Norwegians Sing “Children of the Rainbow”


Hitler was justified in conquering this country.

Lillebjoern Nilsen’s “Children of the Rainbow,” a Marxist song that Anders Breivik hates, is a Norwegian rendition of the Yankee Pete Seeger’s “Rainbow Race.” Seeger also likes to perform the communist Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” which asserts an imperialistic claim over the Gulf States.

Both songs reek of the degenerate Unitarian Universalism of the Northeast.

Note: This is what happened to another liberal kook in Switzerland who thought she could live like a flower off water and sunlight.

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  1. This is also why America failed.

    Yankees were unable to understand the South’s position on race because Northern communities were insulated from reality by their homogeneity and because the negro vote (as with Hispanic immigration in the Southwest) offered them a practical advantage in power politics within the Union.

  2. “This is the tragedy we are in. As a person who straddles both worlds, I see how the European and the European-American talk past each other. It’s painful to watch.”

    The biggest difference seems to be Continentals don’t get America’s “fuck the government” attitude, and American’s can’t understand the continent’s love affair with it. America started out by seeing minimal government as a necessary evil, a rough and tumble frontier attitude still pervades.

  3. Nobody on the planet understands niggerdom more than a racist Southerner. They are the undisputed authorities on the subject. His wisdom on the subject is downright professorial. Harvard should hire one to run the black studies department.

  4. The same thing happened with France and Saint-Domingue. Jacobinism was a species of insanity that flourished in metropolitan France. It was an unmitigated disaster when it was applied to the colonies.

    See also Britain and the West Indies. See also Britain and Rhodesia.

  5. There are deluded fools in the Midwest who live in homogeneous areas and who don’t understand the problems of Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis, etc.

  6. Lily,

    I agree.

    What us American-Americans need is nationalist (i.e., for us White Americans) free enterprise system, run by self-employed small business White men living in the White communities they serve, in a country run explicitly for the benefit of us White Americans where multinational corporations must pay to play here with plenty of tariffs slapped on them to discourage them from economically raping us — and where socialist/charity programs, like foodbanks, for instance, are located only at the state-local level so social shaming can act as a brake on the moral hazards inherent in socialism.

    The only huge-scale, on a nationwide basis, is defense and space exploration, because it’s simply too expensive to do privately. However, rather than just throw money at NASA, X-prize programs should be greatly expanded, where a private company gets, say, a billion dollar prize IF and WHEN they deliver a working system of whatever we’re needing at the moment.
    We NEED a space program because the White Man needs a frontier to avoid anomie, for the fun of exploration, to conquer, and to drive innovation. We cannot maintain our will to live as a race without one.

    My dad used to read a subversive, heh, paper called The Utah Independent (no longer in existence). That paper made a point that’s always stuck with me:
    The enemy of you, Mr. Small Businessman, are, in this order, these three:
    Big Government
    Big Business
    Big Labor
    I’d only add Big Media.

  7. Where’s that side by side picture of Detroit and Hiroshima circa 1945, then same shot 65 years later?

  8. I am grateful that the people who contribute to this website are a minority.

    We should not isolate ourselves from our neighbors because we are afraid our identity will become diluted.

    It is inevitable that humanity is moving to a condition that will completely accept all people regardless of genetic variation. It would be remiss to call this a pathology.

    I hope there is love in your hearts for all people.

  9. This is why Rhodesians and Confederates should have been cut slack.

    They had to deal with niggers en masse.

  10. Great…. Another “white superior” jackass who is so dumb that he makes you ashamed of being white.

    We have that in common: I’m ashamed that you’re white, too.

    Life history snipped

    Why do I give a shit?

  11. WN love of that guy is a bit of a mystery. His actions brought down the house. He doesn’t appear to have killed enough Jews either as there are still so many today.

    We’d be better of today if he’d won. Why that’s a mystery is a bit of a mystery.

  12. Svigor,

    We kimosabe?

    And who would the Germans have won against? The Dutch? The Poles?
    The Germans circa ww2 spent an awful lot of effort not fighting nigs.
    How many niggers did the Germans kill? You could probably count the number on your fingers and toes. Meanwhile the Brits were busy keeping the kafirs and fuzzy wuzzies in line.

  13. Joh – you know I love oyu but do try to get over your intrisic hatred of Hitelr, an Germans. I’ve written this many times before -but Hitler was the GOOD GUY. He made a lot of mistakes. He was no General. He was a visionary, a philosopher, and a BRILLIANT speaker. Ge is apparently the last White man that TRIED to protect his people. Every-one else sold out. Including the big fat hideous SOB Churchill.

    Has Hitler’s defeat benefitted us? How ARE Whites in Germany, England, America, and everywhere else, in what used to be known as Christendom – how’re we doing?

    Would we or would we not be better off now, as a Race, in our own lands, had he won?

    Hitler did NOT create the problem. Blaming and despising him, and the NS, is SHAMEFUL.

  14. “We should not isolate ourselves from our neighbors because we are afraid our identity will become diluted.

    It is inevitable that humanity is moving to a condition that will completely accept all people regardless of genetic variation. ”

    “Inevitable, Herp derp!”

    Then it’s also inevitable that your Granddaughters will be rape fodder or groomed, depending on your locale. Children of the Rainbow. Enjoy!

  15. Ms. Flowerpot, her yogi, and her failed photosynthesis experiment remind me of something told to me be a former vegan. He did the total vegan thing for a year and he said it almost killed him. He said if you ever hear a vegan tell you how he has been animal product free for five, ten, or fifteen years with no ill effects, assume they are lying. He said all vegans bemoan animal products, then lock themselves in the closet and mow down on cheese bricks and whatever else they can rationalize eating without too much guilt.

    The gullible honest true believers normally give up when they realize it’s bullshit and the rest are liars.

  16. The problems came long after the war.

    Look up “Suez Crisis” or Kennedy sponsoring Patrice Lumumba in Congo. The imperialist white man (even Churchill) had it all in check before the liberal Yanks demanded access to African colonies.

    The French and British Empires were the lynchpin of white supremacy on the global stage. Any hand raised against either entity doomed the white man. Fratricdial wars among Europeans was nothing new. What was new was the ideological demand By Americans to decolonize Africa. Hitler was if anything, much more like Lincoln
    than you care to admit. Kenya in the Empire was like Antebellum Georgia. Now it’s a dung heap.

  17. “The French and British Empires were the lynchpin of white supremacy on the global stage. ”

    We know. And that is also why we ask why the hell they pulled the pin. Nobody told them to pull it. I seem to recall it was from Britain that the first serious nigger lovers came from and started this free-the-nigger shit. Weren’t they the ones who went to the Caribbean and agitated until that slaughter got underway? Didn’t France betray their people in Algeria? And didn’t they once and let go control that shit heap in southeast Asia–French Indo-China–Vietnam and surrounding area? Speaking of Germans, I seem to recall reading about how a lot of former SS men done a lot of fighting there trying to keep it together after the war. Something like how Confederates went and fought elsewhere after their defeat.

    If I’m wrong, correct me.

  18. I don’t spend much time reading history like I did ten years ago. I moved on to other interests. But at the time my research and reading about Churchill, as I recall, indicated that he was primarily interested in keeping his personal fortunes in check, rather than Britain’s and anyone else. He talked like Hitler back in the 20s, but after 29, for some odd reason(lol), he suddenly changed his tune and got cozy with Jews. David Irving has two large volumes on him. At the time, I still had some relatives alive who were adult during the war, and who served. I asked them what the words was then on Churchill. It sounded a lot like contemporary opinion was consistent with Irving’s work. I even mentioned what Irving wrote about Churchill being in the habit of dropping his pants in front of people. My 90 year old aunt laughed and said her husband did always say back then that Churchill was a fag. (Her exact word)

  19. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “hating” on the British. Just pointing out some things. I get annoyed at the “Britain good, Germany bad bad” bullshit. It is from Britain that the Yankee and their bullshit hails. It is from Germany that a full on racial movement and ideology that was actually put into effect was from. It was explicit, not implicit or read between the lines. I like that. I like that about the former South.

  20. “(The Finnish don’t count, they are a whole different race)”

    They have a different language, but a different race? Prove it.

  21. Confednorth wrote:

    “The man, if we can call him that, had Jewish and North African ancestory. Genetic testing done on DNA samples obtained from a great-nephew in America and relatives in Austria showed this to be true.”

    You have proved nothing to be true, except how a little knowledge is dangerous in the hands of a fool. IF those DNA samples obtained were untainted, since they were obtained by stealth from the nephew’s napkin from a restaurant after he had eaten there by the investigator, that still doesn’t prove Hitler was jewish or north african. The E3b haplogroup that was supposedly identified, while being heavily concentrated in north Africa, is also significantly present in southeastern Europe all the way up to Austria. The date of origination and exact provenance of this haplogroup into Europe is still disputed, but could date as far back as the neolithic. It is an ancient haplogroup which, while present in jews, is not peculiar to them. The Hitler was a jew or north african meme was nothing but an attention grabbing headline. You’re parroting ill-digested information you’ve cribbed from other parrots who unthinkingly regurgitate the same nonsense. That simple.

  22. White Southerners were very very English. the Union was flooded with Germans and Irish. Further back the South was heavily Tory and deeply ambivalent about Independence. The most hostile population to England in the Revolution was Bostonians.

    I never said the British were good. I simply said the British were keeping blacks down. If you love niggers that’s a bad thing. Churchill’s bust was returned to Britain in a calculated insult by Obama. What camp do you fall into there? Blacks detested Churchill.

    On another note the plug had to be pulled at Suez. When the Brits and French invaded Egypt in 1956 Eisenhower demanded a retreat (threatened and attack on the pound and franc.) That was the end of the Imperials. 1956.

    Oddly enough about the same time the South was forcibly integrated.

    Should have stuck with the Empire perhaps.

  23. I’ve competed against Finns in power-lifting; they are a whole other race. Awesome people, the men are stoic and freakishly strong.

  24. Well, that settles it. I have been exposed as a nigger lover. I hold a negative opinion on Churchill. Obama sent a bust of Churchill back. Blacks did not like Churchill. Therefore it follows logically that I must be a nigger lover.


    You say the British were keeping blacks down. I stated some of the first abolitionists were from Britain and caused the massacre in Hispaniola. You did not address this specific charge. I stated Churchill was out for himself and came to even side with Jews. I said nothing about him in relation to blacks. You did respond to my charge against Churchill–relative to blacks, though, about which my charges had nothing to do with. But I will now state that niggers did not like him because he complained to the US government about all the nigger servicemen they had stationed there and wanted them removed–because too many British women were fucking them and getting pregnant, and had been doing so during the last years of the war. War Babies, they were called. Many of the women were married. And evidently a lot of the husbands were ok with it, so long as the woman gave up the mixed bastard to adoption.

    But let’s bad mouth Hitler and his racial movement and the Germans of that period and praise the British. Makes a lot of sense to me. We can alternate between that and denigrating the Confederacy for getting a hell of a lot of white people killed. A lot of people do this.

    Moreover, the British were also amongst the first, or probably the very first, to actually bring niggers into civilization as non slaves and as actual “gentlemen” to go to their very best universities and to become lovers of English “ladies.”

    A very good and persuasive argument can be made that the Anglo-Saxon is particularly susceptible to egalitarianism. The Yankee does indeed appear to be the primary force, even evidently before the Jews became strident, in setting egalitarianism into motion.

    My point is I do not understand why so many can’t seem to give Germany ANY credit while at the same time praise the British in matters racial.

    BTW, my family came here from Scotland.

    I recall you are an engineer, or have an engineering degree, anyway ( I think it is you). Then you are well aware that in order to solve a complex problem, one must first accurately identify it and its source(s). This only comes as a result of thorough analysis of the system in question. The most successful engineer is the one who uses the correct analysis technique in each case.

  25. “Thousands of illegitimate mixed-race children fathered by American GIs were given up by their British mothers and shipped across the Atlantic, according to newly released papers.


    At a conference on the matter in December 1944 John Carter, of the League of Coloured Peoples, said: “In several cases they are married women whose husbands are in the army, usually overseas, and they usually get letters from their husbands saying ‘Well, I am very sorry to hear about it. If you can get the child adopted everything will be all right.'”

    Yeah, I guess you were right after all. My mistake. The British were keeping the blacks down. Down in bed!

  26. Lol. Rather entertaining ripostes.

    I meant this in terms of running Africa and administering government over blacks.

    What you are writing about with black GIs is about the US experimenting with integration within an officially segregated military. Roosevelt was playing a joker card there. All the men were off fighting the women were starving and well paid strangers roll up with nylons and food rations. I’m not a defender of the virtue of western women either. Mainly they are shrill “red guard” cunts.

    The chimpout in Haiti? That’s what blacks do.

    I’m not an engineer. Plenty in the family though.

  27. I do get a sense that most blacks who fought in ww2 were fighting over the unattended females. My guess is a black GI made two or three times the pay that Tommy Atkins made. Tommy got a bullet in his guts and a bastard in the Wife’s womb for his troubles. A problem not unknown to soldiers today btw.

  28. Viking may have all the ‘perks’ of a socialist, heretofore homogenous society, based on a higher IQ standard than many other countries, but the Scandinavian’s SOUL is dead.

    The State Church is utterly corrupt, filled with feminazis, and looks like a Lefse copy of the TEC in America. Twice Norwegians who cared more for their eternal state than for their pocketbook, sought change. Many of them emigrated to America, because the Norwegians didn’t WANT to be converted, ‘… and live.’

    It’s apropos that he names himself “Viking.” Ja, du har a) a farm, b) a Life, and c) an education. But you are a gottverdamptene Pagan, nevertheless.

    St. Olaf is rolling in his grave for such as this, that are nothing more than the cowardly side of the Anders Breivik coin. The Norse need redemption and regeneration badly.

    “This is most certainly true.” Uff da.

  29. Fr John – I take a broad, open minded view of religion. Some Whites do fine under some church, others just can do any Christian church. A lot of Nordics are this way, the National Christian churches in Scandinavia are just not going to have Conservative, nationalist, male leadership – so Whites there should go Pagan or be secular. Vikings who had “that old time religion” never had problems with cultural Marxism, Black gang bangers, Muslim gangs grooming the locals gals for prostitution.

    And remember….

    Mighty Thor didn’t/doesn’t turn the other cheek.

  30. “I’ve competed against Finns in power-lifting; they are a whole other race. Awesome people, the men are stoic and freakishly strong.”

    That’s what I meant. I didn’t me they are a different race as blacks are from white, but rather that they are very un-scandanavian. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they aren’t they much closer to Russians ethnically than they are any other Scandinavians?

  31. Sorry Jim, I don’t know them that well. I’ve been there twice. I was being a smart ass and paying the Finns a complement at the same time. The men I meet there were examples of masculinity and dead-lifting machines; the women a horror show and I somewhat familiar with the Winter War. And it’s cold there. White and beautiful in a very stern way. Everything I know about the Finns in under 5 minutes.

  32. Their Winter War against the Soviets was brilliantly fought.

    Give me a division of Finns like that I’ll conquer Congo again.

  33. Here’s a scene from the great pro Finn war movie:


    Note that the brave Finns held off the murderous Soviet Red Army tanks with single shot riffles and….

    Molotov Cocktails – toasting the Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov with a coctail of gasoline and motor oil.

  34. ” so Whites there should go Pagan or be secular.”

    Jack Ryan- Open-mindedness in matters religious is impossible.

    The heart is deceitful and totally wicked. That 20 centuries have ‘reprogrammed’ Nordic (indeed all European) men to be Christendom men, or nothing, is the only choice there is. You can’t go back to being pagan, once the idols that informed paganism were destroyed. You’re only fooling yourself.

  35. British women crapping out American nigger babies during WW2… British men, willing cuckolds… Hitler a crypto-sandnigger… Finnish men, super-human… Finnish women, super-ugly…

    Heh, conversations like these make me so proud to be an American-born “asiatic wop”:) Rudel! Holla!

  36. Half starved English women seduced by well paid foreign troops and overseas stationed combatants cuckolded (whether they knew it or not).
    Its funny is some ways utterly alarming in others.

  37. “Sorry Jim, I don’t know them that well. I’ve been there twice. I was being a smart ass and paying the Finns a complement at the same time. The men I meet there were examples of masculinity and dead-lifting machines; the women a horror show and I somewhat familiar with the Winter War. And it’s cold there. White and beautiful in a very stern way. Everything I know about the Finns in under 5 minutes.”

    Sounds like the Finns I grew up around. There are a lot of Finns in some parts of my home state, probably a majority in some towns. I like the finns, my comment was meant to convey that they aren’t typical Scandinavians, that’s all. I didn’t mean to start a mini firestorm.

    “Half starved English women seduced by well paid foreign troops and overseas stationed combatants cuckolded (whether they knew it or not).
    Its funny is some ways utterly alarming in others.”

    I beleive the saying was “Overpaid, oversexed, and over here”. I’d bet there were more mono racial war babies than halfbreeds.

  38. Warbrides.

    There are quite a few English women who hitched up and emigrated post war. French women too. Avoiding starvation motivates women.

  39. If you look at the shape England was in after that war, they might as well have lost.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but they even missed out on the Marshall plan loot, didn’t they?

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