Jerry Brown: Support My Tax Hike


H/T Walter Russell Mead

In case you missed it, Gov. Jerry Brown has a special message for OD readers in California about the need to raise taxes to cover the new state budget deficit:

Note: The collapse of “The D” would pale in comparison to the collapse of the Golden State. California is still on track to become the first state to get “Greeced.”

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  1. I’m wondering what he meant when he said the courts and federal government had prevented them from cutting billions? When are the States going to stand up, be counted and tell the federal goverment to pack sand?

  2. “When are the States going to stand up, be counted and tell the federal goverment to pack sand?”

    About the same time that Jerry Brown & crew admit that a large portion of CA financial issues are the result of the invasion.

  3. Economics taking a back seat to “Race.” Of course the atomized whites over at Mead’s site want to rearrange the deck chairs, but that will fail, predicated on the sands of ideology.

  4. Anyone like sci-fi? I found the movie “In Time” to be very interesting. Anyway it is about the 10,000th movie to use the LA”river” as a backdrop. Let me say the future is very very white and attractive, and set in a Cali without the lumpen or Jerry Brown.

  5. During the 1992 Dem primaries I as impressed with one of the ideas Brown had. He wanted to shut down the IRS and go to a straight 12% federal sales tax. I was paying close to three times that percentage at that time.

    Now we see that if Jerry had won the nomination, and then the general election, that his 12% would have had many a growth spurt by now.

  6. hmmmmm. Should Mr. middle class white guy vote to tax himself more than his already ridiculously high rates or force California to stop spending billions of dollars on food education medical care etc on the illegal 3rd world squatters? Californians will vote against the tax hike. They will also demand that no cuts be made to any programs whatsoever. That is the reality of their complete paralysis.


    California has been hit a hard financial blow, because of its Liberal state capitol is genuflecting to the illegal alien invasion, carrying a cost of $16 billion dollars with no end in sight. California insists more money from taxes, as they are in serious trouble with their welfare issues, with Billions of dollars going towards illegal alien schooling, health care and the population of prison inmates. Immigration is the primary reason California has become the least-educated state considered in terms of the share of workers with less than a high school education. The state ranked 35th in terms of the share of its 19-year-olds who have graduated high school. The large share of California adults who have very little education are likely to necessitate welfare services and making it challenging for the state to create sufficient tax revenue, to encompass the demands for services made by its large unskilled population. THE NATIONAL PRESS REMAINS SILENT ABOUT THE ILLEGAL ALIEN WELFARE PROBLEM THAT IS DRAINING PART OF CALIFORNIA’S 16 BILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT.

    If no other law is passed by the Government, mandatory (E-verify H.R. 2885) needs to be the policy of this country? If E-Verify is enacted the mass exodus of millions of foreign nationals will begin, as they will be unable to find a job and it will discourage the annual influx of more foreigners into the country. Both political parties have done nothing about this unlawful epidemic, as the Democrats expect blocs of minority voters-Whether a citizen or not makes no difference to them. Republicans just want to exploit the cheap labor for their big corporate campaign contributors. POLITICS IS ABOUT MONEY, INFLUENCE AND POWER—NOTHING MORE? ITS JUST PLAIN UNADULTERATED GREED? Our country is so divided; brain washed by the left and illegal immigration has caused this massive spreading abyss. The agendas are so irreparable that the government has turned on its own people, as we have seen with Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Utah, South Carolina and others waiting for court outcomes. Our nation has turned into a welfare state for foreign countries own populace.

    Each year, according to the Edwin Rubenstein report, illegal aliens cost American taxpayers $346 billion across 15 federal agencies. (Online: TheSocialContract) That includes breakfasts and lunches for their children; it includes English as a Second Language. It includes free education from K-12. It means free and unconstrained medical care paid for by your billfold or purse. It means you pay for the insurance rates by unlicensed drivers. Illegal migrants and immigrants are worked at a third the wages and frequently, under the table. Not only do our kids not have jobs; you’re paying taxes for illegal aliens who are not paying taxes.

    Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich With the $550 million for public safety and nearly $500 million for healthcare, the total cost for illegal immigrants to County taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year, this doesn’t cover the billions in education costs; and doesn’t include the billions more in education. California, the epitome of a Sanctuary state will be the leader as millions of illegal aliens fleeing aliens arrive there, from less benevolent states? Unfortunately left wing Governor Jerry (moonbeam) Brown is now preaching more taxes, cuts in benefits—when removing the millions of foreign national could save the state. Not state, not county but a federal law that will stop this theft of American jobs. Unscrupulous employers need to be held accountable and harshly find and sentenced to prison. Rather than go into the details about the taxpayers ripped off, judge for yourself by going to NumbersUSA and American Patrol websites.

    Also the most costly payout from taxpayers is the children that are slipped in by visitors from other countries or across our poorly enforced fence at the border that are eligible to become citizens, which promotes massive chain migration and enables parents to settle here. Over 400 thousand are estimated to take advantage of this misinterpreted law, again costing genuine Americans welfare programs. The birthright citizenship law must be amended, so only children with one citizen parent allows this right. Don’t remain blind to the profiteers in Washington and demand they enforce immigration laws. Because of this fiasco of our Immigration laws business owners are directly responsible for the growing amount of $113 Billion dollars in public welfare programs.

    Another piece of mind boggling piece of information that Americans pay $27 billion providing forms, ballots, interpreters and brochures for 149 languages yearly.

    One out of two adult African-Americans in New York are jobless. African-American children’s impoverishment has grown by 50 % since 1999. Parents of these kids cannot find a job; large numbers taken by foreigners as cheaper labor.

    American females have to put their children in daycare just to make ends meet. Schools are so cramped in states with illegal foreign children; nobody is learning hardly anything anymore as teachers are forced to give more attention to non English speakers. American born and legal resident kids cannot get temporary work anymore, as they have been displaced by cheap illegal labor.

    According to the Heritage Foundation if Democrats get their way, we would be adding a further 2.6 Trillion dollars to the already accelerating 15.6 Trillion dollars if an amnesty is imposed. Both political parties are responsible for this parasitic invasion, which is catering to any of the 20 million plus illegal aliens already here. Even while they are stealing us blind of our own impoverished, our own sick and homeless, they are stealing another $4.2 billion dollars from taxpayers through the incompetence of the IRS, who would audit American for exaggerating on the business car mileage. Even illogical to this is that illegal aliens are allowed to wire out of America annually over $40 billion dollars to foreign banks not being absorbed back into the economy. Our country has been neglected for years, occupied by illegal immigrants and hordes of criminals. Mitt Romney better not turn on the massive TEA PARTY on this issue, or they will realize he cannot be trusted. Americans haven’t learned that you cannot get something for nothing. Half of this country’s population, live off the other half’s income and that is why our social safety nets are failing. The last realistic chance we have of getting out of our financial mess is to remove the old members of Congress and state capitals, with Tea Party leaders. It happened in Indiana when Senator Richard Lugar was retired, replaced by a Tea Party lawmaker.

  8. He’ll vote with his feet to get away from them the way they voted with their feet to come to california.

  9. @Dave Francis 9.43

    Great post Dave.

    I just reached peak beaner and I don’t even live in the US.

  10. Jerry Brown and all the rest are DECEIVERS.Everything they say is nothing but lies.And we keep believing.

  11. Some talk about how ‘we could have gone to Mars, but instead we got BRA’… Well Governor Moon-beam could have gotten his satellite, but instead he got Pedro!

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