with its battle against the Federal Government? No, [...]

Outsourcing Is America At Its Best

July 29, 2012 // 98 Comments

Forbes I knew this guy sounded familiar … scanning my bookshelf, I spotted his name on a copy of The Ayn Rand Lexicon. “Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are currently [...]

Tales From Detroit: Detroit ’67

July 29, 2012 // 6 Comments

Michigan It has the ring of “Rollin’ down to Salisbury town.” Note: In case you are just joining us, BRA happened in 1967 and Detroit never recovered its [...]


July 28, 2012 // 105 Comments

BRA I have an exciting discovery to share … the term “Judeo-Christian” as it is used today to describe a shared Jewish/Christian culture comes from [...]

BRA’s Stagnating Economy

July 28, 2012 // 14 Comments

BRA Here is an update to the debate with Silver  … in the 2Q of 2012, the American economy grew by 1.5 percent. “U.S. economic growth slowed to an annual rate of [...]

Rainbow Confederate Fantasyland

July 28, 2012 // 61 Comments

Texas Here’s the latest from Mark Vogl: “Secession and the bloody war that followed is a part of the history of the South, and for almost a century was [...]

Rainbow Nation

July 28, 2012 // 31 Comments

South Africa This is the kind of sick society that Rainbow Confederates want to see in Georgia, Maryland, and Mississippi: Note: Apartheid was necessary to restrain the Black [...]

Illegal Alien Freedom Riders

July 28, 2012 // 19 Comments

Dixie Foreigners have the “civil right” to invade America and flagrantly break our laws: Note: Maybe they will stop in South Carolina where Carl Roden can great [...]

Whites Fleeing BRA’s Public Schools

July 28, 2012 // 11 Comments

BRA That’s better. I had to fix Walter Russell Mead’s title: “Something very strange is happening around the country: students are disappearing from [...]

Derb: Civil War Buff

July 26, 2012 // 8 Comments

New York Derb has become a War Between the States buff. Note: Why is America so fucked up? As every true Southron knows, it is because the Yankee won the War Between the [...]

2012 House Race: State of the South

July 26, 2012 // 14 Comments

Dixie Check out the 2012 House race map. Now check out the 2012 House map. Notice anything? Democrats can’t win anymore in the South outside of Black Holes and Brown [...]

The WASP Question: Romney’s Faux Pas

July 25, 2012 // 111 Comments

BRA Just the latest sign that BRA is an absurd country that is impossible to take seriously … WASP pride is verboten because it is offensive to Jews and [...]

The Soundtrack of Racial Violence

July 25, 2012 // 44 Comments

North Carolina WND is quickly becoming the new CofCC/OD/SBPDL. It is not known if any of the 1,000 black people who rioted in downtown Greensboro following the Fourth of July [...]

Mitt’s Foreign Policy

July 25, 2012 // 35 Comments

Nevada Pure neoconnery … it is indistinguishable from W.’s foreign policy. The exact same neocons like Robert Kagan are hoping to ride Romney 2012 back to power [...]
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