Romney Response to Obamacare Ruling

District of Corruption

Trust me …

Note: For the conservatives who are checking out our response, I will just note that you couldn’t trust John Roberts, and you thought you had this one in the bag with a clear majority on the Supreme Court.

Do you think you can trust Mitt Romney? He was doing Obamacare before it was Obamacare.

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  1. This sort of (Roberts) backstabbing has defined conservatives and Republicans for decades. They have no inner core, no inner beliefs other than making money. There is just no use for a “conservative” who believes in multi-racialism. If you won’t conserve your culture, people and heritage you won’t conserve anything, there will be no anchor to hook the more trivial issues to. What does it matter if you pass, say, a great tax code to the third world future? They won’t be able to pay for it anyway, and in any case who cares if you help them? You might as well sacrifice for Nigeria or Mongolia. The Republicans are fully aware of this, deep down inside they think the same things, which is why they will sacrifice every principle (except making money) or ally to just keep the con game going one more year, to milk the cow to the last drop before it goes dry.

  2. There’s nothing more bizarre than Statist —and worse Welfare-Statist Militarists Republicans invoking ‘limited government’ memes, like this crap about the fed getting between little guys and their health providers, lol.

    They are conservatives—- conserving the Internationale but that’s about it.

    Oh, and conserving anti-white policies as a way to best “conserve” their own ability to get money from the public.

    Isn’t the question: WHAT are they conserving, exactly?

  3. All that happened folks is that Obama made enemies today. His tit babies were in the bag, now get ready for well funded campaigns to demonize this fool. I remember the CO2 scare when this clown was elected, my utility sends out a monthly rag and they were tripping over themselves to hate Global Warming, he was politically weakened and now these one time genuflecters would kick Al Gore in the sack. And the people Odumbo alienated today he even backed them further into a corner than the coal people IMO.

    Gonna be fun, once a tyrant starts to slip from the saddle the peasants become blood thirsty for tyrant’s blood. These tyrants wield the hammer of moral superiority over us peasants, but when they don’t and the saddle becomes loose and they are surrounded by angry pissed off peasants, we get a new king.

  4. This is the absurdity of the so-called conservative Republican Party: their only spokesperson against Obamacare: 1) won’t pledge to repeal it; 2) created and fought for the state-level version of it first; and 3) is a liberal governor from New England.

    If you’re still voting for this idiot you are complicit in treason.

  5. What are they conserving? Their own comfortable, proud political careers, of course. Only what advances or threatens their dear career is worth working for or fighting against. It’s “every man for himself” with no long term thinking needed since “we all live and die in the short term” anyway.

    But they forget: after that, the judgement.

  6. Larry Auster replies:

    Since the Congress can now command citizens to do anything the Congress wants, since America as a republic under a government of limited powers is now officially dead, therefore conservatism, which if it means anything means support for that republic of limited powers, is now also dead. For conservatives to continue to support the constitution means supporting a leftist government with unlimited powers. Therefore the only meaningful form that conservatism can now take is counterrevolution, which means: opposition to the lawless regime that America now is, and the declared intent to overthrow it. Any “conservatism” short of counterrevolution is simply subscription to, loyalty to, patriotism to, obedience to, a leftist unlimited state.

    – end of initial entry

  7. “If you’re still voting for this idiot you are complicit in treason.”

    But I continue to say support him “real good” (meaning: actively, even financially) while constantly, publicly attacking all his evil positions and his evil handlers, and naming him as merely the LESSER of two evils.

    If you think this be treasonous, it was even MORE treasonous to have chosen (voted for) him over a MUCH less evil Paul in the primaries!

  8. Ron Paul is the only man who would have genuinely fought against this legislation. Yet some still believe the Old Believers are to be avoided. Well, Jack, are you looking forward to wonderful healthcare when you become an Old Believer? As each year passes, the decents parts will be removed until treatment is almost nonexistent.

  9. ron paul is a liberal on just about every issue. he wouldn’t get much good accomplished because he wouldn’t have the votes in congress, but he would get the borders opened up. not to mention he thinks blacks are our equals, we’re racist etc etc and he’s pro queers

  10. You can confuse liberty with liberalism. He opposes things because they infringe on personal liberty. What is liberty to you? Sounds like that is not what you’re looking for.

  11. If I thought he was an ardent States righter (he isn’t) I’d give him a pass. Though bad law, whats legal for a State may not be legal for the Feds.

    However I know better and as such, of course I don’t trust him.

  12. I have never heard Ron Paul state he was pro queer. He has often stated we need to secure our borders. Stop spreading misinformation.

  13. A Romney victory will “repeal and REPLACE” Obamacare:

    1) Will he overcome a 40 vote filibuster in the Senate?

    2) With what will he replace it? Romneycare? Is this another version of “I will do multi-cult better than Obama; Obama does it wrong”?

    Now more than ever the preference is for an Obama victory secondary to radical whites eschewing Romney.

    Obama’s second term will be the racial Dunkirk needed to divorce whites from electoral politics and start thinking practical politics en route to a new nation.

    Think of how Gorbachev (Obama) catalyzed the disintegration of the Soviet Union where an old line apparatchik (Romney) would have “saved” it for a few more years!

  14. It’s clearly unjust to force people to buy a product. Constitution schmonstitution. Roberts is just another RINO douchebag who’s moved toward big gubbimint now that he’s in the chair for life. Isn’t he another Catholic? Or is he the token Protestant?

  15. He’s Catholic.

    But he did lay bare the obvious — that the Constitution is next to meaningless.

  16. The sad thing is, I don’t even have to check – I already know Clarence Thomas voted against the mandate.

    Am I right?

    Fucking sad that the black is the only one on the court we can rely on to be an honest justice, AKA conservative.

  17. Yeah, it’s kinda loony expecting a Catholic not to bow toward mecc- I mean, the pope, AKA central power. They don’t have a small gov’t bone in their bodies.

  18. Either that or they recognize the Truth of the matter is that is this Protestant country is going down the shitter if people don’t stand up and demand responsible government and that ultimately it’s not the Supreme Court’s role to babysit the Constitution. In a self-governed Republic, it’s the job of the culture.

  19. “Yeah, it’s kinda loony expecting a Catholic not to bow toward mecc- I mean, the pope, AKA central power. They don’t have a small gov’t bone in their bodies.

    Clarence Thomas is a practicing Catholic.

  20. Some people are shocked when they see the black President. I am shocked when I see Elena Kagan. Sure, Ginsberg and Sotomayor as well. But Kagan takes the Jew cake to a whole new level. Holy crap. Did someone let loose the Jewed Eldress of Zion?

  21. George Will wrote that Roberts delivered a major victory for conservatism. Roberts, Will argued, grounded the “mandate” in the government’s tax authority just as James Madison intended. I’m not kidding.

    Conservatives elites like Will are evil to the core. I mean, rotten, to the core, black-hearted evil. Will has degrees from Princeton and Oxford. He is not that stupid. He can’t be that stupid. He knows damn well the Constitution as Madison conceived has not been relevant for a long time. But, conservative pundits, as always, work overtime to mislead the mainstream conservatives in their readerships. In this case, Will’s goal seems to be convincing the conservatives that this ruling is not the total betrayal by Roberts it appears to be and that therefore they still have a reason to vote Romney in November.

  22. Will’s only purpose is to make what sheeple he can reach believe there is still hope in the central government and the two-party system.

  23. Every single time that I can recall that the Republicans have wielded power and had the opportunity to crush the opposition, they NEVER did, not one single time.

    3 times last year they had the power to shut down the central government, shut it down COLD. Every single time they backed off. They always play nice guy and the left always plays for keeps. Repubs are either stupid or traitors.

  24. Will’s only purpose is to make what sheeple he can reach believe there is still hope in the central government and the two-party system.

    Yeah, pretty much.

  25. All nine members of the court are either Catholics or Jews.

    Touche. It’s still effin sad that the negro regularly does the right thing, and the White guy rolls us over and screws us.

  26. All nine members of the court are either Catholics or Jews.

    The difference being that the Catholics voted 4-2 against Obamacare. The Jews voted 3-0 to uphold it.

  27. In Romney’s defense, his plan was tailored for and at the state level and was a compromise with a 90% Democratic state senate. Mass. wanted full-on socialism. And in 2010 the people, unsatisfied by Romney’s scheme voted for a full on Single-Payer system. Romney would let states decide how to handle healthcare according to their needs, views and budgets, unlike Obama.

  28. George Will and Charkes Krauthammer both noted correctly that the only way to stop Obamacare is the way it started: get a new president. We can’t rely on this Supreme Court to block every shot the liberals in Congress and White House take on it. We need to start exercising our freedoms or better yet, prohibit subhumans from exercising theirs.

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