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  1. “Cool weather ALL YEAR in the Falklands. They need help there, from loyall white settlers. Good thing about a temperate climate, one can always put on a coat to work, or add layers, and keep working ”

    I investigated the Falklands some years ago. Unless they have changed their minds, there is very little ability to either a) emigrate there, or b) find work among the extant industries on the islands. As they send their own children away to college (Bad move- How you gonna keep ’em down on the farm…..), and there is no desire to ‘grow’ (as the land is limited, and still under attack from mad Argentinians that it’s “nuestra terra” -our land), the Falklanders seem to feel that the less aggressive they are, the more they will be ignored. So, unless you bring your own industry with you, like computer programmers, or something like that, it seems a dead end.

  2. The American State of Colorado needs Assistance and Help from “Loyal Whites’ – not the falkland islands.
    The massive fires in the American State of Colorado, up to the fence-line of the U.S. Air Force Academy, and the city of Colorado Springs is alot more pressing– and alot more important to white Americans than the falkland islands are– or will ever be.
    Check out my above post with link ( my first post on thread) .
    Or GOOGLE: ” Fires in Colorado”.

  3. folks must have put a lot of pressure on the joe-troll to get him to make a useful post lacking in anti White rhetoric

  4. Denise,

    I’ve often read that Greenland has 0% arable land. Hmmm, it may be a good place to escape the Third Worlders.

  5. “he massive fires that have been happening in the West for the last ten years’ are being set by commie arsonists? Where’s your proof?

    You do know, Mother Nature is capable of destruction, all by herself, right?

    You got any proof the Medicine Bow fire currently burning in WY, for instance, was started by an arsonist?
    Much more likely the recent dry lightning started the fire and the drought and heat have exacerbated it — like usual. Like all the other fires around here currently burning — due to dry lightning, exacerbated by the heat and drought.

    See, out here in the West, we have drought, a lot. Like, 30% of the time. Every summer (not just the last ten years, but, forever) we get “fire weather.” If the prior years’ fire seasons were not too good, meaning few fires, when the excess now-dead growth does catch fire, it burns HOT and LONG. The longer we go without a “good” fire season, the worse the catchup will be.

    The Yellowstone fire of 1988 is a perfect example of human hubris, that suppression of fire is a good idea. The history of Yellowstone up to ’88: People moved into the forest and built homes in stupid places, then demanded Fire Service put out the fires so their cabin wouldn’t be threatened. Multiple by a factor of 5 decades and thousands of homes, all that unburnt old wood, when it finally DID catch fire, it went into an impossible-to-control conflagration that ultimately destroyed a million acres of forest and hundreds of homes, and killed fire fighters. Yellowstone didn’t go out, despite C 130 tankers dropping flame retardant and water, until the snow came in Sept.

    Now, I will admit, I don’t know the PARTICULARS of the Colo Spgs. fire, since I don’t live there. Could it have been set deliberately? Yeah. I mean, it happens.

    There was a fire in San Diego started by an illegal alien camping in one of the arroyos a few years back.

    But that doesn’t mean that MOST of the fires in the West are arson by commies.

    MOST of the fires out here are Mother Nature’s way of controlling the environment(i.e., a “good” fire season.)

  6. “Falklanders seem to feel that the less aggressive they are, the more they will be ignored.” I know. A better approach to preservation of their white British society than cozying up to Argentina’s rival (Chile) would be to openly encourage loyal white immigration, since the next Argentinian onslaught is bound to come regardless.

  7. @ Joe: Colorado is important, but so is the racial symbolism of the white archipelago of the South Atlantic.

  8. To All Readers:
    One only has to Google: ” forest fires + arson” to learn of how many of the massive forest fires in the US during the last 10 years were due to arson. The kind of massive forest fires during the last 10 years is due to arson, many of the fires are due to arson. I’ve already given the readers google search terms to get the info. Please see my other posts on this thread for other google search terms.
    Small and naturally contained forest fires are natural and beneficial. Not the kind of extremely massive forest fires that have been occurring during the past 10 years. As there was alot of destruction in Colorado Springs from the massive fires, even the Air Force Academy had to evacuated* , I think anyone who says, ” the fires are going pretty good” is disgusting. It’s putrid to say such a thing, especially in the face of so much destruction. A simple google search will reveal the destruction in Colorado. It is not a small, contained fire natural to the eco-system. Not at all.
    The governor of Colorado and the fire chiefs in Colorado Very Much Do Suspect Arson as the cause of the massive fires throughout Colorado. There’s an ongoing investigation now.
    It’s very easy to follow what’s going on in Colorado by a google search.
    * The air force academy had to be evacuated, but the fires around the base have been contained. The air force personnel were allowed to return to base. The massive fire caused alot of destruction in the city of Colorado Springs. Nothing good about it. The governor of the state and the fire chiefs Suspect Arson. Very Much So.

  9. @ Mosin
    If white immigration to the falklands is so important to you, then go immigrate there. No one is stopping you. Considering the massive fires in Colorado, the “symbolism” of the falklands takes a back seat. It rightfully should take a back seat as there is so much destruction in Colorado from the fires.
    As you casually brush the subject of the massive fires aside to reiterate your agenda encouraging us to immigrate to the falklands– if it means so much to that you will casually dismiss the massive fires– then just get up and go move to the falklands. In passing you say, “Colorado is important” , then you mention nothing else about Colorado.That doesn’t cut the cake. You then very quickly return back to the falkland islands. Go move there if it’s so important to you.
    Put your words to action and lead. You post as if you are some kind of leader, so lead. The best way to lead is through action.

  10. To All Readers:
    Our fellow white Americans in Colorado need our assistance. Google:
    ” colorado forest fires + charity”
    They need our assistance. There has been much destruction there.

  11. “You post as if you are some kind of leader” is a valid criticism, Joe. The preacher and teacher in me is almost irrepressible, and sounds too authoritative sometimes, but on the other hand the craven conditional approach of “maybe,” “perhaps,” and “In my humble opinion, I only THINK so” is really not worth writing or reading.

    The Colorado fires are very serious indeed, and the pine bark beetle damage is also serious. http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=112290 Huge forested tracts are being deforested. Imported pests are I THINK changing the “demography” of forests PERHAPS permanently IN MY OPINION.

  12. “Mosin Nagant says:
    July 2, 2012 at 12:21 am

    “Falklanders seem to feel that the less aggressive they are, the more they will be ignored.” I know. A better approach to preservation of their white British society than cozying up to Argentina’s rival (Chile) would be to openly encourage loyal white immigration, since the next Argentinian onslaught is bound to come regardless.”

    Wait, Argentinians aren’t White? Can someone tell Tamer of Savages that?
    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    I agree that the Colorado fires are vastly important. I will contribute money to the relief efforts.

  13. Stonelifter, notice that I wrote: “white BRITISH society.” “They are a different people” (as we are both fond of saying) with a different language, history and culture — truly different — from “upper end” Italian-German-Spanish white Argentina, and worth preserving, I like to think.

  14. Yes. There’re now many imported pests in the US because of massive immigration.
    It would be a long post to list them all. It’s another negative about immigration– it’s all negative, really. Everything about immigration. If I had my druthers I would end all immigration– illegal and so-called legal.
    My suggestion in this thread is that we pay more attention to the fires in Colorado than the “symbolism” of the falklands. Colorado is a much more pressing issue for white Americans, considering the destruction. I never suggested to you, ever ,what words to use, or not to use. Never will. It’s not for me to tell you what words to use or not to use– that’s why I’ve never done so– nor did it ever occur to me, even for a second , to presume to tell you what words you “should” or “should not” use. That’s your business, of course. I never said otherwise.
    As it is, the bark beetle is not the cause of the massive fires in Colorado. The governor and the fire chiefs in Colorado very much suspect arson. The fires have nothing to do with the imported bark beetle or any other kind of imported insect. In the meantime, white Americans in Colorado need our assistance as many have lost their homes and businesses to the fires. The bark beetle and other imported insects brought in from all the immigration just doesn’t play a role in what’s going on in Colorado. However non-native the bark beetle is, there’s no way the bark beetle could cause such massive fires throughout a whole state. And a very large state, at that.
    One can google charity organizations that are helping those Americans in Colorado who have lost so much due to the massive fires. One can google also, how many of the massive forest fires in the West over the past 10 years have been due to arson– an extremely large numbers of the massive fires out west in the last 10 years have been due to arson. I posted throughout the thread google search terms. The information is very easy to access.

  15. I suggest no Southron ever send money to any “good cause” up north for any reason. They sure as hell didn’t/ don’t care about what they did to our people

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