Norwegians Sing “Children of the Rainbow”


Hitler was justified in conquering this country.

Lillebjoern Nilsen’s “Children of the Rainbow,” a Marxist song that Anders Breivik hates, is a Norwegian rendition of the Yankee Pete Seeger’s “Rainbow Race.” Seeger also likes to perform the communist Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” which asserts an imperialistic claim over the Gulf States.

Both songs reek of the degenerate Unitarian Universalism of the Northeast.

Note: This is what happened to another liberal kook in Switzerland who thought she could live like a flower off water and sunlight.

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  1. Note that this event is sposored by women. Entirely predictable given Breivik’s underage targets.

    I can only say that these kids are suicidal.

    Hunter cool your jets on the Norway hatred. They have a robust Nationalist
    party called the Progressive Party. They get 20-25 % of the vote and are the second biggest party in the Norwegian parliament. They are ambivalent about the German owned EU maintain their own currency and are stand offish with foreigns most of the time.

    This rally just requires a quick watercannon and a baton charge. Pansy ass multicult just needs a bit of authoritarian pushback.

  2. Hunter- What both of these posts illustrate is the folly of sinful man, denying his own incarnational status, and wanting to deny God’s creation of some hominids to be slaves, and some predestined (Adam- to be exact) to be the recipients of His favor.

    By denying created order, whites want to worship a non-white idol of their own making, rather than the Adamic humanity that is ‘fair, ruddy, able to [visibly] blush’- characteristics of the word “Adam” in Hebrew (check a Strong’s Concordance) and is also a characteristic of the RACE OF MEN that are his descendants, including Jesus Christ, the “Last Adam.”

    Cambria will not Yield’s blog posts have driven home this idea for over two years now, and yet, most idolatrous Whites don’t even know what they are doing. The same applied to the woman who committed suicide in Switzerland. She was so driven to deny her own body, that she thought she could ‘live on sunshine’? Puh-leez.

    Because White Europeans find so much dissonance in their anti-incarnational Rationalism (nothing matters but the mind) rather than looking at the entire person and saying, “Oh well, you are black, too bad you will never be white” and therefore not ‘equipping’ them with literacy, education, medicine, and the demonic means to overtake the ONE race that is clearly noted of and blessed in Scripture (“You alone of all the families on the earth have I known” – Amos 3:2a) these idolatrous Whites PROJECT their superior intellect, beauty, and corporeal existence ONTO those who are NOT white- and never will be- and, then, they fall for the false belief system (Jewish-derived) that they are ‘just like us’ except for skin color.

    Next thing you know, they impute ‘morality’ to non-Whites, and impute (in a typical ‘god-like fashion… which should only PROVE our uniqueness, in that NO OTHER RACE is as altruistic, as ‘Christlike’ as White Europeans…) ‘lack of advantage’ – as if that were to make up for 400 YEARS of failed Black assistance to be ‘justlikeus.’

    Norway as a nation, and as a people, are deep in denial of their racial uniqueness, their intellectual Elysian heights, (Where did the Nobel Prize come from- not Uganda or Somalia, that’s for sure!) nor for their desire to ‘feel compassion’ for those who have NO COMPASSION for them.

    The Entire West must wake up, and throw off these jewish-inpsired, and satanically- derived (Gen 3:15- two forebears, two races…) ideologies, or we are doomed. And, because I believe in the Parousia and the Final Judgment, the end of the world is coming- not because of Global Warming, Pagan Mayan prestidigitations, or even ‘the Rapture’ (puh-leez!) but because YHWH God will NOT let the White race disappear from the earth, for it is only THEY who are the objects of God’s electing love, and Christ’s incarnational identification with ‘His People’ [Matt. 1:21].

  3. Its a darn shame Hitler didn’t win WW2. Whatever his faults, he was truly a man who cared deeply for the betterment of the white race. Europe and the rest of the Western world would have been a hell of a lot better under Nazi rule than the liberal-democratic rule of today. The loss of Germany was an entire loss for the West.

  4. Why is it always “authoritarianism” VERSUS some form of “multi-cult psychosis?” Can’t help having a Marxist education (u.s.)— but didn’t even Marx call that a “false dichotomy.” Surely there’s more to Europe than this ridiculous “either/or”— and some synthesis that will be a way out.

    Bruce Spring-sprung’s attempt to channel a southern accent against the backdrop of red-clad chinese at the white house is pretty funny. Lmao at that and the lady living on sunshine. Nice sentiment, but few would die over it, lol.

  5. It’s amazing what these people will do, when a Chinaman in a dress (“guru”) tells them to do so. When the lady started getting too skinny, didn’t she question that maybe the chinaman was lying about having lived 70 years without food?

    But no… This deep capacity to believe the utterly unsupportable—- is a blessing and curse for whites, to be sure.

  6. Norwegians do not have what it takes to maintain their existence. They need others to take on this role for them. Southern Euros have a way better grasp on this and are aggressive. Northern Euros are technologically savvy. Exchange?

  7. Segregation would require an authoritarian police presence. Not that we don’t have this already. Blacks simply demand that they live among the whites they claim to hate.
    The only way to stop that is batons, watercannon, rubber bullets. Harsh rules on black infractions.

  8. White women are unique fools with their yoga, new age, negrophilia.

    It’s must be some biological/cultural impulse to fetishize the extremely exotic and darkly strange.

    Kinda like the chicks organizing the Rainbow Song in Norway.

  9. I know Stonelifter. The door was always open to Germans to emigrate to Canada South Africa, US and Asia. Either as part of the elite or as part of the middle class to colonize and enrich themselves or order around blacks. There were no barriers.

    WN love of that guy is a bit of a mystery. His actions brought down the house. He doesn’t appear to have killed enough Jews either as there are still so many today. He barely even started to deal with blacks as well. Mainly piled up French, Dutch, Belgian, Polish, Serb, Greek, Ukrainian, English, Norwegian, Czech corpses. He seems to have skipped on blacks. And the Jews are up for debate. Pogromed certainly but too many seem to have come out alive.

  10. Stonelifter, turn off the TV, you know jack shit about Hitler and his concern for white people. The Soviets and the British (controlled by you know who) were the real enemies of whites. Danzig? Dresden? Morgenthau Plan? Do you know how many times Hitler was rebuffed in his peace attempts? He didn’t want the war, he wanted the Germanic areas to be free of alien influence and domination in order to fulfill its natural potential. But Germany as an economic and cultural powerhouse was not permitted to exist.

  11. Many women will do ANYTHING to protect their “right” to have sex with interesting foreigners when young and no more than 1.5 babies when approaching the end of fertility. “Do ANYTHING” means up to and including jeopardizing the NATION that prior generations of MEN built. Until Norwegian men acknowledge a debt to their forefathers to perpetuate their own KIND nothing will change. Norwegian men are allowing their women to exhaust the racial and existential bank account their forefathers left them on some damn fool idealistic crusade. It should be grossly apparent to western men that women are ill-suited from an evolutionary perspective to think in organizational or group terms. They are betrayed by their inability to look beyond their own selfish needs. None of this should be surprising – up until the modern epoch women did not run the show in the west, so why should they show any aptitude when given the opportunity? Most of their “enlightened and wise participation” is directed at upsetting the sexual balance of power and petty attacks on the order and decorum that prior generations of men have established.

  12. John and Stonelifter, both of you are right about Hitler not giving an ef about us whites. The man, if we can call him that, had Jewish and North African ancestory. Genetic testing done on DNA samples obtained from a great-nephew in America and relatives in Austria showed this to be true. Based on what I’ve heard about Hilter’s feelings for his family, he was afraid of them. I believe the real reason he was scared of them is that they knew the family had Jewish/North African origins and he was afraid they might talk. Indeed, a Jewish genealogical service called Avotaynu shows Hitler and Himmler to be Jewish surnames. Hitler was not driven by any so-called love for the white race, IMHO, he was driven by extreme self-hatred of his own origins, which he projected onto the rest of the world.

  13. True, Admirer.

    This is the crux of the matter. Our women have been pay off to live an indulgent lifestyle. What I can’t understand is this. Why lie around drinking all day and then rush to do their work at the end of the day and therefore not get it all done? Procrastination is not a virtue and certainly not the recipe for a satisfying life.

  14. I say this as someone who has been extremely critical of Hitler in the past too. The only hope for some of these countries (i.e., the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Germany) is a foreign military conquest.

    Norway was a colony of Denmark for centuries. Norwegian independence is less important than the survival of the Norwegian people.

  15. Great…. Another “white superior” jackass who is so dumb that he makes you ashamed of being white. Thank Odin that I’m not only white, but a real viking. So I can look down (quite litterly, considering my height) on you degenerated fools who think that white skincolor makes up for lack of intelligens, excercise and personal hygien. Guess what? It dont. Because when your stomach is the first thing that enters a room, its not your skin color people are looking at.

    So lets see whats the life of a deluded norwegian looks like. I have a master degree in computer technics (free of charge from the socialist goverment), appartment in the city and a family farm in the fjords. I have just delivered my taxes, where I have withdrawn all expenses to maintainance of the farm. And I also have been grantet founding of a few projects to maintain the landscape surronding the farm. After all, we like to keep our country clean and tide. Especially when the goverment pays for it. Both me and my partner (we dont bother with marriage until we have a couple of kids) are working full time. We deliver our kids in the kindergarten in the morning (kindergarten place for everyone is litterly the law) and pick them up in the evening. Even the smallest is catching up on reading, so its going good. But after all, its espected that you at least have 13 years of basic education and speak fluently four languages when you are ready to begin the REAL education. So they need an early start. We are also considering a third child (please let it be a girl!!). And I’m considering spending my maternial leave of 12 week (Yep, its the law) to rebuild my barn back on the farm. After all, the maintainance is write off on the tax, and it cant be so hard to handle both diapers and construction tool. After all, I’m a professional computer geek with Mensa membership and black belt in matrial arts. I can handle everything. Even diapers. I think….

    So thats my life. Offcourse not everything is perfect. My parents healt could be better. But when my father is almost 80 years and still working every dag with rock blasting, I dont think we actually can complain. And they both have free medical assistance and even a free retierment home if the need unfortunatly rises.

    But whats interesting, is that this is the life of the ordinary norwegian. I’m the norwegian “mr. ordinary”. We are white (after a winter without sun, even the blacks are white….), well educated, hard working and extremly organised. Even our hollidays (about two months every year) are planned in detail. Because we dont work 8-4. We work 8-4 and then we go home and work for ourself. With our own projects, family and the society. Its called “dugnad” and is the reason why we get so much done without spending our life in the office.

    So when you have a country with 5 mill inhabitants were almost everyone is middel class (except we dont have a class system in Norway, since its considered rude to be better than others) and you have a country where everyone is trying to become middel class. What country has the best system? And what country has been “dealt the best cards” when it comes to beeing able to deal with both terrorism, social problems and integration issues? Yes, we are laughting all the way to the bank. And what we laught most of, is other deluded white people who wants a paradies like Norway but cant stand to watch what we have accieved. Because that just proves how much you have failed. And as always, you have to put the blame on someone else. Instead of getting a grip on your life and actually improve them.

    So keep on hating Norway. Its quite entertaining and perhaps a bit of karma?

  16. LMAO.

    Hey, I will tell you what: there are 39 million niggers in America, 1.2 million of whom live right here in Alabama, and we would be more than happy to allow you Norwegians to permanently take them off our hands, and demonstrate to us that you can maintain this middle class “paradies” called Norway with such a large black population.

    Unfortunately, I pity you gullible European fools too much to wish such a curse upon Norway, although I must admit the thought is somewhat amusing. Would you be willing to accept a free trial offer of, say, 200,000 niggers delivered to Oslo or Trondheim with a 30 day money back guarantee?

  17. Norway may be nice now but with the explosive birthrates of your Muslim population, your ‘Viking’ country will soon dissolve into a third world caliphate complete with roving mobs of feral niggers to rape, rob and murder your descendants. I’m sure your future children will thank you for the legacy you will leave them.

    Allah Akbar, you delusional Euro pussy

  18. Viking,

    Almost everything you mentioned about Norway sounds great. Many of us here on OD, American Whites do not hate White “socialist” nations like Norway, Sweden or even National SOCIALIST Germany.
    Socialism can work well, or very good when we’re talking about homogeneous White societies. The system breaks completely down when millions of Arabs, Blacks, 3rd world people from places like Pakistan and Algeria move in horn in and destroy your cities, rip off your health system.
    The Dutch used to boast that their system was the best — very tolerant. Now the Dutch notice that Rotterdam and Amsterdam look, smell and feel like brutal North African Muslim cities — what happened to Dutch leaders/artists on the Left like Pam Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh?
    Ok, so the moral of the story is to keep your societies “all in the family” — all in your White family. Socialism is fine when it’s White. Your grandchildren will curse you in your old age if you allow Norway to go the way of French Algeria.

  19. Its outright hillarious to read this comments. Lets see…. What happens if you take the children of imigrants and put them trough 4 years with kindergarten and 13 years of quality public school? Not even North Korea could do a better job with integration of foreingers. And lest see again…. Why do you think we have a social child support systems so that even highly educated and full time working partens like myself and my partner are considering a third children? Perhaps because we discovered the decline in birth rate 30 years ago and have taken actions to improve it? And by improving, we are not taking about teen pregnancies or ban against abortion or birth control. Because we dont want white trash thats breeding like rabbits. We want parents with both finished education and stable work to become parents. And thats why Norway is having a baby boom compared to other “white” countries.

    And we are not so stupid that we import the problems of others. Why would we accept people without education or future into our country? We take our UN quota and some more. But mostly its swedes, danes, finns and icelanders who make up our imigration. We also have some construction workes from east europe, but damn how they work! They are greeted with open arms. From other parts of the world we mostly “import” only the best of the best. Especially engineers and other with higher education. A friend of me at a business school in Switzerland just told me that most of the southern europeans in her school are dreaming about Norway. So you have people with a international business education thats almost rivaling Harvard. And they are dreaming about moving to Norway to WORK!

    So just keep on hating. But perhaps its time to begin to hate your own system, that havnt solved the problems we in Norway have known about for decades? And perhaps have found a solution to. I say perhaps, because its damnd hard to perdict the future. But things are looking good. Very good indeed.

  20. Viking – if Norway is doing as you say – having a healthy, socialist state with a booming economy, welcoming (White) hard working workers from Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, then yes, Norway will be blessed. This was basically the same program we had in the United States up until 1965 (though we didn’t have a generous social welfare state) when all immigration to the USA was White European immigration, same with Australia up until 1968 with the White Australia policy.
    I like a solid social welfare state, something like Sweden had (Sweden’s taxes are too high, Switzerland better). But Viking, please, please understand that everything falls down when you welcome the hordes of hell from the 3rd world. And the Islamic world is a huge problem with a culture that isn’t going to change in to nice, Scandinavian Norwegian if you just put the Muslim boys through your public schools.
    Do you want your beautiful Norwegian, Scandinavian daughters to have to wear Muslim burkas or else be treated like whores, prostitutes who invite rape? Read the history of French Algeria – the French were as cultured, cosmopolitan as any Norwegian/Swede but they learned that being in the same society with millions of Arab Muslims means you have to make a clear distinction between “us” and “them”.
    Sure the White Dutch were once very tolerant in liberal Holland in the 1970s, so much more tolerant than their supposedly “hateful”, RACIST” kinsmen the Dutch Afrikanners in South Africa. Now the Dutch in Holland are understanding through brutal personal experience what life is like when the NW 3rd worlders move in. Don’t be a traitor to Norway – if you want to try to help the NW 3rd world, go on a mission to Somalia or the Sudan, try to work in population control, but keep the 3rd worlders out of Norway. Again, your grand children will curse you in your old age if you let White Norway get invaded and populated by the 3rd world invaders.


    Hi Viking.

    I am in England. Here too the middle classes have the means to escape reality. One day soon this reality will bite the middle classes and their children in the ass.

    By then, it will be too late to do anything about it. I am sorry but this is the truth.

    I wish it was not so, and I wish for nothing but the best for you and your family.

  22. What happens if you take the children of imigrants and put them trough 4 years with kindergarten and 13 years of quality public school?

    From other parts of the world we mostly “import” only the best of the best.

    but damn how they work!

    And so on….:D

  23. (1) What happens when you put the children of immigrants through Norwegian public schools?

    Rapes in Oslo Primarily Muslim Men Raping Non-Muslim Women (Norwegian subtitles)

    41 rapes in Norway by non indigenous Norwegians

    (2) Norway’s birthrate:

    (3) New York Times spotlights Norway rape

    (4) Islam in Norway:

    (5) Somali welfare fraud in Norway:

    (6) There is already a Norway in America. It is called Minnesota. Like Norway, it has imported Somalians.

  24. “A friend of me at a business school in Switzerland just told me that most of the southern europeans in her school are dreaming about Norway. ”

    Might this be due to the facts that Norway is not in the EU? That it has work available compared to southern Europe (Spain and Italy just about bankrupt)? That southern Europe has immigration problems due to instability in north africa (aka the arab spring)?

    Speaking of Algeria and France, I have no sympathy for France. They’ve been digging their own grave since they tried to hold on to their empire with that whole “Greater France” ideal in the late 1800s.

  25. @ Viking , as someone who has traveled through Norway extensively I have to commend that you are painting a picture of your country far too rosy. Norway has a rather poorly maintained infrastructure and ridiculously bad public school system. Your claims of Norway being a core middle class society is only true from a sheer wealth point of view. Norwegian academic standards are low and so is their craftsmanship. One of my uncles who ran a construction business in Trondheim always had to rely on German apprentices because of the ineptness of the locals.
    Norwegian high school students performed very poorly in PISA , well below white Americans. The Norwegian exchange students at my Bavarian grammar school where completely overwhelmed by our academic standards failing all final exams and that was well back in the early nineties. The entire wealth of Norway is derived from the oil and gas industry. Besides that Norway has no real engineering or scientific expertise ,no world class research university .Oh ,I forgot the Opera browser. On top of that , to avoid the infamous dutch disease Norway has put most of it acquired wealth into paper assets like stocks, T-Bills and Bundesanleihen. In case of global financial meltdown most of this wealth could evaporate, leaving Norway as the poverty house it was known for centuries. Culturally ,Norway is a very conformist , dull and unoriginal society, but the nature and landscape is no less than breathtakingly beautiful.

  26. The Northman on here is having a little giggle.

    He not met enough blacks to understand what they will do to his pristine Fjords. Viking, niggers ruin everything.

  27. Viking,

    the educated black will have children. They will revert to normal service as savage malcontents. It happens again and again and again.

    Make sure that any black emigration is severely restricted. Deport them before it is too late. Invite in English, Russians, French, Poles etc.

  28. “Both me and my partner (we dont bother with marriage until we have a couple of kids) are working full time

    Listen to this degenerate. He dumps his kids in daycare and won’t even make an honest woman of their mother. And he calls *US* white trash.

    Norway can “give” you all your “freebies” (that are not free — just paid for by somebody else) because of oil. But guess what, “viking”? The North Sea is in decline now, and the gravy train you’ve been riding that has afforded you your insufferably smug attitude, is coming to a screeeeeechinnnnng halt.

    “Do you want your beautiful Norwegian, Scandinavian daughters to have to wear Muslim burkas or else be treated like whores, prostitutes who invite rape?”
    Of course, he does. It’s a small price to pay for the privilege of sneering at us “White trash” who tell the truth.

  29. The only black that most of the Scandies know is MLK delivering his absurd bromides. And a few footballers.

  30. The Jews were synonymous with Germany back until 1917 and the Balfour declaration.
    Jiddish is a German dialect. They identified with Germany and went to great pains to glom on as assimilationists.

    The Krauts were more Jewed up than the Brits were at the time.

  31. Viking – if everything is so fabulous in Norway – oyu must have loads of money to travel. There’s a CoCC conference in July, and a Stormfront conference n September. Come on over and visit!

    We’ll show you what happens when Niggers run loose. You know – a glimpse into your future.

  32. Viking I know that english is not your first language but when you are going to call someone else foolish you should try to not make spelling errors while doing so.

    “speak fluently four languages” Your english is passing as well. Refrain from using so many parenthesis, they detract from the flow of your argument, and likewise can in most cases be replaced with sentences themselves.

    “So thats my life.” – It sounds like a good one, no one here objects to socialism. Typically when rightwingers here in America object to that they are objecting to the failure of non-whites who happen to be using a socialist system paid for by whites of course. Northern Europeans in our Northern states have quite a similar system to yours, and it works out just as well for the most part.

    “except we dont have a class system in Norway, since its considered rude to be better than others” – Neither is ours a hereditary classification system. Other than the lumpenproletariat of course, you’ll get to know them better unfortunately.

    “What country has the best system?” – Lowish population, High IQ, and High Social Trust are all marks of a superior system(or rather people) and plentiful resources are icing on the cake, however our own elites have seen fit to precipitate the largest and fastest demographics shift in all of human history upon us, so all of the above are suffering somewhat for us as a result.

    “but cant stand to watch what we have achieved.” – Watching what you have achieved get destroyed is what we won’t be particularly partial to.

  33. I would say that looks like brainwashing to me.

    Has Anders Beiring Breivik EVER been wrong? This guy must have a crystal ball squirreled away in his cell somewhere.

  34. “The only black that most of the Scandies know is MLK delivering his absurd bromides. And a few footballers.”

    I remember the Norwegian exchange student who visited Texas for a semester. Got a real education in diversity, she did. I think she lives in a home for “touched” people now. Turtles of the Galapagos.

  35. Infor one od love to replicate Scandinavian social democracy everywhere. But the trouble is niggers will abuse it.

    So it’s really only viable in a monoculture with a 99% white majority.

  36. “Unfortunately, I pity you gullible European fools too much to wish such a curse upon Norway, although I must admit the thought is somewhat amusing. Would you be willing to accept a free trial offer of, say, 200,000 niggers delivered to Oslo or Trondheim with a 30 day money back guarantee?”

    This is why I read this blog every day.

  37. Don’t attack the Norwegian’s English. It’s not bad at all.

    I just fucked up my last post for example.

    “I for one am all in favour of Scandinavian social democracy…”

    I hate pedants. Tim Wise for example responds to arguments with grammar lessons. He’s a complete cunt.

    If the Norwegian is not a troll I applaud his bravery for laying out his perspective.

  38. If viking’s attitude is the prevailing one in Norway, they don’t deserve a patriot like Anders. What is it about Scandinavians that make them such effete pushovers? Look at Minnesota, for another example. (The Finnish don’t count, they are a whole different race)

    Viking, quit being a bitch and marry your baby momma. I agree with barb, your behavior reeks of hood-rich, hood-rat. Worse than white trash, at least most of them are still ashamed of their bastard status. They don’t wear it like a badge of honor.

  39. Socialism sucks, even in a racially homogenous society, and it sucks even more in a “diverse” one. The financial situation in most European countries is pretty dire, and socialism is to blame. It will only get worse with the huge influx of Muslims.

  40. As a half-American/half-European who has spent a good deal of time living and working as an adult with a family on both continents, I can assure everyone here that Viking’s views are quite common. And they make a lot of sense in the European context. The problem is that the European man, and still less the Scandanavian man, cannot understand a world that does not exist without substantial, deep and meaningful homogeneousness. Trying to explain to a European, especially a northern European, about what real diversity means is a lot like trying to explain to fish what life without water would be like; it’s so beyond their experience they have a hard time imagining it.

    When nearly everyone around you shares your basic and common outlook and is shaped by a culture and language that meshes with your expectations and ideals in hundreds of ways a day, one grows up thinking that this is how the world works.

    And, as you can see from his description of his situation, we are dealing with very highly intelligent people: they work hard, they have good work/life balance, they have decided through their state to provide for some basic necessities and social benefits, they value education, they speak a number of languages.

    Think about it: what would OUR North America be like if it was just European-Americans?

    This is the situation they are faced in. They literally have no idea what they are doing, they do not know the danger they are facing, they have no experience with this type of fire. And it’s nearly impossible for us to communicate it to them, not only because their hundreds and hundreds of years of homogeneous culture seems unshakable to them, but because Americans are poorly placed to “lecture” them: our culture is quite obviously degraded, our people quite often obese and very unhealthy, our social culture is seen as backwards. And not without reason.

    This is the tragedy we are in. As a person who straddles both worlds, I see how the European and the European-American talk past each other. It’s painful to watch.

  41. I love it when whitopia dwellers, no matter what country they are from, tell those of us who’ve lived most of our life in nigger paradise, that we don’t understand black people.

    They just need more education, they say.

    Dammit!! Why couldn’t we think of that? Wow, you are so very wise, whitopia dweller.

    That’s like me telling Steve Erwin (God rest his soul) how to wrestle a croc.

  42. “Socialism sucks, even in a racially homogenous society, and it sucks even more in a “diverse” one. The financial situation in most European countries is pretty dire, and socialism is to blame. It will only get worse with the huge influx of Muslims.”

    Like any universalism, it makes people susceptible to silly beliefs, and the social safety-net aspect only makes people more susceptible to risk adverse decision making.

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