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The Cost of the Union: Arizona vs. U.S.

District of Corruption

The Supreme Court gutted SB 1070 this morning.

In a 5-3 decision (Kennedy, Roberts, Breyer, Ginsberg, Sotomayor), it struck down everything but the requirement to check immigration status.

The blocked provisions include requiring all immigrants to obtain or carry immigration registration papers, making it a state criminal offense for an illegal alien to seek work or hold a job, and allowing police to arrest suspected illegal aliens without warrants.

Even the “reasonable suspicion” clause was kicked back to the Ninth Circuit for another spin on the legal merry-go-round. The door was left open to future “legal challenges” on “civil rights grounds.”

With a 5-3 majority on Arizona vs. U.S. (Kagan recused herself from the case), the “conservative” majority managed to give Sotomayor, Breyer, and Ginsberg the upper hand in writing the decision.

Way to go, John Roberts: the strongest argument for turning out in November for Mitt Romney was maintaining the “conservative” majority on the Supreme Court, and you just demolished that argument in a single blow.

Note: OD’s position remains unchanged.

The federal government is a consolidated despotism. Every major decision that used to be made at the state and local level is now decided by the political class in Washington. The existence of the Union is the primary cause of our racial decline. White Southerners are doomed to perpetual minority status in a Union based on majority rule.

It follows that disunion through secession or revolution is the only solution to the “National Question.” We’re not going to “take America back” and it is foolish to pretend otherwise. The preservation of the Union with the Northeast and West Coast is undesirable anyway.

We favor working within the system – in the South, at the state and local level, in order to polarize, delegitimize, and seize power to bring about the dissolution of the Union and the formation of a Southern ethnostate.

The Mexican border will never be secure until Dixie’s northern border with the United States is secured.

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