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Miller vs. Alabama

June 26, 2012 Hunter Wallace 2

District of Corruption Paul Kersey has the definitive wrap up on Miller v. Alabama: the other Supreme Court ruling yesterday in which Kennedy was the […]

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June 26, 2012 Hunter Wallace 18

District of Corruption It seems that every day now provides fresh evidence that the Union is our misfortune: Obama’s DREAM Act executive order, the Supreme […]

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White Working Chaos

June 25, 2012 Hunter Wallace 22

New York H/T iSteve Here’s the latest from the “Democrats have officially abandoned the White working class” guy: “Political analysts, journalists and academics are fighting […]

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Prophets of Doom

June 24, 2012 Hunter Wallace 90

History Channel Kunstler mentioned that he appeared on this program in the book. I haven’t seen this before. Watching now. Note: The water crisis is […]

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“Snap Back”

June 23, 2012 Hunter Wallace 46

United States Some rebuttals against this dumb video on White Nationalism: (1) Yes, IQs overlap between racial populations, but IQs regress toward the mean. There […]

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Romney’s Transformation

June 23, 2012 Hunter Wallace 17

Massachusetts H/T Apulieus Mitt Romney, a Northeastern liberal and the former governor of Massachusetts, whose campaign is based in Boston, wins the Republican presidential nomination […]

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Obama Falls In Polls

June 21, 2012 Hunter Wallace 21

District of Corruption The latest Gallup poll shows that 43 percent approve of BRA’s president while 49 percent disapprove of his job performance: this comes […]

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The Legitimacy Crisis

June 21, 2012 Hunter Wallace 13

Gallup The legitimacy crisis of the American political class is illustrated in the latest Gallup poll: 52 percent of the public has “very little/none” confidence in […]

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The Politics of Loss

June 20, 2012 Hunter Wallace 22

United States Someone finally notices that Democrats are unlikely to thrive in the emerging zero sum world: “When political scientist Harold Lasswell, writing in the […]