Sons of the South

Southern Badasses
A poem by a young Yankee writer named Craig Langley that Hunter and many others should enjoy.

Sons of the South

In the mystic chords of memory,
Souls who fought for their land
In defense of their liberty.
Men who bravely took a stand;
Men to remember for all eternity.

From the capital of Richmond
To the Lone Star of Texas,
Arising from every field and pond
To give tyrants all that vexes,
Soldiers connected by civilization’s bond.

Led by Robert Lee:
Virginian of honor and pride,
Fighting for Southern victory
Among Southern sons who died
To be free of Northern tyranny.

Marching to freedom’s song,
Sons of an America soon to pass,
Defenders against forces so strong;
Bleeding in their country’s grass,
Fighting for the right against the wrong.

Lee, Stuart, Forrest, and Jackson:
Giants among history’s heroes,
Gentlemen who took action,
Braves towering over phony zeroes,
Men of Liberty’s burning passion.

Never to be in disgrace
These sons of Southern Liberty,
Warriors of their race
And symbols of ancestral bravery
Looked upon by God’s everlasting Grace.


  1. O.M.G.

    Derby nails it on the head…again!

    “… how many freed blacks actually chose to escape from under the iron heel of white supremacy? Most sources give 15,000-20,000—out of a Civil War-era black population of around four million. That’s less than half of one percent. Ninety-nine point five something percent preferred white supremacy. That’s an even bigger proportion than voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

    “I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.”

    Apply John Locke’s apothegm to the sloppy, dishonest, thuggish, anti-intellectual actions of the guardians of racial orthodoxy in today’s America, and you get a pretty good insight into their thoughts.”

  2. The admonition at the end of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, sounds so delusionally mad.

    Why would blacks go it alone in the mother continent if they have suckers to leach off here?

  3. Notice that this older white male delegate is from a rural agricultural, or formerly rural agricultural Maryland county, and his truth-telling is called a “publicity stunt.”

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  5. North of the Line in Pennsylvanian Appalachia, representative Daryl Metcalfe is similar.

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